$0.50 Screen Protector vs $55 Sapphire Protector DROP Test!

  • Published on Feb 25, 2017
  • $55 Sapphire Crystal iPhone 7 Screen Protector Worth It? Worlds Most Expensive Screen Protector vs Cheapest 50¢ Glass Protector.

    $1000 Titanium Case DROP Test: ru-clip.net/video/FD6qhan3Sls/video.html
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  • Flitzerizer
    Flitzerizer 31 minute ago +1

    All I need is my UAG case i don’t even need a screen protector!😂

  • Danny SETCOM
    Danny SETCOM 13 hours ago

    That first test with the smudges is purely just the more premium olephobic coating on the $55 sapphire protector vs the cheap $0.50. And then as I'm typing this, it fails the scratch test lol.

  • Brodie Forte
    Brodie Forte 18 hours ago

    6:40 anyone else think the phone was bent

  • Darkshock 42 MLG 0
    Darkshock 42 MLG 0 2 days ago

    The sapphire screen protector is not pure Sapphire. it's actually plastic with a little bit sapphire infused into it.

  • Jake77
    Jake77 3 days ago

    Self healing screen protector. How is this even legal

  • Kai Hill
    Kai Hill 4 days ago

    when he put that in the box....
    had me cringing so hard like stop please

  • Tommy Bell
    Tommy Bell 5 days ago

    i had that same screen protector for my xr, i dropped it on my carpet and it got scratched then it fell off my dresser, i got a hairline crack which got worse and 3 other cracks ;-;

  • Cranjis McBasketball

    For 55 you could prob get a 3rd party screen

  • Dynamite Dino
    Dynamite Dino 5 days ago

    i drop my iPod 6 every day and it doesn’t crack the screen or screen protector lol

  • wowcars. YouTube
    wowcars. YouTube 7 days ago

    omg fk that screen protector if it couses cancer

  • Enigma Germanotta
    Enigma Germanotta 8 days ago

    I bought a glass screen protector and my screen smashed.. UNDER THE PROTECTOR.

  • weeeeeeeeeee
    weeeeeeeeeee 9 days ago

    Everything in California is known to cause cancer. Seeing as California is cancer that makes sense.

  • Luca Spencer
    Luca Spencer 10 days ago +1

    Jerry rig everything: dude can I borrow your phone
    Guy: yeah sure here
    Jerry rig everything: we’re staring to see scratching at a lvl 6 with deeper grooves at a 7
    Guy: wtf

  • Daniel Khan
    Daniel Khan 10 days ago

    4:19 rich people be like : pfff got 60000 more of these at my mansion

  • Best Electronic Music From New Geniuses

    moral of the story... use a 1mm thick snug phone case.

    JAGRAT SAHNI 15 days ago

    In india we get the glass repair at 20 rupees in wholesale market which is pretty good

  • Tom My
    Tom My 16 days ago

    1:19 OWEN WILSON joined the chat...

  • Roc Chow
    Roc Chow 16 days ago

    Thank you for your conclusion. I have long argued with my wife about this, but I don't have the budget to do the test like you.
    Man, you educated us so well. Keep up the work!

    ICEO FROST 17 days ago

    I wish we could just enchant phones with mending and kill animals or people, break things, cook, fish, or buy other things with it in our left hand to repair it.

    ICEO FROST 17 days ago

    So comparing all of these, you can get one $55 one with $60, three $20 ones with $60, or one hundred twenty 50¢ ones with $60. Let’s say the $55 one last you three months, the $20 one lasts you a month, and the 50¢ one lasts you a day. You get more value out of the 50¢ one than the $55 one, assuming you manage to go through one 50¢ every day.

  • Rohan Joseph Franklin
    Rohan Joseph Franklin 18 days ago

    I feel the pain

  • Sven the Dog
    Sven the Dog 19 days ago +1

    i have invisible “shield”. my phone is not my fortune 3 mending efficincy 4 unbreaking 3 diamond pickaxe, so i dont understand why there are 2 major scratches.

  • Lyon
    Lyon 20 days ago

    Of course it’s tech 21

  • Hui Ung Park
    Hui Ung Park 20 days ago

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  • Jonathan Racine
    Jonathan Racine 22 days ago +1

    personally, my Motorola survives these by separating on impact barly a scratch at head hight

  • Maria Almanza
    Maria Almanza 22 days ago

    *cancer is bad*

  • Justin Northington
    Justin Northington 24 days ago

    But wouldn’t u have to use the same iPhone model because the 7 may be more durable than the 6s

  • alex cha
    alex cha 25 days ago

    I can’t tell u how many I go through these maybe 2-3

  • Bigger Chungus
    Bigger Chungus 25 days ago

    Hmm my screen protector is 200$ does that mean the 55$ is still the worlds most expensive screen protector??🤔🤔

  • Lucas Tran
    Lucas Tran 26 days ago

    That’s what cases are for though

  • Hector Orozco
    Hector Orozco 27 days ago +1

    Screen protectors are for avoiding scratches.. not avoiding shatters.. get a case if you wanna avoid shatters

  • resistance1207
    resistance1207 27 days ago +2

    If you break 1, or 2 screen protectors a month, you're the problem, not the protectors. I've had a protector on my work phone for 4 years +, and it's still almost 100% undamaged. Same thing with a couple personal phones, I've never actually broken, or cracked a screen protector. I've just replaced them when I wanted a better one.

  • Ouch Mouse
    Ouch Mouse 27 days ago

    I have a diamond protector

    In my dreams

  • Paul Vogelsang
    Paul Vogelsang 27 days ago

    I got an 4€ one

  • ThEuNdYiNg1
    ThEuNdYiNg1 27 days ago

    Yeah fuck that zagg shield, you can get 110 glass screen protectors for the same price

  • Jim McDaniels
    Jim McDaniels 29 days ago +1

    The Sapphire is what they bought them twitch alll the $55 plastic covers they sold the rich elite !

  • Laxman Reddy
    Laxman Reddy 29 days ago

    Instead of showing sceen protecter your breaking your phone “that’s great”!! Broo

  • palm tree
    palm tree 29 days ago

    maybe because its meant to have a case on with it stupid

  • Violet Thompson
    Violet Thompson Month ago +1

    I don't think ANY screen protector has ever marketed that a screen protector alone would prevent damage. I think it just means when you shove it in your pockets with junk it's not gonna damage the actual screen.

  • Sharp boy Kingdom
    Sharp boy Kingdom Month ago

    The scratch test. They all look fine

  • • xNiKsyy •
    • xNiKsyy • Month ago

    Rinoooshieeeeeeeeld 😂😂

  • I Am Human Porch
    I Am Human Porch Month ago +1

    It survived the cheep protector so can i have the phone

  • Banana PanCakes
    Banana PanCakes Month ago

    A simple screen protector is fine on mid range price for protecting from scratches if you wanna protect ur phone get a good case that will really help you more

  • crisped bread
    crisped bread Month ago

    you're doing it wrong

  • Olan blox
    Olan blox Month ago

    OMG my screen protector costs 3 USD and not broking

  • Daniel Fleming
    Daniel Fleming Month ago

    Hm appears that the screen protectors are made of screen protector

  • Saj Tyk
    Saj Tyk Month ago

    You definitely bamboozled!

  • Saj Tyk
    Saj Tyk Month ago

    Your tests should commence from the cheapest to highest

  • Boravann Khiev
    Boravann Khiev Month ago

    Fun fact: Did you Know an apple screen protector is more expensive than an Apple phone case?

  • Boravann Khiev
    Boravann Khiev Month ago +3

    Who knows how much is a apple screen protection?


  • Douglas Reyes
    Douglas Reyes Month ago

    Hey you can get your screen replaced with the sapphire protector cause they have a warranty to fix it doesn’t protect the screen

  • Lia Martinez
    Lia Martinez Month ago

    Does nobody else see the fact that he said IPhone 7 but it’s the 8 bc it’s shiny in the back I have the 7 and it’s matte in the back👋🙄

  • isaacboss2234
    isaacboss2234 Month ago

    scratch test is dumb

  • Nitin Chauhan
    Nitin Chauhan Month ago

    screen protectors are useless

  • Slayer
    Slayer Month ago

    I get a screen protector from apple that costs 45 $ ...

  • Alexandru Topor
    Alexandru Topor Month ago

    Real sapphire is not as shatter resistant as typical glass, it's meant to be more scratch resistant.

  • Heaven Williams
    Heaven Williams Month ago

    must be apples sapphire

  • AverageSpyMain
    AverageSpyMain Month ago

    7:50 F E E L T H E I M P A C T

  • Jonas Hediger
    Jonas Hediger Month ago

    Glass protectors are better because they brake instead of your screen breaking! (No joke) thats the point of glass protectors they sacrifice theirselfes.

  • Darren Sice
    Darren Sice Month ago +1

    If it had Safire then it would be like a rolex watch glass