Finnish School System - FACTS AND FICTION

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
  • Ever wondered if all the things the media says about the Finnish school system are true? What's going to school in Finland REALLY like?? In this video I go through an article and relay my own experience in the Finnish education system :)
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Comments • 1 054

  • gabe
    gabe 15 hours ago

    30 minutes... am i a joke to u????

  • Snufkin
    Snufkin 5 days ago

    I’m going to a finnish school in senior year ! I cannot wait.

  • sophie silvennoinen
    sophie silvennoinen 6 days ago

    You have to pass 4 subjects in the matriculation examination but you can 'write' from 4-all (except pe, arts and music) and you have to have a mother tongue (Finnish/English or Swedish)

  • dham alfaisal
    dham alfaisal 6 days ago

    Suomi or svenska?

  • dham alfaisal
    dham alfaisal 6 days ago

    You went to National? Perkele

  • Daniel Yoka
    Daniel Yoka 7 days ago +1

    Did anyone else notice that she’s from Finland and speaks better English than a lot of people that were born in the United States

  • sofia •
    sofia • 7 days ago +3

    only half an hour of homework a day? that’s it im moving to finland

  • WellValUa
    WellValUa 8 days ago

    I think "upper vocational school" could be a university of applied sciences. At least in Germany it is translated like that (Hochschule vs. Universität)

  • Ana Luisa Viveiros Lopes

    Hello Kat! I just found your channel, I was searching about the finnish educational system. And after seeing this video, I am wondering how is it for atypical kids. They have different classes, or just the teachers works dirrectly to them when they are not following the rest, or there is atypical schools for them... I don't know if you know It, but If so, I'm curious!
    Ps.: Sorry If I wrote anything wrong or confused, I'm from Brazil and there is a long time that I don't practice writing in English hehe 🙊

  • Edriel Joyce Sison
    Edriel Joyce Sison 9 days ago +1


  • Inaaya Khan
    Inaaya Khan 10 days ago +3

    Who’s fleeing to Finland with me?

  • Rincent Van Uggh
    Rincent Van Uggh 13 days ago

    I don't understand why other countries are so hesitant to follow this system when it clearly works.

  • failed abortion
    failed abortion 13 days ago

    About the standardized tests that’s still way less than America because we take an somewhat important quarterly test then we had the semester tests and then the end of year tests that are supppeeerrr important. And I have 2 classes where we have a test worth 50 and 70% of my grade 1-2 times a week

  • Førest
    Førest 14 days ago

    I had no homework in highschool and im from Finland as well

  • CD Gamer
    CD Gamer 14 days ago +1

    American schools suck compared to Finnish schools; I rarely get 10 hours of sleep, we have 2-3 hours worth of homework and 30 minutes of recess in total, mandatory State testing each year, tests for math, history, and science weekly. Not even including the hell of a story essays we gotta write. Oh wait did I forget to mention the most stupidest in the schools just get moved up with the “passing” students? So literally it doesn’t matter if you flunk your classes your taken up to the next grade anyways. We rarely even do hands on activities, learn anything useful to our future. I forgot to mention that we have no cooking classes, Music classes, Art classes, classes to teach you how to live your life and do everyday tasks, you name it we don’t have it; All because they want money for the country but not for it’s education, and even with that “Education” we get as of right now I’m yet to find anyone who uses “unit tiles” or what a person did in the 1800s and what he accomplished to help them boost themselves in their jobs. I wonder why we have the most biggest population of homeless people? Lack of self management and teachings? American schools are 💩 compared to Finnish schools.

  • MagicHeide
    MagicHeide 16 days ago

    The upper vocational school in America is a technical school. These include very impressive schools like Cal Tech, MIT, and Texas A&M. The difference is that tech schools prepare students for vocations. University degrees tend to be more general.

  • MrCubbedPotato
    MrCubbedPotato 19 days ago

    30 minutes top for hw omg I’m in 9th and I get 1-2 hours every night

  • Mohamad Zakaria
    Mohamad Zakaria 19 days ago

    8:50 amata quarter call?

  • An indescribable loser

    I live in finland, and im done with elementary school now going to middle, and ive been to kindergarten and pre-school here. So about the homework thing i think it really depends on where you live in here, because from what ive seen it depends a lot on the school and teacher. In my case i usually take up 2-4 hours to do my homework and every assignment were doing (though i usually study for 5-8 h for tests) and we usually have multiple exams on one week (maybe 3 usually?) Or we have a test per week (its like that from maybe 4th grade, 1st to 3rd is way easy) and i read somewhere that school starts really late here, sadly not lol, it starts at 8.00 usually (unless it starts earlier there, then im truly sorry) and we have from 4-7 or sometimes more hours of school on the usual (lunch, and 10-15 min time outside included of course) Sorry about this being so long!

  • Miss Lyn
    Miss Lyn 20 days ago

    In my school we had to do 30-60 questions for each subject everyday and we did not get the opportunity to do it at school. English was a bit different from that though. (in USA)

  • ItzDaMi
    ItzDaMi 22 days ago

    Thank you so much for making this video
    I really wanted to hear these from a Finnish person , just to know if those what I heard about finland's school education is true or not

    • KatChats
      KatChats  15 days ago

      Aw that's great to hear :)

  • ItzDaMi
    ItzDaMi 22 days ago +1

    For the first one it's same in my country, kurdish schools...
    When I wanted to go to school they didn't allow me because I had 3 months left to become 7 years old, I was still 6..
    That was insane !!! Lol
    I forced my mom that I really wanted to go to school I really LOVED school in that time so I could start school at 6 somehow~~
    But now I realized I was wrong! I hoped I would started school later!
    (And sorry for my bad english, I'm still improving)😅💔

    • KatChats
      KatChats  15 days ago +1

      Your English is amazing, no need to apologize

  • ミヤマ
    ミヤマ 22 days ago

    In Japan, we have a lot of standardized tests, and class is one sided. I teach junior high school children for a job, and they don’t like school.

  • Ash :D
    Ash :D 22 days ago

    Do you call that homework lol we have 4 to 5 hour and even more homework daily

  • Magical Powers
    Magical Powers 22 days ago

    Our school system is really cruel, 2 year olds have to go to kindergarten which is not fun and games, u have to study practice reading, writing get lots of homework, and tests, kids have to know counting till 100, be able to write and read at 4, and from grade 1 you have to give about 1/2 tests every week which add up in final exams etc

  • Lazy Gamer
    Lazy Gamer 23 days ago +1

    India we have to do 3 hours of homework everyday

  • Ebony S
    Ebony S 24 days ago

    gurl I LOVE your videos! I've recently been watching quite a few videos about Finland (as my bf is Finnish 😅) and yours came up in my recommendations.
    You do the sit in front of a camera and talk style really well! looking forward to watching more of your videos 😍

    • KatChats
      KatChats  24 days ago

      Aww that's so sweet of you to say, your comment just made my day. ^-^ Thank you so much

  • triax ultra
    triax ultra 24 days ago +2

    In ireland (secondary school)/high school in a mix of bad a good we get to pick oir subjects and then we get what ever ones we are able the core subjects we have to learn is: english, irish(unless exemptwhich means excused), maths, sphe, cspe, pe, religion u have a tutor class(more on that later), then the other subjects, u pick 6 and get 4 and a language they are: technical graphics, metalwork/engineering, woodwork, art, home economics(cooking mainly and other things that help your future), art, business studies, geography, history,technology, science and then the three launages u pick are french, german and spanish and in second year you get to go on a trip to that country for france its a bit dear tho since its €900 but its optional anyway and then u can join clubs for our 1hour lunch time (btw break time in 20mins or something tho) which are: guitar lessons, basket ball, hurling, football, computor club which u go on computors, movie club which u watch movies and can go on your phone, debating club, gaelic, tag rugby e.c.t and they are free, then we have a masive canteen to eat your food and then we have €2 dinners and free lunch and sweets and stuff but we dont get homework much apart from the core subjects and the language but lots of teachers are bullies and have too much power iver children and can make there life hell and we have punishments like lunch time detention and a penalty sheat to write like a thousand words and u can get these from just talking sometimes (depending on the teacher) or forgeting your book in your locker

    That took long pls like lol

  • Fawz I
    Fawz I 25 days ago +2

    1/2 hour tops. Huh, we get like 2 hours every day. 😭😭 I'm from the UK.

  • Hanxi Guo
    Hanxi Guo 26 days ago

    thank you. now i can complete my public speech

  • SlendisFi Universe
    SlendisFi Universe 26 days ago

    High school graduation exam... It desides the level of how hard it will be for you to get to university

  • Sydney olson
    Sydney olson 27 days ago

    in 8th grade I had 1-2 hours of homework a day-
    (In the US school system lol)

  • Miikka Korpiranta
    Miikka Korpiranta 27 days ago

    100% state funded yes, because the money follows the student, not school. If I've understood right there's support even for home schooling because we doesn't have be in the school. Home schooling is also part of the school system. However, even the private schools are state funded, there's levels of funding, so some private schools need more not-state funding money.
    Recess is renewed couple years ago, when I was in grades first to ninth we had 45min studies and then 10 to 15 min recess: 8-8:45 class, 9-9:45 next, 10-10:45 then lunch break, 11:30-12:15 class, 12:25-13:10, 13:20-14:05, 14:15-15:00 or 14:15-15:45

    • Miikka Korpiranta
      Miikka Korpiranta 27 days ago

      You can pass the high school without high school diploma.
      It's like difference between diploma and certificate. And you can apply both or even without diploma to the third level studies.
      In Finnish:
      Lukion voi suorittaa myös ilman ylioppilastodistusta, tällöin jatko-opintoihin haetaan pelkällä lukiotodistuksella, joka tosin näkyy heikompina lähtöpisteinä ja vaatii enemmän panostusta sisäänpääsykokeeseen.

  • Graciouz Gigi
    Graciouz Gigi 28 days ago

    We had 15 minutes out of our 8 hour days to be children and care-free.

  • Luisa Mendes
    Luisa Mendes 28 days ago +1


  • PuppLover Forever
    PuppLover Forever 29 days ago +1

    Ok so my country has a few private schools, but the public schools are... meh, anywayy (private) primary schools (grades 1-6) have an hour of recess. And secondary schools (grades 7-9) have and hour and 20 minutes. In the primary schools there is a cafeteria (they don’t have good stuff btw) but the parents have to pay for the food from the start of the year and the ones that don’t just make homemode lunch for the kids. Butttt, in secondary schools there is a... umm fast food shop thingie where you can get fries and nuggets and all that stuff. We have 7 classes everyday, each are 40 minutes. There are 10 minute breaks in-between the classes and a 20 minute lunch break in primary schools, 40 minute lunch break for secondary schools. This year I’m graduating to the 7th grade and FINALLY getting into secondary school. The education is okay, let me give an example. We first learn about cells in the 6th grade. It’s okay most of the time i guess. But where I live, public schools are just HORRIBLE like seriously. And the money for private schools are a lot so you gotta be rich to attend.

    I live in Kurdistan btw. ✌️

  • bluewater454
    bluewater454 29 days ago

    Interesting. I had heard from someone that there is no number or letter grading on tests in Finland, which seemed rather absurd to me. How else would you know if a student had mastered the subject material? Is that true?

  • Etu Nimi
    Etu Nimi 29 days ago

    No wonder You Kidz are Tired....when You Sit...Walk...and Eat with that ldiotphone glued to Your Face...When l was Your age...We had None of that Crap...And Yes...We Survived !

  • Etu Nimi
    Etu Nimi Month ago

    l wouldnt call it a Education system...more like a Brainwashing system (Its s Global Thing!)....and Business Insider is Part of Fake News...So...Open Your eyes Kidz...and Live and learn how the World ...Really Works

  • MyMagic LouLou
    MyMagic LouLou Month ago

    Will you prefer tests every week, surprise test, mock exam, real exam, after school class for 3-4 hours, and homeworks 20-30 essay questions with tomorrow deadline?

  • DZ280
    DZ280 Month ago

    So different than indonesia education system, we had homework since kindergarten (at least for me when i was kindergarten), in elementary school we had 2 standardized test every semester and 1 general test for each level of school, and we need to attend school at 7 am , no tolerate for any kind of late and the last for junior and senior high school, we have test (a lot of them, especially senior high school we had test for every subject and minimal scores is 75 (or sometimes 85), 7/8 in other nation, or you cannot graduate). Homework about 6 per weeks, and 8 hours school per day (07.00 to 15.00). Extra : (we have strict rules in school, even sometimes we cannot play football, card, and etc in our recess time, or else you can dropped out by doing that).

  • Asian Dod
    Asian Dod Month ago

    Meanwhile Japan, South Korea and Singapore are the exact opposite and are on it's tail.

  • Wafa Rosyad
    Wafa Rosyad Month ago +1

    I'm Indonesian, i go to school at 6.30 and back home at 16.30. We learn up to 20 different lessons in a week. I think no other country can do as much as Indonesian do. Wkwkwk land

  • Paulina Grgas
    Paulina Grgas Month ago +1

    What frustrates me the most is how America sees that Finland has the best education and America knows how you guys get taught yet we haven't changed a single thing

  • Aliya Maartk
    Aliya Maartk Month ago

    now im in high school and almost 12 years i felt very dumb because i can't do math and science but I Love Arts and Languanges. I started learning English and Arts when i was 5 i loved it ever since i want to learn it deeper and deeper. Too bad my school didn't care about it AT ALL. Thanks society.

  • ajay jagtap
    ajay jagtap Month ago

    Indian education system is piece of shit shit and shit trust me . Don't born in india

  • Mudassir Parvez
    Mudassir Parvez Month ago

    30 mins! Super pressure must mean 60 mins then! Fuck me! Wtf?! I had to stay up full nights to finish of my coursework! And homework? Fuck it.

  • yuukini
    yuukini Month ago +1

    In Italy school starts at 8:10 (middle school) or 7:50 (elementary school), this year I'Il go to high school (each high school is different and you have to decide in the summer your '' future'' job), I had to wake up at 5:30, take a bus and a train. We had 5h each day (from Monday to Saturday), we don't have laboratory, we can't go out and we have 15-10 minutes for eat, usually we don't do lunch at school, and when we go at home (for me 2:10 p.m) we have 4-3 hours of homework.
    I want to be finlandese T^T
    (sry for some grammars errors)

  • Miguel Marques
    Miguel Marques Month ago

    A lot of this is true for portugal except for homework (which is sometime 2-3 hours) and subsidized uni

  • assid vector
    assid vector Month ago

    So damn close to the italian one exept we have shit ton on hw like 4.5 hours a day and we do not do any laboratory work

  • who are you
    who are you Month ago +1

    In my country, we have a full day school system, so for High school and junior high school is 9 hours of school, after that we still have homework. Tbh i kinda hate my school system, we have weird rules too like. We can’t use jacket in class accept we sick, we must use black shoes and black/white socks. We must join scouts.
    Edit: in junior high school we also must join scouts but only 1-2 years (our junior high school is 3years)

  • Butt Butt
    Butt Butt Month ago

    I start 11th grade tomorrow which is gonna be a nightmare all over again :) The amount of hw I get is insane that sometimes I had to pull all nighters multiple times in a single month. The teachers are fully aware of the loaded hw amount and know about the all nighters cuz students wake up dead the next morning but they think having this “work hard and do more work” is the key to being a successful and well rounded student. One of our teachers even described our IB classes as “pushing yourself until you break.” Wtf? Since when did this “push yourself to the edge til ur tired and exhausted” ideal become so normalized? It’s dangerous.

  • Egor Silovs
    Egor Silovs Month ago

    Practicals every lesson is hell

  • Lexril Frosvale
    Lexril Frosvale Month ago +1

    Philippines recces total time is 15-10 minutes oof

    • Steven Hellsing
      Steven Hellsing Month ago

      Im also studying in the Philippines our recess is 30 minutes and lunch is mostly 1 hour.

    • Lexril Frosvale
      Lexril Frosvale Month ago

      @Basti Lapore I'm in visayas, so I dunno if other regions are the same :0

    • Basti Lapore
      Basti Lapore Month ago

      the time for the recess and vacant time in manila is around 30 minutes to 2 hours

  • Susic 123
    Susic 123 Month ago

    I started school in 6 year old and i’m from FINLAND!

    • Susic 123
      Susic 123 Month ago

      In our school there is special class where student are all the time

    • Susic 123
      Susic 123 Month ago

      Also in scene 2:50 is a lie i get homework a lot in 1st grade and there was exams lot too!

  • Lyra Sumuverta
    Lyra Sumuverta Month ago

    I am Finnish but I live in Germany and the German school system is kinda shitty😑

  • inkyblinky
    inkyblinky Month ago

    I thought this would, like, disprove everything good I heard about Finnish schools but you definitely proved how good they are to you 😅 I mean, yeah, of course the articles aren't completely realistic, I never expected them to be, but they're close enough to show how a lot of the rest of world is doing some things wrong

  • _constantly_ _cold_

    I am 15 going into my final year (year 11, I am from England) not knowing my hobbies, interests and what I want to do. My school cares more about how tight my trousers are then how my mental health is doing. We need more systems like this.

  • xorosho2013
    xorosho2013 Month ago

    I am just interested: If a Finn took that Standardized test they give us at the US in high school.....would it be easy for you to pass? (English, Math, Science, etc) I mean they say Finns' rate smarter in schools, but in which way/area? I am just curious...(love their school system, though!!) How do they rate people internationally?

  • Sophia Rachie
    Sophia Rachie Month ago

    In my place (Philippines) we can have like at least 2-3 quizzes per week and have 8 exams per year (periodical and preliminary)