What is the BEST Fuel to Use in Your Car or Truck and WHY

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • Ever wonder what grade gasoline should you use in your car (what octane)? Are you paying for premium gas when you can just use regular? Are you using regular and damaging your engine? This video will bust all of the myths and tell you the FACTS on what fuel you should use and why.
    Many people throw money away and fill their car with the incorrect fuel every day. Running premium or midgrade in a car designed to run regular is a waste of money and has no HP or MPG benefits. You will not make more power or get better fuel economy running premium fuel if the car manufacturer tunes the car to use regular gas in most cases. I also see some people run regular gas in cars that need premium and the knock sensors have to adjust timing significantly to prevent damaging engine knock. I also hear a lot of people say that premium gasoline has more energy or burns cooler or slower so I will put a rest to all of these "myths" with facts.
    More info on fuels and additives: www.shell.us/motorist/shell-fuels/shell-v-power-nitro-plus-premium-gasoline.html
    Fuel Injector Machine I used: amzn.to/2MeGbnZ

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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix  Month ago +4994

    I hope you guys like the animations and all the extras that went into this video! It took a while to do (you guys who follow me on Instagram know lol) but I think it is worth showing you examples instead of just taking my word for it! For those asking, here is where I got the fuel injector cleaner/tester: amzn.to/31kHwhk

    • Trueflight Silverwing
      Trueflight Silverwing 23 hours ago

      Was this filmed back in the 80's? I would kill for gas prices that low around here.

    • mystic jeremy
      mystic jeremy Day ago

      Dang wish vegas had 2.37 per gallon again

    • John Givens
      John Givens 2 days ago

      Themattinator 86 I’m sure that would damage the engine within a certain number of miles.

    • Themattinator 86
      Themattinator 86 2 days ago

      What would happen if you mix all of the octane's together, would that do anythinh?

    • Alonzo Santos
      Alonzo Santos 2 days ago

      Ricco kimbrough diesel is more expensive

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell 12 hours ago

    Where I live, 89 is a rareity. we have 85 as the bottom end

    • saint chuck
      saint chuck 12 hours ago

      You can easily mix your own at the pump.

  • Critical Panda
    Critical Panda 13 hours ago

    Up here in the mountains we use 85 octane

  • Dartz272
    Dartz272 15 hours ago

    ive seen alot of your content and in general live by your knowledge, but when you start your video with "sponsored by shell" im less inclined to believe the content. ill be furthering research from non bias on my own but thank you for bringing up the question of "what fuel to use"

  • mylesthegamer
    mylesthegamer 16 hours ago

    I appreciate you using most of your cars to provide the idea of gas using vehicles

  • Skylar Kovack
    Skylar Kovack 16 hours ago

    gas is gas, it all comes from the same tank farms.... octane many vary but brand names do not!

    • saint chuck
      saint chuck 13 hours ago

      Yes, they do. The base gasoline grades (85 and 91) are the same for any gasoline loaded at the same terminal, however, each brand has separate additive tanks that get injected during loading.

  • Skylar Kovack
    Skylar Kovack 17 hours ago

    good overview but you are PAID by Shell! SMH

  • North Georgia
    North Georgia 17 hours ago

    I wish I knew if this video is sponsored by Shell???

  • Eric Fredrickson
    Eric Fredrickson 18 hours ago

    How about 91-octane pure gasoline? You will get better fuel economy with it than 87, or 91-octane E-10, which is 10% ethanol. The pure gasoline has 25% more btu, or heat units, than ethanol blends.

  • randy tomlinson
    randy tomlinson 18 hours ago

    i'm pushing sixty now, but, my dad was a very good backyard mechanic, as everyone in the neighborhood and others he knew brought their cars to him to be worked on. he swore by high test fuel. every car he owned, high test gas was bought, even the last new car he bought in 1974, a bug eyed, matador X coupe. he told me over and over, high test is better overall. remember, his last car he bought new was during the gas crunch of the 70's and gas still had lead in it. even when they took out the lead, he didn't like that at all, something about the lead helped to lubricate the valves and such, he still swore by high test. well, when i started driving, there were still long lines at the pumps and gas inching up to over a dollar a gallon, making people buy regular gas instead. people had issues with their cars not running well. i took my dad's advice and still to this day, put premium fuel in my vehicles, including my lawn mower and rider. i have less issues with my vehicles, less maintenance, and get better mileage, especially, when making long trips. i don't ruin my vehicles putting cheaper, lower octane fuel in them. don't get me wrong. i have had hard times and was forced to get regular fuel just for the cost saving and regretted it after several hundred miles. the rough running, the lack of power, the mileage loss and eventually, changing plugs and oil at sooner than normal intervals. running premium fuel also saves valve cover gaskets. not sure why other than the vapors from in the crank case. regular fuel tends to cause these gaskets to go bad sooner than using premium. my experience and i'm sure there will be those out there that think i don't know what i'm talking about, but, either way, my experiences are true. premium is better for any car.

  • David Janssen
    David Janssen 19 hours ago

    Here in Illinois different counties have different additives. If i fill up near Chicago i get worse mileage than the gas from rural areas

  • Ben Case
    Ben Case 19 hours ago

    I was in between jobs last year driving my 91 caprice classic and tried to pinch a penny with E 85.... I had to put ruffly 1 gallon of 108 octane booster in it...

  • Remgrade G-UserPH
    Remgrade G-UserPH 19 hours ago

    WHy using helmet while driving car?

  • Aaron Arreola
    Aaron Arreola 19 hours ago

    wow don't know much about cars but you explained it so well. great video man!

  • Nicola Sergio Francesco Pevere

    No, false, our fuel in Europe has much less impurities.

  • Eddy Martinez
    Eddy Martinez 21 hour ago

    I have an impala 2008 flex fuel and it recommends octane. What should i use

  • qzny0s
    qzny0s 21 hour ago

    You should do a video on different engine oil weights to use based on various climate conditions and age of the vehicle...thank you.

  • sung hyun Sim
    sung hyun Sim 21 hour ago

    I don’t leave any comments on RU-clip contents but this time I am going to because I want to say thanks to ChrisFix and thanks again for the excellent explanation!! It was very useful and super clear!!

  • Tayler Tek
    Tayler Tek 21 hour ago

    I use all of them ever other week

  • Horses Shop
    Horses Shop 22 hours ago

    Here in Michigan we have 90 octane ethanol free gasoline. We just call it recreational fuel.

    • saint chuck
      saint chuck 12 hours ago

      Generally called straight premium. Fewer areas are offering straight gasoline.

  • Dennie Olson
    Dennie Olson 22 hours ago

    Thanks, Chris. That was very educational, and also easy to understand.

  • William Greer
    William Greer 22 hours ago


  • Trueflight Silverwing
    Trueflight Silverwing 23 hours ago

    Didn't watch the video, but common knowledge is to NEVER use mid grades. Most people either buy the cheap stuff for economical reasons, or the high grade for performance reasons. The mid grades tend to sit in the tanks for extended periods of time and degrade. They get sediment and other contaminants in the fuel from sitting so long as well..

    The real answer though would be what ever the manufacturer suggests for your specific engine as each one is built differently and has different requirements.

  • Palm Trees and Rum

    Gas stations have blown because of people using cell's at the pump....

  • HAx2
    HAx2 Day ago

    In Norway 95 is regular, 98 is premium

    • saint chuck
      saint chuck 13 hours ago

      Different test. Different scale.

  • zeek gonzalez
    zeek gonzalez Day ago

    Dumb ass should’ve just said look at your car owners manual

  • Wille
    Wille Day ago

    back here in Sweden the price on petrol and diesel has gone from about 3 dollars to 6 dollars for one gallon, and they want us to rebuild our engines so it can handle the the E85 i dunno it is weird here in Sweden. But with E85 the car uses twice as mutch as it would with regual petrol, Our diesel consumes half as much as regular gasoline and has almost half as much emissions, but the Diesel cars are taxed almost three times as high as a gasoline car

  • Black X
    Black X Day ago

    Why am I watching this video??
    I dont even use gasoline

  • Kairi091
    Kairi091 Day ago

    What about the other additives like Chevron adds Techron, QT has "Guaranteed Top Tier Gasoline", and so on.

  • Linen Garb
    Linen Garb Day ago

    Truck - diesel😉
    Gas - ethanol free. Avoid the water problems by avoiding alcohol in your gas.
    And FFS please stop blocking the diesel pumps to buy gas when there are 6 million gas options and only 2-4 diesel pumps at the huge gas stations.

  • Ed Brown
    Ed Brown Day ago

    in my area we don't have E-85 just 85, 89 and 91 ratings and at a select few we have 85, 87, 89, and 91

    • saint chuck
      saint chuck 12 hours ago

      E85 isn't an octane rating. It stands for 85% Ethanol.

  • Garth Clark
    Garth Clark Day ago

    As always, fuel is way overpriced due to Government handouts (taxes).

  • James R Bellamy Jr
    James R Bellamy Jr Day ago +1

    Great and informative video!!

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  Day ago

      Glad you learned something new!

  • Marc Tompkins
    Marc Tompkins Day ago +4

    The best fuel for my truck has always been diesel.

    • FSgt Cross
      FSgt Cross 19 hours ago

      Isn't it possible to run gasoline in a diesel? Not very easily, but I believe it'll still run

  • Tall Dave
    Tall Dave Day ago +1

    Well thought out and executed video, Chris

  • Ron Lilgert
    Ron Lilgert Day ago +2

    The fuel during winter is mixed with propane to help vaporize, less density than in summer fuel. You get more mileage with summer fuel. Premium fuel doesn't get any propane, the density is the same year round. I use regular fuel in summer and premium in winter, to get best gas mileage

  • Eagle Eyes
    Eagle Eyes Day ago +4

    Best fuel l’ve had Is my next door neighbours 😉

  • departmentofnatural awesomeness

    *Florida man fills Tesla up with blinker fluid*

  • gur gara
    gur gara Day ago +1

    is that ron 93?....in my country already ron 97 for high octane...can someone explain

  • Geht dich gar nichts an

    As an European bycicle driver who never been to murica, can I confirm our fuel clearly is superior.

    • Geht dich gar nichts an
      Geht dich gar nichts an 22 hours ago

      @ChrisFix I did watch and enjoy the video it was a joke since i meant bikes without otto-engine

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  Day ago

      Watch the video!

  • pluggthis
    pluggthis Day ago +1

    Where in the U.S. are they selling gas for less than three dollars a gallon? Where I live it's over four dollars a gallon.

  • William Jackson
    William Jackson Day ago

    Can you tell me why I can only run 93 obtain gas from Shell or one of the other higher priced stations and why I cannot buy it at the stations where it is cheaper. Should 93 obtain be the same anywhere that I buy it. I am running a small block 383 Chevy in my 84 Camaro Z/28. I don’t ever buy the cheaper priced gas because of the knocking.I did at one time run 94 but I cannot find it anywhere now.

  • Daedalus304
    Daedalus304 Day ago +1

    Standard petrol in NZ is 91 octane , premium is 95 or 98

  • Russell Tendler
    Russell Tendler Day ago

    How does this man have every type of car

  • Davidbroski69 69

    3$ for gas ?!?? I need to move out of CA my dumb ass is paying 5$ for 91

  • Ethanisway2cool4 U

    What a guy

  • Jason
    Jason Day ago

    ahh but could it have something to do with Americans using the West Texas Intermediate fuels and Europe and Middle East using Brent Crude Index?

  • Bezzy Russell
    Bezzy Russell Day ago

    And higher spark advance! High octane is necessary.
    great video

  • Daddy Daddio
    Daddy Daddio Day ago

    you completely forgot the most Important Thing, the owners manual will tell the exact grade your vehicle will need to run at the most efficient level. it is in every owners manual. most 4 & 6, some 8 cylinders even, will run on 87 octane with no detonation or pre ignition. over the years, manufacturers have created bigger & better engines rated for a much smoother drive with turbo chargers etc, can lets say 87 octane with no problems. that's a true statement. I've seen it, drove it, ran it etc. your engine has got to be rated at Higher HP, Torque etc for the application and purpose it will serve. the engines have only achieved about maybe less than half great fuel savings anymore, plus now we have the single overhead and double over head cam, or roller cam engines which create the Horse Power in a more efficient and better way yielding a smoother running engine that has some ass to it as well & these engines would or could all be, 4, 6, 8 cylinder engines. higher octane does't do JACK anymore like it use to because these newer engines are designed to run more efficiently & with more get up and go.


    Wow good stuff, my car is funny because it's true that it says it takes regular but the specs in later years updated to say premium recommended (same engine) and the car feels better on shell v-power so I'm gonna use that especially since it's a plug-in hybrid and the engine sets around allot I'll just do it and it just feels better to me honestly.

  • Daniel Yong
    Daniel Yong Day ago

    hey Chris, what you are doing is really cool and I learned a lot. Thank you !

  • Cooper
    Cooper Day ago

    v-power at shell in SoCal can get up to $4.99 per gallon....

  • Alan M
    Alan M Day ago

    How about looking at your car manual? Mine says to use 87 octane. Done.

  • Peter Turel
    Peter Turel Day ago

    Wrong, the higher the octane, the less BTU there is in the fuel.

  • Frank
    Frank Day ago +3

    In Colorado, 85 octane *IS* regular.

  • midwest rp
    midwest rp Day ago +1

    the part that bugged me was when he called a mustang a muscle car

  • NakedTruth
    NakedTruth 2 days ago

    Hi Chris, I own Hyundai Verna 4s Petrol 1.6 variant which has been standing for almost a year. Car is just 5 years Old. What precautionary measures should I take to make sure engine stays healthy. Does Petrol cars have any problem caused by RUST inside (if this happens) the engine if the car was not driven for this long time, do you recommend changing the OIL after few kilometers now?
    Please suggest. Thanks

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia 2 days ago

    I heard about Chris fix in another dudes video talking shit on him 😂

  • Joe Bartley
    Joe Bartley 2 days ago

    I can see you being a hand model on qvc 😂

  • Bertisevil666
    Bertisevil666 2 days ago

    Funny thing about some KIA 2.4L engines, using 89 octane increases the torque by 15 ft.lbs, but fuel economy and horsepower remain the same.