INSIDE the NEW BMW M340i xDrive 2020 | Interior Exterior DETAILS w/Revs

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
  • The NEW BMW 3-Series is out and now just before the M3 will arrive the M340i is first here. Producing 374hp and a pretty good exhaust note! Enjoy the INSIDE series of the fastest 3-series MPerformance model till date!
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Comments • 57

  • Carvlogger
    Carvlogger  Month ago +25

    Impressive sound for an 2020 OPF car

  • Sanghoon Lee
    Sanghoon Lee 4 days ago

    I'm getting this car next year but dammit that red seat is not available here

  • Eddy 00
    Eddy 00 6 days ago

    These types of car are impossible ti buy in italy.... Taxes taxes and taxes

  • Daniel Osborne
    Daniel Osborne 10 days ago

    A 2nd hand one of these would be awesome. M-lites like this are a nice balance of performance,comfort and economy. This’ll do almost 40mpg combined.

  • Dariune
    Dariune 17 days ago +1

    3 series for the price of 7 series, what kind of idiot was in charge of selecting the options

  • jimded
    jimded 17 days ago

    Should have and a rwd only version

  • whiteliketar
    whiteliketar 19 days ago

    Not only too expensive but gaudy as hell. The more base 3 series is thing of beauty.

  • Matt  Pope
    Matt Pope 20 days ago

    No black windows?

  • Martin Marinov
    Martin Marinov 23 days ago +1

    I'm never paying that much money for a non-M car let alone for a 3 series. Maybe only a 7 or 8 series. Didn't the previous M3 cost that much.

  • Loui
    Loui 27 days ago +1

    Audi rs Q3 sportback video?

  • Jānis Meija
    Jānis Meija 29 days ago +1

    what is the point of this video? i mean g20 series have been out for a while and they are all same, 2.0d can have m sport brakes or same seats as m340i.. only difference is engine and i think that 340i has LSD as well, but you show interiour and exteriour... it is kinda pointless, if you have m340i show accelerations driving dynamics things that are different what we have not seen from any other g20 bmw.

  • FutureGameLight
    FutureGameLight 29 days ago +2

    just get the m3 its like all m cars to their little m brothers just like the m550i no one even remembers this car

  • AD C
    AD C 29 days ago +1

    Sounds better than m4

  • Mark Rhoden
    Mark Rhoden Month ago

    Great review and nice car but what if you want that engine but not in such a big car

    • Sarkozy
      Sarkozy 18 days ago

      Mark Rhoden it’s tiny

  • J Van H.
    J Van H. Month ago

    Small infotainment screens are a bit outdated, right? Even the new audi has standard larger screen and touch. Not much innovation since 2012?

  • Danijel Bratina
    Danijel Bratina Month ago

    101k thrown away... known for shitty engineering, now also looks a lexus.

  • David
    David Month ago +2

    The interior is insane. Too bad the individual interiors aren’t available in the US

  • Alex Maradiaga
    Alex Maradiaga Month ago

    Wish we could get red interior in the US

  • Sithembiso Magubane

    Nice one.

  • Malc Milky
    Malc Milky Month ago +1

    Color sucks

  • AidarYes
    AidarYes Month ago +12

    100k for 3 bmw🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Rafito M.
      Rafito M. Day ago

      @Emanuel Magda but I guess you forgot to add the taxes, which vary between states

    • Luis Cortes
      Luis Cortes 5 days ago

      Jonathan Ching dude why the crazy prices in Singapore??

    • tracer073
      tracer073 20 days ago

      AidarYes it’s like 60k in the USA for that, it’s always more expensive in the Netherlands

    • 1SuperTempest
      1SuperTempest 23 days ago

      @Emanuel Magda Thats loaded not just well equipped.

    • Asparuh lliev
      Asparuh lliev 27 days ago

      buy a 320d with Sensatec :D

  • Alvin Putra
    Alvin Putra Month ago


  • elaxten band2c
    elaxten band2c Month ago +11

    after hearing that sound it well worth it

    • FutureGameLight
      FutureGameLight 29 days ago +1

      i wouldnt say so just wait for the new m3. this car is just burning money if you buy it since when the new m3 is out no one will care about it just like the m550i and the m5

  • Vlatko Bašić
    Vlatko Bašić Month ago

    Hey dude..this is not M3 40i...this is 3 series M performance 40i...M3 engine has S58 please dont call this car M3 40i...its for the reason M340i..such ignorance...shamefull.

    • Daniel Osborne
      Daniel Osborne 10 days ago +1

      From dumb and dumber.. “you’ll have to excuse my friend, he’s a little slow “.

    • Chad Hogan
      Chad Hogan 28 days ago +2

      guys go easy! i think Vlatko is slightly retarded :)

    • BJORN M
      BJORN M Month ago

      Lol this dude has no chill

    • TheForza19033
      TheForza19033 Month ago


    • Dumsani simelane
      Dumsani simelane Month ago +5

      Viatko-my dude, what are you on about?

  • ///M for Life
    ///M for Life Month ago +10

    Super Review! Looks really great and sounds really good! 👍 The more I am now looking forward to the M3 2020! 💪😎

  • MilHanSolo
    MilHanSolo Month ago +2

    Dik, doe er maar 3 dan.

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago +12

    The interior quality is insane!

    • SeniorLeb
      SeniorLeb Month ago +2

      Yes I reviewed the 330i and it is so good in comparison to my M4 cP :)

  • Gladiator Al Mousa
    Gladiator Al Mousa Month ago +2

    On that price I am get M3 2020 🤘Soon I will get it... OPF bad

    • Gladiator Al Mousa
      Gladiator Al Mousa 23 days ago

      Mike Kos we will see it soon I think will be normal grill

    • Mike Kos
      Mike Kos 23 days ago

      M3 with new grill epic fail.

  • David Doherty
    David Doherty Month ago +1

    Great video... What brand is your watch buddy? 👌

  • EfeTasgin
    EfeTasgin Month ago +6

    Its sounds pretty good for a 2020 car

    • Sarkozy
      Sarkozy 18 days ago

      EfeTasgin the 2021 m3/m4 will probably sound worse than this, for some fucked up reason...

  • Jagadeesh babu
    Jagadeesh babu Month ago +1

    Hi ur big fan BTW car is fantastic... If you don't mind where r u from bro? I'm from India..

  • Franz P
    Franz P Month ago +1

    Even opf can sound good.

  • Carlos Santana Soriano

    Beautiful car!