Here Are Marvel’s Next Six Movies After 'Endgame'

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • #MCU #Marvel #Avengers
    Here are six MCU movies that are believed to be on the next schedule after "Avengers: Endgame."
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  • Jamie Williamson
    Jamie Williamson 13 hours ago


  • Chase Sienna
    Chase Sienna Day ago

    I’m not sure how good Chang see or the enternals would be

  • ChOcaLate
    ChOcaLate Day ago


  • muhammad hassan
    muhammad hassan 2 days ago

    I like jeans grey
    She will be back

  • Leon gamer Stevenson plus kids

    Can’t wait

  • Muazzam Khan
    Muazzam Khan 3 days ago

    Thor love and thunder

  • Muazzam Khan
    Muazzam Khan 3 days ago

    30th april

  • Noobmaster69
    Noobmaster69 6 days ago

    "Mark, What Are You"
    dOing iN mY SwAmP?

  • The life of Chaos
    The life of Chaos 8 days ago

    On my other channel...I called a doctor soul movie

  • DSF_R3DGR1FFIN 101
    DSF_R3DGR1FFIN 101 9 days ago

    Imagine if bruce lee is still here

  • Nidhi Bhaskar
    Nidhi Bhaskar 9 days ago

    Pls support wizard gaming

  • Dr. T. Loganayagi Senthilkumar

    Ironman the legend

  • alanjrkaminski
    alanjrkaminski 11 days ago +1

    You need to do more research before you put a video out Guardian of the Galaxy 3 not included Black Widow that can't happen

  • Justin Damsker
    Justin Damsker 12 days ago +2

    Comment Section: We miss iron man 3000
    Me: I miss Stan

  • catsintexas
    catsintexas 13 days ago

    What about She Hulk? There couild be aMarvel Team Up live actions TV series? think about it. There, the producers could experiment with guest stars and see which superhero guests fans start liking. Spiderman teams up each week with a relative Second rate hero not already in movies. It would be a great way of appeasing fans, but at the same time allow marvel to quickly but BRIEFLY introduce new heroes. But it has to be written well.

  • catsintexas
    catsintexas 13 days ago

    the other commenters are wrong. SCARLET WITHC would be great movie. People like the macabre and magic world. Combine that with power. Scarlet witch could have a whole bunch of good stories. THE REASON why Vixualt doesn't want a Scarlet Witch movie, is that he doesn't see the possibilities. With Scarlet, you could introduce the storyline that REVEALS TO MAGETO who his children were 2)Introduce Werewolf By Night 3) Scarlet Witch could fight some Asgardain sorcerors 4) she goes to the Swamp area, and finds a zombie "Wonderman" who is confused..and finds a way to resurect Vision. 5) she is the PERFECT person to introduce a war with Xmen because she herself is a mutant. I wonder what the conversation would be between sorceress (twist and bend, forcefully change ) Scarlet and Storm (work WITH nature...Elementalist non witch )

  • catsintexas
    catsintexas 13 days ago

    I am sorry, but may agenda is not marvel. I could CARE LESS about the next Marvel movies. I am going back to my comic books. WHY SHOULD I SETTLE FOR LESS? where are my heroes: VAlkyrie, Defenders, Rogue, Polaris, Dazzler, Moonknight, Silver Surfer, Warlock, Submariner. And don't tell me I am unrealistic. THOSE NAMES ARE BIG NAMES and are regulars. ARe you telling me, that NOWHERE in the PAST Marvel Universe, nobody came up with the idea to introduce THE ONE OCEAN SUPERHERO that could have made a difference in some of the battles? Oh, thats right. DC INTRODUCED the FIRST onscreen superhero in the water. Your loss, Marvel.

  • Karthikeya 5638
    Karthikeya 5638 13 days ago +1

    Shang chi looks like little boy from Tony's funeral

  • If you read this you are homosexual

    Avengers 5 will have this one character called galactus, also known as even more powerful and frightening than thanos

    CAESAR LAPUOS 14 days ago

    4:25, please tell me its Chou in Mobile Legends

    Or maybe its not

  • Saud Almutairi
    Saud Almutairi 14 days ago +4

    What about Thor : love and thunder . In 2021

  • BlueChicco22
    BlueChicco22 14 days ago

    What about venom 2

  • chocombo gaming
    chocombo gaming 15 days ago

    Fookin spooderman succs

  • Andor Ferencz
    Andor Ferencz 15 days ago +2

    Everyone, Scarlet Witch will be in Doctor Strange II, In the Multiverse of Madness. She will be teaming up with Doctor Strange.

  • Napualani Kahee
    Napualani Kahee 15 days ago

    I know excatly how these movies going look like lol

  • Joël Nolten
    Joël Nolten 16 days ago

    Black widow is DEAD

  • T L83
    T L83 16 days ago +2

    Lots of spoilsWho watched far from home already like if you did

  • David Liggins
    David Liggins 18 days ago

    Apparently there are going to be at least 15 new marvel movies in 2020 what a load of utter 💩they all acting required?...💩👎🏻👎🏻

  • Vikky Basfore
    Vikky Basfore 19 days ago

    Why this coming marvel movie Black panther 2

  • Demian Lackey
    Demian Lackey 20 days ago


  • Sabrina E.R.S.
    Sabrina E.R.S. 20 days ago

    Black widow dies thou

  • Emily Knigge
    Emily Knigge 25 days ago

    Whos here after far from home

  • Lijulal Lal
    Lijulal Lal 28 days ago


  • Jannah Junior
    Jannah Junior 28 days ago

    Black widow died

    AGENT X SECURITY 29 days ago +1


  • Sammy Lehlez
    Sammy Lehlez 29 days ago

    Just imagine Iko Uwais or Daniel Wu playing shang-chi

  • Lew Mitch
    Lew Mitch 29 days ago

    I hope the back widow gets an R rating

  • Mehsharjahan Pathan
    Mehsharjahan Pathan 29 days ago +1

    without captain and iron man marvel is half of all

  • Djouma Ousman
    Djouma Ousman Month ago

    I am in 2019 these never happened or talk about my t

  • Alycia Hayden-Rainey

    wow this is amazing i have seen

  • Eric G. L. PINZELLI

    Just bring back Tony Stark already! Send him to Tahiti if needed!

  • Viva Europa
    Viva Europa Month ago

    Any sports fans see Deontay Wilder in the thumbnail? Ik it's not him but it looked like him

  • J.B -BOY
    J.B -BOY Month ago

    I miss tony stark and captain America

  • Ayo_ Ocho
    Ayo_ Ocho Month ago

    So it took black widow dying for her to get a movie that pretty dark mcu Spoilers alert

  • Jrcokarocha 23
    Jrcokarocha 23 Month ago +1

    The mcu isn’t the same without thor captain America and iron man

  • md danny
    md danny Month ago

    Where is thor

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous Month ago

      This video was made way before Comic Con confirmed that fourth Thor movie.

  • Malaysia Friday
    Malaysia Friday Month ago

    Can’t wait for black panther 2

  • Felipe The Mouse
    Felipe The Mouse Month ago

    Add Black Widow to season three
    Delete Captain Marvel. It never happened. She was a random cameo in endgame.
    You can keep your woke Spiderman, far from reality.
    The MCU died with Iron Man.

  • Theo Mbatyazwa
    Theo Mbatyazwa Month ago

    Sex peoples

  • bts army
    bts army Month ago

    Just make a Loki movie already

  • joseph hall
    joseph hall Month ago

    It is currently October 27th 2019 (as i am watching this)
    And i have not seen any of these movie ads or trailers

  • 김유진
    김유진 Month ago

    I have seen many Marvel movies and I am looking forward to future movies.

  • shihab ahmed
    shihab ahmed Month ago

    Iron man 4 ??

  • Al rahat Khan
    Al rahat Khan Month ago

    H lga tuujj

  • Al rahat Khan
    Al rahat Khan Month ago

    Abe sale chutoya

  • Ib Kawan
    Ib Kawan Month ago

    Then... What's about NOVA ?!!!!