LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS | 💀Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Militarized werewolves, interstellar aliens, demons from hell and more are unleashed in 18 NSFW animated stories.
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    LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS | 💀Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 258

  • Максим Логинов

    Song, first 11 seconds ?

  • manuel garcia
    manuel garcia 3 months ago


  • Osama Bin Laden
    Osama Bin Laden 3 months ago


  • shnaeky
    shnaeky 3 months ago

    Song at 0:15?

  • Linda evangelista
    Linda evangelista 4 months ago +1

    Just got done watching it. Loved the series. Some eps weren’t that great. But the animation was amazing. Some trigger warnings are rape and violence tho if that’s not your thing.

  • Nico Marquez15
    Nico Marquez15 4 months ago +9

    This is what happens when you let two amazing directors to release their inner creativity:

  • Johnfortich Vista
    Johnfortich Vista 4 months ago

    Beautiful to say the least. And all the story, award worthy. Needs a sequel, or games made out of it. Awesome is an understatement.

  • Knuckles9T5
    Knuckles9T5 4 months ago

    we want season 2 now!!!!!

  • Benjamin Slade
    Benjamin Slade 4 months ago

    Damn it I watched them all....and I want more ..... grrrrrrrr

  • Ronnie Nelson Jr
    Ronnie Nelson Jr 4 months ago

    Love it

  • kat
    kat 4 months ago +2

    I’m already obsessed and in love and now currently in a marriage with this series.. Netflix already for me anyways really really really knocked this series out of the park. As someone who consumes a lot of tv (guilty as charged but no shame in my television game) sees a lot of shows come and go with some being good some being bad or some absolutely breathtaking and amazing to I couldn’t even get through the first episode so I really appreciate a show like love death and robots because it’s refreshing to see something that hasn’t already been done and if it has it’s done I think it was done right this time around. I’m someone who really likes to dig into shows and go deep with it getting involved with character plot lines,story development,true to story lines,solid characters,edge of your seat moments,shock value,production value,animation style,sound effects and music,overall visual art styles and so on and while this show is a bunch of short stories it doesn’t fail to pull you in for more even when they are giving you less and really using the short amount of time they have per episode to tell an amazing short story. Again I’m someone who really enjoys tv and gets pretty into it with all the details that other people may or may not care about and I’m glad to say that this show for me was out of the box and a fresh take on the future of tv shows and what they could and or will become in the future! If you are thinking about streaming this show then hopefully my comment is helpful and I’d say absolutely stream it!! You will not regret it and even if you end up not liking it for some reason and it just wasn’t your style or just didn’t care for it I think everyone who watches this can walk away appreciate the production value and animation styles that went into the makings of this show! Great job with this one Netflix!! 👌👌👌👏👏👏😊😊😊😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Norbertsson
    Norbertsson 4 months ago +1

    It was amazing! We need more!

  • El Mantishrimp
    El Mantishrimp 4 months ago

    I'm about 8 episodes in and I must say this show has the coolest shit I've ever seen.

  • Captain Average
    Captain Average 4 months ago

    Just watched it. Every episode is wilder than the last, a few being emotionally engaging, a few being are satirical and a few just being wild as fuck. I loved every bit of it. Distinct animation styles, original stories and great direction? Sucker for all of them.
    Good Hunting and Zima Blue had me fucked up

  • Chico Rico
    Chico Rico 4 months ago

    Watched all episodes in a row :)

    • marcos rios
      marcos rios 4 months ago

      LOL, u r brave, I needed a break after “blind side” :)

  • bonafide 2110
    bonafide 2110 4 months ago +14

    I only watch 6 episodes last night and this is out of this world it is sick and I love it can't wait for season 2

  • Bettie Bacall
    Bettie Bacall 4 months ago

    *Masterpiece* thank you Netflix

  • bizotically_yours83
    bizotically_yours83 4 months ago

    Wtf did I just watch?

  • uriel999 amaya
    uriel999 amaya 4 months ago

    Y hagan a la protagonista bisexual algo que nadie se esperaría

  • uriel999 amaya
    uriel999 amaya 4 months ago

    Ojalá saque más del 1° episodio ese me encantó fue una mezcla del futuro retro de lo 90 con una intensidad que ni en Batman ves mesclado con gigantes de acero ojalá saquen la continuidad de ese episodio

  • Cvidz
    Cvidz 4 months ago

    Is it live action or anime, which is it!?

  • Gabriella R
    Gabriella R 4 months ago

    I- I don’t know what this is but okay Netflix, I’m intrigued.

  • tong cm
    tong cm 4 months ago +5

    Thank you for you sacrifice, commrade.

  • Haminator714
    Haminator714 4 months ago

    When you say March 15 does that mean at 12:00 am on the dot I can watch this????

  • tommy reynoso
    tommy reynoso 4 months ago

    Needs more robots🤖

  • Danial bin Nordin
    Danial bin Nordin 4 months ago +5

    Me : Anime nowadays with same genre and fanservice sucks
    Netflix :

    • Danial bin Nordin
      Danial bin Nordin 4 months ago

      @Catches07 yeah 😁

    • Catches07
      Catches07 4 months ago +2

      Danial bin Nordin Anime and Animation are different lol. Only one of the episodes resemble anime btw.

    • Danial bin Nordin
      Danial bin Nordin 4 months ago

      Yes. This is animation. That inspired from classic anime anthology like Robot Carnival, Animatrix, Genius Party and Nihon Animator Expo or Halo Legends

    • D. Pedro II
      D. Pedro II 4 months ago +4

      It's not anime

  • Lucy Logan
    Lucy Logan 4 months ago

    David Fincher's Science Fiction return.

  • Jigpu Singh di tolli
    Jigpu Singh di tolli 4 months ago

    Kya chutiyap hai yeh

  • Ginja Pubez
    Ginja Pubez 4 months ago

    i looked in the description to see what the hell is going on and get a history lesson on netflix... honestly who fucking cares where netflix came from or how many viewers you have... i wanna know what the fuck is going on here so i can go watch the same thing for free on a movie website...

  • Alice Lu
    Alice Lu 4 months ago

    The world summed up?

  • Mihai Dumitrescu
    Mihai Dumitrescu 4 months ago

    Animatrix baby!!

  • Mr Phos
    Mr Phos 4 months ago

    Hehe.Don't do drugs kids

  • Niz
    Niz 4 months ago +1

    I don't get what this is

  • DScroggins Production
    DScroggins Production 4 months ago +2

    Can it top the craziness of Devilman Crybaby?

    • marcos rios
      marcos rios 4 months ago

      Yes.....yes it does:) you should also check out heavy metal, it is really really old but really really good:) Inwould say heavy metal started this madness

  • Areta Figueiredo
    Areta Figueiredo 4 months ago

    Feels like new Animatrix stories. Well done Netflix, I want to watch it.

  • Jhonatan SB
    Jhonatan SB 4 months ago

    wow that will be awesome!

  • Anmol Interscopian
    Anmol Interscopian 4 months ago


  • Pittsburgh Wolves
    Pittsburgh Wolves 4 months ago

    I’m counting down the days till it’s released this FRIDAY

  • Alex Matejovie
    Alex Matejovie 4 months ago

    That’s how it could be shot Warcraft series, please you can do it

    9.999.999 views 4 months ago

    huh, cool

  • Jay Wolin
    Jay Wolin 4 months ago

    This looks like a dark good time. Looking forward to next weekend.

  • Sax Pax
    Sax Pax 4 months ago

    Am I on Drugs ??????

  • MyCp9
    MyCp9 4 months ago

    I think that can be interesting.

  • Abdul Majeed
    Abdul Majeed 4 months ago

    Can someone tell me , what the hell is this ?

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 4 months ago +2

    Dear Netflix,
    Please put back "no reservations" immediately. How dare thee to remove it ??? 😣

  • Brandon Wema
    Brandon Wema 4 months ago

    fuck yeah, i am excited for this

  • Omar Mastaka Oniwa
    Omar Mastaka Oniwa 4 months ago

    You need to drink a lot of soy to come up with stuff like this

  • Nicktuga
    Nicktuga 4 months ago

    5 more days boy, just 5 more days😳

  • How the ****
    How the **** 4 months ago

    I want it!!!!

  • Tom Groebe
    Tom Groebe 4 months ago


  • Ayle
    Ayle 4 months ago

    This looks SICK

  • G Nico559
    G Nico559 4 months ago

    This reminded me of Sci-Fi(Syfy) "Adventures in Japanese Animation" with the likes of Vampire Hunter D, Robot Carnival, Lensman, Project A-Ko and others. Yeah, that was way back in the mid 90s.

  • Inaccurate Flicks
    Inaccurate Flicks 4 months ago +1

    This is gonna be a celebration of animation. I already love it.

  • Seth Leoric
    Seth Leoric 4 months ago


  • Deepak suthar
    Deepak suthar 4 months ago

    0:10 wooooohhhhhhhhhh😯🤨🤨

  • Deepak suthar
    Deepak suthar 4 months ago

    Awesome.... 😍 I'm so excited for this series....

  • Vic M
    Vic M 4 months ago


  • Byron Bae
    Byron Bae 4 months ago


  • Piggylover 00
    Piggylover 00 4 months ago +2

    It’s the 2nd trailer and I still don’t know what’s happening

    • DooMMasteR
      DooMMasteR 4 months ago

      It will be a collection of stand alone stories in a common setting, think Heavy Metal or Animatrix :-)

  • erin davison
    erin davison 4 months ago +1

    this looks awesome! i love seeing more science fiction outta netflix

    STONEDCOLDCHILLER K 4 months ago +2

    Looks both confusing and trippy.

  • A Disfigurement Where My Head Is The Sun

    Netflix - holy fuck guys. I keep rewatching trailers for this... literally thrice a day at least. Pumps me up.
    It feels like... a combo of animatrix and MTVs Liquid Television, Aeon Flux and that awesome 90s shit. Really mind-sick, out-of-this-world bizarre stuff. Holy fuck please let it be this good. That's what we miss - the good ol' days, where stuff was weird, unappologetic, sexy, politically incorrect, for adults only. PLEASE MORE OF THIS.
    (it's similar to how hyped I was about the renewed, revamped, last season of Samurai Jack)

  • Damon Salvatore
    Damon Salvatore 4 months ago


  • Chipser
    Chipser 4 months ago +2


  • GR3G
    GR3G 4 months ago

    Can't wait!

  • edgar ramirez
    edgar ramirez 4 months ago

    clasico de netflix,calidad absoluta esperando en un futuro mas de este tipo de contenido.

  • Burrito Gamer
    Burrito Gamer 4 months ago

    The Animatrix for the modern age. looks insaaaane

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata 4 months ago


  • LuiZ GustavO LopeS De AlmeidA


  • Kris Pai
    Kris Pai 4 months ago

    I'm so into this. Hope they don't screw up.

  • Adithya Prakash
    Adithya Prakash 4 months ago +3

    Ive watched all the trailers for this and fuuuuck, this looks promising af

  • j Mc
    j Mc 4 months ago


  • Deo Yanong
    Deo Yanong 4 months ago

    NOW thats a fucking trailer! 10/10

  • BunnyGuns
    BunnyGuns 4 months ago

    Animatrix 2.0

  • leandro paim
    leandro paim 4 months ago

    Animatrix ???

  • Artem Gubert
    Artem Gubert 4 months ago

    Love: ❤️
    Death: 💀
    Robots: 🤖

  • Artem Gubert
    Artem Gubert 4 months ago

    One more trailer...

  • Romário  Lima
    Romário Lima 4 months ago +1

    I'm definitely going to watch this, but I want fincher to delivery the second season of mindhunter

  • Rodrigo Tejada
    Rodrigo Tejada 4 months ago


  • The HoneyQueen
    The HoneyQueen 4 months ago

    Lel what

  • Koleyl
    Koleyl 4 months ago

    I can't wait to watch this I love these Anthology movies. I know March 15th is just around the corner...but it still feels like!

  • Iamskn E R
    Iamskn E R 4 months ago

    Fuck can't wait for it....Tim + Fincher Kino coming....♥

  • Puppyloveforever
    Puppyloveforever 4 months ago

    What’s it rated

  • Hello There
    Hello There 4 months ago


    SHAGGY 4 months ago +1

    Ok that was epic

  • Glenn San Jose
    Glenn San Jose 4 months ago

    Hot damn.

  • Victor Leandro
    Victor Leandro 4 months ago

    wonderful #NETFLIX

  • Ezequiel Alves
    Ezequiel Alves 4 months ago

    0:15 song?

  • Cassandra Anne
    Cassandra Anne 4 months ago +3

    I feel like this needs more of a featurette than a trailer to explain what this anthology's about to those who don't know

  • snake solid
    snake solid 4 months ago

    What in the ass?! ;V XDD
    I need to watch this lol

  • MK Phasard
    MK Phasard 4 months ago

    Netflix is on a roll this year. Can't wait

  • Jesus F.C.
    Jesus F.C. 4 months ago +2

    Yeeeeesss i need blooood!!!!

  • Darcy D'artagnan
    Darcy D'artagnan 4 months ago

    Wtf is going on

  • Finapple
    Finapple 4 months ago

    Can you just release it now please?

  • carlos polanco salvador

    I dont get any shit of this but wow HOW BADLY I WANNA WATCH IT!!!

  • TRUE !
    TRUE ! 4 months ago

    Brace 4 Shrooms

  • sam gm
    sam gm 4 months ago +10

    Man i never got só excited for a Netflix show

  • BackSpacəTM
    BackSpacəTM 4 months ago


  • No No
    No No 4 months ago +3

    call 911, I think I just had a seizure

  • Smellørgy
    Smellørgy 4 months ago

    Hell Yeaaahhh!!!