Apple’s Insane Future iPhones! + iPhone Xs Leaks

  • Published on Jun 25, 2018
  • No Lightning Port, No Buttons, All Screen. This Is Your Future iPhone! + Latest iPhone Xs Max Leaks & Rumors. The future is so exciting!
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  • Tomato Chips
    Tomato Chips 22 days ago

    Im sorry for apple fan they are probably gonna be in debt until 2092.

  • Roaring Eagle
    Roaring Eagle 23 days ago

    Apple is going down day by day

  • Joshua Fondrenn
    Joshua Fondrenn Month ago

    They’ll make all the buttons digital awesome

  • amenfashion rj
    amenfashion rj Month ago

    first, remove the notch!!

  • riley busse
    riley busse Month ago

    Well if you look at the vivo Apex 2019 it does not have any buttons so that’s not much of a problem everybody uses Bluetooth anyways

  • Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson Month ago +1

    In my opion, I feel that removing the port causes a lot of problems, such as: you won’t be able to use the phone during charging. Also, the phone would have to come with a charger and headphones, meaning that it will have to be much more expensive, since wireless accessories being put with a brand new phone will cause a large loss in profits for Apple

  • ART of Liam Kumawat

    Checking out this vid on 23 may 2019 to assure the accuracy of this channel😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤗

  • Cheaps Loot
    Cheaps Loot 2 months ago

    If Steve Jobs was still alive

  • madebyme%
    madebyme% 2 months ago

    Walton ZX3 is best than iPhone XR....

  • Alfredo Solar de la Fuente

    I like it with the sim port, but I'd rather the sim removal tool in the settings.

  • Petra Heroutova
    Petra Heroutova 3 months ago

    There is not gonna be a lightning port, than also no air power. Great.

  • Natedog 1.0
    Natedog 1.0 3 months ago

    Oh wait this video is 9 months old;)

  • Natedog 1.0
    Natedog 1.0 3 months ago


    G4 OFF-ROAD 4 LIFE 3 months ago

    Happy Birthday I am really late to say it but still happy B-day

  • Lee Abrahams
    Lee Abrahams 4 months ago

    Samsung is bending apple over and raping it. These ideas are dumb, impractical and gimmicky. Galaxy fold is far better which is coming out in april. Also an apple screen is a samsung screen.

  • Old town road Isn’t good

    Who’s watching on a x

  • Thunderhammer 91
    Thunderhammer 91 5 months ago

    I’m happy w my x max

  • S G
    S G 5 months ago

    How did you animate your phone

  • Travis Van Etten
    Travis Van Etten 5 months ago +1

    If they have no port why don’t they just have a magnetic charger on the bottom where the port was wireless and magnetic

  • Madisyn Farrow
    Madisyn Farrow 6 months ago

    Not many people can afford AirPods

  • Peppi Draws
    Peppi Draws 6 months ago

    I mean it would be kinda cool if apple would take away all the physical buttons, but then u would have to take a wireless charger with you... and those are larger than a “normal” charger...🤔🍏

  • Techno Mobile
    Techno Mobile 6 months ago

    Wow Iphone is just a copycat with the wirless charging

  • Ariana And Valerie GAMING


  • MrI’mtheboss
    MrI’mtheboss 6 months ago

    Without a port u cant conect it to itunes

  • sad sinner ciara
    sad sinner ciara 6 months ago

    No just no.

  • JessCookie
    JessCookie 6 months ago

    Yes, I’m all for the future but the market just isn’t ready for all of this change yet. USB-C has just become a norm and it’s still developing, yet Apple over here is already thinking about removing even more ports on their devices. Apple has always been trying to get ahead of their time but they seriously have to consider that they’re actually drawing their consumers back because they’re pulling them into a market that isn’t developed at all and could actually hinder their experience.

  • ZipEmUp 89
    ZipEmUp 89 7 months ago

    A phone charger with 200 dollars 😂

  • Carl Jones
    Carl Jones 7 months ago

    Will they get rid of that terrible notch ?

  • ThePerfected
    ThePerfected 7 months ago

    I swear he says apple 50 times per video!

    Imagine how many times in his life!!

  • Robert Zaila
    Robert Zaila 7 months ago

    If phones are going to get bigger they should also start making a bigger pocket so that they could fit in our pocket

  • Andres M
    Andres M 7 months ago

    Why they keep removing useful things instead of removing the high price

  • Justin Zetzer
    Justin Zetzer 7 months ago

    Cool concept, but far away from implantation.

  • NileshR12
    NileshR12 7 months ago

    I think the main thing is, is Apple trying to make the AirPower mat charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, & AirPods via a Lighting port or a USB-C port? I would think that it would be a USB-C port since that would handle fast charging the iPhone, Apple Watch, & AirPods

  • Actheman1978
    Actheman1978 7 months ago

    Apple taking away buttons, Samsung is bending phones...hmmm which one is innovating now?

  • Actheman1978
    Actheman1978 7 months ago

    Looks good, but not practical. Cases won’t work with a buttonless phone. Also, only wireless charging will be impractical for traveling.

  • Shadow Shadow
    Shadow Shadow 7 months ago

    I don’t want to see the iPhone with out buttons and parts

  • Cameron Johnson
    Cameron Johnson 8 months ago

    Apple better not remove the port or I'm gonna be p*****

  • I Ace
    I Ace 8 months ago +1

    Happy birthday

  • TheBigK300 Gaming, Technology and more

    Then, how will I use Apple CarPlay?

  • Everything Apple pro 11

    Yes the better yeah I want the phone right now please get back to me maybe 2022

  • Everything Apple pro 11

    You Great idea

  • Chantal Renee Hayles
    Chantal Renee Hayles 8 months ago

    ok but then how would you manually move you music from itunes to your iphone???

    HOAI TAM OFFICIAL 8 months ago

    So good 👍

  • jrlv62
    jrlv62 8 months ago

    Galaxy is looking better all the time! Looks like they are going to get a lot of apple customers.

  • averi hall
    averi hall 8 months ago

    Maybe next year 😂😂😂

  • James Cockles
    James Cockles 8 months ago +1


  • Watery Guffman
    Watery Guffman 8 months ago

    This actually sucks

  • SebasForeniteGod
    SebasForeniteGod 8 months ago

    the only thing i hope would've been true was the screen

  • winterbreeze32
    winterbreeze32 8 months ago

    Why would they inconvenience so many people in the name of design? My car doesn't even have a blue tooth, and now apple wants my car to have wireless charger in it too? bs.

  • NMI IQ
    NMI IQ 9 months ago

    It will be very hard to get catch up with the technology. Because apple they are always thinking about the future and the other phone companion they are copying on apple like Samsung and oppo and n1

  • Harvey Coombes
    Harvey Coombes 9 months ago

    we already have xs max xs and xr

  • syam babu
    syam babu 9 months ago +1

    I hate Apple fanboys

  • Ahmed Othman
    Ahmed Othman 9 months ago

    So i should probably sell my car now so i can afford it next year

  • Davian Lim
    Davian Lim 9 months ago

    I’d prefer to have a SIM card tray

  • TChannel
    TChannel 9 months ago

    2016-no headphone jack
    2017-no home button
    2018-no charging port
    2019-no screen
    2020-no phone

  • Jeremiah Rhodes
    Jeremiah Rhodes 9 months ago

    The 6s plus was the last good iPhone. I loved mine but when it came to upgrade the only smart and practical option for me was to buy a galaxy. I'll buy another iPhone when they stop taking away useful features and start innovating again.

  • prachi jain
    prachi jain 9 months ago

    I think so that apple will bring a chip inside the phones and go to settings to turn it on but I hope they won’t do

  • เอก มั่งมี

    No port no button no notch Great!

  • rishibaba123
    rishibaba123 10 months ago

    Hey IPhone X, Xs and xs max have charging airport

  • Alfie Saunders42
    Alfie Saunders42 10 months ago

    I don’t know how proud Steve would be if he could see this. If he were still alive I believe that the iPhone would gone in a completely different direction. Rest In peace Steve

  • Josh Dominguez
    Josh Dominguez 10 months ago

    Is that weather widget onscreen available on iOS 12 and how

  • Whiskers ._.
    Whiskers ._. 10 months ago


  • The Random gamer
    The Random gamer 10 months ago

    7:35 its called nfc and most androids have that already

  • Vienna Binders
    Vienna Binders 10 months ago


  • Jangiti Murthy Mudhiraj
    Jangiti Murthy Mudhiraj 10 months ago

    When will coming dual sim in apple

  • Matthew Annett
    Matthew Annett 10 months ago

    Everything needs to go wireless no buttons no ports

  • brenno silva
    brenno silva 10 months ago

    Looks amazingggggg

  • David Burke
    David Burke 10 months ago

    How do you charge your iPhone in the car? On a plane? While travelling? Of course take the tiny recharge mat everywhere -That will look great on the dashboard of my car Not!

  • Orielis Martínez
    Orielis Martínez 10 months ago

    His mother should remove his fucking mouth 👄 then he don't talk so much bullshit... Make and apple watch to reset the phone... Yaaa because everyone is rich in this fucking planet? That people have to spend more money after buying the phone in buy a watch to reset the phone...This guy have the stupid doing over time work.... Fuck *** I can't believe how stupid he is Holl down I m going to unsubscribe from this guy

  • Christian Anderson
    Christian Anderson 10 months ago +1

    If they only make wireless charging a thing and remove the buttons I’m gonna be pissed at apple and switch to Android because I wouldn’t want to support idiots

  • K Titus
    K Titus 10 months ago

    Hello I really enjoy your content. I watch it all the time in Japan. I don’t use any site but RU-clip as I don’t trust twitter or other sites. I would really love to win the IPhone Xs and Apple Watch. I use an IPhone 7 Plus but I don’t have an Apple Watch as they are so expensive in Japan. If I did win would it be useable in Japan and how would it be sent. Just wondering. Again hopefully I win and keep up with the great content. From Ken

  • Alison H
    Alison H 10 months ago

    If they actually remove all ports i would seriously consider switching to android. Headphones never last for me, airpods/wireless headphones are too expensive for me to repeatedly buy after they break 6 months later. It would be all around better for me to switch to android

  • Eve MacMillan
    Eve MacMillan 10 months ago

    Wow it's beautiful! How much --
    £1700.99 and that's for the 64G

  • My Dude TV
    My Dude TV 10 months ago

    I don’t like this idea.. I love the old design because it’s more easier!

  • Kofi A
    Kofi A 10 months ago

    I don’t like this idea no charging port WTF 🤦🏾‍♂️I’m sticking my IPhone 6s

  • useful and random videos
    useful and random videos 10 months ago

    You can’t charge in a car or when there’s no table

  • Werner De Beckker
    Werner De Beckker 10 months ago

    Every car is now port free ready

  • Werner De Beckker
    Werner De Beckker 10 months ago

    I want á place for a extra mb card

  • Cellar Door
    Cellar Door 10 months ago

    Yes no jack is cool, I never use mine

  • Muhammad Khizer Javed
    Muhammad Khizer Javed 10 months ago

    But the main issue is if they remove the port i can’t use the iPhone while charging 😭😭😭 WTF :/

  • Dominic Ancey
    Dominic Ancey 10 months ago

    if this happens im switching to Samsung

  • Kashif Barnes
    Kashif Barnes 10 months ago

    This is fake. Wireless is and will always we less powerfull the regular charger

  • Carry SZN
    Carry SZN 10 months ago

    When it happens you think we would get wireless ear buds to come with it

  • sheraz1001
    sheraz1001 10 months ago

    So now when a thief steals your phone he gets your car too.

  • Val Willis
    Val Willis 10 months ago

    Lets see no ports. Wow will have to buy a wireless mat for my car. Will have to buy a portable charge mat for when I go on vacation. Or just for that weekend get away. I will have to ask strangers for a powermat Keep the port. May have to switch to a S15

  • Curex666
    Curex666 10 months ago

    Peoples are still complaining about stupid things just because apple did it... sure some peoples hate success (which apple is).
    Why would u complain about headphone jack or SD Card or i dont know a physical button?
    There is gonna be 256gb model of iphone. Do you realy need that kind of storage on your phone? Damn i have 128 and its not even full with shitloads of apps and videos on it. So SD card is rly rly useless feature for me just shit that can break or get lost or stolen...
    Another thing that fcking headphone jack... in near future wireless things are gonna be so normal u wont even notice it.
    Why you complain about missing jack now? U have wireless headphones, u even got a headphones with lightning connector in the freaking box and for more stupid users u even got the adapter for 3.5 so why u still complaining?! Are you all realy that stupid?
    No homebutton the gestures are so perfect that u dont even need one. Besides its just another thing that could get broken by just using it (it "wear off")
    If you have problem with any of these things you just might live in the stoneage as well. If everyone think as most of u are we all would still be in the stoneage ... open your eyes god damn it!

  • Jordan H
    Jordan H 10 months ago

    If I’m goin out, it’s easy to pull a cable with me.
    It’s not easy to have multiple wireless charging matts at work, home etc eihev

  • Vel Sync
    Vel Sync 10 months ago

    Hey uber driver, you got a wireless charging mat? No? Well guess my phones gonna stay dead

  • Daniel Mladenow
    Daniel Mladenow 10 months ago

    0:10 phahahah

  • D3stiny Z
    D3stiny Z 10 months ago

    lmao wireless charging is pointless along with no buttons like wtf people

  • RenielleGerold Lorzano
    RenielleGerold Lorzano 10 months ago


  • jishnu haridasan
    jishnu haridasan 10 months ago

    There is charger port in back cover model so they are not going to remove it

  • In soviet russia youtube watch you


  • Johnathan Parker
    Johnathan Parker 10 months ago

    Or if they put Touch sensors in the frame where the buttons would be the the power button and volume that would be smart and they would still be able to delete the buttons for the sensors

  • Záck
    Záck 10 months ago

    Get rid of all ports ASAP!

  • Awais Javaid
    Awais Javaid 10 months ago

    It was a total stupid and pointless video.

  • Nirvana One
    Nirvana One 10 months ago

    The future Apple 🍎
    No originality but let’s remove everything lol

  • Mon Minasian
    Mon Minasian 10 months ago

    Instagram go followers insta_mobuyt

  • Kannibalk0cken
    Kannibalk0cken 10 months ago

    So if i wanna bring my phone somewhere and i need to charge it, i'll have to use a big wireless charger???

  • Martin Fluke
    Martin Fluke 10 months ago

    Unfortunately there’s lots of work to do with Apple care play, very few have CarPlay over WiFi.