AVENGERS Gameplay Demo FULL Walkthrough (2019) Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America HD

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • AVENGERS Gameplay Demo FULL Walkthrough (2019) Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America HD
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Comments • 11 273

  • Minje Choi
    Minje Choi 6 hours ago

    Everyone has been complaining that the game is too slow and I found it to be OK, only realized later that I was watching it at 1.25x. I guess it kinda looks like a movie, but then the action dynamics of games don't have to be limited to movies.

  • kick dawg
    kick dawg 6 hours ago

    Why is everyone so picky and shit damn do you see how much work they put in i wanna see some of the people who hating make a game

  • Youngchief
    Youngchief 8 hours ago +1

    So this game strays away from logic just to make it fun? Or are these humans somewhat god level ?

  • Josh A
    Josh A 11 hours ago

    When comparing the game to the movies.
    Captain America: what’s the difference between you and me?
    Chris Evans: I’m not wearing hockey pads.

  • willow
    willow 15 hours ago

    Looks very promising. :-)

  • Pierre
    Pierre 19 hours ago

    8:40 hey they remembered his thunderclap ability, take notes disney

  • Rose Black
    Rose Black Day ago

    where to download this game?

  • arroll bethune
    arroll bethune Day ago

    Are y'all able to tell the people who are making the game to make it free roam too it would be cool too

  • Dalton Yeager
    Dalton Yeager Day ago

    Why didn't they use the actors from the movies to do the voices?

  • rubaiyat hasan dehan

    cool grafichs dude keep it up

  • tonia huber
    tonia huber 2 days ago

    this game not hard is awesome tran i finish it all its so easy. bad ice cream 3 is Best goldy games on hudgames

  • Autobots233
    Autobots233 2 days ago

    I feel like thor and hulk are way too slow. They strong AF why they moving like old men. Its better played at 1.25 speed imo

  • Smolphy
    Smolphy 2 days ago

    The actor that made Nathan drake's voice acting is actually the same one who plays Tony Stark

  • Alejandro Fernandez Coello


  • Fateh Sahi
    Fateh Sahi 3 days ago

    WB Montreal is my last hope for a good superhero game

  • Paradox Xxx
    Paradox Xxx 4 days ago

    The only one that looks decently good is hulk everyone else needs some work especially thor.

  • Halo Kosovo
    Halo Kosovo 4 days ago

    please be like the new Spiderman game, please be like the new Spiderman game, please be like the new Spiderman game!

  • Banna Man
    Banna Man 4 days ago

    This task master sucks

  • Sikes Yike
    Sikes Yike 4 days ago

    I really hope is somehow still alive.

  • Wardezee World
    Wardezee World 6 days ago

    Pretty sure Hulk and Thor killed about 40 people 😂. Looks like one big ass cutscene with quicktime events but looks solid. Dont know how I feel about the character models either.

  • whatUwish4
    whatUwish4 6 days ago

    Graphics absolutely stunning

  • Em Ayy
    Em Ayy 6 days ago

    Already preordered this, disregard the haters

  • Hồ Nguyên Bảo
    Hồ Nguyên Bảo 7 days ago

    for the first time in my life, Hulk have a health bar

  • Casual B.
    Casual B. 7 days ago

    I love this game, but I get tired of
    Thor's voice...

  • Sigit Upca
    Sigit Upca 7 days ago

    over power

  • Spacey Cat
    Spacey Cat 7 days ago

    I hope the make a justice league game because dc heroes are more interesting then marvel heroes only because they don’t kill while everyone in marvel kill but Spider-Man superhero’s aren’t allowed to kill or there not heroes there garbage now don’t get me wrong everyone in dc would be fine killing but they know Batman and Superman would destroy them if they were to kill so they don’t because there afraid of them so thank u Batman and Superman it doesn’t matter if the villain just raped and murder a thousand boys and girls it’s not your right to take his life it’s the governments job and Batman and Superman knows this and Spider-Man too that’s why they don’t kill because they know it’s not there place to take a another’s life

  • Gina Delmaro
    Gina Delmaro 7 days ago

    Wow this game sucks after coming off of a billion dollar franchise.. come guys you can do so much better.. it feels like a 2008-09 type game

  • Floyd Fraser
    Floyd Fraser 7 days ago

    The game character don't look like the real character's.....like Tony stark in the game his beard is totally different from the real Tony stark own 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • RZ
      RZ 3 days ago

      No, this is how Tony Stark looks in the comics, which is what the game is based on.

  • Ahsan Kabir Ohi
    Ahsan Kabir Ohi 8 days ago

    Taskmaster looks like a montage between V-Cop2's first and 2nd boss

  • McLovin
    McLovin 8 days ago

    This game looks so awesome

  • Leticia Dos santos ramirez

    Achei os uniformes meio feios do capitão e do Thor.
    Espero que tenha customizações de skins dos vingadores dos filmes

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne 8 days ago

    А где Клинт Бартон?

  • Roddy Banner
    Roddy Banner 8 days ago +2

    Iron Man’s repulsor blast sound effect needs to be changed.

    LO NUEVO 8 days ago

    Black widow the bests

  • God Child
    God Child 9 days ago +1

    This is my #1 video game for next year.
    Im happy.

  • HinduWonder770
    HinduWonder770 9 days ago

    All these years of waiting and hype... for this POS???? Sigh....

  • MagAnd A
    MagAnd A 10 days ago

    Gameplay looks sluggish as hell. Hope they'll prioritize an improvement before release.

    BIGDICK TYRONE 10 days ago

    Its only the grahics that make it look good.(decent at best) but gameplay looks boring af

  • VoltArynX
    VoltArynX 10 days ago

    Are I the only one who think this game bring us back to Avengers 2012?

  • Hammad Iftikhar
    Hammad Iftikhar 10 days ago

    I need spiderman in this game or its fail -,-

  • Dylan Lachance
    Dylan Lachance 10 days ago

    Avengers come in...Destroy world famous bridge.

  • Mr. Sonny Truth
    Mr. Sonny Truth 11 days ago

    Where's Hawkeye

  • Bob TheBuilder
    Bob TheBuilder 11 days ago

    Thor AND Hulks* hit would kill ordinary humans. But yea

  • Gustavo Rangel
    Gustavo Rangel 11 days ago

    Its any regular action Mobile game these days with a Re-Skin...

  • Edwin Vs Gio
    Edwin Vs Gio 11 days ago

    Will this game be free roam?

  • F Britannia
    F Britannia 11 days ago

    I don't think the combat looks particularly boring, the sound design is horrible though, there's no weight behind it and that's why I feel people aren't responding well to this demo.

  • Zombie Bolton
    Zombie Bolton 11 days ago

    Voice acting terrible.thor hitting a human at least three times to take them out?????.so far, not impressed.

  • Cesar Jr.
    Cesar Jr. 11 days ago

    Is this game also free run? Like GTA type of way??

  • Ray DarkSide.
    Ray DarkSide. 11 days ago

    When a game just showing a beta which btw are not af.
    They get mad

  • Ray DarkSide.
    Ray DarkSide. 12 days ago

    I like the game because I am no too stuck up on shit to worry.
    My mission is complete the mission

  • Zein Irawan
    Zein Irawan 12 days ago

    When release that game :(

  • Vino Matthews
    Vino Matthews 12 days ago


  • JP bleu
    JP bleu 12 days ago

    Woahh look guyss, our superheroes here are killing those bad guy

  • Lost Grenades
    Lost Grenades 12 days ago

    i really hate this Hulk he's smaller should of had the incredible hulk he was much bigger and stronger :]

  • Khaiden Francisco
    Khaiden Francisco 13 days ago

    They Should Add QuickSilver And ScarletWitch

  • Alejandro Parraga
    Alejandro Parraga 13 days ago

    Personally, I am loving the game but the iron man mask should make it more similar to the movie and it also looks very thin and thor when you see it it seems that he is fat after that I love it

  • Matt Hartung
    Matt Hartung 13 days ago

    was this filmed on a potato

  • Brennan Scarcello
    Brennan Scarcello 13 days ago

    Whats the point of playing as the hulk if it is just a repetitve beat-em up! It should be one hit kills every time unless against strgoner enemies.

  • RealDJKai
    RealDJKai 13 days ago +1

    I dreamed of an avengers game. This looks too good omg

  • Klara Pullyblank
    Klara Pullyblank 14 days ago +1

    If they have a free play and roam mode I'm down.