Handy little scroll saw table/stand

  • Published on Oct 6, 2017
  • I needed to build something to hold my scroll saw. I dont like using the saw on the workbench so i came up with this little stand so i could shove it under the bench when i am done with it.
    All comments welcome cheers Paul
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  • Terry Thomas Whitley
    Terry Thomas Whitley 8 months ago

    I just come across this. Just what I was looking for. Thank you Mate. I have the same Scroll saw as this one. It has done me well. I also modded the blade clamp so I can use Spiral blades as that is the only blades I like to use.... Thank you for sharing this video . Straight to the point great build and I have now Subscribed.............

  • David Davis
    David Davis 10 months ago

    For sitting down when working a tilted stand in end works best, You also want it rock solid when working so mobility comes second for such fine work.

  • Ike Agwoye
    Ike Agwoye 11 months ago

    nice job Paul. but how much can someone budget for that mini scroll saw?

    • Ike Agwoye
      Ike Agwoye 11 months ago

      @SHARPEYS WORKSHOP Thanks for the response.

      SHARPEYS WORKSHOP  11 months ago

      Hi buddy iam paid around £130 for mine but I've seen loads on eBay and such like for around £50 cheers

  • Darren Billingsley
    Darren Billingsley Year ago +1

    Good idea that like that video short n sweet

  • Phil Walker
    Phil Walker Year ago +1

    Great idea Paul, giving you space which is alway an issue in a home workshop, good idea and im sure it will ignite ideas in the minds of all that watch. :)