Chair FLIP Challenge!!

  • Published on Dec 10, 2016
  • The successor to our viral Water Bottle flip video! We love flipping stuff!
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Comments • 15 333

  • Sami Waybright
    Sami Waybright 21 hour ago

    How dare you I'm related to Elvis Presley

  • Andy Le
    Andy Le 22 hours ago

    Who’s Watching This In 2020 Smash That Like Button BOYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

  • marcos juarez
    marcos juarez Day ago


  • Alannah Mullins
    Alannah Mullins Day ago +1

    Gunner: I swear every time I move someone throws a chair at me

  • Kristina Haynes
    Kristina Haynes Day ago

    How is watching this in 2020

  • ILoveGreen73
    ILoveGreen73 2 days ago

    2:16 Chad gave me the vibe of Jared Padaleki😂😂😂😂

    He only needs a mic to drop and it’s Jared in person 🤣🤣🤟🏻❤️

  • Eman Alsulaimani
    Eman Alsulaimani 2 days ago

    Chad what does jus jus just distroy it mean ?

    EMMANUEL OLIVAS 2 days ago

    Did you know chad is a ninja v qien

  • Daniel Houghton
    Daniel Houghton 4 days ago +1

    I want chad and Bryan to win

  • kendall atha
    kendall atha 4 days ago

    Who is watching this in 2020 like if you are comment if you are not

  • Henry Gilliland
    Henry Gilliland 4 days ago

    Are used to be a subscriber to Chad and VEY in the box video I service phone is off you . Don’t be with them

  • Dominic Cole
    Dominic Cole 5 days ago

    I am a fan of chad

  • Gabriela Gonzalez-orbegoso

    Pause and press this

  • William Watters
    William Watters 7 days ago

    Did you here the s word?

  • andres serrano
    andres serrano 9 days ago


  • The Loomis Gang
    The Loomis Gang 9 days ago +1

    Rip chairs I’ll list them al chair 1 2016-2016 chair 2 2016 - 2016 chair 3 2016-2016 and chair 5 2016-2016
    1. 2. 3. 4. 5

  • Lucid Frost
    Lucid Frost 10 days ago

    Do you remmber the old intro 4 years from 2020

  • Lehel Szoboszlai
    Lehel Szoboszlai 11 days ago


  • Nicole LaFleur
    Nicole LaFleur 11 days ago +1


  • Thedonis Extreme
    Thedonis Extreme 13 days ago

    I like chads videos of game master

  • Helcurt
    Helcurt 13 days ago

    Why are most of you people being so dumb? Joey recovered 3 years ago, what're you guys talking about?

    KID WITH FRIEND 14 days ago +1

    I miss mat in team edge

  • Sarah Shae
    Sarah Shae 14 days ago

    Still waiting to see Chad again he fits right in 😂👏 J Fred I hope you feel better 3 years later

    • Helcurt
      Helcurt 12 days ago

      you're sure taking it seriously

    • Sarah Shae
      Sarah Shae 12 days ago

      Helcurt omg why are you still here it’s a joke bye 😂

    • Helcurt
      Helcurt 12 days ago

      no idea wtf you’re doing, but if jfred recovered 3 years ago why did you even include that in your comment?

    • Sarah Shae
      Sarah Shae 13 days ago

      Helcurt ??

    • Helcurt
      Helcurt 13 days ago


  • Meeram Akhtar
    Meeram Akhtar 14 days ago

    Chad you are my favourite you tuber you are the best I subbed to you and liked all your videos.

  • Lily Collingwood
    Lily Collingwood 15 days ago

    that was the best flip with matt and gunner please reply team edge, you da best get well J - Fred

  • •_Sneaky•_ _•Chicken_•

    Lol did u hear gunner!!!! Lol he almost said--OH S-

  • Craig Adams
    Craig Adams 15 days ago

    Hope u feel good j fred

  • thani althani
    thani althani 15 days ago

    Wow chad is on team edge

  • Itz Frizz
    Itz Frizz 17 days ago

    Hmmmm I just realised 2 years later that a vintage 1996 coffee table is not a chair

  • Reaper OJ
    Reaper OJ 20 days ago +1

    Aayan go to sleep i can see u

  • Rachel Tallon
    Rachel Tallon 20 days ago

    Get well j-Fred

  • Cristina Diaz- Guillen
    Cristina Diaz- Guillen 20 days ago +1

    I love Chad and team edge.😁

  • Jose Amaro
    Jose Amaro 20 days ago +3

    1 like=j-fred is your favorite

  • Force Time Player GamerSporter MajestyMasterPRO

    I Want Chad's Friends Join

  • James Yang
    James Yang 20 days ago


  • Sbeve Boi
    Sbeve Boi 21 day ago

    Bryan’s face at 10:52 looks like the meme of that dude on stage getting flashed

  • Victor Villa
    Victor Villa 21 day ago +4

    If you are watching 2020 hit the like button

  • Ismael Soria
    Ismael Soria 22 days ago

    I know chad the hackers are geting youtube

  • smiles sad face
    smiles sad face 22 days ago +1

    Love J-fred love

  • Andre Stuyt
    Andre Stuyt 22 days ago

    2020 anyone

  • Marissa Diaz
    Marissa Diaz 22 days ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Lucy Perez
    Lucy Perez 22 days ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Lucas Stowe
    Lucas Stowe 22 days ago

    I am surprised that chad is doing videos with team edge

  • Jbugs123 TV
    Jbugs123 TV 23 days ago

    2:05 HULK SMASH!!!

  • Sam Bennett
    Sam Bennett 24 days ago

    2020 anyone???

  • Samantha Green
    Samantha Green 24 days ago

    Are you flipping crazy

  • Freddy's Fazbear KILLER GAMER

    2020 anyone?

  • the black wolf
    the black wolf 25 days ago

    Tall people vs short people

  • Jamie Scott
    Jamie Scott 25 days ago

    Get well J Fred

  • Jamie Scott
    Jamie Scott 25 days ago

    J Fred is a bot

  • Jacob Bartley
    Jacob Bartley 25 days ago +57

    2020 anyone
    👇 and who her for chad

    • Derpmcderpyderp
      Derpmcderpyderp 10 days ago

      Helcurt not wrong ig

    • Helcurt
      Helcurt 11 days ago

      Derpmcderpyderp um yeah, that’s kinda everyone’s thoughts

    • Derpmcderpyderp
      Derpmcderpyderp 12 days ago

      Helcurt like I’m just thinking wow all the people over here talking about like 2020 give a like and like if watching in 2019 have to resort to it because they can’t make a good comment

    • Helcurt
      Helcurt 13 days ago

      Derpmcderpyderp look what he said, lol

    • Derpmcderpyderp
      Derpmcderpyderp 13 days ago

      Helcurt nah Jacob bartley

  • Agent Random
    Agent Random 25 days ago

    2020 anyone? Lol

  • ggutierz ,
    ggutierz , 25 days ago +1

    2020 anyone?

  • David Kruszewski
    David Kruszewski 25 days ago

    Hey J Fred hope you feel better😩🥵🥵😰😰😨😨😱😱🤯🤯😰😰😥😥😓😓🥶🥶😡😡🥺🥺😈😈🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • AaronAGC
    AaronAGC 25 days ago +1

    i hate when Joey not in videos because there won't be J-Jokes

  • Zander
    Zander 26 days ago


  • Brayden Ayala
    Brayden Ayala 26 days ago

    Me to

  • Ronan Murphy
    Ronan Murphy 26 days ago +19

    This is how many people want J Fred to feel better

    • Helcurt
      Helcurt 13 days ago

      mate are you okay? not only are you begging for likes but you're being stupid about it too, this video was made 3 years ago.. jfred recovered a long time ago

    • Sanity
      Sanity 21 day ago

      stop asking for likes fool

  • Lax boy hi
    Lax boy hi 26 days ago

    2020 anyone

  • Ola Ajasa
    Ola Ajasa 26 days ago

    Your friends are Daniel and Regina and being Vy