• Published on Mar 27, 2018
  • Here's an early unboxing of the Huawei P20, Huawei P20 Pro and Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS. The P20 and P20 Pro are Huawei's latest flagship smartphones.
    Huawei P20 -
    Huawei P20 Pro -
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  Year ago +2914

    I wasn't able to show off the software on the Porsche Design Mate 10 RS as the version in the video was pre-release software. I'll try to make a more in-depth video feature the Mate RS after final software is released. STAY TUNED!

    • X2JV
      X2JV 9 days ago

      Can someone tell him "genuine leather" just means it's a lowish grade of leather and not really that sought after?

    • Jazel Cudilla
      Jazel Cudilla 3 months ago

      I have a question if you willing to donate of any smartphone for a boy like me???..I just playing game in a computershop and watching your videos.

    • Roland Basilio
      Roland Basilio 5 months ago

      Can I have one😊

    • Demian Sanchez
      Demian Sanchez 5 months ago

      Do you know if the mate rs has drm level 1?

    • Alex
      Alex 6 months ago

      Unbox Therapy 6:29

  • Naeztin Agustin
    Naeztin Agustin Day ago

    Where do you put those smart phones after unboxing it?

  • Naeztin Agustin
    Naeztin Agustin Day ago

    Where do you put those smart phones after unboxing it?

  • Naeztin Agustin
    Naeztin Agustin Day ago

    Where do you put those smart phones after unboxing it?

  • Nick Deniega
    Nick Deniega 5 days ago

    Samsung has left the group
    Apple has left the group

  • TJ Mac5
    TJ Mac5 9 days ago

    Why don't they sell it in the USA i looked in there website and USA wasn't an option and im really interested in this phone

  • Gopal Thapa
    Gopal Thapa 11 days ago

    Can u give me I am from kolasib mizoram

  • Jesse Kauffman
    Jesse Kauffman 13 days ago

    Two light is cool

  • Ashin Joseph
    Ashin Joseph 18 days ago

    Bro unbox huawei nova 5

  • Krizzy
    Krizzy 19 days ago

    "What kind of savage wouldn't put it on a plate¿"

  • Bende Janicsek
    Bende Janicsek 19 days ago

    Something I never got was if they keep everything or what they keep and things like that

  • BeastBH
    BeastBH 21 day ago

    i am a poor human who watch your videos with a
    kaiOS phone

    I am burning inside

  • DrouwProductionz
    DrouwProductionz 24 days ago

    samsung galaxy s10+ is still the best. Because it got the super sonic fingerprint scanner in the touch screen. Any phone with a seperate fingerprint scanner sucks!

  • crissymanPD
    crissymanPD 25 days ago +2

    Top secret phone...


  • Ibis Bro
    Ibis Bro Month ago

    wow you can count to 4 next we will learn 5

  • Elmo Heyns
    Elmo Heyns Month ago

    video intro... thought it was the new mac pro

  • Gabriel Antwi
    Gabriel Antwi Month ago +1

    l got the iPhone X's max gold 512GB

  • clashes of the century

    why youtube recomends this after the release of p30 wtf lol

  • Zamin Abbass
    Zamin Abbass Month ago +1

    Who's here after the ban?😑

  • NoMercy
    NoMercy Month ago +1

    lew get the asus max pro m3 try reviewing it please

  • EzL34D
    EzL34D Month ago +4

    So sad though the Huawei got banned from Google 😢 i was thinking to buy P30 Pro

    • Jerry
      Jerry Month ago +2

      I want to as well, not worth taking the chance though. Not really worried about what the government is claiming, more concerned with getting security updates and OS updates.

  • clash with me
    clash with me Month ago

    This is the ultimate phone for vlogers

  • Hritik Bansal
    Hritik Bansal Month ago +3

    Shouldn't have rushed the Porsche design unboxing

  • unwrapping by mimi koteng


  • Desmond Arthur
    Desmond Arthur 2 months ago

    I wood like one plZ

  • Krishna Negi
    Krishna Negi 2 months ago

    give me one of them please bro.

  • The Perfect Reject
    The Perfect Reject 2 months ago

    Hopefully you could send one for me...

  • Kayne west was born on east side of world

    to be real its more suspicious to have a god damn suitcase delivering phones, then in a grocery store bag

  • Gravity Gaming
    Gravity Gaming 2 months ago +2

    Why the hell does the P20 have two home buttons

    and a mute switch?

    • not me
      not me 2 months ago

      2 home buttons? Look better...

    SHO TOMOE SAWADA 2 months ago

    give aways plss

  • SCAiNT
    SCAiNT 2 months ago

    When you open it James Bond style, when it's only a phone

  • SCAiNT
    SCAiNT 2 months ago

    0:06 Starting it off the with left wheel isn't even spinning

  • namjoon's cut onions
    namjoon's cut onions 2 months ago

    Huawei spies on people but when we talk about the FBI tho

  • namjoon's cut onions
    namjoon's cut onions 2 months ago

    The twilight phone doesn't color shifts it's just 1 color on the top and the other on the bottom

  • Yohan Ditusa
    Yohan Ditusa 2 months ago

    If it’s so top secret why would you put it on RU-clip?

  • TimeToShine Boi
    TimeToShine Boi 2 months ago

    Dude how many phones do you have?

  • Brian Piercer
    Brian Piercer 3 months ago

    I went to google and searched, "Where does Lew from Unbox Therapy buy his hoodies?" but got nothing

  • Ralph Canlas
    Ralph Canlas 3 months ago

    I hope i can have that black huawei..😁😁

  • T B X
    T B X 3 months ago

    do you keep every single phone that you get?

  • Abdul Baqi
    Abdul Baqi 3 months ago

    give me 1 mobile

  • Anirudh 008
    Anirudh 008 3 months ago

    All your secret mobiles are from Huawei only... Lol

  • Pizza ist Lecker
    Pizza ist Lecker 3 months ago

    Jesus Christ how much did you pay for that?!

  • AnimeTV. Nep
    AnimeTV. Nep 3 months ago

    He has grown beard to test phone's camera

  • AnimeTV. Nep
    AnimeTV. Nep 3 months ago

    Its secret and he has uploaded a video of it😕😕

  • Luke Hare Brown
    Luke Hare Brown 4 months ago

    Well it’s not rlly top secret because u have it on vid

  • zion peters
    zion peters 4 months ago

    Do you give things away?
    I'd like a phone please.

  • mEmEs f0r L1f3
    mEmEs f0r L1f3 4 months ago

    what is the price of p20?

  • anthony yap
    anthony yap 4 months ago

    Can i havr one of your phones brothrr unbox therapy i beeen needing a phone sinse before but to expemsive and its ok if its ugly or cheap at least i can have a contact

  • Seth Killian
    Seth Killian 4 months ago

    Unbox therapy, can you please do a full review of the mate rs??

  • Liononfire 515
    Liononfire 515 5 months ago

    That camera though. The camera is the first thing I look at if the camera is bad then I don't care for the phone (also why is no headphone hook up the new thing)

  • husain jabrot
    husain jabrot 5 months ago

    Can you give me mate P20 pro

  • Garrett Cooper
    Garrett Cooper 5 months ago

    I wish they gave these wireless charging.

  • Miki Varga
    Miki Varga 5 months ago

    Huawey, best mobyle forever!

  • Lila Gurung
    Lila Gurung 5 months ago

    Give me that phone 🙄

  • Kakap's Ranger
    Kakap's Ranger 5 months ago


  • Bhavya Sehgal
    Bhavya Sehgal 5 months ago

    Thumbnail is sick 😂😂

  • Zoom Hazard
    Zoom Hazard 6 months ago

    i just want the suit case

  • Dard Balmonte
    Dard Balmonte 6 months ago +1

    wow cool phones I wish I have one of that phone

  • Krishna Gowda
    Krishna Gowda 6 months ago +1

    What song

  • Lover Boi
    Lover Boi 6 months ago

    Do you keep all the phones?

  • Ken Pira Kriezis Spatas

    I like the Porsche 1 fu++. Sell it to me ? Or just give it????? Good review. From ShqiPeria Albania. ur going international, bra.

  • Alex
    Alex 6 months ago +1


  • Ralph Tenzo Galleros
    Ralph Tenzo Galleros 6 months ago

    plzss uncle give a new phone

  • pauloagno
    pauloagno 6 months ago

    Where my p20 lite?

  • PumaBlack Cat
    PumaBlack Cat 7 months ago

    I Will get a Huawei p20 lite on Christmas :-) im not trying to be like im cool

  • Vajra Shende
    Vajra Shende 7 months ago

    Try out realme U1 which has 25megapixels selfi camera

  • John Mack
    John Mack 7 months ago

    Camera settings lifted right from Nokia 1020 and 1520's from 2014... 40MP on the 1020 and 20MP on the 1520...

  • Culann Mostert
    Culann Mostert 7 months ago

    But can you flip it? No.

  • The Steve450 - N!tro Nat!on


    THUNDER BROTHERS 7 months ago

    the American technical guruji