10 things i wish i knew before freshman year of college

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
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  • Jonathan Wrotny
    Jonathan Wrotny 4 months ago

    This might seem weird but just keep calm and and put yourself in a place you feeel comfortable and aaare happy in

  • Kevin's Journal
    Kevin's Journal 6 months ago

    I agree with number 7, actually already graduated, but I do miss a lot of the massive amount of things to do. Actually made a video on my page about it, but the biggest thing is doing some of everything helped me figure out what I wanted to do career-wise and even on the side hustle hobby level after I graduated.

  • Hải Bùi
    Hải Bùi 7 months ago

    Me in high school: go to bed at 9PM
    Me in college: go to bed at 11PM
    No staying up late
    I guess I love sleeping more than anything 🤣😅

  • nsbhater
    nsbhater 9 months ago

    Good video wth valid points. Missing a good stucture tho. Drowns into too much talk n info around each points. Wish you had trimmed it down better 📝

  • Daisy B
    Daisy B Year ago

    which university does she go to? is it a uni like harvard or yale? :)

  • Persephone Pomegranate

    The letter I though

  • Kausiah Idequest
    Kausiah Idequest Year ago

    I can’t have a phone wallet at school cause there are many people who could easily steal my card (I know nothing too valuable but I’m talking about a library card and $5), but yeah.

  • chloé
    chloé Year ago

    Starting university this year.... very nervous and even more excited

  • Emmanuel Erquiza
    Emmanuel Erquiza Year ago

    My n.. Neverending love for this channel

  • Coffee Jaytee
    Coffee Jaytee Year ago

    10th grade here hHH

  • marianna rollins
    marianna rollins Year ago

    Wait.... some people have told me to order them earlier since you can get cheaper prices and that some professors will be mad at you for not having your books.

  • kulsum k
    kulsum k Year ago

    Thank you, these are very helpful for the future ♥️

  • Mohammad Mohd
    Mohammad Mohd Year ago

    the name of this channel is a misspelled “studying” lmao

  • DarkMoonLightMist
    DarkMoonLightMist Year ago +1

    study tip i started adapting after my first semester (which, if your campus is big, will save you some backache from carrying around too much)
    for one, handwritten notes are ideal. though if youre like me, its hard to keep your pages legible and organized, especially when youre scribbling as fast as your professor is talking
    so instead of having separate notebooks, i always had just one that i carried with me which i put the notes for all my classes in
    then later that day, i take the time to put those notes in my "official" notebooks for the respective subjects. good way of doing some review (since its often hard to absorb the first time youre writing it down so fast) and great way of keeping organized notes

  • Harriet Shearsmith

    This is a fab video, thanks for sharing!

  • 啊啊啊
    啊啊啊 Year ago

    7:37 the point about lower grades really resonated with me. the school i go to is just really challenging and possibly out of my skill level because i have to put in a ton of effort to get B+ grades, and even though it kinda sucks to get those grades after being admitted with a 4.0, i can feel how much i’m learning so its worth it.

  • karim abi zeid
    karim abi zeid Year ago

    Freshman , take notes

  • Jillian Allison
    Jillian Allison Year ago

    queen making relevant videos once again

  • Fazel 10
    Fazel 10 Year ago

    Your videos really helped me to get an A+ for this year. Thanx and make more vid

  • Jose Estrada
    Jose Estrada Year ago

    ¿Cómo le haces para saber si no te equivocas cuando escribes? Es que me di cuenta que cuando lo haces, tu mano cubre el texto. Yo también soy zurdo, y siempre tengo que girar a horizontal para poder escribir.

  • Olivia
    Olivia Year ago

    I register for classes on Tuesday and I am incredibly stressed over getting a good schedule. My major isn’t very common so hopefully after my third semester it won’t be too hard getting classes but those first three semesters are gonna be rough registration-wise 😬

  • Cami
    Cami Year ago

    I'm starting uni on july 16 and I'm so stressed. School is so different over here, Honduras.

  • jjueo is life
    jjueo is life Year ago

    niceee videosss. i will take final terms and i will end up my freshman year omg idk i would become so excited or anything. but the things is... i wish i didnt spend my precious sleep time like when i was in high skool if i know that im not even sleep in college XDXDXD
    and also u will feel really grateful ever when u can take a nap during ur break time xdxdxdxd

  • Maria Joel
    Maria Joel Year ago

    You hold pen exactly like me. Except I hold the pen with my right hand.

  • Abbie Gartland
    Abbie Gartland Year ago

    Love these types of videos! i always look forward to your videos! so happy that your back!

  • Tatiyana Ioane
    Tatiyana Ioane Year ago +1

    Wow, you're already in College Sareena. I remember finding your channel 2 years ago when I was in 9th grade. You were the reason I passed a Maths test with a great score! 😅
    I always come back to your channel. Others can't make me stay😂😂😂

  • Avalon Grace
    Avalon Grace Year ago

    I graduated on Thursday and am anxiously waiting for the end of August to arrive. Thanks for this video!!!

  • SofiaTheFool
    SofiaTheFool Year ago

    Loved this video! The part about grades dropping struck a chord in particular. I was very much used to be a straight-A student throughout my entire school career, so getting some low grades at the beginning and at the end of the year shocked me. And when I say low, I *mean* low. However, you can always pull your grades back up, and they definitely do not reflect who you are as a person or how intelligent you are. And if it comes down it, and you have the option, go to Resit. It exists for a reason, and it isnt a shameful thing. Just make sure you are always trying your best! All in all, with all its ups and all its downs, I loved my freshman year, and I am glad that you seem to have enjoyed yours too!!

  • Ana Sofía Del Río

    Thank you so much,I'm starting college in August and this was very helpful love from Mexico City 💕💕

  • Kalista Putri
    Kalista Putri Year ago

    super trueee

  • lisa
    lisa Year ago

    I'm going to start my freshman year in college in just two weeks and you just so happened to upload tis video just right in time!

  • SamsonArmstrong
    SamsonArmstrong Year ago +1

    On the lower grades topic: Cs get degrees. Unless you plan to go to grad school, don't worry too much about grades, and even then, you can leverage experience. I'm graduating in December, an almost straight-C student by this point, and have 4 jobs offers. I'm telling you, take opportunities, join clubs, do internships, get experience in your field, even if you have to push back your graduation date. It is worth it.
    Also also: Waterproof your backpack. Waterproofing spray is a thing, go buy some. Save your laptop.

  • whatajoy
    whatajoy Year ago

    class enrolments and timetabling WAS A FRICKEN STRUGGLE. everything eles was also RELATEABLE AF.

  • Cameron Golden
    Cameron Golden Year ago

    How many credit hours did you take? I am about to take 19 credit hours as a freshman in college for the fall 2018 and I'm not sure if that is too much?
    I love your videos btw, keep up the awesome content!!!

    • Jessica Murphy
      Jessica Murphy Year ago

      Cameron Golden good luck with your freshman year, and don’t forget you probably have the first two weeks to see if you took on too much. Don’t wanna drive yourself crazy your first semester.

    • Cameron Golden
      Cameron Golden Year ago

      Jessica Murphy , thank you so much for all the good advice. Looking at the syllabi and writing everything out in a planner ahead of time is a great idea. I'll make sure to do that too

    • Jessica Murphy
      Jessica Murphy Year ago

      Cameron Golden if you’ve talked to an advisor and can see yourself realistically handling the workload and doing well then stick with it. If you decide to stick with it then what I suggest is when you get your syllabi at the beginning of the semester look at the workload, assignments, grading criteria, tests, and quizzes for every class. Write it out in a planner and if it looks like too much, it most likely is. If a class has a structure you don’t like, try and change it. You can also drop a class without any record of it going on your transcript usually the first week or two weeks of class, check your school calendar. It will say last drop date with no W, or something similar. A W doesn’t effect your GPA but if you accumulate many, like you drop two classes a semester than it can start to look bad. My freshman year I was so scared of dropping a class because I thought it meant I wasn’t good enough so I stayed in a history class that honestly wasn’t structured for me...that B haunts me. Sorry if my response is long, just wanna hell you out if I can

    • Cameron Golden
      Cameron Golden Year ago

      Jessica Murphy, I am a chemical engineering major and I am on the premed track as well. I am taking Honors Chemistry 1 (with chemistry lab) (tot. 4 credits), Honors Calc 1 (4 credits), Honors History to 1877 (3 credits), English 1 (with a mandatory discussion class) (tot. 3 cred hr), Chemical Engineering seminar (1 credit), psychology (3 credits), and a mandatory (1 credit) Honors FYE class

    • Jessica Murphy
      Jessica Murphy Year ago

      Cameron Golden 19 is a high number for a freshman. If you take 15 a semester you’re on track to graduate on time. It can be overwhelming if your first semester you’re taking so many classes since you’ll have to adjust to the work load. The only people who usually take that many are those who are behind on credits and have to catch up. Five classes are recommended. What classes are they?

  • Gillian Mazur
    Gillian Mazur Year ago

    I’ve been watching your videos since about my sophomore year in high school... I’m starting college this fall and your videos have been so helpful to me. Love this one in particular because it literally made me feel soooo EXCITED for college to start!!! I’m playing soccer for the schools team, have found my friend group online, and have met/ talked with my future professors several times. Thank you for all of the lovely tips, I’ll have to keep them in mind. My type A personality seems similar to yours, but I’ve been trying to love with the motto “No Regrets” and its been working so far. Anyways, sorry for the paragraph lol. But another college video(s) I’d love to see is something about dorm room essentials, the school supplies you brought or bought for college, and/or a list of stuff that is usually forgotten on the college list. Thanks!

  • Vanessa Yang
    Vanessa Yang Year ago

    These tips really helps! Thank you!! You said you're still in band even in college, how was your experience with that? I'm thinking of auditioning for the orchestra, but the audition happens even before classes start, so I'm not too sure about joining when I don't know anything about what's going on with university.

  • Arianna Rubio
    Arianna Rubio Year ago

    I just finished freshman year

  • Kaur Puneet
    Kaur Puneet Year ago +1

    Please enjoy your time in college people , *Live In The Moment* , don't just live those 3/4 years in a hurried manner going from home/hostel to college and then back home .
    Just staring at your books and not looking at the beautiful sky even once will make you regret it .
    Grades are important but so is to *Live Happily* .
    I still don't know what I did during my days in college .... ( I simply did not experience anything fully and happily ) , now I'm going to get back to studies next year , hopefully this time I will try and *live , enjoy every moment , living life slowly , observing the good things around me , thanking God for all the opportunities* :)

  • ραυlιиє •

    gonna be a college freshie this fall. thank you!

  • infamouslyunknown
    infamouslyunknown Year ago +24

    Also, *USE RATE MY PROFESSOR!!!!!* I cannot stress this enough. In high school you can’t choose what teacher you’re going to have but in college you have the option to go through every professor teaching your subjects and look up who you think will be the best option for you. I’ve used Rate My Professor to avoid teachers whose classes I probably would’ve struggled with (heed students’ warnings because they’re often very accurate) and was able to locate the classes I really enjoy 😊

  • infamouslyunknown

    I wish we weren’t the same age so I could actually apply all of these amazing ideas 😩

  • 1.487cm
    1.487cm Year ago

    thank you for your advice, this is going to help to guide me a lot!!!

  • Hannah Lord
    Hannah Lord Year ago

    Thank you for this I'm autistic so I really want to be prepared and I found this really helpful thank you so much good luck with everything xx

  • JustAUserName :P
    JustAUserName :P Year ago

    Only a sophomore but I'll be sure to revisit this before college!

    FLAME LIBRA Year ago

    Can't wait to get into college, Highschool is awful lol

  • Abby White
    Abby White Year ago

    hey you're in band? that's so cool! I just finished my freshman year as well and marching band was definitely one of the best things i got involved with this year :)

  • sky peters
    sky peters Year ago

    Nice video!!!

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    What degree are you doing?

  • Abettersideofme
    Abettersideofme Year ago +10

    I highly disagree with the way you phrased that if you are getting high grades you are not in a rigorous school, or you are not in the right learning environment. The letter grade has nothing to do with rigor. It is the effort you put into your school work. I agree, if the work seems easy and you're not being challenged that is a problem, but getting A's and B's in college does not mean your work is easy. Some people work their butts off, and that work should not be discredited.

    • studyign
      studyign  Year ago

      super good point! sorry i phrased it that way, i dont mean to discredit anyone’s hard work🌟🌟🌟

  • clout gang
    clout gang Year ago

    You forgot to get juul pods

  • aerin shaver
    aerin shaver Year ago +1

    thank you so much for this advice! im an incoming freshman for college and i just had orientation and i will most definitely take these tips and use them!! so happy youre back on youtube :)

  • jamie mitchell
    jamie mitchell Year ago +2

    The ‘lower grades are usual’ point was something i wished i knew before high school. I’m not from the usa so your school is decided on what level you do. When i got a 7 for my first test i was sooo confused😅

  • Terrifically Trisha

    pretty handwriting :D

  • Clayton Griffith
    Clayton Griffith Year ago +38

    Leaving for college early for a summer program. Will be on campus next month

  • Ganeefah S
    Ganeefah S Year ago +21

    tomorrow is my last day of my first semester of my first year, so here's to hoping i can incorporate these tips for the remainder of my year!
    i wish someone had warned me about the grades lower than what you expected. It's such a shock
    some tips that i've gotten from older students/experience:
    1) share your resources if you know someone needs help. you never know when you might also need assistance. Also, you're gonna be together for a long time and life's too short to not be generous
    2) University is a big adjustment so don't worry if you feel out of your element. Try different ways of studying and taking notes to ensure that when you stick to one you know it's really beneficial
    3) some people learn better from lecture notes, whereas others learn better from the textbook. If you know you aren't paying attention in lectures, maybe skip it and use that time to go through the textbook and look over the lecture videos afterwards
    4) Life and university is not a race. You may need to repeat a semester or repeat a year or even change your course. And that's okay!!
    5)Don't compare yourself to others!

  • tsukiko
    tsukiko Year ago +1

    thank you so much! I'll be a freshman in college this fall so this was so helpful!! :-))

  • vanessa grace
    vanessa grace Year ago

    Do you plan on revealing what University you go to?

  • Erica Macahilig
    Erica Macahilig Year ago

    Thank uuu

  • Erin Clark
    Erin Clark Year ago +1

    ABC, I need to do XYZ

  • Sapphire Willow
    Sapphire Willow Year ago

    great video as always!! love having you back ❤️