iPhone SE 2 & Apple Watch 4 Leaks! Dream Combo

  • Published on Mar 25, 2018
  • 2018 iPhone SE 2 & Apple Watch 4 Latest Leaks & Rumors! Micro LED Display, Release Date, Features, Specs & Everything We Know!
    More Info on Bro.Kings Operation: goo.gl/GsXr3C
    iPad X Rumors: ru-clip.net/video/jHB1cfE_MtY/video.html
    2018 iPhone Lineup Leaks: ru-clip.net/video/NClxhreUgAk/video.html
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  • EverythingApplePro
    EverythingApplePro  Year ago +1301

    Our last concept with the Bro.King before his operation, we thank everyone for the support and help to him and his family! Hopefully we will be back at it within a few weeks. ❤️

    • Biggie Cheese
      Biggie Cheese Year ago

      You tripping my nigga, they didn't stop making iPhone X's AND the iPhone SE 2, my brother works at Apple

    • Savannah H
      Savannah H Year ago

      EverythingApplePro there’s no iPhone se 2 they stop making, it along with the iPhone X, because it would stomach the sales of the 11, and 9. Apple said that.

    • Biggie Cheese
      Biggie Cheese Year ago

      TBH i think that the iPhone SE2 will be a remake of the iPhone 6 or something because they already remade the iPhone 5s. IDK just a theory! :D

    • Noob Gamer
      Noob Gamer Year ago

      EverythingApplePro you Have so many iphones can you give me one please

    • shearee G
      shearee G Year ago


  • BrokenChair17
    BrokenChair17 9 months ago

    I feel like it should be named "iPhone SE+". Not that the casing of the phone will be bigger.

  • Creature Explorer
    Creature Explorer Year ago +2

    I have the iPhone se📱

  • Gentel Men's channel

    If apple makes iPhone in India I won't purchase iPhone anymore Andi will move away from apple products while being a apple fan and lover.

  • Nicolas Hernandez

    Why would anyone care about the iPhone se 2??? I’m not going to lie but I like the box design idk why Apple ditched it? It’s going with smoother phones = less grip the box design had more grip.

  • Lil K_555
    Lil K_555 Year ago

    Can’t believe I still have the 5s

  • sheikh rezaul
    sheikh rezaul Year ago

    when will this cell phone be released?

  • dielo 126
    dielo 126 Year ago

    Bei 6:17 bis 6:18 sagst du Schöne Effekte

  • dielo 126
    dielo 126 Year ago

    But the iPhone SE 2 looks very nice

  • Kalah Guthrie
    Kalah Guthrie Year ago

    OMG I love that SE 2 design!!

  • Gaming WithLittle

    I think that the iPhone X would be a very confortable phone if it had the fatness of the iPhone SE

  • Bailey James
    Bailey James Year ago


  • Джонката Rules

    19 May 2018 yeah
    I watched deadpool 2 hahahha
    He dies in the end of the movie

  • Ace c;
    Ace c; Year ago +1


  • Jessica Faustine
    Jessica Faustine Year ago

    is it to late if i wanna buy series 3 rt now? or should I wait the series 4?

  • Athaena Matsuzaki

    I am using the iphone SE right now and I screamed so hard because I DONT KNOW WHAT TO BUY IS IT THE 7,7+,8,8+,X,X+,SE 2 like what is happening!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Tech Girls
    Tech Girls Year ago +1

    I want it to have a home button sooooooo badly

  • Shaq Edwards
    Shaq Edwards Year ago

    Can Apple just make the fucking watch a Circle or at least make it a choice between circle or square.

  • Clorox bleach Squad

    where the hell is the headphones jack for the iPhone SE 2 /SE X the whole point of the phone is that it's an iPhone X that HAS the same design as iPhone 5/5S/SE in which they all HAVE A HEADPHONE JACK???!!! 😡😬🤔

  • Muthu Tamil Tech
    Muthu Tamil Tech Year ago

    Hai friend i am muthu ,i am a small youtuber, i used your video clips in my videos and also i am given your video link in description,
    Ok friend if you give me permission to use in my video,
    If you don't like comment or email me i will delete this video.
    E-mail : muthuonline88@gmail.com

  • Brandyn Csorgo
    Brandyn Csorgo Year ago

    ahahah shoutout to your v10 plus r8 chair.

  • Pyaro desh nepal Jai nepal

    Such a ugly concept iphone se without its home botton . Iphone se without home botton & headphone jack its really sucks & its not iphone se . If apple unluckily do this shitt , literally they would be killing se.

  • Johnny Wynn
    Johnny Wynn Year ago

    More like “Mini iPhone 7” 👌

  • Murshid Deen
    Murshid Deen Year ago

    😒😓 watching on android

  • vambiy
    vambiy Year ago

    I will buy it \_(⊙-⊙)\_

  • Αχιλλεας Σακκας

    what is better apple watch or iphone

  • Alejandro Hinojosa

    if apple only actually cared about their costumers and listened to their wishes and suggestiona

  • Aihara
    Aihara Year ago

    I rly want the home button back its hard to use an X
    Touch Id is faster than face id

  • Rickk v12
    Rickk v12 Year ago

    Love the IPhone SE2 concept edge to edge display!!! Hopefully it does turn out to be like this.....

  • Vanya Hargreeve Is little

    The iPhone SE 2 should be the iPhone 9 😂
    Where’s the iPhone 9??? 🤔

  • Carolina Zampa
    Carolina Zampa Year ago

    I just got an SE and Apple Watch Series 3 and I hear about this...

  • Moon Weryah
    Moon Weryah Year ago

    Loved SE 2

  • JBL Bass Tester
    JBL Bass Tester Year ago

    LOL. Watching This On My iPhone SE

  • Jorjie 24
    Jorjie 24 Year ago

    They should put the off button on the side again

  • Tiger He
    Tiger He Year ago

    Where the fuck did iphone 9 go?

  • Kiwikatchoo
    Kiwikatchoo Year ago

    Yeah these concepts be looking better than the actual

  • i kenno
    i kenno Year ago

    Oh I’m getting a Apple Watch when it the 4th coming?

  • Lele Ramli
    Lele Ramli Year ago

    I like your Voice, also the video fors sure...

  • Andrew Winkler
    Andrew Winkler Year ago

    The se/ iphone x hybrid seems pretty dumb to me

  • Frank Rosati
    Frank Rosati Year ago

    I want the full screen on the SE 2 so bad. I hate the big phones nowadays, my iPhone 6 is too big as is. If they make this I will finally upgrade and buy it immediately. Hope it has a headphone jack!

  • Flame0409
    Flame0409 Year ago

    Pls no more shit notches

  • Rajat Palai
    Rajat Palai Year ago

    please bro can you tell me release date

  • shea Hope
    shea Hope Year ago


  • Dino Saur
    Dino Saur Year ago

    Bands with batteries?

  • Muffin Gaming
    Muffin Gaming Year ago

    Should I wait for the Apple Watch 4?!? Or should I get the 3!?!?

  • bibasik7
    bibasik7 Year ago +2

    "Leaks" implies that it is happening. Putting "Leaks" and "Dream" in the same video title makes no goddamn sense. Plus, everything shown in this video goes against everything that Apple did with the original iPhone SE.

    • Knuckles
      Knuckles Year ago

      Bibasik7 I wish this thing would be true and really a leak

  • Tai N.
    Tai N. Year ago

    Looks way better than the iPhone x to me. I would prefer this over the iPhone x to be completely honest. I really don't like the iPhone x notch. Iphone 8 is cool, but just don't like the skinny size. The dream iPhone se 2 on here looks perfect.

  • Mark Phillips
    Mark Phillips Year ago

    I SO badly want a Gold IPhone X I’m stuck with the gold 8 plus at the moment and hoping they bring a gold iPhone X in September 😒

  • TSU_Lanigan
    TSU_Lanigan Year ago

    I’m watching this on an se right now

  • Tenzin Tsering
    Tenzin Tsering Year ago

    Shoutout to my boys with a 5s

  • Dyn4mic Universe
    Dyn4mic Universe Year ago

    Now that's the real deal! iPhone X is a fail to be fullscreen.

  • Talhah Mahomedy
    Talhah Mahomedy Year ago

    Really nice concepts. I think the biggest change would be dark mode. It just looks so good!

  • Picoro Lafayett
    Picoro Lafayett Year ago

    Your shirt is half washed bro, according to downy. Love your videos.

  • copycat
    copycat Year ago

    @EverythingApplepro even tho you might not read this If you could tell/show us how you create renders and on what software. thanks

  • 3
    3 Year ago

    It looks like an iPhone 4 remastered

  • blunt force
    blunt force Year ago

    fuck I just bought a series 3 watch ugh

  • iiSarah
    iiSarah Year ago

    I want some the get your iphone and take out the batterys and the stuff inside your phone and put it in the iphone se model.

  • ZVaneman
    ZVaneman Year ago

    If this iPhone Will come it Will be Sad bc it looks so old and you can better buy the iPhone 8 THAN that shit

  • Zain Ali
    Zain Ali Year ago

    Should I buy series 3 or wait for 4

  • Maisie Price
    Maisie Price Year ago

    Rest efficiency member before buyer talented program verbal fast.