[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS (방탄소년단) '작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv)' Dance Practice

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
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  • Rose' Love
    Rose' Love 24 minutes ago

    I love Jimin! So cool

  • Buddy the dog
    Buddy the dog 24 minutes ago

    At 00:36 jungkook steps on v’s foot

  • unicorn123 123
    unicorn123 123 29 minutes ago +1

    0.36 jungkook stomp on the foot v LOL😂

  • pretendnotch
    pretendnotch 35 minutes ago

    When they said
    I felt that

  • 트lol헌터
    트lol헌터 43 minutes ago +1

    Thanos brought me here.

  • victor frankenstein
    victor frankenstein 48 minutes ago

    nice bro...

  • le tuan huy
    le tuan huy 48 minutes ago

    Bts noob

  • h7aven
    h7aven Hour ago

    0:35 poor white shoes :(

  • Yutika MSP
    Yutika MSP Hour ago

    This is a another episode of
    Let’s all wear pants and not tell namjoon
    Great dancing
    Taekook interacting
    Falling in love with 7 boys
    Jimin being tall and wearing heels
    Admiring Kookies thighs
    Let’s wear sneakers and not tell jimin
    There’s too much in one video to handle ahh 💜💜💜💜

  • tamara aws
    tamara aws 2 hours ago


  • A.R.M.Y merry BTS, momoland

    Brother Is the husband honey 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Tran Anna
    Tran Anna 2 hours ago

    Oppa Jimin❤️❤️

  • Vüsalə Mammadova
    Vüsalə Mammadova 3 hours ago +1

    I like...BTS.❤❤❤

  • Steven Mirasol
    Steven Mirasol 3 hours ago

    I kennat... Jimin's legs are just so...

  • Samara Cadena
    Samara Cadena 4 hours ago +1

    i finally learned how to dance to this !

  • 조휘정
    조휘정 4 hours ago


  • Dockervolt
    Dockervolt 4 hours ago

    Русский реп навсегда! Три полоски три по три полоски аdidas кроссовки.

  • Philana Jackson
    Philana Jackson 5 hours ago


  • Jennifer Campos
    Jennifer Campos 5 hours ago

    The difference in tightness between jimin's jeans and jungkook's jeans

  • Hyunjin Aesthetic
    Hyunjin Aesthetic 5 hours ago

    I miss the old dance practice room 😪

  • kiky lazuardy
    kiky lazuardy 6 hours ago

    Aduh kaki aing ke injek

  • Tara Soni
    Tara Soni 6 hours ago

    Woooooow junkooks dressing style is so ,😘😘😘

  • Zoe B.
    Zoe B. 7 hours ago

    jungkook out here looking like an e-girl's dream LMAO its me, im the e-girl 💀

  • Ana Luiza Aluxe
    Ana Luiza Aluxe 7 hours ago

    Kook is my bias ❤

  • Bernard Ungson
    Bernard Ungson 7 hours ago

    0:36 look at v foot

  • Brooke Earish
    Brooke Earish 8 hours ago

    Why does jimin have nicer legs than me?

  • Uw U
    Uw U 8 hours ago

    Un buen cumbion pa mover el esqueleto
    Thanks so much BTS

  • Uw U
    Uw U 8 hours ago

    Es viernes y el cuerpo lo sabe!!
    BIG HIT hicistes bien con BTS

  • krysztof minecraft
    krysztof minecraft 8 hours ago

    If you look closer to v's feet you know what happened

  • Lais Villas
    Lais Villas 8 hours ago

    Amo btssss lindos

  • Ellis Fernanda
    Ellis Fernanda 8 hours ago


    EKA INDRA SUPRIYATNA 9 hours ago +1


    EKA INDRA SUPRIYATNA 9 hours ago +1


  • awsome emoji and donuts lover girl

    0:35 Jungkook stepped on Tae's foot.


  • James Marie
    James Marie 10 hours ago

    jungkook; lets wear jeans dont tell rm

  • ashley & sasha :3 UwU
    ashley & sasha :3 UwU 10 hours ago

    Hi i hope you can see this comment bts :well when you debut on 2012 i had 4 years an i really liked youre music but now that ik that yourw going to the militory serve am so sad well i never get to see youre concerts and never get to now in person but well past past and now that you going on i will be waiting two years for all of you and i know it sounds dramatic but i'll never forgive all of you when you all come out of that military serve i will be happy.:well i hope you can see thia bts i love you all bts forever young❤❤

  • Yago Caua
    Yago Caua 10 hours ago +1

    Alguem fala minha língua

  • Claudio Roberto
    Claudio Roberto 10 hours ago +1

    Meu nome é Carol e tenho muito orgulho de ser uma army eu amo vocês bts😘

  • JFGya'n Photo
    JFGya'n Photo 11 hours ago

    Fiends, you can spend some time through supporting your channel, thank you.

  • Alexsandra Gomes
    Alexsandra Gomes 11 hours ago

    Eu amor voseis BTS 💖💖

  • Sanara Reginaldo
    Sanara Reginaldo 11 hours ago

    I like jungkook outfit

  • Eva Court
    Eva Court 12 hours ago

    someone please explain to me why everyone’s suddenly obsessed with BTS, i just genuinely don’t understand what’s so interesting about them.... not hating just confused

  • Kashey Fics
    Kashey Fics 12 hours ago

    I love it when Suga and J-Hope looking at each other, it was such a beautiful moment

  • 태희가 좋냐?
    태희가 좋냐? 12 hours ago

    아 ㅡ 미쳤어요 사랑해요❤

  • ملوكه سان
    ملوكه سان 12 hours ago

    Why I love V this much he’s the cutest

  • irene oliveira
    irene oliveira 13 hours ago +1

    I love bts

  • عبدالرحمن البالود

    والله انتم بنات للعن ابوكم

  • Floriana Almeida Aguiar

    jimim e junkook estao arasando

  • egg that broke records fan

    Excuse me where can I get their outfit like slay

  • Ahmed_MC احمد ام سي

    I hate you

  • Larissa Veloso
    Larissa Veloso 13 hours ago


  • Mariana Reina
    Mariana Reina 14 hours ago

    Jimin es mioo

  • Фания Фаткуллина

    Как же я хочу с Тэ дружить...ыы..мечты...

  • Ashlee M.
    Ashlee M. 14 hours ago

    BTS: Y’all we needa all wear pants and not tell Namjoon!!
    Namjoon: **wears shorts** and I oOp-

  • Flordeliza Tatad
    Flordeliza Tatad 14 hours ago

    Perfect. .

  • cherry pie
    cherry pie 15 hours ago +1

    0:41 in the “come be my teacher” part j hope and suga point at each other because j hope taught suga to dance and suga taught j hope to rap SOPE💜💜

    sorry for my bad english

  • Adelyn Steward
    Adelyn Steward 15 hours ago

    Did you see Junkook step on V’S foot

  • Adelyn Steward
    Adelyn Steward 15 hours ago

    Did you see Junkook step on V’S foot

  • Робо Мастер
    Робо Мастер 15 hours ago

    LOVE boy

  • Yazmin Lazos
    Yazmin Lazos 15 hours ago

    Wow these kids got magic..

  • OUT IN
    OUT IN 15 hours ago

    Yooa and Jungkook have the same style of dancing

  • BTSARMY yk
    BTSARMY yk 16 hours ago +1

    I really love Jungkook's outif like holy crap he looks so sexy

  • Asad Sohel
    Asad Sohel 16 hours ago

    I love bts...

  • Uma Fã de Jennie Kim
    Uma Fã de Jennie Kim 16 hours ago

    나는 BTS가 좋다. ♥ 20 그리고 2014 년부터 군대 안무 Top❤️ 지민 항상 아름답고 그룹 전체 I Love you Bts ❤️

  • a n n e e – s a n
    a n n e e – s a n 16 hours ago

    TAEEEEE ♥️♥️

  • army lokah
    army lokah 16 hours ago +3

    Se vcs da bighit ou do BTS verem esse comentário eu quero agradecer pela felicidade que vcs me trazem e depois que virei army eu aprendi a me defender melhor hoje em dia defendo eu e o BTS muitos amigos já falaram mal do BTS mais eu sempre defendia vcs vcs já foram chamados de gay, etc já xingaram o BTS na minha cara claro que eu ficava com raiva r triste mais se eu pudesse sentava a mal na cara deles que falam mal vcs são estrelas que nasceram para brilhar e iluminar cada coração de cada army o bangtan boys é a melhor banda do mundo eles são unidos e me ensinam a amar os outros e me divertem no run BTS,lives,dance practice,mv e etc meu mundo é mais felizes com vcs se eu ficar triste eu lembro que eu nasci na época do bangtan cada dia ficando mais famosos.obrigada por existirem que Deus abençoe vcs e que a empresa cresça continue com boy Bands incríveis...
    Kim namjoon
    Kim seokjin
    Min yoongi (meu utt)
    Jung hoseok
    Park jimim
    Kim taehyung
    Jung jungkook

  • Stefhanie Agravante
    Stefhanie Agravante 16 hours ago

    Jungkook accidentally stepped on V ahhaha

  • Amal Qadir
    Amal Qadir 16 hours ago

    Who saw v got hit by jk see down at 0:36

  • Sanjali Das
    Sanjali Das 17 hours ago

    I don't know why but I couldn't take my eyes off V here. He looks so hot in that shirt and pant. I can't 😯😯😯

  • MrTake YourAnkles
    MrTake YourAnkles 17 hours ago

    Omg pause at 1:04, jimins tattoo

  • VaSyL04
    VaSyL04 17 hours ago

    Bts is trash

  • Jennifer Le
    Jennifer Le 17 hours ago

    Guys, str34m to 50M!!!

  • Jennifer Le
    Jennifer Le 17 hours ago

    Str34m this to 50M!! :)

  • Ласт шипер
    Ласт шипер 17 hours ago


  • Zainab Khokhar
    Zainab Khokhar 18 hours ago +5

    (Can I reach 2 likes??)

  • Leonardo Nogueira
    Leonardo Nogueira 18 hours ago +1

    Oiii 😗😗😗😗😗😍😍😍😍

  • marizol valdivia
    marizol valdivia 18 hours ago

    Quiero bailar como ellos. No me canso de ver esta coreografia

  • Elza Lazaretti
    Elza Lazaretti 18 hours ago

    Vocês estão sendo presente ramim

  • Raj Kumar Mishra
    Raj Kumar Mishra 18 hours ago +1

    Any indian?

  • yuli marcela sierra jaimes


  • Nguyet Bui
    Nguyet Bui 18 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😉🙂😙🤗😉🤗😊🙄😶😊😉🙂😉🤗😉🤩😉🙄🙂😊🙂😊🙂😉🤗😉🤩😆🤩😙😍😉🙂😉🤗😘😉😍😉😶😊🤗😉😄😉🙂😊😶😊🤗😉😘😉🙂😶😉🙄😊🤗😉😍🙂😂😘😉😘😉😘😊🤩😊🤗😊😋😉😃😄😉😄😉🤗😉😶😊😶😊🤩😉😅😙😅😄😗😃😉😃😉😋😁☺🙂😉🤗😙🤩😗😘😉😄😁😎☺😊🙂😙🤗😙😃😉🤗😉🤗🙂😉🙂😉🙂😉🙂🙂😊😎😊😃😙😎😙🤗😗🤗🤩😆ghi nhu nay

  • ayush srivas
    ayush srivas 19 hours ago

    what is your favrite out of 7 !my is blue one

  • -Unique Bees-
    -Unique Bees- 19 hours ago +2

    let's all wear different shoes and not tell Jin- hyung and Tae- hyung

  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen 19 hours ago

    Wow bts👍👍👍💖💖💖

  • Kira Gameplays
    Kira Gameplays 19 hours ago


  • Kira Gameplays
    Kira Gameplays 19 hours ago


  • ana mariposa
    ana mariposa 19 hours ago

    Que hermosos son los amo

  • some quality crack
    some quality crack 19 hours ago

    Me at 3:46- AAAAAAAHHHHH!!1!!1!!

  • Hanani Zawanah
    Hanani Zawanah 20 hours ago

    Jimin handsome

  • Hanani Zawanah
    Hanani Zawanah 20 hours ago

    Jimin!!!!!! Go jimin go!

  • Летсплей Тайм

    Лучше бы я это не смотрел

  • Anime 4 Life
    Anime 4 Life 21 hour ago

    0:36 *steps on foot*

  • Azoz Alheblani
    Azoz Alheblani 22 hours ago +1

    الي قاعد يجلخ عليهم لايك 😂

  • Toryn G
    Toryn G 22 hours ago

    My sisters friend loves you so much

  • Damodaran Naidu
    Damodaran Naidu 22 hours ago

    I love you BTS

  • Vanquyet Lo
    Vanquyet Lo 23 hours ago

    BTS cc

  • Ella Boubel
    Ella Boubel 23 hours ago

    hey, quick question for the army.
    I'm new to these boys and I'm wondering why no one talks about rm. can someone explain it to me? thx

  • Dua Rajpoot
    Dua Rajpoot Day ago


  • λεμονια οικονομου

    Rose blackpink + suga bts =❤️💑👫

  • قلبي مليء

    انا معجبتكم من الرياض احبكم 💙BTS❤️