Top 20 NEW iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks! 10.2 & 10.1.1

  • Published on Feb 1, 2017
  • NEW Top 20 iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks! 10.2 & 10.1.1 Yalu Jailbreak Compatible. Best & Latest Tweak List for iPhone 7, 6S & SE.
    More 10.2 Tweaks:
    Even More 10.2 Tweaks:
    Jailbreak 10.2 HERE:
    Horseshoe - (Not a Source, Need to Visit)
    Noctis - - (NOT a repo, visit this link to get.)
    Platters -
    FlipControlCenter -
    WormHole -
    Aeternum Hives Beta -
    DarkMessages -
    TapticKeys 2.0 -
    RocketBootstrap (For Anemone) -
    Boxy3 -
    Sleek�۪n�۪Bouncy10 -
    Speedy -
    Lithium Ion -
    Grasshopper -
    Peek-a-Boo -
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  • musicTV
    musicTV 4 months ago +1

    My iphone 5 is aunique nigga now

  • Santoshi Khadka
    Santoshi Khadka 5 months ago

    Sick wallpaper

  • Ali Bin Salem
    Ali Bin Salem Year ago

    Man your tweaks are really useful wish u upload new videos about tweaks not everybody knows it

  • okilove
    okilove Year ago

    I wanna jailbreak my ipad but u have to pay and do it on computer, i hate that. Like if you agree.

  • Krista Katcheech
    Krista Katcheech Year ago


  • Krista Katcheech
    Krista Katcheech Year ago


  • Neel Jain
    Neel Jain Year ago


  • Benjamin Rivera
    Benjamin Rivera Year ago

    It's a feature. It was also present in CCsettings.

  • XxGalaxy _PlayzxX

    pou'ʇ qnʇ ɐ 1 pollɐɹ ʞǝʎqoɐɹp ɟɹoɯ ǝqɐʎ

  • Tracooo0
    Tracooo0 Year ago

    How do you get the hearts battery?

  • Aadarsh N. Prasad

    Whats the rocket for Instagram repo?

  • ThatDank Guy
    ThatDank Guy Year ago

    How I 3D Touch?

  • Sam Armstrong
    Sam Armstrong Year ago

    Alright so I got the rocketstrap thing and then downloaded anemone and it downloads fine and everything works but my Snapchat won't let me send pictures... does anyone know what I can do to fix it? Yes I made sure it wasn't any other tweaks I have Bc when anemone isn't installed my Snapchat works just fine but when it's installed it doesn't

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson Year ago

    how do you get horseshoe?

  • Apps4iOSEmu
    Apps4iOSEmu Year ago

    When I add spirit of logics repo for hive the tweak isn't there?

  • ChairDoorMan
    ChairDoorMan Year ago

    "everything is on one page like it should be"
    "for out next tweak, we are adding another page!"

  • monica19991
    monica19991 Year ago

    Hey! I have an Iphone SE and it's running on IOS 10.1.1.
    I want to jail break it.
    Can you give me a recommendation?
    Should I upgrade my IOS and then do the jailbreak or should I stay on 10.1.1. and jailbreak it with that IOS version?

  • Maxii Cutioner
    Maxii Cutioner Year ago

    Why can't my aeturnum hive not work

  • yep
    yep 2 years ago

    hiding pornhub never been easier

  • siwy2501
    siwy2501 2 years ago

    WE NEED 10.3.2 JB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lộc Huỳnh
    Lộc Huỳnh 2 years ago

    everythingapplepro I can't find horseshoe can you help?

  • Jonah Sussman
    Jonah Sussman 2 years ago

    In Boxy 3 how do you get all the presets? I only have sliders for the different options when I swipe up.

  • Matthias Pieters
    Matthias Pieters 2 years ago

    I installed anemone and i only have 4 options help pls

  • Sean West
    Sean West 2 years ago

    Aeternum won't activate for me? It's says it's activated in activator but when I 3D Touch the scorers to what I set it on, nothing happens

  • Matteo Cretella
    Matteo Cretella 2 years ago

    what is your Theme?

  • Brayden McGraw
    Brayden McGraw 2 years ago

    anyone else having issues with rocket for Instagram

  • Kynan
    Kynan 2 years ago

    I tried downgrading different apps such as Snapchat and JW Library with App Admin tweak but it crashes! 😫

  • Marlonn Murillo
    Marlonn Murillo 2 years ago

    Is there a way you could look into the tweak AlwaysJitter it would look awesome with the tweak (M)Skull from icon masks

  • Mathieu Deprat
    Mathieu Deprat 2 years ago

    Why doesn't apple let us customize our phone? Lots of android users will switch over to apple for sure.

  • udy
    udy 2 years ago

    "Secret websites"

  • Skynet ZH
    Skynet ZH 2 years ago

    anyone know how too get taptic keys for ios 9.3.3

  • Vincent Zoet
    Vincent Zoet 2 years ago

    Can you get free in game purchases with jailbrake?

    YOUCEF BESSEKRI 2 years ago

    Anemone didn't worck 4 me

  • Anna Thai
    Anna Thai 2 years ago

    Why am I watching this? I have an iPhone 7...

  • Zack
    Zack 2 years ago

    Anemone put me in respring bug when I try to enable substrate

  • nick shambrook
    nick shambrook 2 years ago

    Are any of these downloadable on Cydia

    • Zack
      Zack 2 years ago

      nick shambrook most of them are now. I downloaded horseshoe and noctis so far. But that's as far as I've gotten in the video lol

  • MD Makaveli
    MD Makaveli 2 years ago

    Why aeternum doesnt work ? Is this common ? ( ios 10.1.1 6s)

  • Khaliq Ahmad
    Khaliq Ahmad 2 years ago

    How can i jailbreak ios10.2.1? Help please

  • Ty Laskey
    Ty Laskey 2 years ago

    what's ourmine?

  • Anenst Gaming
    Anenst Gaming 2 years ago +1

    Boxy 3 doesn't work

  • Pawan Rangoonwala
    Pawan Rangoonwala 2 years ago


  • InedibleRain
    InedibleRain 2 years ago

    anenome has been spotted!

  • GlaGla
    GlaGla 2 years ago

    New title for this video how to lose 22% of battery in 11min

  • Brittany Hurst
    Brittany Hurst 2 years ago

    Successful iphone 7 plus 10.1.1 jailbreaker! I messed up the first time and erased all contents but with tons of research it works great! If you DO NOT know what you are doing, please do not proceed. Be patient

  • Aapo Aleph
    Aapo Aleph 2 years ago +1


  • Raygen Croes
    Raygen Croes 2 years ago

    Colorflow is now working

  • iTsGamerZ
    iTsGamerZ 2 years ago

    Is there a way to get gamegem working on iOS 10.2 jailbreak?? I've tried to install it and it installs but the app doesn't appear on my home screen or anywhere, also icleaner does the same thing too

  • AKG Sai
    AKG Sai 2 years ago

    How do you do download the bouncy one when I click the link it take Me to the report thing

  • Yung RL
    Yung RL 2 years ago

    I bought aternum hives beta and it does not work, when I go into settings everything I need is enabled and I clicked the tab "activator" and it's says there was an error loading the preference bundle, I do a respring but still doesn't work! How can I fix this?

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez 2 years ago

    is there a list of supported tweaks, like a google doc thingy?

  • xDeku7
    xDeku7 2 years ago

    Ok so how do you add all these tweaks?? I'm new to jail breaking

  • Trent Sylvester
    Trent Sylvester 2 years ago

    Hey +everythingapplepro im having problems with AppAdmin, when i try to downgrade Snapchat it boots me out of the app sotre and dosent downgrade what should I do.

  • Thanos
    Thanos 2 years ago

    android will is better and will be forever

  • akku124
    akku124 2 years ago

    I downloaded Boxy 2 (couldn't find 3) and sleek and bouncy10. When I opened my phone everything was going crazy I couldn't do anything. I rebooted my device and rejailboke it again. Then I couldn't even open my phone. How do I access safe mode and/or fix my current issue?

  • - kailix -
    - kailix - 2 years ago

    Aeternum Hives 10 isn't working for me, on 10.2

  • l1-xm
    l1-xm 2 years ago

    Aeternum hives beta doesn't work

  • RickyStyle
    RickyStyle 2 years ago

    App admin doesn't work

  • Aware
    Aware 2 years ago

    Why does Peek-a-Boo don't work? (iPhone 6)

  • Gustavo Ramirez
    Gustavo Ramirez 2 years ago

    can someone please tell me how to unjailbreak my iPhone!!
    (Cydia eraser does not work)

  • Mr_Badger_FTW
    Mr_Badger_FTW 2 years ago

    What is the source for horseshoe

  • bcvs534
    bcvs534 2 years ago

    This is my first JB with my Iphone 6 IOS 10.2.
    All the tweaks said Depends mobilesubstrate...
    What can I do?

    • I Like Sleep
      I Like Sleep 2 years ago

      bcvs534 Most tweaks depend on mobile substrate. You should already have it installed in cydia.

  • The Big Baller
    The Big Baller 2 years ago

    What's the source for appadmin

  • Martin Ghattas
    Martin Ghattas 2 years ago

    hey apple pro can you show the tweak that can hide apps or require passwords to open that is free
    thank you

    • I Like Sleep
      I Like Sleep 2 years ago

      Martin Ghattas There's one that asks for your fingerprint.

  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester 2 years ago

    when i try to install boxy 3 it says origin unreachable WHAT DO I DO?!?!?

  • Danny Heggs
    Danny Heggs 2 years ago

    Anything similar to Aeternum that works?

  • Tech God
    Tech God 2 years ago

    Does Peek-A-Boo cost money please tell me that it is free?

  • Harrison_Stout
    Harrison_Stout 2 years ago

    Is there anything for iPhone 6 with iOS 10.1... cause there's stuff for 10.1.1 but I can't find anything for 10.1 🤕

  • Adam Elhalawany
    Adam Elhalawany 2 years ago

    it should be called lithium icon

  • Jo Pet
    Jo Pet 2 years ago

    I cant get app admin... anyone else?

  • Archie Draco
    Archie Draco 2 years ago

    no jb for iphone 6?

  • James Allen
    James Allen 2 years ago

    Is there a way to get 10.2 emojis on 10.1

  • LittleMiss :o
    LittleMiss :o 2 years ago

    I've heard that icleaner can break the mach_portal jailbreak? Is this true?

  • LittleMiss :o
    LittleMiss :o 2 years ago

    Is platters tweak compatible with ios10?

  • Ando lo
    Ando lo 2 years ago

    Yea yea watching with my iPhone 7

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen 2 years ago

    I cleared off 2 gb off my 16 gb device...