Joe Rogan Experience #1250 - Johann Hari

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • Johann Hari is a writer and journalist. His new book “Lost Connections” is available now.

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  • Incomprehensible Vastness
    Incomprehensible Vastness 45 minutes ago

    2:22:28 it over and over again.

  • Silly Foxer
    Silly Foxer Hour ago

    Perfect talk

  • Shawn Gulzow
    Shawn Gulzow 4 hours ago

    Why is it the people who seem to make the most sense are never the people running for public office?

  • Michael feenaughty
    Michael feenaughty 7 hours ago

    Bring him back!

  • Ben Mac
    Ben Mac 16 hours ago

    Can anyone recommend anymore JRE content that's similar to this? Sort of more on drugs and addiction, the subject has always fascinated me and is close to home..
    I really enjoyed listening to this guy, I'm actually re considering buying his books 👍

  • Aris Romero
    Aris Romero 19 hours ago

    I love this guy and his perspective on the drug war. It's so easy to point the finger at Mexico and the corruption but no one stops to think about how the US drug war created the prison industrial complex and has given rise to the drug cartels... the list goes on.

  • DevilTrigger
    DevilTrigger Day ago

    Johann Hari: "Depression might be linked to bad life circumstances".
    Joe Rogan, multi-millionaire making a living off a podcast: *Surprised pikachu face "Why are people feeling depressed?*

  • Ron DeKeyzer
    Ron DeKeyzer Day ago

    This guy is tweaking, "right?"
    I'm not complaining about it, just saying.
    He talks a million miles a second while gesturing wildly, sipping water like he's running a marathon.
    He had my attention the whole show, though!

  • The Chosen One
    The Chosen One Day ago +3

    Let's be real here the government is making reality feel like a prison

  • Lexx Frost
    Lexx Frost 2 days ago

    I’m an hour and a half in and the amount I have learned so far is fucking astonishing. Can we find a way to broadcast this to the rest of America?

  • Carol Smith
    Carol Smith 2 days ago

    Fucking brilliant. Thank you

  • Dieguismama
    Dieguismama 3 days ago

    What a compelling storyteller. He's made me cry.

  • Lakeshouse
    Lakeshouse 3 days ago

    One of the best episodes ever!

  • Olly Starbuck
    Olly Starbuck 3 days ago

    Just for the record, we in Britain do not "Feel American"...

  • John Lovelace
    John Lovelace 3 days ago

    make heroin legal...because China in the 1800s never happened. Twat

  • John Lovelace
    John Lovelace 3 days ago

    This guest needs TRT FUCKING BAD. Poster child for a beta cuck. What a great example of why Europe is so cucked at this point.

  • thedevollsadvocate
    thedevollsadvocate 4 days ago

    this dude also has a tedx talk

  • Sebastijan Veselji
    Sebastijan Veselji 4 days ago

    I bet 100% of ppl know this will never happen here because obvious private prison/city quotas to arrest the people who were taxed not only to build these garbage buildings but then also keep them housed which ofcourse is more tax for us. Its like Hiring a Bully just to be a dick to You but we give them the decision to decide if they wanna keep their job which supplies their JOB. Funny to know i was born in Zurich only for my pops to listen to his dumb fucking brothers about moving to the American Dream only to watch his kids die multiple times, nurse a DOPE/CRACK addicted baby( part family part drug dealer) you will never experience i would imagine besides war death screams of being sleepless for months on end from a beautiful baby carrying the burden of a nations greed ingrained in her bones. Ive heard peoples last breaths from OD's to Violent Assaults(Shot) and nothing compares to that sound of that cry for help for hours and hours on end. U-S-A all the way i believe that line went in kickboxer. We do nothing at normal level here in America. Well...only if your privileged i guess.

  • Chris Innes
    Chris Innes 5 days ago

    The day after Marisela was murdered, her husbands lumber yard was burned to the ground. The next day his brother was murdered too. Probably the only reason her two kids are alive is because they are in jail in the USA. That’s not a guarantee...

  • Sebastian Razny
    Sebastian Razny 5 days ago

    This is very good. Often times addicts have a history of anxiety and usage is a means to escape the anxiety. Jung actually wrote that anxiety could be a signaling system that something is not as it should be in one's life. This ties into one's various needs whether social, emotional, sexual, etc. Some of these ideas have been around for a while but unfortunately this doesn't mean they are widely adopted and understood.

  • maxiscoozu ba
    maxiscoozu ba 5 days ago

    spoken like someone who has never been addicted. bad life equals addiction. what about a great life of abundance and just wanting to have fun and feel euphoric until it turns into fighting off the sick.

  • Michael Bruce Snow
    Michael Bruce Snow 6 days ago

    lol the 7/7 bombers weren't british. behave.

  • Cowboydjrobot
    Cowboydjrobot 7 days ago

    “Phoenix is great”
    Phoenix is a fucking dump. Tucson, flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott are all nice but dude Phoenix is lame as hell. It’s a great place to get drunk buts that’s it

  • Adam Akinlade
    Adam Akinlade 7 days ago

    Condor, story telling and Narrative openness perfect description of the difference between English and American culture

  • Dumpster Darlin
    Dumpster Darlin 7 days ago

    Well lots of people have $hitty lives but not that many of them get hooked on drugs. I think we all have that voice in our heads that quietly warns us to not drink that 3rd beer, don't steel, your driving too fast, don't sleep with her its wrong... people just choose to ignore that voice. They don't choose goals or value self control. You have to choose to do right and some people just choose to do wrong.

  • christopher kettler
    christopher kettler 7 days ago

    Pharma companies have intrests

  • christopher kettler
    christopher kettler 7 days ago

    Some say the cia started the lsd craze

  • christopher kettler
    christopher kettler 7 days ago

    Really smart guy

  • christopher kettler
    christopher kettler 8 days ago

    Thos is an amazing can see that he feels others pain deeply

  • Joseph Doublin
    Joseph Doublin 8 days ago

    I really enjoyed this conversation but if I hear the word "right" one more time, I'm gonna visit the post office!!!

  • Kris G
    Kris G 9 days ago

    Jesus, Joe's being a really contrarian dick in this.

  • tommy g
    tommy g 9 days ago

    Big government programs meant to help people have time after time failed. It is foolish to allow these programs

  • tommy g
    tommy g 9 days ago

    So the leftist who's policies has caused the drug epidemic. But we should use leftist policy to make a solution by giving addict a means to get high. A small homogenous country like Switzerland is not a comparison you can make to a devirsified and split country like America or even britian

  • kent neumann
    kent neumann 9 days ago

    Ok so we need a quick, to the point factual add campaign that shows the before and after numbers in Portugal and Switzerland, and a brief outline of what they stopped doing, and started doing to get there.
    We need to educate the whole populous of the country in order to get everyone behind the concept, *before* it becomes an issue of republican or democrat.
    It should be presented by a non political group, so it doesn't get dragged into stalemate in bipartisan politics.
    Maybe a go fund me kind of deal? Idk. That's probably dumb.
    It seems to be to me that other countries would benefit greatly from throwing off the shackles of what amounts to being the United States' war on drugs.
    If more of them followed the examples of Portugal and Switzerland, it would hopefully gain the attention of more countries, creating a domino effect.
    One that eventually would tip the US into a more reasonable way of dealing with the issue than they do now.

  • kent neumann
    kent neumann 9 days ago

    2:19:00 or so... Provigil... My experience was that it gave me the focus I needed to accomplish the things I needed to get done in my day without suppressing my appetite or affecting my ability to sleep at my normal bedtime.
    Instead of procrastinating a given task, or being overwhelmed by all of the little jobs that go along with doing the main job, it just gave me an ability to do whatever was necessary to complete the task at hand.
    Without any buzzy side effects like the other ADD and ADHD drugs I was prescribed.
    I would still be on it except my insurance at that time (now I have none) wouldn't cover it. $500 out of pocket for a 30 day supply.
    A note from the shrink would have pushed it through, but nope.
    A person could die just from switching doctors as the new one tries to prove the last one wrong in their diagnosis, and removes you from the meds you've been on for the last 8 years.
    Then puts you on meds that your history clearly states don't work for you.
    Because *she* is not comfortable prescribing that. I was under the impression that my mental health was about *my* comfort, not my fat ass doctors.
    Meanwhile, life goes on, and everything you've worked so hard to build, just slides away into nothingness to satisfy the new doctors ego and billable appointments.
    Fucking life destroying egotistical cunts.
    Good thing I wasn't clinically depressed. I wonder how many people under her care, waiting for her to figure out how to put her spin on their diagnosis, just ended up saying, "Fuck it. Done.", and offed themselves?

  • kent neumann
    kent neumann 9 days ago

    At 2:05:00 or so, the topic is potency of weed. One of the reasons I quit smoking pot about 15 years ago, is cuz its potency changed.
    I remembered how much fun it used to be. And I realized that it wasn't fun anymore. Even limiting myself to lower and lower amounts.
    Instead of laughing and it being an energetic carefree "high", it melted me to the couch, made me stupid for about 20 minutes and made me paranoid.
    This was before everyone decided it was ok to smoke pot.
    Having smoked pot the previous 20 years to that, I know for a fact that it was hybridized to increase potency to get the biggest high, and the most money, from the least amount, to transport, and possess.
    The charge is the same for a pound of ditch weed as it is for a pound of super hydro nug.
    So if you were gonna bother messin with it, taking the risk, you wanted the biggest bang for your buck.
    Indica strains had the short, bushy, high weight yield along with a shorter grow time and heavier stoned effect.
    As compared to the Sativa's I mostly was accustomed to prior to that.

  • shag ostrich
    shag ostrich 9 days ago

    Crazy, i live in richmond virginia and there is extreme violence here due to the drug war. I have been stopped on the street by police because i was white in the wrong nieghborhood multiple times even had police beg me not to keep walking down one street near a place called gilpin court.(Not too far from the beautiful capitol.) The cop told me that he wouldnt send his worst enemy down the street i was walking down. We had to hitchhike as much as possible because you can literally be killed for walking down the street in this crack den. Luckily im tall and lanky and most people would either assume im an undercover cop or insane so that and walking with a buddy keeping a weapon handy at all times is the only reason im alive to talk about it. Also a place where i met a man named luke who claimed to have been an engineer who built the bowtie theater. He is now a real life tyrone biggums. In his house he has a chair, a blanket and a lil box with his crack smoking utensils. I learned that almost every house in these nieghborhoods is either crackheads or crackdealers. And its funny because i have never heard one word about the crack problem in richmond. Recently there has been alot about the opiod crisis because some rich white kids are dying. But the nieghborhoods that are so crack and violence infested the police wont even go there and not a word about it in the local media.

  • kent neumann
    kent neumann 10 days ago

    Mr. Hari said that legalization in Switzerland has lowered the cost of the heroin problem in that country.
    Is it a capitalist society?
    EDIT: That was a dumb question. The whole world is capitalist.
    Switzerland and Portugal are both basically democratic. End Edit.
    Cuz here in the good old USA, the cost of incarceration, and treatment, for all addictions and their associated behaviors, is a huge economic money ball that makes money for investors hand over fist.
    (Calling Hanover Fist! Hanover Fist to the witness stand!) ("Heavy Metal", the movie.)
    Often the investors for these private institutions are the constituents lawmakers and the very judges that sentence these people to their time to be served!
    It shouldn't surprise me, considering most peoples opinions of lawyers is that they are greedy, money hungry animals with no empathy or sympathy for their clients.
    ALL judges are lawyers before they are judges, and most lawmakers are lawyers before they enter politics!
    So lawmakers and judges with an agenda of personal profit are not going to willingly change that situation unless some drastic changes are made.
    Consider these points...
    Addiction treatment facilities are privately owned.
    Let's say it costs $10,000 per bed per month, for easy figuring.
    First time offenders are often sentenced to a month of treatment instead of jail time.
    Most of these people do not have a health insurance plan that will cover this cost.
    So the county they live in picks up the tab, with a lien placed on the patients future income tax returns. The county is then compensated by the state, and the state by the federal gov.
    In other words, for the treatment facility, its a guaranteed pay off with no debt collection worries.
    So the treatment facility has 50 beds. And none of them are ever empty.
    That's a half a million dollars *per month* .
    $6 million per year.
    The staff counselors they hire are recovering addicts themselves, without degrees in medicine, psychology, or addiction.
    In other words, the overhead costs are minimal. Most of that money is profit.
    The go to method of treatment is the 12 step program. Which has a long term success rate of 3 to 8%!
    Which guarantees a never ending supply of patients. (Money.)
    Also, crime is an essential part of the economy.
    Keeping the war on drugs an ongoing war on the american people, means law enforcement jobs from the federal level down to the village level.
    Not just cops. Secretaries, office workers, prison guards, the list is long.
    Having allowed most factory and industrial jobs to physically leave the country...
    There isn't much left for employment. Law enforcement. Medical care.
    There are many more points to make. But my rants get too long winded. And that's the gist of it anyway.
    Besides... I need a hit.

  • GuillotinePod
    GuillotinePod 10 days ago

    Drug addicts are people. Just like all of you. American society treats them like animals and it has to stop.

  • IChronicles 29:11
    IChronicles 29:11 10 days ago


  • Buggy
    Buggy 10 days ago

    Fu g hom

  • WayneEra
    WayneEra 11 days ago

    ok swiss population is 8 million, not 5.5. but great podcast indeed!

  • musicisfree91
    musicisfree91 11 days ago

    The story about Billie Holiday
    broke my fucking heart.

  • mr zed
    mr zed 11 days ago

    England is a fag country.

  • kevin mcmahon
    kevin mcmahon 11 days ago

    Billie Holliday didn’t write strange fruit...she just performed it. She probably should’ve just stopped singing it.....since it ruined her career on material she didn’t come up with....imo

  • Moshe Dabash
    Moshe Dabash 12 days ago

    Such a great podcast

  • Skilja Akshomit
    Skilja Akshomit 12 days ago

    One of your most important guests joe!!!
    An absolute great cause from what looks like a great guy.
    Your guest joe really do change my mind and if not change then definitely give me another perspective plus more knowledge.

  • desiree lovell
    desiree lovell 12 days ago

    Finding the causes and helping others find their way to a meaningful life- instead of funding violence and hatred... #purpose #meaning WOW. Thank you Rogan and Johann!!!

  • desiree lovell
    desiree lovell 12 days ago


  • RGSUltra Comedy
    RGSUltra Comedy 12 days ago

    23 minutes in, so far Joe has literally only repeated what the other guy said.

  • Remaxproject
    Remaxproject 13 days ago

    This guy was really great to listen too

  • Corey Mason
    Corey Mason 13 days ago

    I'm an ex junkie who plows through alot of pain but if pain is weakness leaving the body than won't I be stronger tomorrow?

  • Claire Richmond
    Claire Richmond 14 days ago +3

    I love this guy and his use of the word “right” 🤣

  • ten bears
    ten bears 14 days ago

    Here's an example of the horse shit being put out:*Mbm6dRjst79W2kZLXg17mGRw0/*W4JLQXg5vXSDwW7TcS7j7CgkR70/5/f18dQhb0S2Dk2jVJq1W12P5jt6yQDjRVgFf0F6tjmrQW8rq3Dq2HNXGQW5PgJ5h3Fqz0TW78svvQ7Yy1_XW5J0wVL61KlqYN7HW827b4xXyW1LyT4093vZ94W3x94Lz7HjnWRW5QxG3P4FQ7ftW50Tnf93Pgyv9W5K9KGp612Mr0W9kMnxM93KzzxVDlvfx4_qVnjW31BYjb47RH4dW77N1Fg7XJcB5W1McL9k33TpVqW8_s0ns7Zx137W17y1t44nhcbxW3JY2Kc52wWHGW4XdvHd2PGdXcVBdQmT5g8s6xW4D0QPc3zpWyxW2YmqxM4_FHn1McZ6wrkSYWPW33jrzq92mgpcW8TXqRM4gMZX2W4Jv9612rMJTmVhc6vB7cwQ_qW3TT0hW74Jn4WW8j8sDH44Hl3qW8mcFWp3pSK6LW86Jnh75GJZKBW1R30hc6T94hWW2VstXK7TxhvPW7L8Yp-7JSyDwW4fkq4181WCTYW7rrWjq8mwHq1W7G5b0b6VFPJDVVLBTY7GLplyW4N7h-C6vsp7vW5q2tl02wn03HVT01M9445NDxW2BfXHV5-My_pW2Df_m1196MGwN6dyry_TLFgcW1rYsg08wxpyNW96F7g34ykmFPW6qLTw17xBJlc111

  • dahomiedave 666
    dahomiedave 666 14 days ago

    Damn, america sucks.

  • Newyorkdavinci
    Newyorkdavinci 14 days ago

    Population and resource control my dude. Government isn't a charity

  • Newyorkdavinci
    Newyorkdavinci 14 days ago

    It plays a role in either being the cause of the STRESS or the relief of the stress. Your study is simple

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan 14 days ago +1

    Absolutely fascinating guest.

  • ryanrios75
    ryanrios75 15 days ago

    I like the way this guy says apple

  • Candace Siegler
    Candace Siegler 15 days ago

    Johann Hari has really challenged my belief systems about the legalization of drugs. I'm not completely convinced yet but he gives such a compelling argument that I am definitely going to give it some more thought.