BTS (방탄소년단) 화양연화 on stage : prologue

  • Published on Oct 2, 2015
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  • Yadi Tex
    Yadi Tex 28 minutes ago

    I love bts

  • 민나바
    민나바 36 minutes ago +1

    i came here because gotta be ready for new i gotta refresh everything

  • makwan hawrami
    makwan hawrami Hour ago

    lm cry 😭😭😭 l love you bts ❤❤❤😘💞

  • عاشقة الدماء اوجي سان

    Oh they're so cute
    ILove BTS ❤
    BTS the best !!!!!!!

  • Jin BTS
    Jin BTS 2 hours ago +1

    Ya bu ne anlamadım yeni bi şarkı mi?

  • Isabel Guerrero
    Isabel Guerrero 2 hours ago

    OMG this the webtoonm save me

  • bts love
    bts love 2 hours ago

  • Suga kookie Sunshine
    Suga kookie Sunshine 2 hours ago

    Don't touch me I am soft RN T^T

  • Raquel Oliveira
    Raquel Oliveira 3 hours ago


  • lovers방단 소년단
    lovers방단 소년단 3 hours ago +2

    Já no início meu coração já parou

  • Constanza Perea
    Constanza Perea 3 hours ago


  • zakaria hamed
    zakaria hamed 3 hours ago

    bts sont vraiment un trésor

  • bts jimin
    bts jimin 4 hours ago

    I Love LoveLove (((((bts)))))😍❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Emy Domi
    Emy Domi 4 hours ago +1

    Los voy a extrañar un montón infinito amo a Bts army😭😭😭😭😭😘

  • Diana Park
    Diana Park 4 hours ago


  • Ha Nguyen
    Ha Nguyen 6 hours ago +1


  • 24방탕소년 당
    24방탕소년 당 7 hours ago


  • Maria Noor
    Maria Noor 7 hours ago

    I think this story end will be great and meaning full🙄

  • Ánh Hà
    Ánh Hà 8 hours ago

    I love BTS 💜💜

  • Son Tung Dinh
    Son Tung Dinh 8 hours ago

    2019 có ai còn xem mà là người việt giống như tui hông

  • Naomi Gonzales
    Naomi Gonzales 8 hours ago +1

    2019? 🦋❣️

  • Nehir Taş
    Nehir Taş 10 hours ago

    Ufffff çok kötuydu v neden atladın ki yaaa😢😢😢😢😢😭😭

  • Hien nguyen nhat linh
    Hien nguyen nhat linh 11 hours ago


  • Rajpal Bhatia
    Rajpal Bhatia 12 hours ago +2

    back to my most nostalgic video ever in my life.

  • Rahiel Orensky
    Rahiel Orensky 12 hours ago


  • Khadeeja Kyraa
    Khadeeja Kyraa 13 hours ago

    I hope they will not disband because other k pop idols are not very fun and funny like them

  • Janhvi Kushwaha
    Janhvi Kushwaha 14 hours ago

    Does BTS know that BigHit is causing such chaos in ARMYs heads...😂😂😭😭

    ROSSE- BTS ARMY 14 hours ago

    7 Babys :3

  • SreyRen Rous
    SreyRen Rous 15 hours ago

    9:45 I couldnt hold back my tear 😭

  • vanhuy Nguyen
    vanhuy Nguyen 16 hours ago

    I love bts

  • jinju kim
    jinju kim 17 hours ago

    Bighit, please make a movie by this video TT

  • Fika Marsanda
    Fika Marsanda 20 hours ago


  • •Bolinha Do Bangtan•

    7 Babys :3

  • R.V_orio Bts-army
    R.V_orio Bts-army 21 hour ago

    Bts in life

  • جمين BTS
    جمين BTS 22 hours ago


  • Emilia Esperanza Medina Herrera

    Ay los bebes ke hermosos son🤧💕💫

  • Sarah Machado
    Sarah Machado Day ago

    3 anos já?

  • mel_ chan
    mel_ chan Day ago


  • Виктория Рахманина


  • Waseema Amlay
    Waseema Amlay Day ago

    Yes its 2019 and I am watching this!!!
    Borahae ARMY!!

  • Ejey Aseron
    Ejey Aseron Day ago

    I'm crying rn

  • Ejey Aseron
    Ejey Aseron Day ago

    Whos still watching this 2019? Anyoneee?

    • Janeru
      Janeru 20 hours ago

      Ejey Aseron mhm

  • 박은석
    박은석 Day ago

    الكليب بيجنن
    احب بي تي أس😚😚
    وينكم أرميز عرب 😀😀😀

  • Nhật Anh
    Nhật Anh Day ago

    W. V love you

  • Muồi Nguyễn
    Muồi Nguyễn Day ago

    Bài này tên j vậy????

  • Jessamine Carreon
    Jessamine Carreon Day ago +1

    Hi, Army's out there!!! I just wanted to ask about a particular part of the MV that's confusing me. So I've been with BTS since 2016, watched all their MVs (not flexing anything, just explaining) and in the Prologue video here, there's an ending scene of Jin looking at the Polaroid picture of him and Suga and not seeing him there, at the beach in his truck. Since I've been doing a BTS marathon these past few days, I noticed today that the scene wasn't here?? I was so confused (still am) cause I clearly remember watching that part. Can anyone please tell me I'm not tripping or anything. Cause I swear that scene was in THIS video.

    TO ADD ON, I also checked out reaction channels too and they see this particular scene, yet its not here rn

    • Jessamine Carreon
      Jessamine Carreon Day ago

      @Just Ai Thanks for responding😊. I didn't even know they could cut scenes from videos after they have been already uploaded, its pretty wild. I wonder why they would even cut that scene.

    • Just Ai
      Just Ai Day ago +1

      I just realize it. Looks like they cut the scene

  • Dariinda #94
    Dariinda #94 Day ago

    por que siento que el comic va a terminar asi?

  • chim tae
    chim tae Day ago +3


  • Bashayer bts
    Bashayer bts Day ago

    2019........ 😣 💛 💜 😴

  • Medeline Tovar
    Medeline Tovar Day ago

    I love you😁

  • Dewi Srii
    Dewi Srii Day ago

    I am very veri laik songs bts

  • syeda asrene
    syeda asrene Day ago

    Is it just me or does everyone cry?

  • Anahy Guarachi
    Anahy Guarachi 2 days ago


  • kei chingu07
    kei chingu07 2 days ago +3

    2016 i see this = cry
    2019 i see this = still cry

  • zaramelo berry
    zaramelo berry 2 days ago

    am 12 will be 13 in 2 months and v jumped and died and it makes me cry ii mean such a beautiful freindship and sadness and died and MAMA!!!!!!! TAEHYUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sway Tae
    Sway Tae 2 days ago

    I always find myself coming back to this... ;) My favourite era....

  • You are the cause of my EǗpĦOᖇia

    The ending freaking scared me for a sec then I realized what it was lol

  • You are the cause of my EǗpĦOᖇia

    Oh, so the picture tae is holding is him with his dad. Now I get it. Also love how they started playing Ma City when he pulled up to the gas station xD

  • Eloany Carla
    Eloany Carla 2 days ago

    Amo vocês amei o clipe me emocionei💖💖💖

  • Joi Lin
    Joi Lin 2 days ago +1

    Rm looks so good this song is emotional

  • Giovana a doida do kpop bts

    Kim Nanjoom😄
    Kim Seokjin😙
    Min Yoongi 😻
    Jung Hoseok😇
    Park Jimin😍
    Kim Taehyung💋
    Jeon Jungkook👶

  • fahema AL, ABSi
    fahema AL, ABSi 3 days ago


  • Boshra Seh
    Boshra Seh 3 days ago


  • Nhân Phùng
    Nhân Phùng 3 days ago +1

    I love bts 😘

  • Shahad.sudan Sudan
    Shahad.sudan Sudan 3 days ago

    Love you BTS 💕💕💕

  • Peachyco.bangtan Campbell

    I swear i kept pausing and crying😂 idk why I’m so emotional....😅tbh the whole theory scares me a little

  • Liniaura Sisters
    Liniaura Sisters 3 days ago

    Can anyone give me a perfect theory for this video because i could not understand some part of it.

  • Sabill's Af.
    Sabill's Af. 3 days ago +1

    Happy 6 th with Bts, Army! 😄

  • Aziza Moawad
    Aziza Moawad 3 days ago

    I love they boy's😢😢😢💘

  • anwar anwarr
    anwar anwarr 3 days ago

    فديتهم ❤❤❤

  • yasmingame 2 Pereira

    나는 BTS가 좋다.

  • Bunny Koya
    Bunny Koya 4 days ago

    Alguém sabe o nome desse lugar??????? 9:35 ou dos outros lugares que apareceram no vídeo?????

  • Bunny Koya
    Bunny Koya 4 days ago

    Me: Não vou chorar

  • King Aexis
    King Aexis 4 days ago

    One of the best pre concert videos I have ever seen. Wow. Awesome cinematography.

  • -달빛아래피는꽃
    -달빛아래피는꽃 4 days ago +1

    저기 어디에요?

  • Eleonora Rambelli
    Eleonora Rambelli 4 days ago

    And I am still wondering if Tae dies or survives from that high jump...
    ~I'm sorry for my English~

  • 알거읎다
    알거읎다 4 days ago

    이 때가 그립다

    JUNGKOOK BTS 4 days ago +1

    I love so so mach bts❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💗💞💓💕Jungkook oppa

  • 서영
    서영 4 days ago

    이거 보면 화양연화 병 생겨 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 눈물 나 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Los primos fantasticos


  • Nafis Miah
    Nafis Miah 4 days ago

    I've fallen in love again...

  • Meep- Moop
    Meep- Moop 4 days ago

    Whoever had the brains on making this storyline or theory i love you, borahae, than myself

  • Riley B
    Riley B 4 days ago


  • selena kim
    selena kim 4 days ago

    عيني دمعت💜
    السعادة الحقيقية هي رايتكم مجتمعين وفرحانين 💜💜💜
    Arabe army love bts 💛i purple u💜💎

  • Kelly Sanchez
    Kelly Sanchez 4 days ago

    yall i freaked out at the end when the music went low and it sounded like a horror movie . Also, the ending clip of jin and the poloroid is gone and it shows "Coming October, Stage Comeback On November" . Does anyone know why? What happened?

  • Laboni Akter
    Laboni Akter 4 days ago +3

    The webtoon needs a happier ending 😭Please Bighit & Lico

  • Møchi Chan
    Møchi Chan 5 days ago +3

    Me: *reads comments* I’m not gonna cry
    Also me: *cries in the video in 10 seconds*
    (Sorry if my English is bad.. im from 🇵🇭)

  • S Sharah
    S Sharah 5 days ago


  • STAY_ARMY_iGOT7 #Kpop

    The most emotional thing I have ever watched

  • STAY_ARMY_iGOT7 #Kpop

    This is making me cry

  • kenedy taylor
    kenedy taylor 5 days ago +1

    I wish they would read their save me webtoon together and record it so we can see their reactions to it. That would be awesome

  • Omay Maryamah
    Omay Maryamah 6 days ago +1


  • grace alejandrino
    grace alejandrino 6 days ago

    Why the fvck? As far as I remember the credits isn't like this? The last time I watch it, the credits were different. Now here comes the credits witha spooky ending sound. Wth is happening?

  • Laila Livia
    Laila Livia 6 days ago

    Ahhh voy a llorar😭❤

  • Andrea Borje
    Andrea Borje 6 days ago


  • Tae tae_ is a cutie
    Tae tae_ is a cutie 6 days ago

    What does hyyh mean? Trying to figure out what it means!

  • Sara Giraldo
    Sara Giraldo 6 days ago


    YATO SAMA 6 days ago

    For those who always critisized BTS for everything......See! there they are.What those people thought was wrong all along......the happiness of acheiving something after STRUGGLE is truly something which we can learn from these guys. THESE guys who used to wear HEAVY MAKEUP and did a little extra CHOREOGRAPHY are a SHUTUP CALL to those people who always critisize them but THEY did'nt bother.These guys are a huge example and inspiration for all of us