Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
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Comments • 378 863

  • shane
    shane  8 months ago +20518

    PART 2 UP NOW!!!!!!

  • KÄŸŁË 033
    KÄŸŁË 033 31 minute ago

    1:36:58 lil pump killed me

  • Mackenzie Gress
    Mackenzie Gress Hour ago

    I don't know like, any science, but for sure it is really strange that a house would be burned down across the street but the trees and plants nearby or even a house that's directly behind it that's untouched. That doesn't make any sense. I mean, I've lived in neighborhoods where there's a house fire that starts from the inside and it's cut off before it reaches another house but in a wildfire where people are evacuated that doesn't make any sense.

  • Winnie
    Winnie 2 hours ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that he literally flashed momo in our face without a warning- THAT BITCH SCARY AF

  • April Martinez
    April Martinez 3 hours ago

    Shane’s the only person that can make me believe I’m a camel

  • Jessica Gray
    Jessica Gray 4 hours ago

    What if when people actually freeze "to death" they are actually stopped like frogs. Then when the autopsy is preformed that's when they die. Or when the funeral homes drain the blood and stuff. Their bodies just dodnt have enough time to start back up again.

  • Elementary Watson
    Elementary Watson 4 hours ago

    At this point in time, if you really can't tell the difference between a deepfake and real footage, you need to go get your eyes checked. This is a non issue. That girl crying over her deepfake porn is just whining for attention. What if someone drew a picture of you giving oral sex? Are you gonna cry then too and ask for drawing to be a classified art?

  • Awee._.Official
    Awee._.Official 5 hours ago

    Lol my apple watch always says 10:09

  • WickedSkittle
    WickedSkittle 5 hours ago

    I don't think it should be called a rabbit hole anymore. I think it should be called the 'Dawson Void' because I am living for EVERY video
    Started with Jeffree....went to Jake Paul....Tana....Eugenia....and alllll the rest.
    JUST because I knew I was NOT ready for Shane's Conspiracy theory series. I got into Shane because of his documentaries, and I actually remember watching him as a kid when he FIRST was on youtube. Never thought I'd be on a 32 hour(so far) binge watching marathon.

  • Austin Wolfe
    Austin Wolfe 6 hours ago

    If this shit became a legit horror movie on RU-clip based on real events I would give this a 10/10 because of how fucking chilling it is and also with the Hollister theory up until the point where the video shows footage about the lawsuits that came in to play I wanted to go to Hollister's just to browse and leave and be like "can you guys see it, can you see the middle finger I've got here? "

  • aNiMeFaNgIrl
    aNiMeFaNgIrl 6 hours ago

    wow it is both scary and mind blowing...i mean i have always been thinking about the fire how did it start an i have even asked my family about and the answer was electrical or nature or something else...but still the question remains, How did the fire start ?

  • Monolith Fan
    Monolith Fan 6 hours ago

    The simple reason for 10 minutes to 2 on watches = it frames the company logo & us photographers do it always like this. It has nothing to do with conspiracy. Just like taking a corporate profile photo of an employee is always done with studio lights. Its the industry norm. Just like it is an industry norm in the movie sector to use green screens.
    It has NOTHING to do with smiles and frowns. It has all to do with the COMPANY LOGO.

  • Kala Hall
    Kala Hall 6 hours ago

    This phone one is crazy!! My husband and I were talking about buying a specific vacuum (just talked about it never looked anything up on my phone or on any of the computers I work on). The next day when I got on Facebook, there was Ads for that same vacuum that we were talking about the day before!! SPOOKY!!!

  • spoof_ move
    spoof_ move 7 hours ago

    I’m high asf but the kfc sandwich was 99¢ so the bill was insinuating that it’s only a buck 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Beth Liddle
    Beth Liddle 9 hours ago

    Is it just me or do Andrew and Morgan would be so cute together x

  • Sydney Davis
    Sydney Davis 9 hours ago

    Thank GOD my child watches PBS kids

  • Sydney Davis
    Sydney Davis 9 hours ago

    Not hanged its hung

  • Hufflepuff Shane Dawson Squad Fan


  • Luke Axolotl
    Luke Axolotl 12 hours ago

    Hello Shane
    Welcome back queen

  • Heavy Metal Kitten
    Heavy Metal Kitten 12 hours ago

    The deep fake app is unsettling.

  • shooKING
    shooKING 12 hours ago

    "I would rather go to h*** than get an android" if that aint the most relatable thing

  • Braeden Eade
    Braeden Eade 13 hours ago +1

    When you said hey Siri it triggered my Siri

  • YWD Entertainment
    YWD Entertainment 13 hours ago +1

    okay shane explain something to me... where was easter in 2019?? why don’t i or anyone i know remember easter this year

  • firas hidar
    firas hidar 14 hours ago

    Could swear this video had investigating in the title...
    Mandela effect?

  • preiderator
    preiderator 15 hours ago

    Obama saying "stay woke bitches" is the best thing ever

  • I don’t know What I’m doing

    fuken bmb

  • Ruby Harris
    Ruby Harris 18 hours ago +1

    one time my mum was on a phone call and said a swear word and Siri opened on her phone and replied "don't use language like that" absolutely terrifying that it heard her WHILE SHE WAS ON A PHONE CALL

  • Bill Buttlicker
    Bill Buttlicker 20 hours ago

    S T A Y W O K E B I T C H E S

  • ルイズLouise
    ルイズLouise 20 hours ago


  • Gingie
    Gingie 23 hours ago

    Anybody know that humming sound effect Shane uses for this?

  • Kirsten Ornelas
    Kirsten Ornelas 23 hours ago

    There was conspiracy theories about the fires out here in eastern oregon, Washington state and Idaho, which all connected at one point. They were saying things like the forest service and or the loggers (logging had been all but stopped due to ass hats in the west side of the state which gets way more rain than in these areas out here, they also don't get the hot temps and high winds we do) started the fires to fulfill the agenda to get logging back up and running. Which happened, eastern oregon told western oregon to f off with logging laws and the next spring went in and cleared out old brush and fire hazard dry underbrush. We went from 32 active fires, which eventually connected to other fires, all around the small town we live in... to only 2 large and a handful of small fires the next summer after loggers were allowed back into the forests... last 3 years though there are several places that have been on fire where we gotta wonder what's left there to burn?!

  • Alejandra Uribe
    Alejandra Uribe Day ago

    My sister lived in chico at that time it was scary

  • abbykingnonez 1
    abbykingnonez 1 Day ago

    me realizing that shane and andrew had to look at porn together for the clips in this video.............

  • Kirsten Ornelas
    Kirsten Ornelas Day ago

    The Abercrombie coat my bf got me smelled like the cologne there for weeks! I'm totally embarrassed I used to shop these places oof

  • Its_ Melaniee_UwU

    41:27 THANOS IS BACK

  • Eloras Life
    Eloras Life Day ago

    I’ve been watching these since I was 10 I’m now 12

  • Jolie Clark
    Jolie Clark Day ago

    RIP shane you will be missed by millions😢😭💔💔

  • Kirsten Ornelas
    Kirsten Ornelas Day ago

    I also have family and friends who lived, still live in the paradise and surrounding areas.

  • Kirsten Ornelas
    Kirsten Ornelas Day ago

    The ones who stay behind are the houses that aren't lost. That's the way it worked out here
    The firefighters will actually spend more time helping ppl who stay behind trying to save their homes. As we drove through the areas the fires were u would see one place with the house saved but all outbuildings gone then the next everything was gone the next they were able to save everything on the property then burned to the ground places for a bit then the same you wld see one place with just the home saved ect ect. (Most of our area is farmlands so farm houses and outbuilding such as barns, garages, chicken pens ect ect). It was eery and sad

  • Its_ Melaniee_UwU

    There is literally a lost episode of mickey mouse called suicide mouse

  • Kirsten Ornelas
    Kirsten Ornelas Day ago

    2015 fires were like that for eastern oregon. We had 32 active fires around us all at once. The fire nearest to our place was literally 3 miles we just watched the top of the hill half the night just glow. Just hoping the wind didn't change or pick up and send it towards our place we were on level 2 evac most of the summer.

  • Kirsten Ornelas
    Kirsten Ornelas Day ago

    I had to laugh when she said "my phones possessed " cuz seriously I've had so many strange things happen with my cellphone!

  • spacetypo
    spacetypo Day ago

    the fire laser theory is so dumb. watch Armoured Skeptic's debunking video

  • Astro UwU
    Astro UwU Day ago

    take notes fbi agent

  • Wingardium Leviosa

    We’re the houses burned down Christians?

  • Isabella Latuche

    Shane’s face all over RU-clip Rewind is the best thing I’ve ever seen. I need him to make a video with his face in all of RU-clip Rewind or on bands like BTS or on One Direction music videos. I would literally die from laughter. 😂

  • Isha Sadiq
    Isha Sadiq Day ago +2

    Shane: Siri is always listening
    Me:deletes Siri

  • Mercedes Williams

    the editing is unreal i love it

  • TearsOf Blood
    TearsOf Blood Day ago

    I kind of feel with the Mickey comic and some of them others are trying too show kids and people that it's not worth killing yourself and that you always have something too live for, hence all the failed attempts, I don't know I didn't explain my opinion very well.. I feel like it's a reach tho.. It's still dark nonetheless tho I will agree with that

  • R3L6 Bruh
    R3L6 Bruh Day ago

    Ray: Moves cokies
    Garret: *dies inside*

  • Brooklyn’s Corner

    Shane : *spooky voice* get an Android
    Garret : ew no I’d rather go to hell than get an Android
    Me: OMG SAME 🤣🤣🤣😭😭

  • Diego Salazar
    Diego Salazar Day ago

    Oh no 🤦🏻‍♂️ you telling me that apple sees my history...........

  • Diego Salazar
    Diego Salazar Day ago

    Shane you’re are a really nice guy and funny guy may god bless all you’re family and YOU.

  • Brooklyn’s Corner

    Am I the only one who is In love with Andrews laugh 😍🤣

  • Alden Apricot
    Alden Apricot Day ago +8

    Shane really just spent 30 min talking about
    *”SpOoKy BiSnIsS StRaTeGiEs”*

  • Nessa
    Nessa Day ago

    He should do conspiracy theories on scam likley calls lmao

  • Dylan Grealish
    Dylan Grealish Day ago


  • Ari Ari
    Ari Ari Day ago

    Omg Ik this is really late but 1 I always watch ur videos over and over again and 2 I played twister in 3rd grade my teacher brought to school and me my friend and a boy played it and we all got a lil too close 😳😬I’m in middle school now and I also remember the London bridge my class sang for fun when I was in kinder !!!!!! And we also played hangman !!! To this day my child still haunts me for what I did without noticing it talks about dark things. Also love ur videos !

  • Yash Parmar
    Yash Parmar Day ago

    Isn't that a market strategy & not conspiracy in case of groceries

  • Jenny Stenberg
    Jenny Stenberg Day ago

    does anyone recognize what music / soundtrack is playing in the background with the Disney Frozen case ???