Salvaged Wood Shelves with Galvanized Pipe

  • Published on Mar 8, 2015
  • Rebuilding Exchange Expert, Meegan Czop, walks us through the steps to refresh reclaimed lumber to create some industrial-looking wall shelves.
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Comments • 18

  • Andrew Garratt
    Andrew Garratt 10 months ago

    Palm sanders, and trash wood !?!
    What in the hell kinda sandwich is she getting ready to make ?

  • Kristen Murphy
    Kristen Murphy Year ago

    "$20 project?" What do you live on mars?

  • xhiltonx
    xhiltonx Year ago

    Flange :)

  • kangar do
    kangar do Year ago

    Decorative new hangers and black would of complimented the old wood much better. Looks out of place. New with old recipe industrail look. Hang chains abovewood from front edge to back of wall up a bit and a support piece under against the wall. Or just have a nice plain wall😂

  • Keli Weisgerber
    Keli Weisgerber Year ago

    You can use woodprix instructions to build it yourself guys.

  • Samuel Scorso
    Samuel Scorso 3 years ago +1

    Ummm, you missed that stud on the right side. Most studs are only 1.5 inches wide, if you orient the flange screw holes in an X pattern, the screws may straddle the stud and you will screw into only sheet rock.

    • Bludika
      Bludika Year ago

      Exmachina I was wondering the same thing too lmao and no sound

    • Exmachina
      Exmachina Year ago

      Samuel Scorso lol, you saw that too eh? The screw just kinda sunk right into the wall for the very same reason you mentioned, lol.

  • guy .POPEY451
    guy .POPEY451 3 years ago

    There are some who do stuff with wood that makes no sense

  • Entropy wins
    Entropy wins 3 years ago +3

    That shhhhhheeeew noise was so annoying!

    KNGRAVN 3 years ago +1

    Sweet idea for bar shelves from barn wood/salvaged wood. Not sure what their cost of "$20" is referencing at the end. The GLV pipe and flanges alone are $25 for two pipes on one shelf from Home Depot. Plus costs of sealant, brushes, wood, etc. just beware costs add up quick, escpecially if doing more than one shelf.

    • Christy Torres
      Christy Torres Year ago

      If you are reusing old wood there is little to no cost and the piping is about $10 maybe the rest is stuff you would have on hand from past projects

    • RockItPro
      RockItPro 3 years ago

      Yep. I went to Lowe's tonight to get enough material to make 3 shelves and it was $148 lol. Not sure how all these guys are doing it for $20 bucks a shelf.

  • D13
    D13 3 years ago +2

    Everyone keeps mentioning the white hangers. They never used those. If you are going to talk about something, talk about his constipation voice.

    REGINALD TAYLOR 4 years ago +1

    Y was the video cut? Not really sure about the L brackets. Old rustic wood with cheap brackets. not good!

  • Billy Barton
    Billy Barton 4 years ago +7

    Cheap white hangers kill this idea.

    • Ali
      Ali 11 months ago

      Continue watching. They use galvanised pipe

  • Sabrina Hogan
    Sabrina Hogan 4 years ago

    love this idea