We had to take Lark to the Emergency Room..

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • Lark has an emergency.. we had to take her to the vet!
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  • Joey Graceffa Vlogs
    Joey Graceffa Vlogs  Month ago +4872

    Thanks for all the loving messages about Lark! Will keep you all posted!

    • ShanG
      ShanG 21 day ago

      You have so much empathy for your dogs and it's so sweet to see x

    • Jessica Harris
      Jessica Harris 28 days ago

      Stay positive and I'm praying for lark!

    • Princess Peyten
      Princess Peyten Month ago

      Joey Graceffa Vlogs Wolf is such a sweetie I love love love you wolf😃😃😃

    • Hydie 007
      Hydie 007 Month ago

      I can't believe I'm just seeing this...Sending my thoughts and prayers...hoping beautiful Lark is going well...xx hydie...

  • Jakayla Bathie
    Jakayla Bathie 3 days ago +1

    Does it annoy anyone else that when the puppies are drinking they aren't in rainbow order? No, just me? Ok

  • Matty Dyson
    Matty Dyson 5 days ago +1

    I think all three adults dogs should be DNA tested given that non of them look pure breed and were not bout as puppys.

  • Kayli Broderick
    Kayli Broderick 5 days ago

    It's going to be okay Joey shy is going to be okay I promise that😊

  • katofrie
    katofrie 6 days ago

    It's so funny you used to like blue so much

  • Crystal Hoang
    Crystal Hoang 8 days ago

    Yellow was shivering did you see?

  • Stephanie Nielson
    Stephanie Nielson 8 days ago


  • Stephanie Nielson
    Stephanie Nielson 8 days ago

    I almost cried that is so sad

  • Brown Sugar
    Brown Sugar 9 days ago

    *it made me cry my eyes out seeing Joey so sad and confused about what happened to lark* 😭😭😭😭😫😫😫

  • Megan Gessin
    Megan Gessin 14 days ago

    Was this breeding accidental or on purpose? I haven’t kept up with everything. I am just trying to figure out if it was on purpose, why would they breed if they have so little info on having and raising a litter?

  • Vote Trump
    Vote Trump 16 days ago

    I just ran across your videos and gotta say I love the affection you guys have with Lark and the puppies it’s adorable.

  • Michelle Chase
    Michelle Chase 17 days ago

    Your such good parents xxx

  • Good Drawling’s Bad drawings

    Who is the man for lark

  • Al Russell
    Al Russell 19 days ago

    Poor lark hope she feels better

  • Lily lace✨
    Lily lace✨ 20 days ago

    I hope lark feels better

  • Madeline Quintero
    Madeline Quintero 21 day ago +2

    I think that you should keep: Pink, Blue, and Teal.

  • Caris Findlow
    Caris Findlow 21 day ago

    coul the girl liv

  • Emz cook
    Emz cook 22 days ago

    Joey why are ur eye brows sooo good

  • Leslie Funes
    Leslie Funes 22 days ago

    I am really hoping that she’l be all rite end love your videos 😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰😄🥰

  • Shambhavi Zutshi
    Shambhavi Zutshi 23 days ago

    red is best

  • pamela hewitt
    pamela hewitt 23 days ago

    Oh my heart is breaking for Mommy. Love Her. Such a good Mommy. Rest Well Mommy. God Bless You All.

  • pamela hewitt
    pamela hewitt 23 days ago

    It is ok. It happens. Babies will be fine. Her immune system was low. It is not your fault. It even human Mommies. God Bless. My heart is with You Both and Mommy and The Puppies. Love and Blessings...💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • pamela hewitt
    pamela hewitt 23 days ago

    The cutest babies ever. My heart is so happy!!!

  • Monica Molina
    Monica Molina 26 days ago

    I love the puppy noises

  • Sway the WolfQueen
    Sway the WolfQueen 26 days ago

  • Kevin Iz
    Kevin Iz 26 days ago

    Joey's so worried about Lark being away from her kids, but homegirl was probably like "yes, take me to the hospital. I need a vacation!", and the kids was like "as long as we have the nummy milk and the daddys' toes to suck, we're good."

  • Cody Mcdonald
    Cody Mcdonald 28 days ago

    it make me sad when joeys sad T^T

  • Saleen Serrano
    Saleen Serrano Month ago +1

    Did anyone catch red wink looking at the camera💀❤️

  • Just A Basic Kid
    Just A Basic Kid Month ago

    You need to keep Yellow, Teal, Blue, Red, and plz give green and lavender more attention

  • cc popcorn
    cc popcorn Month ago

    U neglect red

  • Foxy Hood
    Foxy Hood Month ago

    Green and Teal are like best friends 👬

  • Foxy Hood
    Foxy Hood Month ago +1

    I love u lark ❤️😘😍😍

  • Dylan Dawson
    Dylan Dawson Month ago

    Keep 3

  • Dylan Dawson
    Dylan Dawson Month ago

    Bbbb =big blue bear boy

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf Month ago

    They are so freaking cute!!!!!

  • Taylor Elizabeth
    Taylor Elizabeth Month ago +1

    Joey it's ok. I do a lot of research on veterinarian stuff and animal care and I'm already pretty educated even tho I'm only 13. But don't worry this is normal. When cats or dogs give birth they usually fall into a state of depression after because they are being drain all of their energy and it's hard to keep up. She'll be ok. I promise.❤️

  • Natalia Alvarado
    Natalia Alvarado Month ago

    maria is sooo funny hahaha

  • stephen Proctor
    stephen Proctor Month ago

    that happened to mine but she was allowed to come home i think🤔 but she is all better but i hope she get s better and please dont cry it will make me cry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 just try to think that she is there if she is still there and now she is in season 😥 when swill pooly people and poorly pet s Excised *dont know how to spell lol🤣.

  • Lucy Loves dogs
    Lucy Loves dogs Month ago +1

    I wonder what would happen if lark actually had eight pups and not seven I wonder what it would look like only people who watched his channel before the pups were born would understand

  • Break A Leg Staging

    Joey your such a scary 🐱

  • Benjamin olofsson
    Benjamin olofsson Month ago +2

    IDK why i cried watching this when the fed her……

  • tyler Fraser
    tyler Fraser Month ago +1

    Plz Joey I beg you plz keep all of the puppies plz plz plz.

  • Chicks and Tricks
    Chicks and Tricks Month ago

    I hope Lark feels better soon!:)

  • Ludachris 184
    Ludachris 184 Month ago

    Is that a pepaga 15:50

  • Jennie Rogers
    Jennie Rogers Month ago

    Maybe try a different ice cream flavor it may give her some sort of PTSD since that’s all she wanted the days before her Labor Day :)

  • Cxtie{}gacha
    Cxtie{}gacha Month ago +1


  • Hannah Stovall
    Hannah Stovall Month ago

    How's Lark feeling??? ❤❤❤🐶🐶🐶

  • Gabriella Castaneda

    pink is pretty

  • Layla Bosak
    Layla Bosak Month ago

    Please keep red and teal and yellow and green and blue and Lavender and have family reunions for pink

  • Layla Bosak
    Layla Bosak Month ago +1

    Who is the dad??!!!

    • worrmm
      worrmm Month ago

      Nobooobody knooooows oouuuouu 👻

  • Sydney Schlaud
    Sydney Schlaud Month ago

    Ok I’m sorry but I wasn’t crying in till you started crying

  • Lighsadra S
    Lighsadra S Month ago

    Out of curiosity, how well rated is your vet? I don’t trust all vets because one of the vets tortured my dog when he needed a simple blood test where they should have simply shaved his arm and drew blood there with one pin prick, this vet sent my dog home with bruises all over his neck where his neck was shaved and two huge cuts on his neck. They tortured him and I wasn’t there to see him having his blood drawn because they told me to leave and come back. He was absolutely terrified when I brought him home and was absolutely terrified of vets from that point onward and he never used to be before. I actually phoned the vet to ask if he got attacked by another dog and they said no. I was appalled. I found out later that this vet was a very bad man and one of my sister’s friends got angry with him for abusing the animals and he pushed her down the stairs. He is still in business. He also tried to charge me for antibiotics my dog didn’t even need. You need to be really careful about some vets because some of them are scammers and some treat your dog like garbage. Vets who say your dog needs shots every single year are not a good vet and are only doing it for the money. Dogs who are over immunized can have serious auto immune disorders develop as a result of this disgusting practice. Many of the shots that your dogs get after completing all his puppy shots, the dog is then immune for a minimum of 7 years to their full life even!!! It was even released as an official statement from the Vetrinary board of directors that these shots dogs get lasts a long time and it is a completely bad practice to immunize them every year. If you google this you can easily find this information to be scientifically proven. Aside from that, be careful of some vets because they will lie and say your dog is sick and has a fever and requires an over night stay or several over night stays in order to rack up the bill for you. If any vet says that your dog needs surgery of any kind always go to at least a few other vets for a second opinion. I’m not kidding because it could save your dog’s life. Unfortunately there are predators dressed in vetrinary garb who are more than happy to charge you out the arse when your dog is healthy and doing well. Whenever I see a vet try to recommend their garbage unhealthy vetrinary food that they get paid to sell and recommend their poison once a year shots I just roll my eyes and politely explain to them how both those things are bad. Vet food is truly not good for your pets...google it! I cook for my dog and make his own dog food and he couldn’t be healthier! My dog had a lot of allergy and skin issues back when I fed him garbage kibble but the shine and gloss of his coat is beautiful now. So everyone, please be wary. Not all vets are truly there to help you and your pet..quite a few only care about dollar signs. My poor dog is traumatized for life now because of that evil vet. I will never let him put his hands on my dog again. The prick.

  • Elbia Cruz
    Elbia Cruz Month ago

    I'm crying. I know this is months old but still. My dog OG passed away recently and I miss her more than anything. Poor Lark

  • Annika’s World
    Annika’s World Month ago

    YOu have to keep BLUE AND YELLOW PLS there the twins of the family

  • Heather Broussard
    Heather Broussard Month ago +4

    Teal looked so betrayed when you picked up blue 😂😂

  • Slick Tube
    Slick Tube Month ago

    Well you’ve forgot about green and ye

  • Hena Lee
    Hena Lee Month ago

    I feel sad about larks condition but when wolfie starts to act cute it made me smile @&@

  • Jackie Carr
    Jackie Carr Month ago

    I hope they checked for pyometra...or a deceased puppy...:(

  • Cats! Cats!
    Cats! Cats! Month ago


  • Jessica Phillips
    Jessica Phillips Month ago

    Can I have one of the puppies? They're so freaking cute and adorable!