I Didn’t Care About The iPhone 11 - Until I Used It

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
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    I came to New York City specifically to go hands-on with the new iPhone 11. I’ve now gotten to try all three of them, from the bone-stock iPhone 11 to the petite iPhone 11 Pro to the prodigious iPhone 11 Pro Max. I’ve shot endless sample photos with their new wide angle cameras (which I’ve been badgering Apple to include for three years). The phones are thicker and heavier - but trade-off we've been insisting Apple make for years. And most surprising of all, the price point on the entry model is $50 lower than last year, while the Pros have retained their price despite adding many new features. In short: Apple has given us nearly everything we’ve asked for.
    So why, as I walk the NYC streets with my friends Rene Ritchie and Hayato Huseman, with a brand new smartphone on its very release day … why is it so hard for me to care?
    Find out in my Day-One Deep Dive with the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max ... and stay tuned for my iPhone 11 Review series, coming soon!


    MrMobile's iPhone 11 Hands-On / iPhone 11 Review Part 1 was produced following 24 hours with an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The devices were retail devices running a blend of beta and release software. MrMobile does not produce paid or sponsored reviews; Apple was not offered copy review or approval prior to publication, and no compensation was requested or provided in exchange for this coverage.
    Special thanks to Rene Ritchie of Vector and Hayato Huseman of Android Central, who provided support critical to the production of this video. See their iPhone 11 videos below.

    iPhone 11 Review [Vector / Rene Ritchie]:
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    Deep Fusion is the iPhone's take on AI photography [Engadget]:
    The iPhone 11 lineup has a U1 location chip, but what about Apple Tags? [iMore]:


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  • Hari Sulistiyo Aji

    3d touch is gone, so sad

  • Toastyflakes
    Toastyflakes Day ago

    I just came here to say how much I love your reviews!

  • Rayy Munir
    Rayy Munir 2 days ago

    “Video, the iPhone does it better. No new lessons were learned”
    Idk why but that made me laugh harder than I have ever done in a while.

  • BenjaminLee2009
    BenjaminLee2009 2 days ago

    @Mr Mobile [Michael Fisher]
    I'm switching phones in the next few months. I'm eyeing both the Note 10+ from Samsung and the 11 Pro Max from Apple. All my life I've used Android phones. Since 2011. Never used an Apple phone before. The 11 Pro's cameras doesn't look as 'weird af' or 'microscopey' to me as it did on release day. This time, Apple might actually entice me to buy their newest flagship because I've stuck with Android (no complaints) for its 3.5mm jack and now that that's gone on the note 10+, I might actually give Apple a chance. What's holding me back, however, is the price point and the lack of micro SD expansion. If I got the 11 Pro Max and don't like the OS and would much rather have an Android again, I'd have to shell out another thousand-ish for the note 10+. (Edit: Basically what I'm trying to say is: "If I got the 11 Pro Max, I can't not like it.") I can't get an exchange as I'm getting the phone on contract. Either that, or I can switch back to my LG G7 again. Excellent phone by the way. No complaints. Why am I not getting a new LG G8 or V50, you might ask, since it's Android and has got a 3.5mm jack AND microsd expansion. See, it looks too much like my older G7 with a notch and all on top and I'm not spending a thousand on a doppelganger phone. I want something different.
    So between the Note 10+ and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which one would you recommend that I get?

  • Last Generation
    Last Generation 2 days ago

    The 11 is a good phone too if u think in the pass we didn’t had not even 2 cameras in the back so I take that 1 even tho the pro is better is ugly lol it would be nice tho if it had the oled display on the 11 but o well that’s why it’s cheaper plus the aluminum not strong as stainless on pro...

  • Nizar Mohamed
    Nizar Mohamed 3 days ago

    I'm not upgrading from my iPhone 6 until they bring the phone jack back.

  • GOBY
    GOBY 3 days ago

    you are aware you're talking more about the 11 pro max than the 11, right?
    the title says 11 yet you yap about 11 pro max? LOL

  • Intrepid Explorer
    Intrepid Explorer 4 days ago

    Superb, stunning, smashing video. I run out of superlatives for this video Michael. Your videos, as usual, are as good looking as you! Keep up the great work!

  • Noble Price
    Noble Price 4 days ago

    Hey Tony Stark-so you are now reviewing IPhones-?? Didn’t you die???

  • Shogo
    Shogo 5 days ago +1

    I only used 3D touch for like 3 days, but i miss it since the update.

  • Adrian from Falkirk UK

    Great video 👍and i sub your friends😁😁😁

  • LBee
    LBee 5 days ago

    Blah. Blah, blah... what bullshit video...

  • Everyday Techy
    Everyday Techy 7 days ago

    Nice Mr Mobile 👌🏾 as always a great review..... You’ve certainly upped your swag factor!

  • BreakThrough Studios

    I don't know if you got some new staffs or your just getting better with the scriptwriting but I'm. Loving the new videos feels like a new season just started keep it up 💯

  • incediery
    incediery 9 days ago

    You hit the nail on the head...for the price Apple is charging for this $1000+ I expected more....90% of this phone can be had for half the price on Android

  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 9 days ago

    You mean like all of the LG phones, you just dismiss out of hand and never use?

  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 9 days ago +1

    I still don't care about it.

  • Cristiano Collarin
    Cristiano Collarin 11 days ago

    This time I am debate about the 11pro Vs the ProMax...

  • Renovatio
    Renovatio 11 days ago +1

    Another Apple's Sales Tactics - flood RU-clip with Mediocre youtubers and very unprofessional. They will sugar coat to cover any abnormality/deviation/nonconformity of the device. Like it's very heavy and ugly cameras. They will describe it something like its really the best thing. Who would like to have a brick in their pocket?

  • Dovah Bear
    Dovah Bear 11 days ago +1

    This was well done man. From music to editing. Always good quality but this was very well done.

    MIA JEAN 12 days ago

    The caption hit me a little harder then usual

  • Senson Pan
    Senson Pan 13 days ago

    I switched from my pixel2xl to iPhone 11 and the iOS’s liquid-like fluidity blows me away.
    I will use your script in pixel review to describe it,”everything is instant,everything is effortless,everything just works”. It just glides, not even single dropped frame in animation, at least I can’t detect.

  • Andrew David
    Andrew David 13 days ago

    Where’s the full review at?

  • Karan Magdum
    Karan Magdum 15 days ago

    Love your work ! Please do a detailed review of the 11 pro max!

  • Andrea Marysol
    Andrea Marysol 15 days ago

    The way you trash samsung makes your review trash 🖕

  • kyle g
    kyle g 15 days ago

    Build your own phone Tony Stark.

  • iggytse
    iggytse 16 days ago

    Photos with 5x zoom have cheated by using a smaller sensor. I tested the Oppo in store and the image quality was grainy.

  • IfYouReadThisYouAre Retarded

    HAH the non-pro isn't even 1080p... like seriously you can get a 4k display phone for cheaper

  • TheWebStylist
    TheWebStylist 17 days ago

    First video of yours I’ve seen (and LUV 💯🙌🏻⚡️💪🏻💥📱🎶 my Nee 11ProMax #NEXTLEVEL) and dig your vid style #80s4Ever ha just reminded me of a bit and myself a Tshirt blazer rocker as well
    Great vid editing and info but again appreciate a fresh non tech nerd host Steelo

  • Little Skyy
    Little Skyy 17 days ago

    7:53, hell yeah, The Contortionist.

  • Diti Diti
    Diti Diti 17 days ago +2

    You look like Tony stark specially when you didn't care....

  • Poncho758
    Poncho758 17 days ago

    Junk !

  • killdemraas
    killdemraas 17 days ago

    Oh so YOOOU made them make the iPhone with a 3rd camera? I tip my hat to you sir

  • Edward Edward
    Edward Edward 17 days ago

    No usb-c no raw in wide angle... 🤦‍♂️

  • Mito Gurrola
    Mito Gurrola 17 days ago +2

    No one:
    M. Fisher: 🤨

  • Ahmed Al-Thani
    Ahmed Al-Thani 18 days ago

    Great title!

  • Tre da 5'9
    Tre da 5'9 18 days ago

    Dude, just when I thought I couldn't respect you any more you throw out a Journeyman Project reference. +10 geek cred

  • Melvin
    Melvin 18 days ago

    The sound in the iPhone 11 Pro is also astonishing. They’ve put a lot of work in the details this year.

  • Αλεξανδρος Αλαβανος

    Which one do you prefer Note 10+ or Iphone 11 pro max?
    Like for Note comment for Iphone

  • J Christopher
    J Christopher 18 days ago

    You seem to be tying really hard to emulate Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark

  • Daniel Awuku
    Daniel Awuku 19 days ago

    Some of us want slimmer phones too 😕🙄

  • Alex Mobii
    Alex Mobii 19 days ago

    Really impressed by the front video of the iPhone. It's a lot better than the Note 10.

  • Vladdy Daddy
    Vladdy Daddy 19 days ago

    You kinda remind me of Mr. Tony Stark. Rip.

  • khalid Bahaa Eldin
    khalid Bahaa Eldin 19 days ago

    Seriously.. u the best

  • Serby Drobnjakovic
    Serby Drobnjakovic 19 days ago

    Im waiting for the pixel 4.

  • Jess Barnett
    Jess Barnett 20 days ago

    iOS 13 sucks. I have it. I hate it. Select all is literally available half the damn time and it’s glitchy. Don’t like. Wish I could go back to 12.4.1.

  • topjolly
    topjolly 20 days ago

    iPhone reviews are so cringe worthy 😖

  • A42yearoldARAB
    A42yearoldARAB 20 days ago

    I sometimes want to go back to iPhone, but they're always coming out with stuff that's already on Samsung and LG

  • jong
    jong 20 days ago

    1:35 the clock is ticking backwards! The end is nigh :o

  • cingerSing
    cingerSing 20 days ago

    What is the purpose of a foldable phone?

  • Seth M
    Seth M 20 days ago

    It still gets under my skin that most people give Apple a pass on the fact that they're shipping an LCD screen on a $700 phone in 2019.

  • Imran Ladak
    Imran Ladak 20 days ago

    "Exciting electronic music.'

  • Darko Baric
    Darko Baric 20 days ago

    Always honest. Keep up the good work

  • Roman Kresne
    Roman Kresne 20 days ago +1

    It’s still iPhone..boring UI which i cant stand more than 2 months.. after than i always switch back to samsung or Oneplus

  • Sa true Lang
    Sa true Lang 20 days ago

    The most handsome smartphone reviewer out there.

  • Melvin Freeman
    Melvin Freeman 20 days ago

    Pretty nice video - slofies and other front facing cam videos. Mr. Mobile has an ongoing quality and depth to his video presentations 👏🏾👍🏾😀! Thx Mr. Mobile👏🏾!

  • Nazal Panoly
    Nazal Panoly 21 day ago

    Why the hell this guy is having less followers?? Every video is like a movie...Beautifully presented

  • poleng
    poleng 21 day ago +9

    64gb as entry level storage is unacceptable in 2019

    • Better Eggs
      Better Eggs 18 days ago +2

      64gb really is enough for almost everyone, but when every other phone’s have an entry level storage of 128gb then that’s where the problem is.

      SAMSUNG IS BETTR THAN CRAPPLE!!!!! 19 days ago

      YEAH 128 AND 64 SUCK ASS

  • Jack Davis
    Jack Davis 21 day ago

    why tf does he talk like that

  • rafikz77
    rafikz77 21 day ago

    But what about the phone itself?