Tyga Reveals His Insane Closets With Over $100k of Sneakers | Complex Closets

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Tyga gives Joe La Puma a tour of his sneaker and clothing collection for Complex Closets and shows four different closets, a huge array of BAPE shoes, Louis Vuitton clothes and sunglasses, and 1-of-1 customs.
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  • Adolfo Carrillo
    Adolfo Carrillo Day ago

    What are those black&res Jordans on the front left called at 8:45? I been looking for those but don't know the name can I get some help!

  • Barking Spider
    Barking Spider Day ago

    Fur is weak af.

  • Ws Nivia21
    Ws Nivia21 Day ago

    Joe :how ya doin
    Tyga: Yes Sir 🤣😂

  • Frank Libéria
    Frank Libéria 2 days ago

    how mush is your outfit 👇


  • Ata
    Ata 2 days ago +1

    Kylie's type

  • Bonie Pagsuguiron
    Bonie Pagsuguiron 2 days ago

    Oh man watching this show..
    Me like:😢😢😢..can i have one pairof your shoe

  • karolina fonseca muñoz

    Pongan subtitulos en español por favor🙏🏽

  • Andrew Goode
    Andrew Goode 2 days ago

    When you get the big score in GTAV

  • daa da
    daa da 3 days ago

    Is this why he couldn’t pay his mortgage

  • Pariwesh
    Pariwesh 3 days ago

    *Has he paid the money he had to pay to the car rental?*

  • YubBoi Lijah
    YubBoi Lijah 4 days ago +1

    Tyga got a 🔥 closet. Im talking bout from the shoes to the clothes omg, Straight up heat.

  • Kayla Nashay
    Kayla Nashay 4 days ago

    lmfaooo this shit funny as hell to me....talking about they dont hold up, cause you dont try to clean them until they turn old & dusty

  • GeneralTywan
    GeneralTywan 4 days ago

    Start investing your future depends on it!!!

  • Mrtnezz YSL
    Mrtnezz YSL 5 days ago +1

    Joe La Puma: "How you doin' ?"
    Tyga: "Yes sir"

  • slim shady
    slim shady 5 days ago +1

    Every time he says "U gotta have these" I cry

  • Salmaan Abbas
    Salmaan Abbas 5 days ago

    Tyga face so small

  • Tania Antunes
    Tania Antunes 5 days ago


  • Mateo Smereciuc
    Mateo Smereciuc 7 days ago +1

    "Joe: Tyga's house
    Tyga: What's poppin bro
    Joe: What's up
    Tyga: *yessir *

  • Matancita
    Matancita 7 days ago

    you know what im saying

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar 11 days ago

    Tyga is going bankrupt think. So

  • Haz Kant
    Haz Kant 11 days ago

    Damn this host guy looks super weird almost like a child rapist ..

  • Khaya Dlamini
    Khaya Dlamini 11 days ago

    A whole sneaker shop at home, he was sick of buying every time and made his own shop instead!

  • Allice Valerie
    Allice Valerie 12 days ago

    Its gotta be like 250+ shoes 👟👟👟

  • janelle cole
    janelle cole 12 days ago

    Tyga is dangerous cause neva did I just see some black air forces

  • Jxpkii
    Jxpkii 12 days ago

    Wer ist wegen Justin hier? Hello America :D

    JOZUZU 14 days ago

    he has more shoes than all the stores in my city. wtf


    Mira este video♥

  • Antonio Santos
    Antonio Santos 15 days ago

    His closet is bigger than my apt

  • Jessa Mae Galvadores
    Jessa Mae Galvadores 16 days ago

    Allen iverson

  • Hoobie Barter
    Hoobie Barter 16 days ago

    Wtf where can I find classic bapes for 150!!!!??????!!!!!???? I only see these wack ass new ones

  • Jamie Altenbach
    Jamie Altenbach 17 days ago

    What's up in la were s my homie at all good baby1 big hug yo

  • Ace Pronto
    Ace Pronto 17 days ago

    Tygas not def why this man speaking English and sign language at the same time 😂

  • Dylan Le Tallec
    Dylan Le Tallec 19 days ago

    I am the only one to notice the calves ??

  • Jaysyn Ashanti
    Jaysyn Ashanti 19 days ago +1

    It looks like he has more shoes than clothes lol


    Wiz Khalifa spends 100k per month on weed and Famous Dex in Lean, PXXR GVNG TYGA

  • John Doe
    John Doe 20 days ago

    What kinda shoes is tyga wearing

  • gitoya tyndale
    gitoya tyndale 20 days ago +1

    no re way numbers keep the cour standin out !

  • Silas Vryens
    Silas Vryens 20 days ago

    why dont we see joe's closet?

  • Jm Benamer
    Jm Benamer 22 days ago

    Hey joe la puma in philippines is one of really dope closet he is dj big boy cheng

  • Candace Hughes
    Candace Hughes 22 days ago

    My husband 2

  • Xavier 243
    Xavier 243 23 days ago

    11:25 most awkward handshake of all time 🤣®️

  • Helwuwuxfrmy gaming
    Helwuwuxfrmy gaming 23 days ago

    You must visit big boy chang BWAHAH

  • Bubu Bang
    Bubu Bang 25 days ago +2

    Having a hard time believing if this is actually the house he lives in or he out in a few months 🤔

  • Aldrin Tusheii
    Aldrin Tusheii 25 days ago

    If you want to see the craziest collection in the world man you need to go to the Philippines to Dj Big Boy Cheng

  • juan carlos mendoza
    juan carlos mendoza 25 days ago


  • _ Khaos
    _ Khaos 25 days ago

    Can anybody tell me what shoes were the white shoes at 4:18 thar say python?

  • No Name
    No Name 26 days ago

    You know what im sayin'

  • solo gang23
    solo gang23 27 days ago


  • Isaac Salon
    Isaac Salon 28 days ago

    tyga is obsessed with baggy pants

  • Antonio M.
    Antonio M. 29 days ago

    He cool asf. But he still dated kylie under the age of 18. So.

  • Allan Ramos
    Allan Ramos 29 days ago

    you should fly to the Philippines and visit Big Boy Cheng's collection if shoes :)

  • Neptune Trigger
    Neptune Trigger 29 days ago


  • Neptune Trigger
    Neptune Trigger 29 days ago

    Much respect for this dude

  • SuRReal Playaz
    SuRReal Playaz 29 days ago

    Love how they were all so organized

  • Rago Brudda
    Rago Brudda Month ago

    "This ones from kylie"

  • Valentina Pireddu
    Valentina Pireddu Month ago

    All the Etai customs i seeeee

  • Louis Clements
    Louis Clements Month ago +3

    I’ll be surprised if he has any of travis’s shoes 😂😂

  • ricardo miranda
    ricardo miranda Month ago

    Starwalks my favorite shoe

  • Kevin Boone
    Kevin Boone Month ago

    I wish the good brother would sell those THINGS...lol...and invest the money, because in 20 -30 years he could send many kids to school and/or help them create thriving Black businesses, which would (in their eyes), make him "King of the World." Those shoes are nice, I know. But what if he could give kids their "traveling shoes?" Understand those shoes are made for walking...and one of these days those shoes are gonna' walk all over...White Supremacy. (Haters...take a seat.)

  • A Bot
    A Bot Month ago

    Reporters weird..@9:52 tyga goes to hand him a belt to look at, reporter backs away? Wtf lol