Galaxy Note 10 Plus Unboxing

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • CNET's Jessica Dolcourt unboxes the Note 10 Plus, which comes out on Aug. 23, and gives us a sneak peek at Samsung's latest offering in the Galaxy Note line.
    (also we noticed an error in the video - the phone we unbox is "aura glow" not "aura white" FYI!)
    Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus review
    The new Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus first impressions
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Comments • 745

  • Pinay in Denmark
    Pinay in Denmark 2 hours ago

    ❤️❤️ my dream
    my phone

  • aut0botfangirl
    aut0botfangirl 4 days ago

    I’m currently saving my own money for this beautiful note 10plus in 256gb :) idk which color I want yet but I’m patiently waiting I can’t wait to join the Samsung family.. currently own a I phone 8 plus..

  • Angel Ramos
    Angel Ramos 5 days ago

    This video is good for sleeping , I like it

  • jamar winston
    jamar winston 9 days ago +2

    Dam just get to the Dam point

  • Captain Falls a Lot ATP, PIC

    Night mode will take longer to shot as the shutter must stay opened longer to allow more light in and with that, one needs a very steady hand or for the best photos, a tripod can be used.

  • Captain Falls a Lot ATP, PIC

    I cannot believe Samsung gave us only 2 Spen tips, Samsung used to provide 6 or 7 tips. The earbuds, there are 3 size tips. Correction, Bixbe acts as the power button, the lift lower button. (well, there are are buttons on the left.)

  • i am he.
    i am he. 13 days ago

    this video was oddly satisfying. it gave me throwback tech review vibes...i like that.

  • Jeffery Baxter
    Jeffery Baxter 20 days ago

    Hi Jessica. Good unboxing video of the Galaxy Note 10+. Anyone who has the Galaxy Note 9 or the Galaxy upgrade to the Note 10+ isn't necessary. However, anyone who has the Galaxy Note 8 like me should indeed upgrade to the Galaxy Note 10+. There are a host of reasons to upgrade from the Note 8 to the Note 10+, but I'll just mention three. In comparison to the Note 8, the Note 10+ has a larger screen of 6.8" compared to 6.3" for the Note 8. Note 10+ comes with a much bigger battery capacity of 4,300 mAh compared to 3,300 mAh for the Note 8. So, much improved battery life for sure on the Note 10+. The third reason to upgrade from the Note 8 to the Note 10+ is that the Note 10+ comes with a faster fast charger. The Note 8 fast charger is 15 watts and the fast charger for the Note 10+ is 25 watts. Nice improvement. Ever since the release of the Galaxy Note 4 back in October of 2014, Samsung phones since that time and after have been using the 15 watt fast charger. This year 2019 a change was needed. Glad the Note 10+ comes with a 25 watt charger outta the box. Based on battery charging speed comparison videos I've seen it takes one hour and 5 minutes to fully charge the Note 10+ from 0 to 100% with the 25 watt charger. That's pretty quick. Samsung's 45 watt charger isn't available yet, but when it gets released I'm sure that charger will fully charge the Note 10+ in 35 to 40 minutes. When I get my Note 10+ I'll get it with 512 GB of internal storage. In addition to that I'll just log onto Amazon and order the 512 GB micro sd card for only $85 with free shipping. 👍👍

  • Twigg4075
    Twigg4075 21 day ago

    My headphones did NOT come with a braided cable and they have a 3.5mm connector. What gives?

  • Aldred Fregillana 2.2

    Can I ask a question the Samsung galaxy note 10 is water prof yes or no

  • Ernesto Amigacho
    Ernesto Amigacho 24 days ago

    Please tell me if the box says that the galaxy Note 10 was made in Vietnam?

  • airupthur ML23
    airupthur ML23 27 days ago

    What a beast of a phone!!!

  • Mohammad Darawsheh
    Mohammad Darawsheh 28 days ago

    The iPhone is cheaper

  • Caleb Ramouthar
    Caleb Ramouthar 29 days ago

    If you hold the power button down and bixby comes up - then how do you power off the phone ?

  • Wayne Joseph
    Wayne Joseph 29 days ago

    I wonder if there's wireless headphones for this...?

    • S V
      S V 22 days ago

      There must be because there's no headphone jack on it.

  • Miguel Tay
    Miguel Tay 29 days ago

    Cd ds 👩 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Z. Zz.

  • Waleed Aldikhary
    Waleed Aldikhary 29 days ago +1

    Samsung are so generous that they included the phone in the box.

  • Abdellah Salem
    Abdellah Salem Month ago

    You don't do a giveaway

  • Josef .A
    Josef .A Month ago

    I wish I had that

  • Krishan Kant
    Krishan Kant Month ago

    Biggest problem in mobile 😔😞 sound

  • Morell Madrid
    Morell Madrid Month ago

    Who ever decided to produce this video like a 1970's infomercial and add that horrible elevator music must still rock a flip phone.

  • ValorHonour
    ValorHonour Month ago +1

    >says night mode for the camera app similar to pixel 4
    >>pixel 4 hasn't even been released or consumer reviewed yet???

    • K Lynch
      K Lynch Month ago

      Exactly! Why mention a phone that's not even out yet? Makes no sense!

  • Seren Novah
    Seren Novah Month ago

    How come some of them come with a clear case in the same box as the "Quick Start" guide, but some don't have it?

  • Europa
    Europa Month ago

    Enters grocery store: "Honey what do you think the kids want for dinner tonight?"
    Wife: "Eh maybe some galaxy s10 plus."
    Me: "You think they'll eat that? It's pretty expensive."
    Wife: "What other choice do we have?"

  • AnimeXJay
    AnimeXJay Month ago

    Can you get the ikonik skin on this phone

  • The Dreamverse
    The Dreamverse Month ago

    Is that an IR blaster at the top and if so why is no one mentioning it

    • Jeffery Baxter
      Jeffery Baxter 20 days ago

      At the top there's no IR Blaster on the Note 10 or Note 10+. It's actually a speaker.

  • Gjokaj
    Gjokaj Month ago +1

    Who cares about a HJ, you can just plug in the headphones from the charging port lmao

  • dntworryboutmyname
    dntworryboutmyname Month ago

    so boring it almost put me to sleep. show some sort or enthusiasm. 🤦‍♂️👎

  • Thomas Feltes
    Thomas Feltes Month ago +1

    One Plus 7 Pro is the way to go

  • ba sook
    ba sook Month ago

    too expensive

  • friedrich nietzsche

    Oppo is much, much better than Samsung.

  • friedrich nietzsche

    Never, never, never anything from Samsung.

  • friedrich nietzsche

    Never Samsung, first because the Name Samsung. I don,t liked a Name Samsung too. Only Apple.

  • nightshadecx5
    nightshadecx5 Month ago +15

    It's like a 1970s cooking show :/

  • Christian Johnson
    Christian Johnson Month ago

    Why would they not include wireless Bluetooth headphones

    • Thomas Beasley
      Thomas Beasley Month ago

      Extra revenue stream and the ability to make people feel they have a deal when they can bundle it in at a reduced cost, giving the illusion you've got a good deal

  • Most Watched
    Most Watched Month ago +1

    So we can't listen to music with headphones and charging

    • NDP Films
      NDP Films Month ago

      It fully charges in about 60 min though. And tends to last all day.

  • Mosab Hijazi
    Mosab Hijazi Month ago

    The A to C connector pissed me off because the charger doesnt even come with usb A , many customers i had actually got mad over that because all their portable chargers had USB A , also they removed the JACK like apple they lost alot of customers over that too .

  • King Lion
    King Lion Month ago

    Gorgeous device.

  • Stanley Cyprien
    Stanley Cyprien Month ago

    Now i shell conduct research on Smart tv operating system's. I'm fascinated by the Android smart tv operating system. I would prefer it because my Google Chromebook make my life better and organized.

  • Stanley Cyprien
    Stanley Cyprien Month ago

    Fascinating improvment's and implimentation of technological feature's. I dream of owning this phone,

    • K Lynch
      K Lynch Month ago

      Don't dream, get it!

  • Mr.s.k Lulla
    Mr.s.k Lulla Month ago

    It looks a slow unboxing but a nice one

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White Month ago

    If you happen to own a 3d printer, check software compatibility for transferring images compiled by taking multiple 2d shots from the Note 10+.
    The ability to replicate any form or shape and scale, is my friends ....
    game changing and is rarely mentioned on any video review.
    I want this device not only for the above, but for video content creation using the S-pen's gesture control of cameras and apps.
    Easy PowerPoint presentations without Microsoft, by combining screen mirroring and the S-pen...hmmm.
    Not much to not like about the 10+.

  • chinari monica
    chinari monica Month ago

    May iknow the cost

  • Andrew Mcelfresh
    Andrew Mcelfresh Month ago +2

    this is what causes crazy people... boring videos. never have i clicked off a a video so fast

  • Chris Kent
    Chris Kent Month ago

    So what you're saying is that if i am listening on the head phone, the phone can't be charged? If that's the case, then phone companies are crazy.

  • Dara Conner
    Dara Conner Month ago

    no headphone jack. that's a no for me.

  • Samuel Mingo
    Samuel Mingo Month ago

    People keep calling the Note 10 and 10+ a horrible phone compared to the Note 9 and 8 like everybody upgrades their phones EVERY year. I'm coming from an S7 and very excited for this phone!

  • banda motociclista
    banda motociclista Month ago

    soo with that stick v can do some samsung magic show

  • Enetale Abuya
    Enetale Abuya Month ago

    Can Somebody tell me why i should really pay more than 600€ or Pound or Dollar for this Phone? Pls be sincere with your answers and opinions

    • Simon Audet
      Simon Audet 27 days ago

      Enetale Abuya yeah for sure...

    • Enetale Abuya
      Enetale Abuya Month ago

      I am not poor. I can pay Money to visit the moon

    • Simon Audet
      Simon Audet Month ago

      Enetale Abuya don’t if you don’t have the money

  • Raj Kaur
    Raj Kaur Month ago

    RIP pubg addictes

  • Ali Somro
    Ali Somro Month ago

    Looks like a demonstration for a cooking recipe. I fell asleep halfway through.

  • Heavenbeetle
    Heavenbeetle Month ago +2

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ : Harry Potter Edition

  • KL Tech
    KL Tech Month ago

    What they remove the jack of 3.5mm its annoying.

  • Raivo Kurst
    Raivo Kurst Month ago

    mitte midagi ,mitte kellegile... jama

  • Trigger Happy
    Trigger Happy Month ago

    I have a Note 9, I love the new note 10 I dont care about the what ppl say about the headphone jack cause the the Akg headphones are great.

  • Dyal Singh
    Dyal Singh Month ago

    elevator music for the win

  • _.emilio._ .perz._
    _.emilio._ .perz._ Month ago

    Me llega hoy el aura glow Arriba android!!!

  • vtly5603
    vtly5603 Month ago +3

    No jack. Lame waiting for next gen

  • travellers insights 2019

    Pixel 4?????? She already has one.....WTF

  • a2isha
    a2isha Month ago

    Such a boring video and no headphone jack! smh