YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dirty lyanna (Official Video)

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dirty lyanna (Official Video)
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  • Seriously Hilarious
    Seriously Hilarious 52 seconds ago

    This song is sooo bad and sooo catchy at the same time. WHERES MY DOWNLOAD BUTTON?

  • Brooklyn Williams
    Brooklyn Williams Minute ago

    Ooh child the ghetto 😂

  • Kendal Bumpass
    Kendal Bumpass Minute ago

    im sorry to say this but this is probably youngboys first trash song

  • Alpaca Plays
    Alpaca Plays Minute ago +1

    haters: YoungBoy has one style
    Mj: Mhmm

  • Timothy Wright
    Timothy Wright 2 minutes ago

    Wtf 😭

  • Kayla Garcia
    Kayla Garcia 2 minutes ago

    Disappointed me otc :/

  • Jaeda Hunter
    Jaeda Hunter 2 minutes ago

    Bad song

  • Dylon ingram
    Dylon ingram 2 minutes ago

    Mike turning in his grave right now

  • Jaeda Hunter
    Jaeda Hunter 2 minutes ago


    FATOILET 3 minutes ago

    What is this beat sampled from??

  • Rickey Woodford
    Rickey Woodford 3 minutes ago

    #1 trending tho🔥🔥🔥🔥🤮

  • Jaeda Hunter
    Jaeda Hunter 3 minutes ago


  • RJ Griffith
    RJ Griffith 3 minutes ago

    Am sure that everyone did not expect nba youngboy make a song like that

  • JSTGrizzT
    JSTGrizzT 3 minutes ago

    Another trash UFCHerpyboy song

  • Jaeda Hunter
    Jaeda Hunter 3 minutes ago


  • set me
    set me 3 minutes ago

    This shit ass

  • Muoi Health and Beauty
    Muoi Health and Beauty 3 minutes ago

    You designed the jeans to look good

  • Its Naeshaa
    Its Naeshaa 3 minutes ago

    Leave him alone😭 I like it.

  • Norcossy Minton
    Norcossy Minton 4 minutes ago

  • R King
    R King 4 minutes ago

    I bet that house had herpes also

  • JaequanPlayzRBLX
    JaequanPlayzRBLX 4 minutes ago +1

    Wanna play a game?
    Every like dies! 💀

    I wouldn’t like this if I were u💀💀💀

  • cinnamon
    cinnamon 4 minutes ago

    why the fuck is this the #1 trending who the fuck even is this dude

    • JaequanPlayzRBLX
      JaequanPlayzRBLX 2 minutes ago

      cinnamon u a dumb ass bitch NBA YOUNGBOY IS THE BEST 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

      FUCK U!

  • Sade Williams
    Sade Williams 4 minutes ago


  • Cortney Hall
    Cortney Hall 4 minutes ago

    If I feel like I owe u uma make it right...I felt that

  • Beo3x TvChannel
    Beo3x TvChannel 5 minutes ago

  • Tyler Scott
    Tyler Scott 5 minutes ago

    Is this a “when the music video doesn’t match the song “

  • Mia Elias
    Mia Elias 5 minutes ago +1

    How dey gon show her fullest of nails lookin all cute but den when she hops the wall the bitch only got one pinky nail on her right hand ✌🏽️🤔💀👋🏽

  • Kiearah Simpson
    Kiearah Simpson 5 minutes ago +3

    DIE 🤣🤣

  • rapper monwell
    rapper monwell 5 minutes ago

    That girl looked like bob the builder with her gay gay gay gay looking

  • Kisashe Kwaramba
    Kisashe Kwaramba 5 minutes ago

    Yea this nigga the Goat 🙇🏽‍♂️🐍🐍🐍☄️

  • Lola’s Kitchen Artis
    Lola’s Kitchen Artis 6 minutes ago

    I like this🥰🥰🥰

  • wizrondo _420
    wizrondo _420 6 minutes ago

    Mike hurting right now

  • Logan Miller
    Logan Miller 6 minutes ago


  • Emmanuel Belvin
    Emmanuel Belvin 6 minutes ago +1

    Do yall not know dats yaya in the video

  • Tom Ross TV
    Tom Ross TV 6 minutes ago

    This cat is basurda

  • Kay Queen
    Kay Queen 7 minutes ago


  • Trina
    Trina 7 minutes ago

    MJ heee heeeing in his grave. You get an A For Effort. You get an A For Creativity. Stick to what you know and don’t ever mess up a classic record again. Throw this whole track 🚮

  • Walterlee TV
    Walterlee TV 7 minutes ago

    Shit hard

  • Bobby J
    Bobby J 7 minutes ago +1

    I applaud him for using this song. It’s hard to use some like this. DIRTY IYANAAAAA💯💯💯

  • AiJay Creates
    AiJay Creates 7 minutes ago

    Go watch my newest video plzzzz

  • Loren K
    Loren K 7 minutes ago


  • v KxrruptGxd v
    v KxrruptGxd v 7 minutes ago

    This bihh so fire 🔥

  • YounginVic
    YounginVic 8 minutes ago

    this shit so good

  • Itsjust_yanna
    Itsjust_yanna 8 minutes ago

    my name is iyanna and its spelled the same way and ppl keep callin me dirty iyanna as a joke tho

  • QuantamXRS
    QuantamXRS 8 minutes ago


  • Fire Champ
    Fire Champ 8 minutes ago +1

    Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Michael Jackson

  • Djjon Jonyer
    Djjon Jonyer 9 minutes ago

    It hard😮

  • Love Squad
    Love Squad 9 minutes ago

    He took Michael Jackson’s. Stuff if you really peeped that shit

  • officialkells
    officialkells 9 minutes ago +1

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  • pearce sabates
    pearce sabates 9 minutes ago

    Love the change of your voice and instrumentals #NBA

  • TDGHenry Artiga
    TDGHenry Artiga 9 minutes ago +1

    0:17 Really? Black Ops 4 when the new cod is out

  • Jack McGee
    Jack McGee 9 minutes ago +1

    Trump 2020

  • DonkeyDoodlee
    DonkeyDoodlee 9 minutes ago +1

    Rip nba youngboy now that juice is gone, they coming for you next

  • AbelXO
    AbelXO 10 minutes ago

    The Weeknd - D.D. much much better. But nice try.

  • chewee williams
    chewee williams 10 minutes ago

    if micheal was still alive he would appreciate this

    SXTWLVE 10 minutes ago

    Who tf is Iyanna

  • MecHe 12
    MecHe 12 10 minutes ago

    I like NBA youngboy but this kinda corny

  • Dre LaJames
    Dre LaJames 10 minutes ago

    This is trash. I'm sad for music after this

  • Tävø Jøhñsöñ
    Tävø Jøhñsöñ 10 minutes ago

    This video prove how sneaky this bitch was🤣💯

  • AyooGweensYt
    AyooGweensYt 10 minutes ago +2

    #1 on trending like if you was here before a million