Best Music Mix 2017- Shuffle Music Video HD - Melbourne Bounce Music Mix 2017

  • Published on Apr 4, 2017
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    Best Music Mix 2017- Shuffle Music Video HD - Melbourne Bounce Music Mix 2017
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Comments • 6 539

  • Magic Club
    Magic Club  Year ago +765

    Alan Walker Mix 2018

    • jim Bates
      jim Bates Month ago

      Jim said i do not care for that but if you won't you can sand rock music hits stuff i love rock music hits rock videos hits rock bands wwe row rasling hits wwe smack down hits tv shows hits moves hits and you can pass it on to other people and love full HD and love highist speeds and love to save on the battery big time on all for allfor aver and aver all from Jim him salff that is it so hop you get this you friend Jim


      Magic Club

    • Sarah Carrot
      Sarah Carrot 3 months ago

      Magic Club ✌❤

  • YGamer99
    YGamer99 Day ago

    Donde está Akim??

  • veronica paladino

    Por que verga son todas mujeres ? Nunca poner un hombre :'(

  • Lorenzo Chicoj
    Lorenzo Chicoj Day ago

    Esos paso me encanta estoy intentando pero no me sale

  • Kelly Chavez
    Kelly Chavez Day ago

    Amo esas canciones

  • Wilhelm Inna
    Wilhelm Inna 2 days ago

    Vol schönes Lied 🎶

  • Damian Miranda
    Damian Miranda 2 days ago

    Quien sabe bailar shufle?

  • Alex 78
    Alex 78 2 days ago

    танец не для девушек

  • Mugoba
    Mugoba 2 days ago

    Who is 7:07 ?!

  • GeorgeRap7
    GeorgeRap7 2 days ago

    Who is the first girl?

  • Wally Guajiro GTA5
    Wally Guajiro GTA5 3 days ago +1

    I would love to meet pig tails

  • Wally Guajiro GTA5
    Wally Guajiro GTA5 3 days ago +1

    Sry! My bad! But this is better than porno! 4 me fo sho!

  • RevFury FoxFive
    RevFury FoxFive 4 days ago

    Hey guys. The dance itself, the shuffle dance, is amazing. It's really cool looking and awesome to look at. But, I don't get the music though. I mean, the music doesn't seem to match the steps, unless you guys just posted videos of dancing girls and put your own music.

  • Richard van Dijk
    Richard van Dijk 4 days ago

    Mooie schilderij op het laatst

  • Игорь Видякин


  • Jamila Benhaha
    Jamila Benhaha 5 days ago


  • carolina GUDIÑO
    carolina GUDIÑO 5 days ago +1

    woooooo pero es muy largo son geniales

  • Lene Kjølstad
    Lene Kjølstad 6 days ago +1

    Really good dancing

  • Mari Samorx
    Mari Samorx 6 days ago


  • ernane mendes
    ernane mendes 7 days ago

    foda é esses anúncios toda hora afs...

  • Knockout Ned
    Knockout Ned 7 days ago

    We called this shit upRocking back in day mother fuckers bite a style and don’t give the hood the recognition!

  • Samuel Ccorahua
    Samuel Ccorahua 8 days ago

    Samuel ccorahuasamuel challco

  • Claudio Rojas
    Claudio Rojas 8 days ago +6

    Like si quires a una chica asi 😍

  • Garthy Garth
    Garthy Garth 9 days ago

    If you want to capture the magic from back them were doing a 20-year reunion party in Melbourne check it out

  • yorgelis ballejo
    yorgelis ballejo 9 days ago


  • Bernhard Stibler
    Bernhard Stibler 10 days ago +7

    Und der mix passt super dazu alle Achtung 😎

  • Bernhard Stibler
    Bernhard Stibler 10 days ago +1

    Genial die Mädchen!!!!!

  • Techno Spartan
    Techno Spartan 10 days ago there allso onother way of dancing techno music. Respect to suffle

  • johanna hansson
    johanna hansson 11 days ago

    Jag ska det då

  • superdragonheroes
    superdragonheroes 11 days ago

    Pezzo di fica

  • Sandra Blanco
    Sandra Blanco 12 days ago


  • James Martin
    James Martin 12 days ago

    What is the name of the girl in the thumbnail?

  • Joao menor
    Joao menor 13 days ago

    Foz do iguaçu parana....nois curtindo. ..

  • Miss TwoONine
    Miss TwoONine 13 days ago

    What would you say this dance move is called 0:37

  • Raiku Cellius
    Raiku Cellius 15 days ago

    Name first girl?

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia 15 days ago

    Alguien de Ecuador que le guste bailar suffle ? dejar su comentario

  • Sifer 360
    Sifer 360 15 days ago

    Good shuffle sound

  • KnockOut To
    KnockOut To 16 days ago +1

    I make some shuffle videos
    If u'd like to support a small youtuber ;)

  • JacobOlli
    JacobOlli 16 days ago

    Anybody got a link to the cap wearing guy shuffling, he was in a clip on ridiculousness when Mac Miller was on season 7

  • Kevin 270 Lover S.
    Kevin 270 Lover S. 16 days ago

    I m Botcelo

  • Kevin 270 Lover S.
    Kevin 270 Lover S. 16 days ago


  • Manuel Rodriguez
    Manuel Rodriguez 16 days ago


  • Facundo EL GEFE
    Facundo EL GEFE 16 days ago

    Como se llama la primer cansion o marcha

  • Saa king gg
    Saa king gg 17 days ago

    OG live

  • 48xzibit
    48xzibit 17 days ago

    What are these dances called?

  • Alexandro
    Alexandro 18 days ago

    What is dancer one? Instagram o Chanel RU-clip please

  • Yarik2009 Yarik2009
    Yarik2009 Yarik2009 18 days ago

    Elena Cruz is the best in this video

  • Евгений Барышев

    Всем доброго.

  • Veøsity
    Veøsity 19 days ago +6

    Shuffle is oddly satisfying for some reason

  • Good aDrian
    Good aDrian 19 days ago

    Vine a ver vídeos por que vi el video de akim y su novia asiendo esto:v

  • Maria Livia Silva Sales
    Maria Livia Silva Sales 19 days ago +3


  • grandmiam69
    grandmiam69 19 days ago

    45 884 373 pingouins qui ont regardé des pieds bouger.

  • Pamela Gonzales rojas
    Pamela Gonzales rojas 20 days ago


  • Pamela Gonzales rojas
    Pamela Gonzales rojas 20 days ago

    Cuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy] yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Luiz Brasil
    Luiz Brasil 20 days ago +4

    Who is the cover dancer of this video or your instagran

  • carlos alberto ramirez perez

    Veo que hacen casi todas el mismo paso :v

  • Elder Mountain Dreaming

    no rhythm, no feminine, no soul in that dancing...... ONLY MIND dancing, jerk movements, angular

  • Alexey Karlgut
    Alexey Karlgut 23 days ago +3

    The feet shuffling is perfect with the beat of the music and it makes this video so satisfying

  • Jessica Ventura
    Jessica Ventura 23 days ago +3

    Next time put my friend Valeria in one of your videos!!! She loves shuffling. Her Instagram is

  • Light Core
    Light Core 23 days ago +1

    uno viene a ver shuffle no a las pendejass esas enfocan mas el cuerpo que los pasos son bien estupidas.