My Inspirational Artists Journey Story -Zach Hsieh (ZHcomicart)

  • I am just an artist with the dream of doing what I love for a living.
    It has been an amazing journey so far and I want to thank all my followers, friends, and family for supporting me through the whole way! I still have a lot to improve on but I wanted to make this video to show you guys where I started from and how I got here.
    I started to focus on art a lot later than my other friends that were pursuing art but I worked my but off the last 3 years to get to where I am right now. Practiced every single day anywhere from 5 hours up to 13 hours. It was not an easy journey but if you have a goal and vision you are working towards, everyday is a chance for you to get a little bit closer to achieving your goals and dreams.
    Just remember that everyday is a chance for you to draw the best drawing you have every drawn, until the next day.
    I hope this inspires you all to work hard to get to where you want to be. If find yourself in an art block or stuck not knowing what to draw, just remember to work hard even through the tough times because failures are where you learn the most especially if you are able to pick yourself up and keep going. Even if you are not an artist right now, I hope this inspires you guys to get started if this is something you want to do in the future!
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    Song: “Losing my Mind”

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  • TheArtsyDude
    TheArtsyDude 20 hours ago

    This kid will hit 10 million subscribers one day

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    Daniel Pudleiner 3 days ago

    Nice 😃 iphone 11pro?🤠

  • Daniel Pudleiner
    Daniel Pudleiner 3 days ago

    Nices Video top 😃😃😃👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Hyunlix Lee
    Hyunlix Lee 5 days ago

    woah that 2013-2017 so awesome! 😮

  • Hyunlix Lee
    Hyunlix Lee 5 days ago

    ur so good at drawing

  • Hyunlix Lee
    Hyunlix Lee 5 days ago

    HEEY! ZACH! 🥰

  • gamer hyper
    gamer hyper 15 days ago

    So inspirationl man😃😃

  • Kate Katic
    Kate Katic Month ago

    So inspiring!

  • Anu bhamra
    Anu bhamra Month ago

    I m ur fan since 100k on yt

  • Anu bhamra
    Anu bhamra Month ago

    Bro u r the best artist for me

  • SayedArt
    SayedArt 3 months ago +1

    Who's here in 2019 December?dude really progressed a lot

  • Phillip G 07
    Phillip G 07 3 months ago


  • milktea. honii
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  • Caleb Ganer
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  • Gitano DePaola
    Gitano DePaola 4 months ago +1

    this is so inspiring you are my absolute favorite artist ever and I always look up to you.

  • Annie Pearson
    Annie Pearson 4 months ago

    I’m inspired

  • Kiranmai Gali
    Kiranmai Gali 5 months ago +1

    Love this video. You are my Inspiration ❤

  • A nam tv
    A nam tv 7 months ago +1

    i want to be like you

  • Marium Riaz
    Marium Riaz 8 months ago

    Zhc I want to give you letter so pls tell me your location

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  • spoNY doNY
    spoNY doNY 11 months ago

    All the 14 people whoever hitted the dislike, please fcuk off man.

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    ErikaP Year ago

    Just beautiful just beautiful

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    Tech Bc Year ago

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  • Tuionuku Afu
    Tuionuku Afu Year ago

    Dang you were chubby

  • Ken the King 11
    Ken the King 11 Year ago

    Ohh 😊💖. Its so inspirational

  • Prerana Chatterjee

    Really inspiring story man! ... that there is so much of hate out there in the world and that all of that can only be put out on the paper... man!!! your honesty is thrilling!!!

  • Miryam L
    Miryam L Year ago

    Sell coloring books ... 💎

  • Zafeer Ahmed
    Zafeer Ahmed Year ago +3

    Where did you learn drawing?

    • Tiny
      Tiny Year ago

      ZHC lol

    • ZHC
      ZHC  Year ago

      at my desk

  • Rometiklan
    Rometiklan Year ago +1

    As the Joker said, "Why SO serious?!" Amazing art, Zach. It's good to know a bit of your history and what inspires you to create. Mad respect for anyone with the courage to follow their dreams. Thanks for posting, bro!

  • Руслана Бурик

    I am always angry but I am not showing it. And than I am sitting in car alone I start to scream as heavy as I can(like scarlxrd). Then i scream i start to fell really bad, but I fucking like it

  • Steve R
    Steve R Year ago +1

    ZHC, awesome video buddy, and very true at the end there. If you think you need to push yourself do it. I have many times so I wouldn't fail. We are our own worst critic when to our own artwork as as an artist. Keep pluggin away and keep up the great videos

  • Darris779 (Darris D Armstrong)

    Your art is overwhelming me. You're amazing and you deserve to be in the industry. I'll have to check back on you in a couple of months. My still is starting to collapse again.

  • Pete Marquez
    Pete Marquez 2 years ago

    Your art and dedication are an inspiration and has caused me to pick up a pencil and ink again.

  • Melisa Luquet
    Melisa Luquet 2 years ago

    You're awesome dude! Love your art ❤️

  • Kniij
    Kniij 2 years ago

    Music was really distracting. But props to you, very inspiring.

  • si3r1a
    si3r1a 2 years ago

    wow, eres un gran artista

  • Farmando Art
    Farmando Art 2 years ago +1

    Awesome video man, very inspiring! Its amazing how much you grew, I can't imagine all the work. Been following your IG since around 45k(wasn't really too long ago)

  • Russell Simmons
    Russell Simmons 2 years ago

    cool....i like that wolverine dude!

  • Madelyn Janelle Art
    Madelyn Janelle Art 2 years ago

    I've been following your art on instagram for a while and had non idea you had a channel! So glad to subscribe!

  • lindblom 91
    lindblom 91 2 years ago +3

    Hi, could you do a video on how you draw the superhero anatomy? I would really appreciate it, because I love the way you draw the muscles on your characters!

  • Toy Pals
    Toy Pals 2 years ago

    Your art work looks awsome bro keep it up

  • Proto kjax
    Proto kjax 2 years ago

    Nice bro. Very inspiring.

  • tomerart
    tomerart 2 years ago

    Can you please draw symbioth Dax? It'll be so cool

  • Adrian A.
    Adrian A. 2 years ago +8

    I seen many people complaining about the camera angle, I took it as if you were doing an interview with someone. Good work by the way I follow you on instagram and you're videos and tutorials have helped me a lot. Keep doing you're thing.

  • Jordan Null
    Jordan Null 2 years ago +2

    Do you have a video of your regiment when you were self teaching? If not, I think many viewers would benefit. Great stuff!

  • tomerart
    tomerart 2 years ago +1

    I just love your style, everything about it, you're really inspiring me and I hope you'll make it and become a BIG comic book artist
    My favorite artist is Jim Lee and your my second most favorite

  • Cannon Smith
    Cannon Smith 2 years ago

    Good stuff. How do you avoid overuse injuries with that much practice though?

    • Proto kjax
      Proto kjax 2 years ago +1

      Cannon Smith unfortunately that type of stuff is bound to happen as your body gets older, so your best bet is stretching and a decent exercise regime. Also, I'd recommend having another light source on if you plan on doing digital art. Finally, always remember to have 2-3 min breaks in between (I do 30 min intervals but you can do longer), getting in a good stretch and a minute to look away from the drawing. Best of luck and hopefully this helps!!

  • Gadounelfe Illustration
    Gadounelfe Illustration 2 years ago +1

    Hey just came from your Instagram account 😉

  • ray0fh0pe
    ray0fh0pe 2 years ago +19

    David Finch inspired u.... U inspired me...

  • ray0fh0pe
    ray0fh0pe 2 years ago

    I like ur style... Wish to see more drawings in ur ig

  • Kelley Art
    Kelley Art 2 years ago

    You are an inspiration! Please never stop doing you.

  • ray0fh0pe
    ray0fh0pe 2 years ago

    Nice video.

  • D bueno
    D bueno 2 years ago

    I've always doodled in school and had some inherited talent, but it wasn't until last year that i began taking it seriously and started drawing everyday and i've seen some huge improvement, thanks for the inspiration man

    • ZHC
      ZHC  2 years ago


  • squinty productions
    squinty productions 2 years ago

    this really motivates me more (:

  • H E
    H E 2 years ago

    you are a big inspiration

    • ZHC
      ZHC  2 years ago +1


  • hankhill'stoe 11
    hankhill'stoe 11 2 years ago

    Hi, reply maybe ?......rude

    • ZHC
      ZHC  2 years ago +3


  • Mike Emeritz
    Mike Emeritz 2 years ago

    How in the world did you learn to draw so well in such a short time? Did you take Finch's classes on Gnomon? Did you just copy your idols 20 hours a day? haha... I saw a post of yours Instagram saying it took you about 3 years to get to the level you're at now. That's incredible growth in that short span of time! Whatever you're doing, keep it up!

  • chazz lee
    chazz lee 2 years ago +9

    what drawing books or videos did you study and practice with are was it just comics that you studied with i’m looking to do what you did and draw every day but looking at a blank piece of paper and not knowing what to study and practice is making me to stop drawing

  • DHR 2 Productions
    DHR 2 Productions 2 years ago +7

    After watching this you just inspired me to wanna be better at art thanks for everything

  • Michael Alphin Art
    Michael Alphin Art 2 years ago +5

    Cool! You sound like you have the right mindset to be successful. I have kind of a similar story as you about getting inspired by David Finch. I think it might have been that same drawing of moon knight and spiderman that I found on google images that opened my eyes to his work too! That one, the drawing of Magneto sitting in a chair with the X-men on the wall behind him, the daredevil drawing and a Hellboy commission drawing he did. Before I knew about him I was inspired mainly by Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Greg Capullo and Todd MacFarlane, after I saw those google images I instantly added him to that list too!

  • StrategyPlayz
    StrategyPlayz 2 years ago +3

    lol I'm working out right now and I feel all inspired your art story similar to mine I always drew but then I started doodling in middle school to stay awake during class which made me draw more

  • Joshua Ash
    Joshua Ash 2 years ago +3

    Cool stuff, the amount of work you put in is very inspiring!

  • CDN Justin
    CDN Justin 2 years ago

    look at the cam weirdo. fix your "s" lisp

    • Tom Sterckx
      Tom Sterckx 2 years ago +2

      Don't worry about lisp, didn't notice it haha. Camera setup is a bit weird but no need to be rude for him.

    • ZHC
      ZHC  2 years ago +5

      haha ok

  • Demon Vizarack
    Demon Vizarack 2 years ago +33

    Your art is amazing, you'll definitely go to the top with you skills.