• Published on Jul 15, 2019
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    The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here- Smosh Summer Games returns, for Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse!
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Comments • 5 055

  • Jacket Potato UwU
    Jacket Potato UwU 4 hours ago

    I miss boze

  • Faded Playz
    Faded Playz 5 hours ago

    Looking back at it where is Kimmy?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Aija Lang
    Aija Lang 12 hours ago

    After watching all the competitions and the finale, I'm coming back to watch this trailer and I have to say: This was honestly such a well done Summer Games. When the trailer dropped, I was so unbelievably excited! It honestly made me feel like a kid again waiting for the Food Battles to come out xD This is definitely up there in my top three games. I'm glad they had the opportunity to do it how they wanted without the restraints of Defy, because it was so awesome. I hope they keep making more of these, and I really hope they make a winter games this year!

  • Ally March
    Ally March Day ago

    makes me sad that there's so little people left in smosh :((

  • Archer Boy 10
    Archer Boy 10 2 days ago

    I like this summer games because sinse it proves thaf you guys actually wanna do this one and not just defy making you

  • DJ Xtinct
    DJ Xtinct 2 days ago

    I dont really like the new smosh but the old smosh was really good untill this i dont want to sound distespectfull but its just my opinion

  • Jack Silcock
    Jack Silcock 2 days ago

    Jack Silcock is apart of toxiciea

  • Extrime Land
    Extrime Land 2 days ago

    so your second video without 1 million views

  • Mortal guard
    Mortal guard 2 days ago

    I've never been happier to see wes in a video until now

  • Mohd Mukriz Rahman
    Mohd Mukriz Rahman 2 days ago

    I hope they wont go crazy like this if they go to Malaysia bcause Malaysia always summer.

  • dol vsco
    dol vsco 3 days ago


  • googlie sketches
    googlie sketches 4 days ago

    Just realized I have gotten nothing in my subscription box for this channel :/ time to catch up

  • Unicorn Diamonds
    Unicorn Diamonds 4 days ago

    Good 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • The twisted Gamer
    The twisted Gamer 4 days ago

    I can tell by the trailer I'm going to love this

  • win zaw
    win zaw 4 days ago

    2:13 They Should've said'' *Buncha Bathsalts* "

  • Anime Ann-Chan
    Anime Ann-Chan 4 days ago +1

    You should do one where Ian turned into a Vampire (Or Anthony)!

  • SammyHerre
    SammyHerre 4 days ago

    im just i saying i wanna play fallout in real life

  • booker dewitt
    booker dewitt 6 days ago

    the new mad max movie looks great in 2019.

  • Arkatox
    Arkatox 6 days ago

    I just spent the last few weeks bingeing all past Summer and Winter Games for the first time ever, and I'VE FINALLY CAUGHT UP TO THE CURRENT SEASON! LET'S GO! LET'S CATCH UP BEFORE IT FINISHES!

  • Steve Botter
    Steve Botter 7 days ago

    Why is one of the summer games video private.

  • Rambles The rambler
    Rambles The rambler 7 days ago

    The cast is kinda bland

  • KidsVSGaming
    KidsVSGaming 8 days ago +1

    Bruh i love Damien and courts poses. 😂😂😂

  • jumping jack
    jumping jack 8 days ago +3

    1:40 damien i fricking love you

    GACHA UNICORN 8 days ago

    Olivia looks so cute

  • Ciaran Mears
    Ciaran Mears 8 days ago

    Wait... I’m watching this in August and I just realized y’all started on my bday!!

  • 、KAKA 开心
    、KAKA 开心 9 days ago +1

    I miss anthony

  • Pandex
    Pandex 10 days ago +2

    OMFG I LOVE OLIVIA AND COURTNEY'S OUTFIT. I and I bet everyone else wants to meet them.
    I also want the shiry

  • Alonso Gordillo
    Alonso Gordillo 10 days ago

    What happened to kimmy?

    • Ice.
      Ice. 9 days ago

      She was caught in the explosion and was only saved after they shot the trailer

  • Collin Bellamy
    Collin Bellamy 10 days ago

    I’m getting some heavy mad max vibes

  • ya boi
    ya boi 10 days ago

    Damn this channel really has gone to shit

  • Grace
    Grace 11 days ago

    this looks like mad max

  • Malibu Dogs
    Malibu Dogs 11 days ago

    Where’s Flitz? It’s not a true bellyflop competition without him

  • Lyra Lacson
    Lyra Lacson 11 days ago

    2:10 Shayne and Ian are playing patti-cake

  • Anika potato
    Anika potato 11 days ago

    Is it just me or does Mari look amazing in this

  • Serenity Love M-Gutierrez

    Noah Keith Olivia

    TWENTY-EIGHT CRAB WOUNDS 11 days ago +1

    *let the fanfiction commence*

  • Stupid Man
    Stupid Man 12 days ago

    1:45 ooooooof

  • Fifa YT
    Fifa YT 14 days ago

    Do you have every Tim Horton’s ever?!?!

  • essidro vital
    essidro vital 14 days ago

    I’m definitely going for Wes and Joven’s team, I always go for Joven since Anthony left

  • essidro vital
    essidro vital 14 days ago +1

    Yes! You uploaded Summer Games on my Birthday!! Just when I thought my best birthday ever couldn’t get any better after playing a soccer game

  • Kacie Kelly
    Kacie Kelly 15 days ago

    kimmy isn’t in this?

  • Juan Soto
    Juan Soto 15 days ago +1

    Smosh summer games ship reck (pirate theme)

  • Spangus Angus
    Spangus Angus 15 days ago +2

    Joven farting caused the explosion

  • Zach2Crazy
    Zach2Crazy 15 days ago


  • Leon John views
    Leon John views 16 days ago +1


  • Emilia Star
    Emilia Star 17 days ago

    Im not kidding when i say i would watch a movie about this

    0VERACHIEVER 17 days ago +2

    What is your budget
    Ian: yes

  • OliCrack Santafosta García

    Smosh Summer Games: *Future*

    *July 3th, 2020*

  • L0U13 __
    L0U13 __ 17 days ago

    It’s not the same without team Anthony and team Ian

  • xvy
    xvy 17 days ago

    uhmagha damien :o

  • Capissotor
    Capissotor 17 days ago +1

    Alright Lazercorn, stop with the explosives

  • awsomeagentcage blade
    awsomeagentcage blade 18 days ago

    Wes and courtney looked the coolest

  • S P
    S P 18 days ago

    Its not smosh any more wheres stevie

  • Anners beananers
    Anners beananers 18 days ago

    Ian is still hella sexy

  • The Beast
    The Beast 18 days ago

    Toxcisitea duh

  • Trinity
    Trinity 18 days ago

    The trailer...looks so bad ass.

  • Kuellar Ayelet
    Kuellar Ayelet 19 days ago +6

    End Game: We have the biggest crossover in history
    This event: Hold my beer

  • GachaCat
    GachaCat 20 days ago

    It started on my birthday 🤣

  • Ricardo Roa
    Ricardo Roa 20 days ago

    So happy to see Wes and Joven back on the channel!!! 🔥

  • IAM6425 2018
    IAM6425 2018 21 day ago

    If only anthony were here......

  • Megan Saxon
    Megan Saxon 21 day ago +2

    No where is boze and flitz !!!

  • I don’t know What I’m doing


  • Ej Marbella
    Ej Marbella 21 day ago


  • Jack Silcock
    Jack Silcock 22 days ago

    Jack Silcock is a member of team mushroom clout

  • gabycashy5
    gabycashy5 22 days ago

    they should let someone else be the refMatt rigged the green red light game so much

  • Maria Guadalupe Sandoval
    Maria Guadalupe Sandoval 22 days ago +1

    No flitz por sohinki 😭

  • Wolf Gang
    Wolf Gang 22 days ago


  • Bjg77
    Bjg77 22 days ago +1


  • David Lucaci
    David Lucaci 22 days ago


  • Karen Please Stay
    Karen Please Stay 22 days ago

    When I first watched this, I missed the “best ref” tattoo that one of the refs has, so I thought “wait is Anthony here?!”

  • Dope Toad
    Dope Toad 22 days ago +3

    I like to vote for whatever team Noah’s on
    Let’s go mushroom clout!

  • moon fox
    moon fox 22 days ago

    I love the style and I love steam punk stuff I just love zombies fave series walking dead best summer games ever

  • Elie L
    Elie L 22 days ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the RAPtor on the back of Wes’ vest

  • Jose Francisco
    Jose Francisco 22 days ago

    Is this an AHS reference?

  • Franny
    Franny 23 days ago

    That intro was dope aeeeeeffffff