• Published on May 21, 2018
  • Hello friends how are you?, in this DIY video tutorial we will learn how to make this 15 awesome life hacks that will help you in your home or school. Hope you enjoy this smart and genius inventios and ideas. See you in the next video of 5 minutes craft life hacks with more magic tricks.
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  • HawkGuruHacker
    HawkGuruHacker  Year ago +46

    1 Million Subscribers lets go friends 😎😎😎

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  • Mirsad Kaplan
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  • Juan jose Martinez
    Juan jose Martinez 6 months ago

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    AIM WEW 7 months ago

    I want that coin 0:35!
    I collect foreign currency and I don't think I have ever seen that particular coin... What country are you in?

  • Kevinisraelhs Hernandez Suarez

    De que pais e res

  • Mahender Khedar
    Mahender Khedar 9 months ago


    MIND THEORY 9 months ago +1

    Are you from India

  • Ismael Hernandez
    Ismael Hernandez 11 months ago

    Esto es basura que horrible

  • κωνσταντινα Κωνσταντινιδη

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    yassin foot ball Year ago

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  • Zahid Hashmi
    Zahid Hashmi Year ago


  • rzthis1
    rzthis1 Year ago

    Stop wasting viewers time by advertising your videos with thumbnails that aren't included in the video!!!

  • anjana kumawat
    anjana kumawat Year ago

    Very good

  • Zygmunt Dupa
    Zygmunt Dupa Year ago

    thx for wasting my time like sryrysly 1/4 of the video is showing us like little kids what do you need for the "life hack"

  • Lace Garvey
    Lace Garvey Year ago

    The thumbnail is teaching people to break into other peoples houses with a paper clip 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • huggle 0
    huggle 0 Year ago

    Your a French Canadian? Correct me if I'm wrong bit the coin you used in the first thing was a two dollar coin.

    DUNG MY Year ago


  • Mateen Ahmad Khan

    Abe budhoo bana raha hai sab ko

  • Jordan Alberto
    Jordan Alberto Year ago

    can he make tricks

  • cik sarip
    cik sarip Year ago

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  • Satsuma Best
    Satsuma Best Year ago

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  • Mike Nordick
    Mike Nordick Year ago

    Earlier tonight I left a comment on a different video ... I said it was the worst, but turns out it was not cuz this one is. Sorry everyone!

  • flo flo
    flo flo Year ago


  • Алексей Шихалёв

    бесполезное гавно. Ещё больше покрути сам себе пальцем -что эти хаки просто супер, ну просто верх идиотизма. Ни о чём. Поставил бы дизлайк, но они продвинут твоё видео, так что иди нахер с ним

  • Muhammad Ammar
    Muhammad Ammar Year ago

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    michael sanchez Year ago

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    michael sanchez Year ago

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  • Waclaw Jarzabek
    Waclaw Jarzabek Year ago

    U had aome good vids in past but this is all bullshit, not to mention u show stuff u already did before. A notebook seroiusly ? I did it when i was 5 and it wasnt anything special.

  • Don Cristal
    Don Cristal Year ago


  • Frederick Green
    Frederick Green Year ago

    Yes yes we really did need a demonstration on how your hack cookie and container works I think we got it

  • Frederick Green
    Frederick Green Year ago

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  • Frederick Green
    Frederick Green Year ago

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    Frederick Green Year ago

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  • Scorpion
    Scorpion Year ago

    Did i just see this guy eating raw hotdogs?!

  • howard oxendine
    howard oxendine Year ago


  • Phillip Wooley
    Phillip Wooley Year ago

    Why not just go by some cookies, instead of wasting my time making my own and making a container? Life is to short.

  • Zhex Hexe
    Zhex Hexe Year ago

    super ideas 💪👌👍👍👍👏

  • Armin Hördt
    Armin Hördt Year ago

    sharpen a scissors at the inside. very funny

  • Pelush B
    Pelush B Year ago


  • Franco Contini
    Franco Contini Year ago

    questo video mi pare proprio una stronzata

  • Ezra
    Ezra Year ago

    Stupid videos is coming from itself; stupid youtubers.
    Go on, delete my comment. At least you read it.

  • Rana Mesam
    Rana Mesam Year ago

    Very good

  • Ajay Rikman N Sangma

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  • Сергей Воронин

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  • ibetisan abdol
    ibetisan abdol Year ago

    Fantastic. رائع جداً و جميل روعه انت من الذق الرفيع و راقي بالأحاسيس الرهيب

  • Ibs Yadav
    Ibs Yadav Year ago

    not bad

  • Wasis Adibowo
    Wasis Adibowo Year ago

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  • علوش الملك

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  • parveen chawla
    parveen chawla Year ago


  • Walter Perry
    Walter Perry Year ago

    These are not really what I would call a hack. Nifty creative craft work yeah, but this here be "tinkering." Why is everything called a hack? Hacking is making shortcuts. These topic videos seem more to be about innovation and home invention. I think the entire category needs a new alias personally. But I dig your inventiveness. Before the whole RU-clip community about these types of things became such a big fad; I spent my entire life making little trinkets, inventions, and gadgets. Tinkerers unite!

  • Walter Perry
    Walter Perry Year ago

    You're a hack... Lol sorry just a backhanded pun

  • Ramdav Solanki
    Ramdav Solanki Year ago


  • Free Life Hack
    Free Life Hack Year ago

    Nice 😀


    I haven't seen a microwave like that since early 90s lol

    • pradip chakraborty
      pradip chakraborty 2 months ago


  • PonyPrincessGames

    Dude, clean your fridge man.

  • Paul Johnston
    Paul Johnston Year ago

    Life Hacks! Really? How can they be life hacks when they've been contrived to fill a YouTvideo? Shouldn't they be things that come from

  • Mutu Bikram Rana
    Mutu Bikram Rana Year ago


  • Kenneth Billings
    Kenneth Billings Year ago

    You could just use the shorter pringles tin.

  • Massi Assi
    Massi Assi Year ago

    Totally waste of time 👎

    • Brock Lesner
      Brock Lesner Year ago

      Abe to. tu bhi to video dekh kar time waste kar raha hai