Ingraham: The war against men

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Ingraham: Toxic masculinity mindset is infecting our lives. #IngrahamAngle #FoxNews
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Comments • 5 476

  • x Darkside
    x Darkside 2 hours ago

    A country ran by a women is a country that will soon be conquered by a male run country, can say" China."

  • Clay Found a computer
    Clay Found a computer 3 hours ago

    the misandry bubble is about to pop as predicted by imran khan back in 2010. Look up his misandry bubble article on the Goog

  • Will M
    Will M 4 hours ago

    Enogh of this sexist campaign from feminist!! This is pure intolerance!

  • Symone Mondy
    Symone Mondy 6 hours ago

    I think the reason why alot of men and women have feminist ideas is because without a father being involved the tv raised them to believe a man is a thug, whorish with no self control, always cheats on women ect.. and tv showed them extremely emotional, soft men were the idea role models.

  • john smith
    john smith 6 hours ago

    White males are actually a minority now in the United States if you count half the population is nonwhite half the whites are women. So with non whites and women pitted against white males there s minority making up 25% of the American population. And in the world an absolute minority.

  • john smith
    john smith 7 hours ago

    Not just men. White men and it’s effecting all men.

  • Mac Bruno
    Mac Bruno 9 hours ago

    This is great unless you need soldiers.

  • Deivid Oliveira Faria
    Deivid Oliveira Faria 11 hours ago

    We men are stronger, dominant, more capable in war and many heavy working affairs, we have more logics and geometrics intelectual capability.
    We are the leaders and commanders by the very nature of the CREATION. We were created first and the women was created from our bone to make us company, period.
    Everything against this, said about this contest, is just disgusting satanism.

  • Puryear Venable
    Puryear Venable 11 hours ago +1

    I seen, and felt the feminist machine when crooked Hillary was running for president.

  • Puryear Venable
    Puryear Venable 11 hours ago

    Wow things are coming full front quicker than anticipated. MGTOW may no longer be an option as opposed to a Stark reality! Women are quietly waging war against men.

  • Shane Azpilicueta
    Shane Azpilicueta 12 hours ago

    Their desperate

  • Sonof Osiris
    Sonof Osiris 15 hours ago

    They should kick them bitchez out into the wilderness, and let them start from caves and build their own civilizations and then we'll probably take these feminist remarks into consideration...if they make it out of there! 😎😉

  • John Chambers
    John Chambers 21 hour ago

    What is cynically funny is the government's involvement in this via affirmative action, AKA race and gender discrimination with a smiley face, or it's okay to discriminate to show that discrimination is wrong. It is so bad, that many men don't even bother to apply for a lot of jobs anymore; nevertheless, they're still required to pay 95-percent of the alimony and child support.

  • C C
    C C 22 hours ago

    Men have invented and created every useful machine known to human kind. Just sayin'.

  • Avel Linklater
    Avel Linklater 22 hours ago

    Name one part of society that isn't built and maintained by men and wouldn't fail with them......

  • Alberto núñez
    Alberto núñez 23 hours ago +1

    Its ok to be white. It is great being straight. Some people say I should be ashamed for being a straight white male. But f*ck 'em all. It is amazing to be one.

  • Harm Timmerman
    Harm Timmerman Day ago

    Why does the presenter have a Adams Apple?

  • KMT Ausaur
    KMT Ausaur Day ago

    Gillette paid for that commercial lol

  • KMT Ausaur
    KMT Ausaur Day ago

    Solution M.G.T.O.W.

  • Clinton Harold
    Clinton Harold Day ago

    Good one Laura

  • Wolfdog370
    Wolfdog370 Day ago

    Be careful America .. your society is heading in the direction of Sweden .. Swedish Men were once mighty Vikings .. now they are a bunch of wimpy yes men to the Feminazis that run Sweden

  • jared wilson
    jared wilson Day ago

    This woman is right there’s a war on men worldwide this constant man hating needs to stop the demonising of men weather in the media or online etc has to stop its getting out of hand

  • BJC Texas
    BJC Texas Day ago

    Not a fan of fox or Ingram at all but 100% agree with this story

  • ProteinPunk11
    ProteinPunk11 Day ago

    And Christ said, “Depart from me you workers of inequity, you workers of lawlessness.”
    - from the MAN they never knew.

  • Tiger Paint
    Tiger Paint Day ago

    I think some women (not all !) have turned a blind eye of what men have done for this country. They have made it possible for you to drive a vehicle, open up the internet, take endless selfies, drive on clean paven roads. They are not thankful and its a mystery.

  • Jeffrey Nunez
    Jeffrey Nunez Day ago

    This got me lost from the jump..😒🍍🍍😁👍

  • Luchador Leon
    Luchador Leon Day ago

    ok I wont vote for Elizabeth

  • Erwin Brubacker
    Erwin Brubacker Day ago

    We come from men, not women 👍

  • Lenny Gage
    Lenny Gage Day ago

    I would love to see in history where a woman stood on the front line of a battlefield doubt you will find one? 🗣😲🤭🤔🤐

    • Lenny Gage
      Lenny Gage 5 minutes ago

      Women are beautiful, precious and definitely respected. This world wouldn’t be worth being on if it was woman-less. 💯 but they aren’t men and that’s exactly what makes em special. Don’t ruin it for yourselves!! Just saying lol

    • Electron Heaven
      Electron Heaven 11 minutes ago +1

      Lenny Gage haha I was thinking about this earlier today. Joan of Arc is the only one ever I think.

  • David AdventTime21

    0:01 Even she sounds like she's being pushed to talk about this against her will LOL!

  • umojah souljah
    umojah souljah Day ago

    Of course your not here because of men😂😂😂

  • Roberto Ampudia
    Roberto Ampudia Day ago

    This is the work of evil , wake up America! Men and wonan can live in harmony.

  • john smith
    john smith Day ago

    they keep it up there will be a HMT .

  • simon norberg
    simon norberg Day ago

    I am vegan

  • Bernie Lomax
    Bernie Lomax Day ago

    I hate Democrats and women. They are very stupid.

  • Gs .D
    Gs .D Day ago +1

    Women tried to de-masculinized men then cheat and blamed their men not being men.

  • Arjen van Doorne

    Don't search with the womb to make them. There is a promise of eternal life, you know. They rather kept their virginity like me.

  • Sandra Shankster

    Well these leftist r rediculous! Without men they wouldn't have even been born...people these days...ugh!

  • A fine looking gentleman

    @ .57 “tossing off men” lol

  • M Gray
    M Gray Day ago

    leftists are terrible..

  • Sajjad Rana
    Sajjad Rana Day ago

    Feminist want equal rights and equal pay but don't want an equal work.

  • Tony Malerba
    Tony Malerba Day ago

    You ugly feminists take note.
    The undeniable fact is the men invented and built everything.
    If history were left up to women we'd all be living in grass huts.

  • mgtow life
    mgtow life Day ago

    This video is so funny. MGTOW men don't give a sh@t what you think no more. We have won wars time and time again. The war against men lololol who do you think is running the show down here b@tch. Buckle up for what happens next it's go to be........toxic masculinity at its finest.

  • Satsui Nohado
    Satsui Nohado Day ago

    I think the Feminist pendulum has swung as far as it can go. It's time to go all the way back. We are tired of this crap. Women are being tyrannical in the guise of victimization. So independent?? Ok,we will not pay for their meals,gifts or bills/debt. They had it good but with this savage attack on men,they pulled the rug from under themselves.

  • rsdeharp2112
    rsdeharp2112 Day ago

    It always has and always will be MONEY..The economic divide is beyond anything any society has ever even imagined. More and more realize they can not compete for the house/family with the millionaires and billionaires and so we have mgtow, bottom line. None of this would be if it were not for the economic divide in the downfall of the American empire as it has been all throughout history.. And may the hate mail begin.

  • Anonymous Man
    Anonymous Man 2 days ago

    It must be why I fell in love with a rural Tennessee girl 27 years old and I'm 60. Tattooed from head to toe and I'm a health care professional. I'm burned out on all that sh*t.

  • Seth Renegade
    Seth Renegade 2 days ago

    If men truly were demons as those femtards describe, the women nowadays wouldn't have a single human right.
    As if women walking in group protesting for right to vote would have made a difference, if patriarchy existed, all those women would have been killed brutally and made an example of.

  • robert still
    robert still 2 days ago

    Who cares what they think.

  • Joker 6
    Joker 6 2 days ago

    Ok sooooooo the US is tearing itself apart from the inside. Hmmm interesting ...

  • all iknow
    all iknow 2 days ago

    Yes,yes,yes. Nobody stands up for men. We are not the cause of all the worlds problems. We have worked our entire lives in support of the women in our lives. The FAD today is to be a victim of men and the masculine nature. Not trying to say that men are superior to women. I never thought that way ever in my life. And most American men were raised to respect their counter . Treat them as equals. Not in all areas . As we were taught that we had different strengths. As unique as our sexual differences. What's next?

  • Watering TheFate
    Watering TheFate 2 days ago

    Oh it's mans fault
    See back when people was normal!
    man worked hard to put food on the table.
    And we'll wife never got her time?
    so he invented ways to get food on tables faster made it so simple; the woman no longer needs a man?
    for his past technology has made woman to act like man and man weak as the woman?

  • White Rook
    White Rook 2 days ago

    Yes the war against men has forced men to leave the rest of you on your own. Car broken don't call a man, plumbing problems call your girl friend. Need money go to a bank, want a date take your cat. Need help at work don't ask a man. Women and leftists don't ask men for anything because we will not answer your call.

  • Weinmaraner productions

    anyone who thinks their woke that's not woke not even near

  • Terry Mcnutt
    Terry Mcnutt 2 days ago

    What would happen if a man had said we are not here caise if woman haha

  • III PERCENTER American rights

    Who the fck gave women their rights.

  • Step Tart
    Step Tart 2 days ago

    This is your fault America because we banned burning witch's.

  • Jadd612
    Jadd612 2 days ago

    It’s just garbage liberal arts academia from the dumbed down Vietnam education draft waiver coming to head.

  • Dexter Schray
    Dexter Schray 2 days ago

    If masculinity is so toxic, then why have men been providing for their families and communities since the beginning of humanity?

  • Sword and Shield
    Sword and Shield 2 days ago

    The liberal agenda has long been about being a factory to produce beta males. It was done slowly, over years, so most effected by it are clueless. Thankfully I came through before the push, but I can see the clear difference their agenda has made overall in society. It's a shame a real shame.

  • ProdBy INM
    ProdBy INM 2 days ago

    What about organising an Annual 1 night purge were killing and crimes would be legal ??