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  • Published on Aug 28, 2017
  • You asked and I delivered! :) Here is how to order a coffee in Finnish!

    Full dialogue + translation:

    Mitä saisi olla? (What would you like?)
    Saisinko kupin kahvia? (Could I have a cup of coffee?)
    Haluatko siihen maitoa tai sokeria? (Would you like milk or sugar with that?)
    Ottaisin vähän sokeria mutta ei maitoa kiitos. (I'll have a little sugar but no milk thank you)
    Saisiko olla muuta? (Would you like anything else?)
    Ei, siinä on kaikki. (No, that is all)
    Eli siitä tulisi kolme euroa. (So that will be three euros)
    Tässä. (Here)

    Miten tilaan kahvia suomeksi? (How do I order coffee in Finnish?)
    Mitä haluaisit tilata? Mitä haluut tilata? Mitä saisi olla? (What would you like to order/What would you like to have?)
    Saisinko/voinko/voisinko saada kahvin. (May I/could I have coffee?)
    Saisinko yhden kupin kahvia/Saisinko kupin kahvia? (Could I have one cup of coffee/Could I have a cup of coffee?)
    Saisinko kaksi/kolme/neljä kahvia? Saisinko kaksi kuppia kahvia? (Could I have two/three/four cups of coffee? Could I have two cups of coffee?)

    (Haluaisito/Haluutko) maitoa tai sokeria? Kermaa? (Would you like milk or sugar? Cream?)
    Joo/Ei, Pelkästään maitoa, Vain sokeria, Vähän/Paljon sokeria. (Yes/No, Only milk, only sugar, A little/lot of sugar)

    Saisiko olla muuta? Mitään muuta? Oliko/Onko siinä kaikki? (Would you like anything else?/Anything else?/Is that all?)

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  • Linda Szigeti-Benedek
    Linda Szigeti-Benedek 24 days ago

    What I’ve always struggled with is how I ask for something else than a regular coffee, e.g. a cappuccino or something? The partitive confuses me quite a bit here :/ Do I still add the “-a”, to the end like “Ottaisin cappuccinoa/lattea/etc.”...?

    • KatChats
      KatChats  19 days ago

      Yes exactly, you would say "ottaisin cappuccinoa" :)

  • Alexandra XCH
    Alexandra XCH Month ago

    Are you a teacher by trade, it is so natural and good

    • KatChats
      KatChats  29 days ago

      I'm not, but that's really kind of you to say. Thank you so much! Kiitos :)

  • kundogb
    kundogb Month ago +1

    I remember a couple of month ago, I thought "Okey, I'll try to order in finnish". I went in the coffee shop and said "Otan maitokahvia" and the lady asked me: "vaalea vai tumma?" and I just stood there and said: "Sorry, I don't understand" XD

  • Sumaira Ishtiaq
    Sumaira Ishtiaq 2 months ago

    Could i have a glass water or tea ?what its finish translation?

    • Sumaira Ishtiaq
      Sumaira Ishtiaq 2 months ago

      @KatChats kiitos🥰

    • KatChats
      KatChats  2 months ago +1

      Saisinko lasin vettä/kupin teetä = Could I have a glass of water/cup of tea :)

  • Nina Hansen
    Nina Hansen 2 months ago +1

    This is the first time I understood everything in a Finnish 'dialogue"! Feels so good, I' m making progress! I would love for you to make more videos like this!! Or maybe even just a "listening skills" one, where you talk in Finnish and then translate afterwards! Anyway, thanks a lot, you are great at teaching!

    • KatChats
      KatChats  2 months ago

      That's amazing! I'm so happy for you! :D hmm that's certainly a very good suggestion, I'll make sure to write it down in my notebook and hopefully sometime in the future I'll make another one where you can practice more listening skills! :D Thanks!

  • liaa lana
    liaa lana 3 months ago


  • der Prinz
    der Prinz 3 months ago

    hey... why its '' ottaisin vähän sokeria, mutta ei maitoA. ''?
    Milk is maito. or not? I don't understand that..

    • KatChats
      KatChats  3 months ago

      Same reason it's sokeriA, sokeri = sugar. Look up the partitive case! :)

  • Mogos Tommi
    Mogos Tommi 4 months ago

    Kiitos paljon KatChats!

  • Elizabeth C.
    Elizabeth C. 5 months ago

    So my name in suomi es : so = eli :(

  • fadel shu
    fadel shu 6 months ago

    kiitos paljon

  • Vinícius Cerqueira Bonifácio

    Hei, Kat. Mitä kuuluu? Toivottavasti hyvin! Voinko kysyä jotakin?
    Sanko käyttää "vain" sen sijaan "pelkästään"? Esimerkiksi: "Vain maitoa" vai "vain sokeria"?
    Kiitos paljon auttassa. 🙏🏾

    • KatChats
      KatChats  7 months ago +1

      +Vinícius Cerqueira Bonifácio Joo voit ! :) Ja kiitos minulle kuuluu hyvää!

  • Kulho Suomi
    Kulho Suomi 7 months ago +1

    I always get very nervous when I am at the checkout at grocery stores...and was wondering if you could do something similar like this for that please🙂🙏I leave for Finland very soon and would like help

    • KatChats
      KatChats  6 months ago

      I'm finishing my undergrad degree in less than a week so will do one soon, although I might be a bit late for your trip! D:

  • Georgios Ivankof
    Georgios Ivankof 7 months ago


  • Debbie prince
    Debbie prince 8 months ago

    I really appreciate your videos, Katja! I find them very instructive, and you almost make learning Finnish seem easy! But I was wondering if you could add another element to your lessons that would help vegans and vegetarians to survive in Finland? For example, how would a vegan ask for a plant-based milk in their coffee? Or how would they make it clear that they don't want any animal products? Also, how could someone communicate to their server if they have an allergy to a particular food (e.g., wheat or corn)? Thanks in advance!

    • KatChats
      KatChats  8 months ago

      That's a really good idea! I actually use soy milk myself too haha! I'll make sure to put that on my to-do list for future videos! :D

  • Jouni Suninen
    Jouni Suninen 9 months ago

    Finns use to shorten or simplify words in puhekieli (spoken language) to make the speaking faster. So, minä - mä, sinä - sä, hän - se, but: me - me, te- te, he- he. So plural forms - we, you, they - are short enough and need no shortening. E.g. I want = minä haluan - mä haluun, sinä haluat - sä haluut, hän haluaa - se haluu, me haluamme - me halutaan, te haluatte - te haluutte, he haluavat - ne haluu.
    Kat is an excellent teacher and knows Finnish amazingly well.

  • Asad Amiri
    Asad Amiri 11 months ago

    Voi kiitos.olet paras opettaja koska näin

  • fraklin m
    fraklin m Year ago

    so brilliant as always, perfect way to teach realy, if you want to learn some spanish just ask me, kiitos kaunis

  • Peter Bengston
    Peter Bengston Year ago

    What if you're ordering two coffees and you want to say "in the first one a little milk and in the second one cream and sugar"?

    • Peter Bengston
      Peter Bengston Year ago


    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      Something like "Ekaan vähän maitoa ja toiseen kermaa ja sokeria"

  • Muuse Muxudiin
    Muuse Muxudiin Year ago


  • Zero FKD
    Zero FKD Year ago


  • Zero FKD
    Zero FKD Year ago


  • Zero FKD
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  • Zero FKD
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  • Zero FKD
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  • Zero FKD
    Zero FKD Year ago

    Thank you

  • mulu mule
    mulu mule Year ago

    minun sisko kiiti

  • Cyera Vincci
    Cyera Vincci Year ago +1

    It's so unfortunate that finnish isn't taught in schools (in England) as widely as German or french. Even if not a lot of people choose to learn it, I wish I'd at least been given the option cuz it really is a beautifully complicated language

  • Sakhi Namdar
    Sakhi Namdar Year ago

    Kiitos paljon 👍❤⚘

  • MrRicksmusket
    MrRicksmusket Year ago +1

    you explain soooo well, I love it!!!! keep on been so well explanatory

  • Zabi Haidari
    Zabi Haidari Year ago

    Kiitoksia Paljon

  • Caroline D
    Caroline D Year ago

    I"m about to travel to Finland for the first time , I like your video because it will help me to express myself a little bit

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      Aww well I hope you enjoy your trip! :)

  • Bon Squi Squi
    Bon Squi Squi Year ago +1

    Could you use vain instead of pelkästään? It seems much easier to use vain but idk if there's a grammar rule or something.

  • SaintGlory
    SaintGlory Year ago

    Your videos are extremely helpful!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Fatemeh Mosaddegh

    Hello, today I ordered coffee but at end she asked me something which i didn’t understand then she told me in english it was : you will have it here or take away. Could you please tell me how to you say it in finnish?

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      There's a few ways one could say that eg. Juotko täällä vai otatko mukaan? - Will you drink here or take it with you?

  • piklat small
    piklat small Year ago

    Thank you

  • ertan hangişi
    ertan hangişi Year ago +1

    İt was realy very Helpfull , thank you , but i think more video for learn , please dont stop :) moi moi

  • R Nomura
    R Nomura Year ago

    I'm studying in Finland as an exchange student, and this helps me a lot. I want to use Finnish as much as I can. Kiitos Pljon!

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      Aww thank you, I'm so glad you found this useful. I hope you're enjoying your exchange :)

  • duliduli
    duliduli Year ago

    saisinko Kuppin tee?kittos.

  • Filip Kopecký
    Filip Kopecký Year ago +1

    I'm like the only person in my social circle who doesn't drink coffee. Yet learning how to order it is really fun. At 2 AM.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  Year ago

      +Filip Kopecký hahah glad you liked the video :p

  • Ammar Al Kaysi
    Ammar Al Kaysi Year ago

    Big kiitos for these lesson ... It need to practice too much

  • Waric Momo
    Waric Momo 2 years ago

    Damn, there are so many versions of it, I'm totally lost and confused

  • Waric Momo
    Waric Momo 2 years ago

    Kahvia please!

  • Waric Momo
    Waric Momo 2 years ago +1

    Mita 'how do I sit' tilata

    • ile vaan
      ile vaan Year ago

      “Ei sunkka sul sattusis tulitikui olema?”

  • Skege
    Skege 2 years ago +45

    How to really order coffee in Finland. Just say Kahvi. Nothing else.

    • Skeletorius
      Skeletorius 7 months ago

      @( Έρις ) Maybe in a fancy place, but everybody means regular filter coffee when they say coffee

    • ( Έρις )
      ( Έρις ) 7 months ago

      don't they have different types of coffee?

    • KatChats
      KatChats  2 years ago +10

      +Skege1000 You've got the hang of it xD

  • Not Here
    Not Here 2 years ago +1

    Good Video 😄✌️ Thanx!

  • Jake Riccio
    Jake Riccio 2 years ago

    Also I'd like to learn (don't get mad) how to woo a woman in Finnish. Etsin vaimoa

  • Jake Riccio
    Jake Riccio 2 years ago

    Why is it maitoa TAI sokeria? I would have thought because it's a question it would be maitoa VAI sokeria. Kiitti

    • PaulVinonaama
      PaulVinonaama Month ago

      If you ask "otatko maitoa vai sokeria", that implies that you can only have one of them, which seems silly, doesn't it?

    • Freezed Eve
      Freezed Eve 9 months ago +1

      otatko maitoa vai kermaa, (do you take milk or cream) could work when you have two options for one thing but if you can use both options or one or none then it is better to use tai

    • KatChats
      KatChats  2 years ago +4

      +Jake Riccio To my ears tai is you can choose either or both kinda like and/or whereas vai is either or so you choose ONLY milk OR sugar but not both. But really it's not that strict I think, both should be fine it's just to my ears it sounds better using tai :)

  • Aulath Tamang
    Aulath Tamang 2 years ago


  • Борйенко Николай

    Kah vi KAH VI Kahvi XDD

  • alex t
    alex t 2 years ago

    You are amazing

  • Africanus
    Africanus 2 years ago +7

    I have been learning Finnish for two months, and your videos help me in my study.. kiitos :)

  • CatVAsya
    CatVAsya 2 years ago +9

    Hei Venäjältä. Kiitos videoista. Opiskelen Suomea. Ja autat paljon.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  2 years ago

      Kiitos kommentistasi! Kiva olla avuks!

  • flihpp
    flihpp 2 years ago

    It's always good learn with you @KatChats, hope my Finnish skills will be improved and I'll start learning more. Kiitos paljon!

    • KatChats
      KatChats  2 years ago

      Thank you, I'm super glad you've enjoyed my videos! I hope you can learn something more through my stuff xD

  • Hyπατία
    Hyπατία 2 years ago +4

    "The less you`ll talk, the more natural you`ll seem."
    I like it!
    I have a question I always wanted to know, what does the "-enen" double ending in many words and names signify/mean/add to the word?

    • YoshiPeach Mario
      YoshiPeach Mario 9 months ago

      Just like Kimi

    • Tammi K
      Tammi K Year ago +3

      NälkäiNEN, punaiNEN,
      -nen is often added to make a substantive into an adjective
      Kinda like hunger > hungry greed > greedy sleep > sleepy
      So nälkä (hunger) > nälkäinen (hungry)
      Idk if this is what you were looking for

    • Hyπατία
      Hyπατία 2 years ago +2


    • Hyπατία
      Hyπατία 2 years ago

      Thank you very much!

    • KatChats
      KatChats  2 years ago +2

      Oh you mean like the -nen in last names? Here's an article I found on it: finland.fi/life-society/surname-stories-land-of-the-nens/

  • Daniel K
    Daniel K 2 years ago

    Great video as always. This lesson was kinda redundant because I don't drink coffee haha.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  2 years ago

      Haha thanks for watching a bit nonetheless :P

  • Aqare
    Aqare 2 years ago

    great job and thanks for the video! I like it when you include dialogues in your videos c:

  • Safa Rajeb
    Safa Rajeb 2 years ago


  • Chris Vasi
    Chris Vasi 2 years ago

    Kiitos for the video :)

  • Koi Mies Profeetta
    Koi Mies Profeetta 2 years ago +9

    When I first moved to Finland my gf (now wife) always say keep it simple when speaking in Finnish so I did and the attempt of speaking Finnish everyone was nice enough to teach you more.

    • KatChats
      KatChats  2 years ago +2

      That's nice to hear :)

  • Epicans
    Epicans 2 years ago

    Are you okay? you look a bit pale :p

    • KatChats
      KatChats  2 years ago +1

      LOL I think I'm ok xD