First Android Phone vs Google Pixel! 8 Year Comparison

  • Published on Nov 9, 2016
  • Google Pixel vs First Android Phone Ever Retro Review! Original HTC Dream G1, 8 Years Later Comparison. 2008 - 2016. Android 1.0 vs 7.1
    First iPhone vs iPhone 7:
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  • Yusuf Ertun
    Yusuf Ertun 3 months ago +1

    The dualshock pocket cookie will release in septemper 18 2019 will running android 1.5 cupcake

  • Ryan Dixon
    Ryan Dixon 5 months ago

    Google and android are not the same

  • Tomi Gt
    Tomi Gt 5 months ago

    5:23 Mumbu Jumbo? Oh yeah i heard of that guy before, He does redstone.

  • The invader 2
    The invader 2 5 months ago

    This is so boring

  • Olivia 10
    Olivia 10 6 months ago

    I am glad I never used android i’m glad I don’t have an HTC as you are the person to be responsible if I pull my hair out

  • rexay
    rexay 7 months ago

    if you wanted to use it as your daily device for whatever reason, do what I did.
    upgrade to gingerbread, so much more works, but it's a bit slower.

  • MarcusBRASIL
    MarcusBRASIL 9 months ago

    I died at 4:25

  • C B H
    C B H 10 months ago

    Ew, CNN.

  • Kayla Smith
    Kayla Smith Year ago

    The HTC Dream's camera isn't too bad. It could be worse.

  • Fulham hamster
    Fulham hamster Year ago +1

    Remember a friend at school got the G1 and we were all amazed how great and advanced it was.

  • Daniel Lyons
    Daniel Lyons Year ago

    0:18 Gotta love that bad photoshopping.

  • DirtyDirtsGT
    DirtyDirtsGT Year ago

    My uncle use Android 2 😎

  • Mario Icute
    Mario Icute Year ago

    Damn i still cant believe the first android was in 2007 a year before Obama was elected! Time went by too fast

  • fail dog
    fail dog Year ago

    3:46 omg im dying 😂😂😂

  • alroy betancourt
    alroy betancourt Year ago

    I hate andriod because they copy multi tuch from iPhone stolen productt

  • Gavin Allaire
    Gavin Allaire Year ago

    It just amazes me how far tech has come

  • lambdaguy101
    lambdaguy101 Year ago

    Where I can get one T-Mobile G1? I would use it today. Like if you would do it too

  • Jack F
    Jack F Year ago

    That phone had more ram than the iphone.
    iPhone 2G- 128 mb
    Google G1- 192 mb

  • Sarah Ann Bagger
    Sarah Ann Bagger Year ago

    I'll leave positive feedback, that was a fun video, I liked when the OG Android popped out sideways and knocked Pixel over, now I don't feel so bad when I roll over and Pixel 2 falls out of bed? I like how you made it funny, and I didn't know you could customize the menu in the Venetian blinds (notifications, my little brother thinks it's a pull down curtain. What I especially appreciate, you don't have an accent, I don't have an accent either, I understood everything you said.

  • Edgar Cristaldo
    Edgar Cristaldo Year ago

    I had the HTC Dream and used it for years.
    Even when the new Dream came out I still went back to the original.
    The camera was absolutely amazing for it's time. It was crazy fast, I was able to type just as fast as a Sidekick user. The battle at the time was sidekick users vs Motorola's T9 typers (Sidekick was another phone, which I changed for the G1) and installing apps was awesome, something you couldn't do to phones before.
    At the time the battle was like this:
    G1: Best camera, fastest UI, install apps, Awesome screen to watch videos.
    Sidekick: Amazing keyboard, very strong community.
    Nokia N95: Crazy loud speaker, Small and cool.
    Nokia 3310: Even Chuck Norris couldn't break that phone.
    I loved that phone and it's still one of my favorites. Can't see myself using one today but God I used to love that phone.

    LAZER-TECH Year ago

    The G1 also had a notification light and it shows notification icons. the notification bit is in all Android however and everyone knows that...

  • anonymous
    anonymous Year ago

    trying to secretly stay up late on your phone with the original android phone, and you need to send a text,

  • Josh V
    Josh V Year ago

    4:24 woahhah

  • SpaceSaver UnderCover

    The market doesn't work anymore you have to update to the next version to get any functionality. I know this from using the HTC incredible 2.

  • Random Weird Videos

    Android vs Android?

  • kimi Mon
    kimi Mon Year ago

    Which is the Best android level sir ?

  • MR. Criz
    MR. Criz Year ago

    4:25 wooYAK!

  • Nicholas Tryand
    Nicholas Tryand Year ago

    I did not record my results after one day of using it, but it was along the lines of nothing as mine doesn't work anymore

  • Srjan Shetty
    Srjan Shetty Year ago +1

    Team Android

  • Brenden T
    Brenden T Year ago

    Liver about the cameras cause he showed the same pictures and results of the IPhone version

  • JxsX
    JxsX Year ago

    should i buy it for my phone collection

  • Raynardd_ gaming
    Raynardd_ gaming Year ago

    Hey why do you don't do it with samsung

  • Joseph Maldjian
    Joseph Maldjian Year ago

    Everything Apple Pro thw reason that you may not have veen able to dkwbload apps, i am not 100% sure but the android markey isbno lobhet supported abd the android market servers are probably bot active anymore

  • TheIrishRm
    TheIrishRm Year ago

    this was posted on my birthday

  • Adrian Utge
    Adrian Utge Year ago

    Nice vid

  • 云梦丁氏
    云梦丁氏 Year ago

    Pixel still sucks compared to iPhone

  • Godmano
    Godmano Year ago

    Alpha VS Nougat AND Google VS Google

  • Soviet Dogmmunist

    7:25 looks like 1970's

  • scourage Absol edition

    So the first iPhone was 2009 but the first Android was 2008. So Android is 1 year older than iPhone

    BOTIA & YABB Year ago

    Android Oreo anyone?

  • The Nagler
    The Nagler Year ago

    Pixel 2

  • Jesus Carreon
    Jesus Carreon Year ago +1

    It’s now 10 year anniversary you should make a all the Android phones

  • TW
    TW Year ago

    Also, I noticed that you held the HTC Dream 1 up with a 3310. Ha-ha!

  • Kyle
    Kyle Year ago

    Damn! Who wouldn't miss that chunky built quality! Bring back phones that size with brick built quality, just guess what phone still works in 10years

  • Gralic
    Gralic Year ago

    T H I C C phone

  • I’ll_Always_Chus_U

    3:17 Nintendo Switch?

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s Year ago +1

    2007.... before life as we know it died

  • Afsaneh Mehranpour

    Nostalgic 🤕

  • nut
    nut Year ago +1

    The camera actually surprised me. It ain't that bad.

  • Real.大混混
    Real.大混混 Year ago


  • snoopyfix2
    snoopyfix2 Year ago

    Good vid man!

  • Akhil Aryappatt
    Akhil Aryappatt Year ago

    I wish there were hard keyboards now!

  • JoJo Jacobs
    JoJo Jacobs Year ago


  • LightningXG
    LightningXG Year ago +1

    I used the G1 in 6th grade, but it was an updated version in white/gold

  • Flykope
    Flykope Year ago

    I remember being amazed by the DROOOOOOOOID opening, because my dad’s friend had either a Motorola droid or an android, now he’s fallen into the ecosystem, i’m in it too.

  • Sad
    Sad Year ago

    H*ll wen I tried

  • The Mblue
    The Mblue Year ago