Discover How To Test Your Entire Ignition System With One Simple Tool

  • Published on Dec 22, 2016
  • I show how to test your entire ignition system including the spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition control module, and ignition coil. I use a multimeter, a 12-volt test light, and jumper cables to do all the testing. By checking your complete ignition system you will be able to pinpoint the problem and easily fix it.
    Haynes manual Pontaic Grand AM
    Digital Multimeter with Ohm Volt
    12V Test light
    210Pcs Heat Shrink Wire Connectors
    Heat shrink tubing

    Discover How To Test Your Entire Ignition System--Problem Solved Car Starts Again
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  • oxmanagain
    oxmanagain  9 months ago

    If you want to be able to check your entire ignition system here is a link to a multimeter reader.

  • Ray Milligan
    Ray Milligan 28 days ago +2

    another test for the crankcase position sensor , is to watch the dashboard Tachometer while cranking, you should see a RPM reading, if you don't you probably have a bad CPS or bad wiring !

  • nulife022
    nulife022 Month ago

    Thanks so much - Easy to follow and understand, unlike some of the other videos.

  • kennedy wong
    kennedy wong 4 months ago

    Sometime bad condenser and resistor can cause no start too. Some car might have it and some don't.

  • zipper 888
    zipper 888 5 months ago +1

    Your awesome, thank u!

    • oxmanagain
      oxmanagain  5 months ago

      You're welcome and thanks for watching.

  • Casey Campbell
    Casey Campbell 8 months ago +2

    AMAZING!!! I have never left a comment on anything before. This is well explained, concise with excellent video. As if I was being taught hands on in a class. Thanks man

    • oxmanagain
      oxmanagain  8 months ago

      I appreciate your comment and thanks for watching.

  • robertofkennedy
    robertofkennedy 10 months ago

    That last test was a useless test. You were ohm testing a metal shield if you got through the corrosion you would have had zero ohms on both modules. All other test we're good but I think you misread your ohms reading on the coil.

  • altlandf
    altlandf 11 months ago

    I just had my 89 s10 pickup inspected in the beginning of November. before I took the truck to get it repaired I replaced the gas tank fuel hanger and pump assembly. All brand new. Two weeks ago the truck died. When I turn the key on I can hear the pump run but it refuses to start. When I dump gas into the throttle body the truck starts right up and then stalls. When I run a test by placing a paper clip in the ALDL connecter and watch the flashes 12 and it continues to do this over and over. There's no other codes in between the code 12. This makes me think that it's missing the reference pulse and the ecm is not turning on the fuel pump and making the pulse width modulation zero. Couple years ago when I purchased the truck it did the same thing. It refused to start. When I went to replace the fuel pump i noticed entire hanger assembly and pump were new. What would cause a new pump to go bad? There's a problem but i don't know what is wrong.

    • oxmanagain
      oxmanagain  11 months ago

      I will have to do some research for you.

  • mary Shannon
    mary Shannon Year ago +1

    How did the testing procedures you did show what part failed that lead you to know it was crank sensor cause i also noticed you said you installed a new ignition control module so was it both the crank sensor and the ignition control module bad, I did the test on the voltimeter with the crank sensor wires and it did not change a bit on engine crank so Im trying to figure out if its the ignition module or crank sensor or both, I also did not get the test light reading on removing coil pac and cranking engine it also did nothing,ive already replaced plugs wires and both coil packs and crank sensor only thing left i can figure to do is change the ignition module any thoughts would be appreciated. Tks

    • oxmanagain
      oxmanagain  Year ago

      That is right.

    • mary Shannon
      mary Shannon Year ago

      @oxmanagain Awesome thanks for replying, I watched were you said test the crank sensor plug i assume you just unplug it from the crank sensor to test it and then you said have someone crank engine while you prode both terminals with ACV turned on and you should see 200 millivolts typically and i assume when you did that test yours did not originally read anything and thats how you knew it was the crank sensor?

    • oxmanagain
      oxmanagain  Year ago +1

      I tested everything and that was the only thing that failed. That is how I knew it was the crank sensor. I changed the ICM, the spark plugs wires and plugs, the coils and the camshaft sensor. The only thing that was left was the crank sensor.

  • AlwaysHopeful87
    AlwaysHopeful87 Year ago

    Here is a webpage with additional diagnostic methods:

  • Tank Owen McCallum

    fucking awesome vid bro thanks! got the catalina fired up!!!

    • oxmanagain
      oxmanagain  Year ago

      You're welcome and thanks for watching. What exactly was wrong with your car?

  • ronenfe
    ronenfe Year ago +3

    If there are sparks in the spark plugs it means all other components are working and there is no need to test them?

    • Ray Milligan
      Ray Milligan 28 days ago

      Yup , no need to go any further , the system is working the way it should !

    • oxmanagain
      oxmanagain  Year ago

      That is correct.

  • Antonio Campos
    Antonio Campos Year ago

    I had engine code p0342 and p0335. I changed the camshaft position sensor and the crankshaft position sensor twice with no luck. After watching the video I troubleshoot everything on this video, since my OB2 Scanner advices to check ignition system. My ignition control module was the problem, did not work. I'm so happy to have my truck back. Thanks

    • oxmanagain
      oxmanagain  Year ago

      That is great to hear. I'm glad I could help you out. Thanks for watching and I appreciate your comment.

  • Armando Verdugo
    Armando Verdugo Year ago

    Which manual is that at the end of video?

    • oxmanagain
      oxmanagain  Year ago

      You're welcome, no problem.

    • Armando Verdugo
      Armando Verdugo Year ago

      oxmanagain thanks dude!

    • oxmanagain
      oxmanagain  Year ago +1

      Haynes manual Pontiac Grand AM I put a link in the description below the video.

  • Joshua Espinoza
    Joshua Espinoza Year ago

    Thanks my

  • Josh Mustillo
    Josh Mustillo 2 years ago +1

    Spark plugs may fire in the atmosphere just fine, but in the high compression atmosphere inside a cylinder it may not.

  • Chiseled Buff Daddy
    Chiseled Buff Daddy 2 years ago

    Very informative, well done!

    • oxmanagain
      oxmanagain  2 years ago

      RU-clipr Thanks for watching/commenting.

  • Dwayne Garber
    Dwayne Garber 2 years ago

    I have a 40 horsepower Yamaha outboard d ignition switch may have been left on and there is no power to the motor and the power trim does not work any suggestions

  • adil meo
    adil meo 2 years ago


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    • adil meo
      adil meo 2 years ago

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      What's up.

  • shmeehoe44
    shmeehoe44 2 years ago

    Good stuff bud

    • oxmanagain
      oxmanagain  2 years ago

      I appreciate you watching. Thanks

  • Big Dog Shawn
    Big Dog Shawn 2 years ago +2

    with the horse shoe symbol do I put it on 200 to test the icm?

  • Alien Spore
    Alien Spore 2 years ago +1

    I JUST FOUND YOUR CHANNEL TODAY!! Wonderful content!! i wish i found it sooner. your struts video is a great help. you explaon things very effectively. Youre teaching others. Youre helping others.. thank you.

    • oxmanagain
      oxmanagain  2 years ago

      I really appreciate you taking the time to write such a nice comment. I thank you and you're welcome again.