• Published on Oct 17, 2019
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  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s Day ago +1

    Omg I just realized that one dude reminds me of Tom Green

  • Raj Daklow
    Raj Daklow 4 days ago

    2020 Supra is not made of bmw parts it is a Z4 Rebadged and that is a known fact, of course it's going to be caked in bmw logos, it's made on the same assembly line. Only thing changed is upper shell. Why is this news.???

  • Othman Alfayadh
    Othman Alfayadh 13 days ago


    OLD SNAKE 13 days ago

    MB double U

  • Cristian Lucas
    Cristian Lucas 14 days ago

    Bru jus stop with bmw toyota trash... Jus accept it. Thank toyota for having some type responsibility for the sexy lil car

  • Tommy Cat
    Tommy Cat 14 days ago

    This is clickbait for Toyota fans a Toyota car but have mostly BMW parts the heck... That car is like a book by its cover is you want but it's inside is different...

  • Jimmy Bennett
    Jimmy Bennett 14 days ago +1

    This car is a joke and was better of not relaseing a so called Supra. Ill take the MKIV all day.. this you can toss on the garbage. ITS A badgered bmw. WHICH doesn't make it a toyota, let a lone worthy to wear the badge Supra

  • Martin Ruiz
    Martin Ruiz 15 days ago

    So you got more than what you paid for.Does'nt make sense to complain .

  • Anthony Webber
    Anthony Webber 15 days ago

    BMW owns Rolls Royce
    And yes the Supra is built in Austria, but it's built in the same plant as the Mercedes Benz G wagon, so does that make the G wagon a BMW?

  • robert Kemboi
    robert Kemboi 15 days ago

    the new colour on the supra is going to be green

  • Ddog SS Farris
    Ddog SS Farris 16 days ago

    BMW car with a toyota sprinkle tossed in it

  • BattleGroundElite
    BattleGroundElite 17 days ago

    Jesus christ... way to many adds to finish watching this clip... chill with the adds man....

  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade 17 days ago

    Keep in mind that the same company behind the M2 helped co-develop this car.

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 18 days ago


  • Calan McKinlay
    Calan McKinlay 18 days ago

    Daves Superdry knock-off tshirt 😂

  • Brian Wright
    Brian Wright 18 days ago

    Everyone knows this car is all BMW, Toyota only had input with styling and badging lol. Sad actually!

  • Makeup By Smithy
    Makeup By Smithy 19 days ago

    Or the green on saves top

  • David Sewell
    David Sewell 19 days ago +1

    For so called car guys you know absolutely nothing about cars . Rolls Royce is owned by bmw and is basically a 7 series platform. This is not new news . Wow . The supra is a z4 with toyota styling. That's all toyota did.

  • Denis Santini
    Denis Santini 20 days ago

    BMW helped design the car.

  • Everything Vinyl
    Everything Vinyl 20 days ago +1

    That 911's engine cover has 9 fins on the left, 9 fins on the right, and 2 fins for the brake lights..992!

  • Jónas Már
    Jónas Már 21 day ago +1

    I think the car will be green but it would look much nicer in pink!

    THE NICE ONES 21 day ago

    This is a pretty stupid video

  • lavx21
    lavx21 21 day ago

    The best Japan sportscar is actually German :D

  • Gourish Rane
    Gourish Rane 21 day ago


  • DJAM
    DJAM 22 days ago

    wait for the BMW reliability and resale plunge German electronics are suspect.

  • Bikes & Guns
    Bikes & Guns 22 days ago

    Lime green like what’s on Dave’s shirt

  • Jee hue
    Jee hue 22 days ago

    if you look close enough, you might find a Ninja in

  • Marlyn Kemp
    Marlyn Kemp 22 days ago

    Lexus LFA using motor built by Yamaha Lamborghini Countach used headlights for Nissan 300z Saturn Vue use a motor built by Honda Porsche Audi Volkswagen have the same SUV and the bottom line is no one gives a s***

  • overanDownUnder
    overanDownUnder 22 days ago

    99.9% of DDE Thumbnails- Damon and/or Dave standing/squatting like they’re taking a poop with mouths agape. You have good content Guys. Just change up those things that tie y’all Down.

  • aldoavak9
    aldoavak9 22 days ago

    No SHIT DOUCHEBAGS!!!! Where have you been for the last two years???

  • Lincoln Nave
    Lincoln Nave 22 days ago

    There rapping it pink

  • Eric Eaton
    Eric Eaton 23 days ago

    apparently these special individuals didn't actually read the articles put out years ago that bmw approached toyota for a collab. on a car so the toyota team went to bmw and they took bmw's engine and redesigned it to make it toyota reliable and to toyota's standards. no lie's were told only idiots that dont know how to read and do their research

    • mrjjthor Thor
      mrjjthor Thor 22 days ago

      Toyota didn't redesigned the B58. They stress tested it and suggested to BMW to have parts that didn't meet their expectations changed. Tadasan said it himself in an interview that it was only "suggested". If you're referring to Albons vid he's clearly a fanboy hyping up the Supra.

  • iTHUND3R
    iTHUND3R 23 days ago

    BMW owns Rolls Royce!

  • Ru Loeu
    Ru Loeu 23 days ago

    I’m shock you guys still shock lol

  • Pillow Man
    Pillow Man 23 days ago +1

    Moral of the story: literally almost every JDM revived car sucks, plus and most possibly will fail in sales

  • jim kara
    jim kara 23 days ago

    Even Greek sites talk about your video about how much BMW the Supra is... much love from Greece ❤️

  • Matt R
    Matt R 23 days ago

    honestly this video was hilarious. you guys are too funny lol

  • US TRAVEL VLOG AkoTubero
    US TRAVEL VLOG AkoTubero 23 days ago +1

    Bmw cant SELL their car using their name, but with the toyota name it can.

    THOMASZAR1983 23 days ago

    This car is more bmw than bmw itself! !!!!

  • Ib Jedegwa
    Ib Jedegwa 23 days ago +1

    Fortunately Toyota used a hi end engine unlike putting a nissan in a Benz X class and pay huge

  • Matt Mikka
    Matt Mikka 23 days ago +1

    My MKIV Supra says "Made in Japan" on the hatch shocks.

  • Garrett Kremer
    Garrett Kremer 23 days ago

    Bmw owns Rolls Royce....

  • Miles Davis
    Miles Davis 23 days ago +1

    Why is it a big deal that the 2020 Supra is a BMW? BMW doesn't have the world renowned iconic engine legacy Toyota has to follow up on... Those of you saying they do, please explain... And name a car that BMW doesn't own that has their engine in it that people want. Best i found is an old Lincoln continental?? smh... And McLaren is owned by BMW so that doesn't count... Nissan is way more respectable than Toyota IMO cuz they actually leveled up their flagship properly in the GTR. It's the engine that makes these cars icons before the cars themselves. People like Supras for JZs, Dodge for the Hemi, Skylines for the RB, Silvias for the SR20, Mitsu for the 4G63, Hondas for any 4banger they make really, Mazda for the rotaries, Chevy for their V8s and on and on. Even the new GTR engines are getting love. These engines are swapped heavily because they're awesome. Very few people are swapping in BMW powerplants in their builds. In fact all I see are old 2JZ and rotary powered BMWs dominating at the track unless its a road course because the reverse applies to them. The cars are iconic and the engines just compliment the chassis. BMW chassis engineering is superb. But Toyota is garbage for not keeping their superior engine legacy alive. Please stop defending this 2020 Supra engine blasphemy... You don't "sell out" on you're halo car.

    P.S. How many of you were pissed when the Ford GT came out with a V6 regardless of how good it was?

  • MongolK1Ng L0G1C
    MongolK1Ng L0G1C 23 days ago +1

    This why I don't buy BMW. This BMPRA ENGINE and everything thing else will BREAK in 80k mile. Junk car.

  • S. Bor
    S. Bor 23 days ago

    Dave is the funniest person on this channel I swear. Love the jokes!!

  • abraham G
    abraham G 24 days ago

    IDC what anybody says, BMW X Toyota development for the Supra is the best thing to happen for this car. Others hating is because they're ignorant.

    VAMPYRE ANGELUS 24 days ago +1

    That is because its a Z4 coupe, Not a toyota.. people just need to be honest about what it is...

  • Person
    Person 24 days ago

    BMW and Toyota teamed up for the project. Toyota wanted to learn how to make better handling vehicles, while BMW wanted to learn about reliability. They put their two minds together and created the Zupra (Z4 Supra). There are BMW parts in the car, but it’s tuned to Toyota’s liking, not just BMW parts slapped in there for performance.

  • Marc Shaner
    Marc Shaner 24 days ago

    Jesus..... your content is so old and copied......."We got a new wrap!!!!"

  • nicaencachimbado
    nicaencachimbado 24 days ago

    bmw z4 with a toyota makeover

  • Bikicsunajt Hutyutyu
    Bikicsunajt Hutyutyu 24 days ago

    I tell you way is 90%BMW because the Z4 BMW didn't sell as much they planed so what to do with all those you know the answer 😎

  • Kendrick Lee
    Kendrick Lee 24 days ago +2

    I think I’m gonna be sick 🤢🤢🤮. This downgraded BMW Z4 really doesn’t deserve the name “SUPRA” at ALL !

  • Piotr Babiuch
    Piotr Babiuch 24 days ago

    bmw have rly great engine and their feeling of driving car is perfect and Toyota have brilliant style so new supra is rly great and no one supposed be surprise Germans and Japan are rly close since 1939

  • Joey McQuilkin
    Joey McQuilkin 24 days ago

    I knew the motor and accessories would have BMW badges but I’m really surprised to see Bimmer stamps on the rad support and parts of the subframe... this is a very strange partnership

  • Daniel Victor
    Daniel Victor 24 days ago

    question is if the insurance companies charge BMW premium

  • IDKMYName OK
    IDKMYName OK 24 days ago +1

    Can we ban all thing Supra (A90, BMW). Not pure, not genuine, not real Supra as for I can see it. I am done with this Supra, not giving it any chance.

  • Tyler C
    Tyler C 24 days ago

    flashy lookin vincero on that wrist hahaha F

  • IDKMYName OK
    IDKMYName OK 24 days ago

    Geesh really. It was build in Austria, where the other BMW were made like the Z4. Toyota only design and update what they needed. Once done that is where everything was build, "In Austria" Toyota never had their hand on it beside some tuning. Making a video about this don't prove Toyota lie, sure it is a BMW because it model a "Z4" and build under BMW products.
    Here my problem Toyota Supra an embarrassment as for as I could see. Never will own one or never will it be on my Bucket List car to own. There many other cars that is purer than this Supra.

  • Emanuel Torres
    Emanuel Torres 24 days ago

    When I read strip down I thought like to the shell.

  • Augusto Roman
    Augusto Roman 24 days ago

    You got s great info here, don't make it look like a joke.