Millennial Millions - SNL

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • Dave Tulane (Kenan Thompson) hosts the Millennial Millions game show where millennial contestants (Rachel Brosnahan, Pete Davidson) compete against baby boomers to win prizes like social security and health insurance.
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Comments • 6 984

  • Joker8668
    Joker8668 Day ago

    Whaaa, they have to work for what they want? Lmao

  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts 2 days ago +1

    This is depressingly accurate.

  • Starbird 11
    Starbird 11 2 days ago

    Absolute genius.
    But here’s the news. They ARE dying. And leaving more of a mess than ones before them. Expect to work and perform for the rest of your lives. Like me. A sovereign member of The Gen Xers

  • bigdogrgr
    bigdogrgr 2 days ago

    I like how this skit really pushes the idea of means testing social security which is what Paul Ryan tried and Obama said no.

  • Tomato Animations
    Tomato Animations 2 days ago

    Next game show is Gen Z having to listen to Millennials share their world views

  • Ricky Pedia
    Ricky Pedia 2 days ago +2

    I really wish this were exaggerated, but it's not.
    True story, 11th grade economics class, we got a guest speaker (community service program for tax evasion conviction) who was a real life multimillionaire. He explained the secret to how he became so wealthy to us (I repeat, I later googled this guy and found he had been recently convicted of tax evasion), so we can start planning our lives around the same idea and hopefully become successful as well. He became so rich by not spending his money on frivolous things he didnt need.
    For example, he wore the same watch, lived in the same house, and drove the same car his grandfather bought when he was young. This man literally had almost all life essentials handed to him by inheritance, didnt update any of it out of the 1940's, and thought it was something to brag about. I challenged him on one of those things, the car, and how I dont think it sounds safe to still be driving such an old vehicle that is almost certainly out of date on safety standards. He says that doesnt matter, because he is a safe driver, and it is better to save that money for emergencies, such as medical expenses in case of sudden illness or injury. But apparently he thinks a pound of cure is worth far more than the ounce of prevention.
    I then asked this man what the point of having all that money is if he doesnt spend any of it, and he says- in an economics class- that money is not supposed to be spent. I asked what would happen to a capitalist economy if most people had such a mind set, refusing to spend any money beyond absolute necessity, but he got angry and started ignoring me.

  • ILikeMe 123
    ILikeMe 123 3 days ago

    Are we really going with “generation x”? I remember hearing that label in the mid 90’s and thinking that shit was cheesy. “The xtreme generation!”

  • ThatChillDude
    ThatChillDude 3 days ago

    As a don't give a fuck generation I don't let my "generation" define who I am

  • roger smith
    roger smith 4 days ago

    The dems in late 90s alterd banking regulations.. made it where you can have dangerous mortges.. altered college where it became unlimeted government help
    results.. colleges licked their chops and raised rates.. banks scamed..
    now it is hard.. dont blaim 80s people who had stuff before dems screwed it up

  • roger smith
    roger smith 4 days ago

    boomers what a crock lie.. teh big banks under dems in late 90s altered teh banking and ruined value.s and colleges worked a deal for govement to give them unlimeted money so they raised rates.. college was only 2000 a year in 1995 now its 12k a year because of dems

  • Matthew Scarce
    Matthew Scarce 5 days ago

    @1:13 bloomers?

  • Janée Toulouse
    Janée Toulouse 6 days ago

    Basically, I'm hearing this bit say: we all need to listen, debate and be politicians, lawyers and judges better than they ever were. XD
    It's true though, all baby boomers want is to be listened to and save the world lol, because their parents were traumatized by war and emotionally unavailable. Gen X remember your emotional intelligence can pay, don't ask for less than what you are worth! Actively listen and NEGOTIATE.

  • Em
    Em 6 days ago +1

    This game made me mad

  • openskies11
    openskies11 7 days ago

    I'll never understand where this impression that boomers had so much money and had it so easy came from. Look at the actual poverty rates since the boomer generation and the number of boomers still living in poverty with no retirement savings. Is it just because millennials think their parents have money?

  • Lori Grover
    Lori Grover 7 days ago


  • Van Morgan
    Van Morgan 7 days ago

    Funny part is that Boomers, Millenials, and Gen X all collectively dislike my generation (Gen Z).

  • Bushdid 420
    Bushdid 420 7 days ago

    Was born in September in 96 can some tell me wtf I am cause I feel like I don’t fit in any where

    • Ryan Reed
      Ryan Reed 6 days ago +1

      Bushdid 420 some would say you’re a really young member of the millennial generation while others would say you’re a really old member of generation z, it depends who you ask

  • Shawnee Anderson
    Shawnee Anderson 7 days ago

    Is Pete Davidson this generations Jimmy Fallon? Dude breaks all the time.

  • si sicraycray
    si sicraycray 8 days ago

    Every gen x: I hate both you guys so much, attempts suicide

  • Gemyni Rose
    Gemyni Rose 8 days ago

    .......this hurt more than it made me laugh yikes

  • Liverpoolfc4eva
    Liverpoolfc4eva 8 days ago

    They should have had a gen z kid just sit their laughing at almost nothing and doing fortnite dances

  • funghazi
    funghazi 9 days ago

    Possibly the best thing SNL has ever done

  • The Great Attractor
    The Great Attractor 9 days ago

    Hmmm, they only were apart of building and inventing all the inventions that make your life as convenient as it is today. They were also in the Vietnam war and were born after America lost over 700,000 soldiers in World War 2. Not everyone went to College which is a lie. A lot of the small Business that shaped America came from that Generation. They had nothing and gave you everything. You guys talking crap about Baby Boomers have NO IDEA what a hard life was because the Boomers have made your life so easy.

  • Brian Aras
    Brian Aras 10 days ago

    Oh whatever. The Boomers love it ... and so do the Millennials.

  • Jessica Fajardo
    Jessica Fajardo 10 days ago

    So I'm screwed because all y'alls parents are snatching everything away. 😭

  • NightDreamer231
    NightDreamer231 10 days ago

    *Me, a gen Y, just sitting back and watching shit go down.*
    Everybody always forgets us, lmao

  • Nico Glock
    Nico Glock 10 days ago

    This world rejects me
    This world threw me away
    This world never gave me a chance
    This world gonna have to pay
    And I don't believe in your institutions
    I did what you want me to
    Like the cancer in your system
    I've got a little surprise for you
    Something inside of me
    Has opened up its eyes
    Why did you put it there
    Did you not realize?
    This thing inside of me
    It screams the loudest sound
    Sometimes I think I could
    I look down there, where you're standing
    Flock of sheep out on display
    With all your lies bumped up around you
    I can take it all away
    Something inside of me
    Has opened up its eyes
    Why did you put it there
    Did you not realize?
    Something inside of me
    It screams the loudest sound
    Sometimes I think I could
    I'm gonna burn this whole world down
    I'm gonna burn this whole world down
    I never was a part of you burn
    I never was a part of you burn
    I never was a part of you burn
    I never was a part of you burn
    I never was a part of you burn
    I never was a part of you burn
    I never was a part of you burn
    I never was a part of you burn
    I am your saviour
    (I never was a part of you burn)
    I am corruption
    (I never was a part of you burn)
    I am the angel
    (I never was a part of you burn)
    Of your destruction
    (I never was a part of you burn)
    I am perversion
    (I never was a part of you burn)
    Secret desire
    (I never was a part of you burn)
    I am your future
    (I never was a part of you burn)
    Swallowed up in fire
    (I never was a part of you burn)

  • Olivia Tom
    Olivia Tom 11 days ago

    Imagine if this was a real thing.

  • FriarTuck102
    FriarTuck102 11 days ago

    As a Gen X myself I'm drunk by myself waiting for the apocalypse, but I am still hopeful about a new Tool album.

  • Samuel Turner
    Samuel Turner 12 days ago

    What’s the reason for the name boomers?

    • Sarah B
      Sarah B 4 days ago

      Because they were the result of the "baby boom", the period after World War II when a lot of returning GI's settled down and started families.

  • N7 Engineer
    N7 Engineer 12 days ago

    😆 this is so true

  • Sheryl Wilkins
    Sheryl Wilkins 13 days ago

    Gen X here - We do seem to be the last generation that will get the scraps. At least the earth may be still around when I die. Maybe.

  • André Pereira
    André Pereira 13 days ago

    Am I the one who skipped the songs?

  • G Wooden
    G Wooden 13 days ago +3

    Me and my eighteen room mates found this hilarious.

  • Stalin
    Stalin 15 days ago

    It's time to start building the guillotines.

  • DarkAgeDanny
    DarkAgeDanny 15 days ago +2

    Gen X were y'all at?

  • sandra steele
    sandra steele 15 days ago

    😄 nice skit

  • poptart6662012
    poptart6662012 15 days ago


  • Stephieliciousz
    Stephieliciousz 16 days ago +1

    Maybe you can tweet about it. That will solve everything."

    too accurate!

  • Nova Does Cosplay
    Nova Does Cosplay 16 days ago

    This hurt my soul

  • Kal Omar
    Kal Omar 17 days ago

    Lmao! Hahahahaha

  • Marieuh Brooks
    Marieuh Brooks 17 days ago

    nOW ThiS iS MUsIC

  • Rebelle
    Rebelle 17 days ago +1

    “Maybe you’ll tweet about it, that’ll solve everything” 😂😂😂😂

  • shonz88
    shonz88 17 days ago

    This is sadly 100% accurate

  • Bryce Anne Hopper
    Bryce Anne Hopper 17 days ago

    Liberal bs show. But THAT was funny and true. I’m a baby boomer, definitely better times. Unfair time for millennials. Good f’n luck!

  • Diego García Gonzalez

    This should actually be a show, nobody would ever win, boomers suck, and us millennials are too easily triggered.

  • Joehoa Kim
    Joehoa Kim 18 days ago

    Wow I just got depressed..... this is my future I’m 25 -_- this sucks

    • Sarah B
      Sarah B 4 days ago

      Good news - you have the power to change it. Get informed, vote, and get involved!

  • Vitaley Simonovich
    Vitaley Simonovich 18 days ago

    Lmao, its funny, but alot of it is racist and false, still funny af lol

  • Alexander Supertramp
    Alexander Supertramp 19 days ago

    3.5 k millennials disliked this video

  • viviana •
    viviana • 19 days ago

    Best thing is that by the time generation z are old, there won’t be any social security left

  • VcCancerKill !
    VcCancerKill ! 20 days ago

    Let’s see how unfunny SNL can get before we decide to pull the plug

  • Courtney Haynes
    Courtney Haynes 21 day ago

    How long

  • Luke Shaffer
    Luke Shaffer 21 day ago +1

    Me: Aw this is gonna be funny, poking fun at complaining millennials.
    Me, realizing they’re all right and I’m just as screwed: Ok this isn’t funny anymore.

  • Nunya Bizniz
    Nunya Bizniz 21 day ago

    Do not buy a house ! What do you think is going to happen when all the baby boomers retire and become Wards of the state ? A home loan is for 30 years . Thank 30 years from now .

  • Sophia B
    Sophia B 22 days ago

    Real tv of our time

  • Graf Zorba
    Graf Zorba 22 days ago +1

    unfortunately, are your new tries for game show sketches suck ass. plze go back to family feud and celebrity jeopardy.

  • ǝɯʇoq
    ǝɯʇoq 22 days ago

    This would be easy

  • SuzieBlargh Blargh Blargh

    not a boomer and not millennial just poor lol

  • Sydney Stardust
    Sydney Stardust 22 days ago

    I just clicked on this for pete davidsons face

  • Sam Harris
    Sam Harris 23 days ago

    I would watch this show lmaoooo

  • Doctor X
    Doctor X 23 days ago

    Yes. Baby Boomers did ruin the United States of America. 🤕

  • Aries Leo rising
    Aries Leo rising 23 days ago

    Gen X here! What he said about us is too true.

  • Michael Reikes
    Michael Reikes 24 days ago

    Seriously, fuck the baby boomers. Not only do they fuck everything up for us and future generations but then they call us lazy and entitled because we would like to not be in debt at some point in our lives. You want to talk about entitled, they don't need to worry about student loans or losing healthcare. Baby boomers should shut the fuck up and die already.

  • Su G
    Su G 24 days ago

    That song about Boomers got me falling off my bed laughing!! Sooo on point haha

  • ell diavolo
    ell diavolo 24 days ago

    All this snowflake attitude is Obama's legacy. Thanks Barracks

  • Trinity Livingston
    Trinity Livingston 24 days ago

    I love this skit, this is my favorite one by SNL. Btw, not all Gen. Z kids are dumb or lazy, some are but some aren't. Also, I'm sorry if my generation sucks, I can't help it. I like reading the comments though, every generation getting so defensive and offended, it's kind of funny. I took this skit as a joke, that is kind of true though. Written by a Gen. Z person.😂😂 (Also, make sure to major into a career that your guaranteed to get a good enough well paying job in.)

  • Levi Powell
    Levi Powell 24 days ago

    Can’t wait until Gen Z is old enough to start making stereotypes

  • T R
    T R 24 days ago


  • gffgffgnngj bgvvvbghgvbbg

    oh cool that will pay like half

  • Faraz Mazhar
    Faraz Mazhar 25 days ago

    Holy shit, I am not even American and this made my stomach turn.

  • DragonNestKing
    DragonNestKing 25 days ago

    As a gen Z myself, we like to watch the world burn while we’re planning to build a space ship so we can get off this shit stain of a planet.

  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda 25 days ago

    Gen X here. You gotta understand that we were born to boomers who raised us to live in a world that doesn’t exist anymore. We went from green screens and land lines to smart phones in 30 years. Our parents are still trying to send email and our kids are watching Jake Paul. So we became the Michael Jackson eating popcorn generation. We gave up on trying to figure out what the hell happened and what is next while everyone else argues about it.

  • Junior Elechi
    Junior Elechi 25 days ago

    Yoooooo the accuracy

  • Cammdc 1
    Cammdc 1 26 days ago

    Imagine how much complaining millennials would do if baby boomers stayed out of WWII..

  • Lush Michael Weeks
    Lush Michael Weeks 26 days ago +1

    I’m gen x and I approve this message

  • Emil Sørensen
    Emil Sørensen 26 days ago

    I guess we're just replacing Marxism with generational conflict?
    As long as you explain inequality, I guess it's a good thing for us socialists...

  • Killa Cali Hustle
    Killa Cali Hustle 26 days ago +1

    This is so unfortunately hilarious...

  • Navi22
    Navi22 26 days ago +1

    Too many Gen X and millennials in the comments acting like they arent also part of the problem along with the Boomers 😂

  • Serghei Tricolici
    Serghei Tricolici 26 days ago

    Tis gonna be gooodd

  • Michael Timely
    Michael Timely 26 days ago

    Boomers was a twenty year event and there are actually two distinct generational groups. The first ten years of the Boomers is what everybody thinks about when they think about a Boomer. They were called the most important generation in history when they were young. The were important because if one could tap into the youth market with any product at all, it was a gold mine.
    Their parents survived a terrible war and were the first generation to experience the middle class uplift of the post war economy. They were glad to be alive and had more money than ever and the spent it on their kids like no one has spent money on kids before.
    All the way until their Thirties Boomers were considered the prime media and product market. Muscle cars, toys of all description, music, movies and TV were all targeted directly at them. In the 1980s there was a popular TV show about them called 30 Something and they were feeling good about themselves. They thought of themselves as important people who almost changed the world but didn't.
    But in the 1990s there was no 40 Something and they became less valuable and no one was treating them as the center of attention anymore. This made many of them feel cheated, bitter and angry. They are happier now that someone important loves them and treats them like the most important people in the world again. Just like back in the day.

  • Lane Harris
    Lane Harris 27 days ago +1

    College was inexpensive until Bill Clinton federally insured student loans.

  • Kamau Hogan
    Kamau Hogan 27 days ago +17

    "I'm Gen X. I just sit on the side lines and watch the world burn" brilliant.

  • aspektx
    aspektx 27 days ago +3

    One day maybe we'll quit blaming each other and actually get something done.

    (Sorry, no ironic subtext or cynical punchline here folks.)

  • Tanesha Hays
    Tanesha Hays 27 days ago

    this hurts

  • Bill Angell
    Bill Angell 27 days ago

    I'm just saying but. I'm 24, make 90k a year, never went to college, and no the job wasnt given to me... skilled labor and things like the oil field are through the roof right now. Just gotta be willing to get your hands a little dirty

  • QuincyIQ
    QuincyIQ 27 days ago

    I would’ve won that so easily! If all I had to do was listen... shittt It’d be the easiest win I’d ever get

  • sugar’s cookies
    sugar’s cookies 27 days ago

    Hey, Gen-Z here. I wasn’t represented in this skit, and I don’t know whether to be sad or grateful.

    • sugar’s cookies
      sugar’s cookies 25 days ago +1

      That’s actually funny tbh

    • courtney jones-laweka
      courtney jones-laweka 27 days ago

      sugar’s cookies I had to look up Generation Z. I didn't even know you guys existed yet. Maybe that's why

  • Komal Khan
    Komal Khan 27 days ago


  • macaron3141592653
    macaron3141592653 28 days ago

    Its hard to believe Rachel is also a millenial

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 28 days ago

    Thank God for heart disease killing all those fucking boomers

  • Nick Jacobs
    Nick Jacobs 28 days ago

    Does anyone else hear Pete Davidson trying to control his laughter throughout the sketch when he’s off screen?

  • Gillian Orley
    Gillian Orley 28 days ago

    You don’t get Social Security because you’re poor, you get it because you PAID for it for 40 years before retirement.

  • Truck Taxi
    Truck Taxi 28 days ago

    Question: what is the generation that follows Generation Z?

    • Rhys Harris
      Rhys Harris 26 days ago

      None, we'll all be dead from climate change by then.

  • rolanddes
    rolanddes 28 days ago

    As a gen x employed in a middle management level position I find this pretty accurate. We are uncool, yeah. But at least
    -we didnt corrupt the system (boomers did)
    -we are not useless sjw who knows how to change the world but do not wanna learn how to do excel spreadsheets like some of my millenial emplyees are.
    -we are not eating tide pods (sorry gen z kid. I had to be fair towards all of you;)

    • Trinity Livingston
      Trinity Livingston 24 days ago

      It was 10 idiotic least your generation isn't stupid though, unlike mine.😂😂 I'm a Gen. Z, hate it, but that's what I get.

  • Chris Resendes
    Chris Resendes 28 days ago

    Mfw my uncle talks about 600$ a semester tuition for a semester at state university! What?!

  • Bryan Angeles
    Bryan Angeles 28 days ago

    0:52 the joke was so funny that even the camera man snorted lmaoo

  • SM RK
    SM RK 28 days ago

    I'm GenX and I have lived the pain of Millennials a whole decade before they came of age. It might have been easier for me if I didn't feel so isolated in it.

  • IM_RAZKAL_B****
    IM_RAZKAL_B**** 29 days ago +7

    Shout out to all the Xennials watching this

  • Boone Brackett
    Boone Brackett 29 days ago +1

    I have a wonderful idea that solves everyone's problems. "Life. Isn't. Fair."

    • Trinity Livingston
      Trinity Livingston 24 days ago +1

      A better motto: Life isn't and never will be fair so suck it up buttercup.

    • Boone Brackett
      Boone Brackett 26 days ago

      +Rhys Harris Ok your right. The solution is the sooner you realize life is inherently not fair the better off you will be. A lot of millennials in America sit around and complain how unfair life is and then want the government to fix all of their problems.

    • Rhys Harris
      Rhys Harris 26 days ago

      You know that solves nothing right? Relying on a motto of life not being fair simply reinforces the problem.

  • RupertFoulmouth
    RupertFoulmouth 29 days ago

    As a gen X love the "we just want to watch the world burn".