Learn Excel - Video 598 - VBA - WEB SCRAPING - How to Login on website

  • Published on May 23, 2018
  • In this video we are doing log-in on a website using excel vba . I am educating you how to inspect the rags and web elements for login on a webpage.
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Comments • 53

  • system cerdas
    system cerdas 2 days ago

    how to change browser internet explorer with chrome?

  • Patidar Ramesh
    Patidar Ramesh 3 days ago

    sir i try to file upload from web site using vba i fail much time..
    pls help..

    • Ajay Kumar
      Ajay Kumar  3 days ago

      What is website and doing what.

  • supreet kaur Sidhu
    supreet kaur Sidhu Month ago

    How to do this in Firefox?please help

  • Ayaan Ansari
    Ayaan Ansari Month ago

    Thank you for the video. I have watched many of your videos.

    Please make on video on downloading files from a website after doing login on that website, navigate through many pages and selecting date for which need to download.

  • Akhilesh Kumar
    Akhilesh Kumar Month ago +1

    Hats off bro..

  • chandan kumar
    chandan kumar Month ago

    Thank you for the video. I have watched many of your videos.
    Please make on video on downloading files from a website after doing login on that website, navigate through many pages and selecting date for which need to download.

  • eapen palooran
    eapen palooran 2 months ago +1

    good vedio..helpfull

  • Manish Kumar Meena
    Manish Kumar Meena 2 months ago

    If Security code option is shown on login page then what while we do?

  • Samuel Roya
    Samuel Roya 2 months ago

    @6:09 My excel does this sometimes too, seemingly for no reason. Do you know why it prompts error messages like this out of the blue?

  • parveen rohilla
    parveen rohilla 4 months ago

    Hi ajay
    If we have sha256 encription on client side in password. Then what to do??

  • Vishal Panchal
    Vishal Panchal 6 months ago

    How to choose any option from a drop down menu on a webpage using vba. Pls help

    • Ajay Kumar
      Ajay Kumar  6 months ago

      share website which we can use with permission

  • Sakthivel Vajjiravel
    Sakthivel Vajjiravel 6 months ago

    how can I get material from ajay

  • autoacworks
    autoacworks 6 months ago

    hi, i have followed your excellent tutorial - how can i go to another page (automatically) after login is complete ..ex: I login to a website and then I want to go directly to my messages page

  • gunwant singh
    gunwant singh 6 months ago

    Hi Ajay first of all thanks for this. Can i used this macro with google crome means i want open my web page in google crome .please revert its realy helpfull for me

    • gunwant singh
      gunwant singh 6 months ago +1

      @Ajay Kumar ok ajay thanks but i request you please make one video on this if possible...

    • Ajay Kumar
      Ajay Kumar  6 months ago

      Selenium is a web testing software but if you know this language you can use it in excel vba also to launch Google Chrome explorer. You can search on Google to know more about it.

    • gunwant singh
      gunwant singh 6 months ago

      @Ajay Kumar thanks for ur revert but ajay i dont know about selenium please guide me with proper instructions please

    • Ajay Kumar
      Ajay Kumar  6 months ago

      Use selenium in vba then...

  • shiva sankar
    shiva sankar 7 months ago

    Hi Ajay, i was working on few internet explorer automation where i wanted to grab an internet explorer which is already opened and do some manipulation on that. But i am getting an automation error whenever i am trying to do that. Please suggest on any possible solutions

    ABHISHEK PATEL 8 months ago

    I'm trying to click. A button on a web site but am unable to do so
    The HTML code is

  • єитєятαιимєит - єитєятαιимєит - єитєятαιимєит

    I Have no words...thank you so much

    • Ajay Kumar
      Ajay Kumar  8 months ago

      thank you for your feedback. glad you liked it

  • Rafael Meirelles
    Rafael Meirelles 8 months ago +1

    Very nice tutorial.

    PATUAKHALI ICT CLUB 8 months ago

    Hello sir, How r u? is it possible to send or share excel data to other web application form automatically?

    J M TIWARI 8 months ago

    Tthis is really useful. If the re is any captcha to be entered, how to go to the box where captcha is to be entered ?

  • A D
    A D 9 months ago

    Hi, your videos are very nice, I have one question to you. I have 50 lan printers I always login webpage and take tonner value and fill excel sheet and send it, could you please inform me how I use macro in this scenario.
    My email address is amoltofi@gmail.com

  • Cm Steib
    Cm Steib 11 months ago +1

    Awesome video, thanks!

  • Daman preet
    Daman preet 11 months ago

    Sir if we have list of username and password then how to login into same website and save time..

  • Mukesh Gaur
    Mukesh Gaur 11 months ago

    How to navigate from 1 to 10 pages in any particular websaite. Please make some videos for this also

  • Naresh Kumar
    Naresh Kumar Year ago

    Hi Ajay - I need assistance on webpage scrapping. This is tha scenario. I have to update a information for the users and need to give save in website I done VBA everything till updating the information. But here I face one issue that after giving save page displays with tha alert box which only have ok option to click I tried different types I'm not able to get the idea to click this alert box. Can you please help? With the code.

    • Naresh Kumar
      Naresh Kumar Year ago

      Hi I have mailed u the documents can you please look in to that and can you please assist me

    • Naresh Kumar
      Naresh Kumar Year ago

      Ajay Kumar can I have Ur mail id to forward tha documents

    • Ajay Kumar
      Ajay Kumar  Year ago

      What you did so far send me. I will look into it and see if I can answer it

  • Auris Z
    Auris Z Year ago

    Hello Sir, Great video 👍
    I'm facing error on do while ...
    Error message: Automation error
    The object invoked has disconnected from its clients.
    Could you please help?

    • Auris Z
      Auris Z Year ago

      My ele is blank hence it is not looping through...
      For each ele in eles

    • Auris Z
      Auris Z Year ago

      Ajay Kumar Sir, some help here?

  • Breview It
    Breview It Year ago

    Hi. Is there any method to copy data from a server application ( used in office day to day work) to an excel sheet? Example name , address field of a web based / server application which appears in the same place everyday.

  • Ashraf Anwar
    Ashraf Anwar Year ago

    Hello, Love from you neighbor Pakistan. Have learned a lot from you. Thank you for teaching us. I want to know further is their possible way to use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome instead of it? if yes please let me know (It would be appreciated too if you will make a video for it) or either please reply me back thanks

    • Ajay Kumar
      Ajay Kumar  Year ago

      I will check on this. Thanks for the compliment

  • anand kumar
    anand kumar Year ago +1

    I recommend people to buy personal course materials from Ajay. I have purchased VBA macro course and it is really fantastic and very easy understanding with lots of examples. Well I am not just endorsing his products. But I can't stop my self to advise for buying the products if you are really interested

  • B Gupta
    B Gupta Year ago

    video is nice but would request you to kindly change your keybord it makes lot of sound which distract the mind while working on it...

    • Ajay Kumar
      Ajay Kumar  Year ago +1

      it gives a feel that you are having a live session. Many students love to have this sort of environment. When you see lecture feel like you are typing it and giving training, you will enjoy it.

  • Amit Chirutkar
    Amit Chirutkar Year ago

    hi sir , i have multiple record in excel can we upload same on website and should be click automatic submit button .

    • Ajay Kumar
      Ajay Kumar  Year ago

      Share website and data you using pls

  • Krish
    Krish Year ago

    Hi Ajay... thank you for your videos and I'm interested to watch your videos regularly. When you are uploading a series of videos about a specific topic. Its better don't repeat same basics again again in every video.

  • Amit Sharma
    Amit Sharma Year ago +1


  • Deepak Sharma
    Deepak Sharma Year ago +1

    wow !! awesome