Young Dolph, Key Glock - Water on Water on Water (Official Video)

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • From the album "Dum and Dummer". Out now!
    Official Music Video by Young Dolph, Key Glock performing Water on Water on Water © 2019 Paper Route EMPIRE

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  • Juvè Chevez The Work
    Juvè Chevez The Work 10 hours ago

    He #roc & thee Vibe of the video.... sheesh ✨✨✨🏁

  • michaelmogessie
    michaelmogessie 18 hours ago

    ass titties benz water replay

  • Kaim un tOzix
    Kaim un tOzix 23 hours ago

    I hate this bullcrap song

  • Kaim un tOzix
    Kaim un tOzix 23 hours ago


  • Kaim un tOzix
    Kaim un tOzix 23 hours ago

    Damn craps

  • Stevie Hawkins
    Stevie Hawkins 23 hours ago

    Hell yea youngdolph is the shit

  • Stevie Hawkins
    Stevie Hawkins 23 hours ago

    Water on water key glock did his part hell yea he sounds good in this song

  • RapMusic 420
    RapMusic 420 Day ago

    That's Raw!! 💯🔥

  • Raysaun Jones
    Raysaun Jones Day ago +2

    Wen women look this good how can u like men🤔😅😂😐🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Zavier Herrer
    Zavier Herrer Day ago

    Came outside today Water on Water on Water

  • William Freeze
    William Freeze Day ago

    It's dolph!

  • Tootie Pootie
    Tootie Pootie 2 days ago

    Glock an Damian Lillard might be the same guy 😁 or cuzo's😏

  • Disco Kitten
    Disco Kitten 2 days ago

    Stop that twitter video is so funny and this song is perfect for it.

  • FBM
    FBM 2 days ago

    mad black girls😍

  • Eric McCain
    Eric McCain 2 days ago


  • dantrael randolph
    dantrael randolph 2 days ago

    3:01 whew

  • Talesha Lashae
    Talesha Lashae 2 days ago

    Are They Brothers?

  • J Will
    J Will 2 days ago +1

    Lookin like a chocolate Lauren London wit the eyes and that sexy sassy ass look @1:51.

  • Organica
    Organica 2 days ago

    Those big asses looks weird like a like of poop held in them can’t unsee

  • Matuki Bantu
    Matuki Bantu 2 days ago


  • keith higgins
    keith higgins 3 days ago

    IT'S 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

  • Bigchucky Goose
    Bigchucky Goose 3 days ago


  • Tony Vercetti
    Tony Vercetti 3 days ago +1

    Young Dolph still the king and would stay on his trone in 2020 !!! 👑💯

  • D R
    D R 3 days ago

    Thick on thick on thick🔥

  • drip bayless nyk real shyt

    I've seen enough videos this year this is video of the year and its not close

  • Friendly
    Friendly 4 days ago

    Dolph killed this ho

  • Bruce Rawlins
    Bruce Rawlins 4 days ago

    Ain't this where Chris Brown shot "New Flame" ?

  • kash De'lapp
    kash De'lapp 4 days ago +1

    S/o to them for promoting the fact that brown girls are beautiful and desirable!

  • Kelty
    Kelty 5 days ago

    🐬🏜Dolphins in the desert is sickkkk🐬🏜

  • RM RM
    RM RM 5 days ago

    Hundred milli off that rap shit and I’m done!!!!

  • eddy homand
    eddy homand 5 days ago

    too loud the sound, I love no matter the jealous. the sound is terrible.

  • Deaven Snyder
    Deaven Snyder 5 days ago

    Dolph gained weight fast 😂 He was skinny last music video

  • The One
    The One 5 days ago +1

    Jesus Christ these women are fine!!! That one thickness bending over.

    • The One
      The One Day ago

      Cam 1 all day!

    • Johnny
      Johnny 2 days ago

      @Cam 1 that camo bikini fine thic ass. Shit was boomin

    • Cam 1
      Cam 1 2 days ago +2

      The One you piping?

  • Eye Plus Media
    Eye Plus Media 6 days ago

  • Kickin’ It With Keisha


  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur 6 days ago

    smoke a opp

  • ekekd reoeo
    ekekd reoeo 6 days ago

    1:48 Dolph Funny is shit 😂😂😂

  • Thanos
    Thanos 7 days ago

    All I see is chocolate thick on thick on thick....

  • starless wonder
    starless wonder 7 days ago

    Love you Dolph 🖤🖤🖤

  • Wade Paya
    Wade Paya 7 days ago

    Love this jam bumping it makes me feel like water on water like I can walk on water

  • Johnny
    Johnny 8 days ago

    Who's the girl in the camo bikini?!

  • Cos Girl
    Cos Girl 8 days ago

    Amazing Video 🤩👩🏾

  • BiKER P PaPA Wheely
    BiKER P PaPA Wheely 9 days ago


  • Israel A S YT
    Israel A S YT 9 days ago

    Fire 🔥

    MONEY MARV 10 days ago it’s hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • Christopher Diaz
    Christopher Diaz 10 days ago

    I feel this

  • Big Digg322
    Big Digg322 11 days ago

    Dolph always bringing that 🔥

  • Jaylen Hall
    Jaylen Hall 11 days ago


  • Jesse Hugley
    Jesse Hugley 11 days ago

    At 2:49 to 2:50 is that feeling when you get when your high finally kicks in!

  • Once Again
    Once Again 11 days ago

    Dolph a robot watch him move he’s programmed to dance he’s powered by android

  • Jerell Lee
    Jerell Lee 11 days ago

    Between the women and the dolphins swimming in sand, I had to repeat like 4x just to appreciate the whole video!👌🏾

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  • Julien Raffaud
    Julien Raffaud 12 days ago +1

    "fashion on fashion on fashion" doesn't flow very well + makes no sense. beat is sick tho

  • JL
    JL 12 days ago

    Visuals go crazyyyy damn thiccness

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 12 days ago


  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell 12 days ago