Finnish School System - FACTS AND FICTION

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
  • Ever wondered if all the things the media says about the Finnish school system are true? What's going to school in Finland REALLY like?? In this video I go through an article and relay my own experience in the Finnish education system :)
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  • Star Valeri
    Star Valeri 7 hours ago

    I’m very sad about the american school system 😢 it’s statistically one of the worst school systems even when I was living in mexico we had a better school system even tho over there they are more strict than in the US they had a better school system but still not great. Just better 😢 but her in California 💔 it hurts how bad it is!

  • ciao adios
    ciao adios Day ago

    You should see Greek education system especially 12th class(I mean last year of studying sorry for my English) is so fucking badd you should study all-day everyday and students get very anxious stressed when exams starts many of them may faint it's really stressful

  • many kayma
    many kayma Day ago

    your sound hear like you are crying rakastan sinua

  • Planet Mikusha
    Planet Mikusha 4 days ago

    Culture matters! Now go try this crap in a black or Mexican majority school in America.

  • David Wright
    David Wright 4 days ago

    please brush your hair

  • J. Hardy
    J. Hardy 5 days ago

    Everything is almost perfect for education. I can't believe this is true, having chance to send my kids there would be awesome.

  • June Julia
    June Julia 6 days ago

    I came here for information about Finnish Education. But one thing keeps bothering me: "Damn! She has a perfect proportional face!"

  • Peter Lustig
    Peter Lustig 6 days ago +1

    The no-homework thing is a total myth. I have two kids at (different) schools in Finland and both have had homework since grade 1 almost every day. It is not a lot of homework (done in about 30 minutes) though. Also a fair amount of tests (I don't know how much is "many exams" but definitely as many as I had in my childhood (80's) in Germany) - for teachers to check progress and knowledge.
    About the difference in schools: It does depend to a degree where you go because in some areas there might be more or less kids with social problems, and of course the whole experience depends a lot on what the teachers are like. Older teachers seem not to get a lot of additional education to keep up to date - so elderly teachers could be somewhat old fashioned in their approaches.
    The one thing I miss in Finnish schools is that there are NO class trips/travels (unlike in Germany, where classes often travel together). There are excursions for a day, but no real trips for a week or so. At least not in my kid's schools.

  • Izzuddin M Nasir
    Izzuddin M Nasir 7 days ago

    I was on a private school in Malaysia. I got less homework compared to the public. Because credit hour of study are extended. So Ive got time

  • nad sid
    nad sid 9 days ago

    Sorry to say,, but you are not representing a true Finish schooling culture.. you are presenting an international(usa) culture..

    • KatChats
      KatChats  9 days ago

      Well like I said in the video we followed the Finnish school curriculum. The teaching language was just English.

  • Nanny Oggins
    Nanny Oggins 12 days ago

    The system you describe is almost identical to my school experience. I am British and 65 years old. The one exception is that we were streamed into 3 grades after 11 years old and the rest of our education was with our peers who were approximately of the same ability.

  • Afia Begum
    Afia Begum 12 days ago

    So everything was a freaking fact...

  • YOU
    YOU 13 days ago

    What year do you finish school? How old would you be and how old can you be to start university?

    • YOU
      YOU 11 days ago

      KatChats if I don’t know finish can I learn in fin land

    • YOU
      YOU 11 days ago

      KatChats thank you

    • KatChats
      KatChats  11 days ago

      We finished high school at about 18 and then university after that.

  • Rob Mircen
    Rob Mircen 15 days ago +1

    Is you foxy noxy?😐

  • Shiraz Lodhi
    Shiraz Lodhi 15 days ago

    Nice vid

  • Kiran *
    Kiran * 17 days ago

    Even 25 is a good number. Imagine having above 60 students and more than half done even get their hands on the equipment and all.....

  • Pedro Solano
    Pedro Solano 18 days ago

    Is nice that the test do not evaluate students but the other way around, they are used to evaluate the teaching and programs

  • jjsbdj jdhd
    jjsbdj jdhd 19 days ago

    In Pakistan we have test almost every day we call them spot test and standardized test everh month we spend almost 8 hours in school and still learn nothing. Our school system is all about memorizing and after spending 8 hours in school we have to go to academy and we spend 4 hours there, no one actually cares what we learn they want good hand writting and just want us to fill pages.And grades are more important then concepts for us school is like a torture cell and plus we have to make practical copies and it does no matters if we don't know what practical was about

  • Dheerhan 23
    Dheerhan 23 20 days ago

    The current education system is broken it doesn't make kids smarter but gives them mental distress and tons of homework

  • Hello
    Hello 20 days ago

    Finland sucks im in 6th grade i got depression more than 3 times becaus of SCHOOL i cant drop out im bullied and i though of killing myself 24/7 and now im forced to go to school and i would rather die than go its so bad

    • Hello
      Hello 20 days ago

      I also lived in finland for my whole life

  • Brian Arbenz
    Brian Arbenz 21 day ago

    The equality between each school is a great thing that the U.S. sorely lacks.

  • Lyimo Ej
    Lyimo Ej 21 day ago

    THIS SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE IMPLEMENTED WORLD WIDE. I STUDIED IN AN EDUCATION SYSTEM THAT RUINED MY SELF CONFIDENCE & SELF ESTEEM. Before i was enrolled in school i refused due to school punishment stories i heard from my siblings. So i grew up knowing that teachers are some torturing machines..& school is there just to steal your happiness,,, a thing that was almost true due to the hardships we went through. The appearance of school was notorious,,, as ugly as some jail wards,,,toilets were a mess,, we studied almost 10 hours a day just memorizing non sense. Every morning when i thought of school caused me to have a mental fatigue. I wanna make a change in my country that the school system should change so that the kids will be excited to go to school just like in finland

  • Kaita Kawada
    Kaita Kawada 21 day ago

    well... I said fuck you to the education system in my country. I did even write down how bad is the education system in school paperwork lmao (after that they called me for a personal talk) xD

  • Nikhil Sharma
    Nikhil Sharma 23 days ago

    I think I want to cry.
    *Indian here*

  • Michael Heery
    Michael Heery 23 days ago +1

    Americans have to go and BOMB AND FIGHT IN THEIR ARMY..

  • The TeacherTripper
    The TeacherTripper 23 days ago

    I am also planning a Filipino version of this one.. I do hope you permit me to quote you. Thanks and God bless!

  • Rookie Teenager
    Rookie Teenager 24 days ago

    Hey can someone please answer this if you’re like in 8th grade and you want to study aboard in Finland but there aren’t any boarding schools so what do you do?
    Edit: Do you do like host family stuff or...?

  • Soojung Jung
    Soojung Jung 25 days ago

    Meanwhile in iran we take a 4 hour exam of 8 subjects and 250 questions to manage ur whole future

  • The virgin clan Lee
    The virgin clan Lee 26 days ago

    Indeed, exams are bad for education quality.

  • Nova
    Nova 26 days ago

    The education system is so horrible in Latin America :(, only homework and examns, the other day I spend 20 hrs awake making a "simple" homework, only to get a 85 without explain.

  • Jadawada123
    Jadawada123 26 days ago

    I from the Caribbean but we follow the UK system as we were once ruled by the queen. I like the current system we have only the teachers are crap (and this is a problem worldwide). A lot of them are too lazy and don't care about the students, they just want their pay at the end of the month

  • shirley tompkins
    shirley tompkins 27 days ago

    No private schools rich parents are forced send kids to public schools making them great also they make friends with poor kids making it harder to screw them over in business

  • MassDynamic
    MassDynamic 27 days ago

    hm. you have nice skin, imo.

  • Kessok Aggressor
    Kessok Aggressor Month ago

    Why make a fact check video when you aren't sure half the time? All I got was "I think... I don't remember... Myb..." 😠

  • Claudia Fernandez
    Claudia Fernandez Month ago

    How are students evaluated in university? Only written exams?

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Month ago

      I've had written exams, projects, presentations and in my programming course I had weekly homework problems and demonstrations

  • Cindy V
    Cindy V Month ago

    Sounds like a dream education. Here in America... The kids are shooting up schools, committing suicide, and have all types of disorders. Yet, we have to be a good slave and pass our standardized tests...and then we're drilled the same information in college from the first two years..that we learned in high school, K to 12 and it's retaught and drilled again. It's actually making us dumber.. kind of like mind control for the slave economy. The education system in America wants your mind..once its become systemic... you'll be a good slave to the economy. Rote memorization is a big thing here. Now...the U.S. is teaching Common Core.. this is a type of backwards learning that prolongs an answers instead of actually solving it. So, what do we do... let's medicate them (schools don't literally medicate them.. but they are enrolled in a school with already prescribed medication from the doctor that their parents/caregivers gave consent to)..cause something is wrong with them... and schools here get to do diagnostics for your learning.. this means if your not meeting the standards and your a slow learner... you might get labeled and it's in your high school record and education file for life. The label and the stigma and the identity that they give you is actually harmful to your self concept for a young adult that's learning and developing a relationship with the outside world and with himself... plus... The base for education and the majority of it is explicit hardcore learning and systemic... and the chronic disorders like panic attacks, loss of social skills, anxiety, depression, are more explicit and systemic as an adult. It's pressurized and internalized by the sick systems the Education in America. Ohhh... and wait there's more. The competition is horrendous like the job markets, who has the better qualifications, just socially in general and brings out the worst in people. It's demoralizing... welp... what can I say... I was studying to be a teacher in the U.S. and my experience growing up in the Education system was not all that good.. but then I realized this type of system is not healthy and its creating human suffering.. so... the quality of life and being an educator in the U.S. is not worth it.

  • Tea Tree
    Tea Tree Month ago

    :/ I have 4 hours of homework a night. Usually math is the lightest with only 20 questions in a week (not much at all but algebra 2 honors takes a sh17 long amount of time when your teacher just sits and does nothing) from there I have English with papers n sh17 every night, then science with research papers and other scientific papers due weekly, and art with a whopping 2 hours nightly of drawing and drawing and crying because I am so sick of drawing

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Month ago

      Wow that sounds so intense :/

  • Milan Mathew
    Milan Mathew Month ago +1

    I'm from India.When I was in high school my class had around 30 students.For physics practicals we were divided into groups of 4 and each group was given a single apparatus to perform the experiments.

  • Richard Po
    Richard Po Month ago

    Im in America and the kindergarten my parents wanted me to go to made me retake pre-k because I spelt my name in all caps and because I didn’t know what the sun was

    • trash meemz
      trash meemz 18 days ago +1

      I remember in kindergarten they’re talking about how I am mentally defective because I was having problems reading and writing I was five for crying out loud

  • Aymu
    Aymu Month ago

    I like your hair

  • brighton kenny
    brighton kenny Month ago

    ok, just in the first few minutes you said enough about that system. so we want that system here in hungary. right now.

  • sNippSss bts
    sNippSss bts Month ago

    Hey I actually won a scholarship for an exchange programme and I get to pick any 3 countries and Finland's been on my mind...any advice?

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Month ago

      That's amazing congrats!! For what year group are you going on exchange for (high school, uni..etc) I guess it depends what kind of experience you're looking for :)

  • sape616
    sape616 Month ago


  • Blissful
    Blissful Month ago

    What all you children do until 6 years. Don't you get bored at home? Who take care of you.

    • molly bartley
      molly bartley Month ago

      Mind It they’re not at home they go to preschool

  • nikich700
    nikich700 Month ago

    Fuck that! Half an hour of homework? In Russia I am having 12+ math tasks and at least 2 exams every fucking day! In what shit am I living? I hate Russia

  • żëńįth çhäīńłôč

    Me in 5th grade: *cant read & bad stutter*
    America’s eduction system: Okay
    Me: *fails every class*
    Me:can I go to middle school?
    Education system:Y E S

  • Chris Salmon
    Chris Salmon Month ago

    Wait is she American living in Finland or straight finish. I can’t tell

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Month ago

      I'm half American half Finnish living in Finland :P

  • Andres Franco
    Andres Franco Month ago

    3:20 Having 30 min of homework is basically having negligible homework. Greetings from Japan where the kids have seven times that homework :p

  • Irini K
    Irini K Month ago +2

    Is there anyone who really DESLIKES school and lives in Finland??? Please speak. I need the other side of the coin to have a conclusion.

  • Education DeTech
    Education DeTech Month ago

    help each other subs now!!! ​

  • ちはち
    ちはち Month ago

    i started 1st grade at the age of 5, i skiped preschool

  • Emad Hamid
    Emad Hamid Month ago +1

    I've been in
    Pre nursery
    1st year bachelor
    Second year bachelor
    Third year bachelor
    Fourth year bachelor
    1st year masters
    Second year masters
    Third year masters

    And i have no job
    Hello from India 😭

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Month ago

      Goodness! :o Good luck to you, hopefully you'll find a job soon!

  • Drestony
    Drestony Month ago

    Thanks for the review young lady !

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Month ago +1

      Thank you for watching :)

  • Veer er
    Veer er Month ago

    17 is the number of students allowed in chemistry/physics class.

  • Jonanie Hechanova
    Jonanie Hechanova Month ago

    75 mins recess?? Why we don't have even 10 mins recess? Only 60 minutes lunch break. 🤔😟

  • Carlos Silva
    Carlos Silva Month ago

    10:15 bruh i only have 20 minutes lol

  • Eren Çalışkan
    Eren Çalışkan 2 months ago

    In Turkey, English education starts 2 or 3 grade as a little kid and it finishes when students graduate from high school. You must have English lesson between these years, it's compulsory. Guess what happens after all these English lessons ? We learn NOTHING! You can see lot of students who study in high school and all they know about in English is "My name is ....". That's all. I think our "education system" (idk if we already have a system lol) is the one of the worst education system in the world. I can say too many things about our funny and sucks "education system" but it doesn't change anything. Anyway, I'm preparing to lovely(!) university exam now. My time is important. Greetings to students all around the world and I hope y'all gonna be succesful one day! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Hillary Clintub
    Hillary Clintub 2 months ago

    You didn't say anything about computers in classrooms in Finland. Here in America, computers are popular substitutes for live teachers. Canned lessons are a mainstay.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Month ago

      We did have IT class where we covered the basics of how to use computers, this was like a decade ago though, I've heard they use them much more these days. Or tablets maybe moreso than computer for daily teaching. My year group it wasn't yet really a thing

    • Eren Çalışkan
      Eren Çalışkan 2 months ago

      I think we have 1990's computers in our schools in Turkey lol. Most of them don't work and teachers know nothing about computers. ( It's valid for government schools not for colleges )

  • Azhar Kader
    Azhar Kader 2 months ago

    You are drop dead gorgeous 😍😘

  • Delusional Heart
    Delusional Heart 2 months ago

    So you say you guys do have homework, like 30 mins a day, but I guess you could count that as continuation of school work so you can't exactly count that as homework, unlike where I come from they assign written homework and obviously studies, with 4/5 hours a day with is considerably higher that the Finnish educational sistem's homework and the exams we have are extremely stressful to the point where I get nauseas, light headed, sweat and shake uncontrollably

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Month ago +1

      Hmm that's true I guess. Wow that sounds really stressful :/ Wish you the best!