Finnish School System - FACTS AND FICTION

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
  • Ever wondered if all the things the media says about the Finnish school system are true? What's going to school in Finland REALLY like?? In this video I go through an article and relay my own experience in the Finnish education system :)
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  • Chris Salmon
    Chris Salmon 10 hours ago

    Wait is she American living in Finland or straight finish. I can’t tell

    • KatChats
      KatChats  10 hours ago

      I'm half American half Finnish living in Finland :P

  • Andres Franco
    Andres Franco 2 days ago

    3:20 Having 30 min of homework is basically having negligible homework. Greetings from Japan where the kids have seven times that homework :p

  • Irini K
    Irini K 3 days ago +1

    Is there anyone who really DESLIKES school and lives in Finland??? Please speak. I need the other side of the coin to have a conclusion.

  • Education DeTech
    Education DeTech 5 days ago

    help each other subs now!!! ​

  • Afa Shamal
    Afa Shamal 6 days ago

    i started 1st grade at the age of 5, i skiped preschool

  • Emad Hamid
    Emad Hamid 8 days ago +1

    I've been in
    Pre nursery
    1st year bachelor
    Second year bachelor
    Third year bachelor
    Fourth year bachelor
    1st year masters
    Second year masters
    Third year masters

    And i have no job
    Hello from India 😭

    • KatChats
      KatChats  7 days ago

      Goodness! :o Good luck to you, hopefully you'll find a job soon!

  • Drestony
    Drestony 8 days ago

    Thanks for the review young lady !

    • KatChats
      KatChats  7 days ago +1

      Thank you for watching :)

  • Veer er
    Veer er 9 days ago

    17 is the number of students allowed in chemistry/physics class.

  • Jonanie Hechanova
    Jonanie Hechanova 12 days ago

    75 mins recess?? Why we don't have even 10 mins recess? Only 60 minutes lunch break. 🤔😟

  • Carlos Silva
    Carlos Silva 13 days ago

    10:15 bruh i only have 20 minutes lol

  • Eren Çalışkan
    Eren Çalışkan 14 days ago

    In Turkey, English education starts 2 or 3 grade as a little kid and it finishes when students graduate from high school. You must have English lesson between these years, it's compulsory. Guess what happens after all these English lessons ? We learn NOTHING! You can see lot of students who study in high school and all they know about in English is "My name is ....". That's all. I think our "education system" (idk if we already have a system lol) is the one of the worst education system in the world. I can say too many things about our funny and sucks "education system" but it doesn't change anything. Anyway, I'm preparing to lovely(!) university exam now. My time is important. Greetings to students all around the world and I hope y'all gonna be succesful one day! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Hillary Clintub
    Hillary Clintub 14 days ago

    You didn't say anything about computers in classrooms in Finland. Here in America, computers are popular substitutes for live teachers. Canned lessons are a mainstay.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  11 days ago

      We did have IT class where we covered the basics of how to use computers, this was like a decade ago though, I've heard they use them much more these days. Or tablets maybe moreso than computer for daily teaching. My year group it wasn't yet really a thing

    • Eren Çalışkan
      Eren Çalışkan 14 days ago

      I think we have 1990's computers in our schools in Turkey lol. Most of them don't work and teachers know nothing about computers. ( It's valid for government schools not for colleges )

  • Azhar Kader
    Azhar Kader 15 days ago

    You are drop dead gorgeous 😍😘

  • Delusional Heart
    Delusional Heart 16 days ago

    So you say you guys do have homework, like 30 mins a day, but I guess you could count that as continuation of school work so you can't exactly count that as homework, unlike where I come from they assign written homework and obviously studies, with 4/5 hours a day with is considerably higher that the Finnish educational sistem's homework and the exams we have are extremely stressful to the point where I get nauseas, light headed, sweat and shake uncontrollably

    • KatChats
      KatChats  11 days ago +1

      Hmm that's true I guess. Wow that sounds really stressful :/ Wish you the best!

  • Hi there
    Hi there 17 days ago

    WHO ACTUALLY SAYS WE DON'T HAVE HOMEWORK?!?! I love that person😂

    Plus i don't really get maybe like America's education system, bc all that junior high, high school college stuff. I mean i'm just a fourth grader (wich means in Finland i'm ten years old), so please don't judge😅

  • INTIAZ Alam
    INTIAZ Alam 19 days ago

    I only here to watch this beatifull girl.

  • Nicole Abal
    Nicole Abal 20 days ago

    School in Spain is a huge disaster :(

    • KatChats
      KatChats  17 days ago +1

      That is too bad to hear :(

  • Shaunak Gujjewar
    Shaunak Gujjewar 20 days ago

    Thank You So Much for your video.

  • jam jam
    jam jam 21 day ago

    Highschool was the hardest period for me, I think.
    I was happy when I had to take a bath and then sleep, because I wouldn't have to study anymore.
    At least asian countries have good results from this system but Romania, mehhh.
    I had a lot of stupid homework.
    For example, in 8th grade we have 2 exams (Romanian and Math) based on the results we can choose our highschool. It's really important.
    I still remember how our Latin teacher(my romanian teacher as well) every week gave us as homework to just copy the text from the Latin book. Just copy. Nothing more, but it took me at least 3 hours every tuesday. I just wrote the entire book again. Useless, and she knew we have to study for the exams.
    Actually, we do this a lot. Writing books again.

  • toasty cheez-it
    toasty cheez-it 21 day ago

    My grades atm are an A in physics where we have like no homework. I have a C in PE because I hate the class and have problems breathing and other stuff so it's hard. A C in spanish 2 where we have quite a bit of homework and I'm still confused on simple words cause were barely taught new words( dont know how yall know like at least another language). Then I have an A in World History which gives no homework and I really enjoy and half the time we just do fun stuff and mess around. An A in two classes that give no Homework and I enjoy. A C in two classes that i dont like and give quite a bit of homework. HMMMMMM the Education System in most of the world should die lmao. Like let me take classes I want to and dont force me to take classes I Despise.

    Sorry that was long

    Like anyone's gonna see this

  • Leon Zhang
    Leon Zhang 21 day ago

    I do have a little question. I can understand about engaging teen students in many practical learning activities, but what do you do in primary school, especially when you were in the first or second grade? students needed basic knowledge, like numbers, arithmetics, letters and words, to be able to understand theory or laws of physics or stuff.

    • Leon Zhang
      Leon Zhang 18 days ago

      @Euronjuusto999 Thanks for the info. That will be great if you guys could give an example on the project at primary school. Is it possible? Thanks!

    • Euronjuusto999
      Euronjuusto999 19 days ago

      First grade is basically for learning how to read, write and do basic math. Second grade is basically just first grade but a little more difficult. I feel like first and second grades are "an introduction" to school life and homework

  • Leon Zhang
    Leon Zhang 21 day ago

    Thanks for sharing so many interesting facts about Finnish education. and I have to say that your side face resembles Sophie Marceau, veeeery much!

    • KatChats
      KatChats  17 days ago

      Oh really, thank you :)

  • freshiera
    freshiera 22 days ago

    im sorry americans but school system in croatia is worse

  • Q-Slayer
    Q-Slayer 22 days ago

    I took the PISA test from Qatar :)

  • Raising Saints
    Raising Saints 22 days ago +2

    From what I understand, Finland and Sweden actually let teachers teach, rather than being mindless zombies forced to teach exactly what the district dictates (which seems to be what much of America now does);
    Another issue is the numbers game, which harms those who want to learn, especially in inner city schools.
    Rather than punish/ expel/ send to a school for delinquents/ or even fail kids who haven’t done any work, the school administration bends over backwards to prevent those kids from being expelled and to make sure they are handed a diploma. This gives a few troubled students full control over the school, creating fear and stress for the other students, as well as fear in the teachers, who are threatened and even attacked..

  • Keyen Nashia
    Keyen Nashia 24 days ago

    do you do mewing?

  • i'm the real peppa pig

    One of my friends started school when she was six years old(in Finland I think I love the teachers mostly🇫🇮💖

  • Gatha Kv
    Gatha Kv 28 days ago

    Hey i want to study in finland. I want some help! Will you help me???? please i am from india. I am your little fan (younger fan) hope you will replay.

  • pak ssg
    pak ssg 29 days ago

    We have to take 3 exams from grade 1 to high school
    And we have to take one final exam,the third one,in a year, in grade 9 and 10, on district / provincial level, called the educational board examination, after high school, if one wants to study medicine/ engineering, he must pass and outstand the score from others to be selected in a medical or engineering college
    We have 5-6 hours, six day a week school
    And 6-7 or 8 hours of. University
    No practicals until university
    And internships are only held in the final semester
    So we literally come in contact with lab equipments and chemicals in our 8th semester of our honours degree
    Kudos :D

  • Tim FromLA
    Tim FromLA 29 days ago

    How accurate then is Michael Moore's movie called Where to Invade Next?

    YEET- HAW Month ago +2

    Wow I just got my childhood scammed

  • airplane800
    airplane800 Month ago

    I've met a student from Finland who was in the US in a student exchanged program. He just loved his high school in the US and didn't want to go back to school in Finland. School in the US is a lot of fun. I've also met a few students from Finland in different universities in the US and they all loved studying in the US. There is not a single University in Finland among the 200 best universities in the world. Let's be sincere... at the end people in Finland will ended up working for an American, Chinese, Japanese, British, Korean or German company.

  • Sphynx
    Sphynx Month ago

    I live here in finland but i am always so stressed about school

  • George Vassilev
    George Vassilev Month ago

    In Bulgaria, you finish primary school at 7th grade. After that : 3 choices.
    - General high school - you end 10th grade and cannot graduate.
    - Language high school - study 2 foreign languages, one intensively and the other secondarily.
    - "Vocation school" (which we call "Tehnikum", comes from "technique") : same thing basically.

  • Renee S
    Renee S Month ago

    In my high school in NZ ou get like 20min + 50min = 70min of break in total

  • About health
    About health Month ago


  • Goula Goula
    Goula Goula Month ago

    I guess my country has better education system. I am from Indonesia.

  • Denisse Rosas
    Denisse Rosas Month ago

    When I was in high school the average amount of students was 37, now my sister is in high school and the average amount is around 45, teacher of course, don’t do anything and let the students play with their cellphones and yell across the room, that’s in Mexico btw, third world country so not a lot of expectations. I’m glad I always do well in school bc that way you have the opportunity to have classes with the teachers that actually teach and love teaching.

    • Denisse Rosas
      Denisse Rosas Month ago

      @KatChats and that's in my sister classroom, my cousin has like 60' Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I wish you the best too!!

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Month ago +1

      Oh wow! 45 is a lot. Good for you for doing well, wish you all the best! :)

  • ninuxy
    ninuxy Month ago

    17 mins!!! Fuck this.

  • Jhan Lourd
    Jhan Lourd Month ago

    BRUH. i legit thought u were 14-17 before u said u've graduated hs 😳😳 ur skin is so nice kudos.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Month ago

      Omg that's the sweetest thing I've hear in a long time! THANK YOU! ^-^

  • Geri A
    Geri A Month ago

    I am thinking about an Exchange year in Finland. Is it a good idea ?

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Month ago +1

      If you don't mind the cold weather xD

  • Ed balvin
    Ed balvin Month ago

    Ohh girl you are so beautiful
    Your smile is 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ed balvin
    Ed balvin Month ago +4

    Finnish girls are beautiful
    Like this girl

  • Lee Sugai
    Lee Sugai Month ago

    Special vocational school may be called Polytechnical College

  • Myötä Häpeä
    Myötä Häpeä Month ago

    I started 6 y old and my son i 1st. grade and he's 6

  • gabe
    gabe Month ago

    30 minutes... am i a joke to u????

  • Tomura Shigaraki
    Tomura Shigaraki Month ago

    I’m going to a finnish school in senior year ! I cannot wait.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Month ago

      Sounds exciting, good luck! :D

  • sophie silvennoinen
    sophie silvennoinen 2 months ago

    You have to pass 4 subjects in the matriculation examination but you can 'write' from 4-all (except pe, arts and music) and you have to have a mother tongue (Finnish/English or Swedish)

  • dham alfaisal
    dham alfaisal 2 months ago

    Suomi or svenska?

  • dham alfaisal
    dham alfaisal 2 months ago

    You went to National? Perkele

  • Daniel Yoka
    Daniel Yoka 2 months ago +1

    Did anyone else notice that she’s from Finland and speaks better English than a lot of people that were born in the United States

  • sofia •
    sofia • 2 months ago +5

    only half an hour of homework a day? that’s it im moving to finland

  • WellValUa
    WellValUa 2 months ago

    I think "upper vocational school" could be a university of applied sciences. At least in Germany it is translated like that (Hochschule vs. Universität)

  • Ana Luisa Viveiros Lopes

    Hello Kat! I just found your channel, I was searching about the finnish educational system. And after seeing this video, I am wondering how is it for atypical kids. They have different classes, or just the teachers works dirrectly to them when they are not following the rest, or there is atypical schools for them... I don't know if you know It, but If so, I'm curious!
    Ps.: Sorry If I wrote anything wrong or confused, I'm from Brazil and there is a long time that I don't practice writing in English hehe 🙊

  • Edriel Joyce Sison
    Edriel Joyce Sison 2 months ago +1


  • Inaaya Khan
    Inaaya Khan 2 months ago +20

    Who’s fleeing to Finland with me?

  • Rincent Van Uggh
    Rincent Van Uggh 2 months ago

    I don't understand why other countries are so hesitant to follow this system when it clearly works.

  • failed abortion
    failed abortion 2 months ago

    About the standardized tests that’s still way less than America because we take an somewhat important quarterly test then we had the semester tests and then the end of year tests that are supppeeerrr important. And I have 2 classes where we have a test worth 50 and 70% of my grade 1-2 times a week

  • Førest
    Førest 2 months ago

    I had no homework in highschool and im from Finland as well

  • CD Gamer
    CD Gamer 2 months ago +1

    American schools suck compared to Finnish schools; I rarely get 10 hours of sleep, we have 2-3 hours worth of homework and 30 minutes of recess in total, mandatory State testing each year, tests for math, history, and science weekly. Not even including the hell of a story essays we gotta write. Oh wait did I forget to mention the most stupidest in the schools just get moved up with the “passing” students? So literally it doesn’t matter if you flunk your classes your taken up to the next grade anyways. We rarely even do hands on activities, learn anything useful to our future. I forgot to mention that we have no cooking classes, Music classes, Art classes, classes to teach you how to live your life and do everyday tasks, you name it we don’t have it; All because they want money for the country but not for it’s education, and even with that “Education” we get as of right now I’m yet to find anyone who uses “unit tiles” or what a person did in the 1800s and what he accomplished to help them boost themselves in their jobs. I wonder why we have the most biggest population of homeless people? Lack of self management and teachings? American schools are 💩 compared to Finnish schools.