Will be on a sustainable revenue growth profile starting in 2020: IBM CFO

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • IBM CFO James Kavanaugh discusses the company's earnings beat and explains issues with the company's revenues.

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  • nick marcucci
    nick marcucci 3 months ago +1

    With all your positive thoughts about the direction of ibm why don’t you and the board of directors buy the stock at these stock price levels. You and the board only own one tenth of one percent of ibm stock.

  • Peter Cheng
    Peter Cheng 3 months ago

    please address your decreasing revenue.. which's still majority.

  • Eddy Winata
    Eddy Winata 3 months ago +1

    EPS drop by 27 cents compared to same quarter last year, and revenue dropped by 700 million. cheap stock with agressive guidance based on PEG ratio. Beta is pretty high. Book looks healthy though I question why they hold a lot of cash after pretty nice dividend payment and holding up a pretty high level of debt in their book. But still like I said, relatively healthy compared to ebitda.

    • Eddy Winata
      Eddy Winata 3 months ago

      @TheTacticalHouse You should see how other countries fake their economy and democracy like they fake LV bags.

    • TheTacticalHouse
      TheTacticalHouse 3 months ago

      Nothing is healthy in this market. It’s fake