This Low Budget Movie Is a Disaster

  • Published on May 8, 2019
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    Standing Ovation is a movie with big aspirations and even bigger flaws. From the plot to the writing and characters. It is bad. Very bad. Very low budget. Even the music. No Good. I react now.
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  • The True Crusader

    I'm the Scatman
    Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub
    Yo da dub dub
    Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub
    Yo da dub dub
    (I'm the Scatman)
    Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub
    Yo da dub dub
    Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub
    Yo da dub dub

  • Amanda Nic
    Amanda Nic 5 hours ago

    oh my god the maloik is the italian evil eye/a demon. it’s what the 🤘 hand sign represents originally but WHY DID THAT JUST CASUALLY SLIP THAT IN THERE

  • Darkpaw Of Nightclan
    Darkpaw Of Nightclan 12 hours ago

    I think the time signature was 7/4 which is really wierd

  • Scarlett Huvar
    Scarlett Huvar 15 hours ago

    this was my favorite movie when i was like 7

  • GD EnchantedDirt
    GD EnchantedDirt 16 hours ago

    I am the 4,444,444th viewer

  • Cancerous Giraffe
    Cancerous Giraffe 17 hours ago

    I was today years old when
    I figured out the road work ahead vine was drew

  • Rainbow Meif'wa
    Rainbow Meif'wa 18 hours ago

    5:32 best Danny solo in the history of everything

  • Falcon Khaos
    Falcon Khaos 19 hours ago

    This movie is on Netflix

  • Mason MacDonald
    Mason MacDonald 20 hours ago

    The hauntingly angekic voice reminds me of that vine that has the group singing, and one of them sucks in helium.

  • Garfield I Dunno

    Guys, one of the girls from the 5 ovations died a few years ago. It was Najee Wilson. Oh man

  • Nerd Heelys
    Nerd Heelys Day ago

    The little girl is not that good

  • Allan and Gillian Dodson


  • Uwu Uwu
    Uwu Uwu Day ago

    UH OH stinky villain

  • Abigail Mills
    Abigail Mills Day ago

    16:25 please don’t make *dAdDy* cry

  • Abigail Mills
    Abigail Mills Day ago

    9:20 i hate to admit but I’d laugh

  • Flying Gecko38
    Flying Gecko38 Day ago

    My sister's watched this on Netflix once and I lost a brain

  • Bobby Dotcom
    Bobby Dotcom Day ago

    The movie makes the emoji movie look like a award winner

  • the boy reporter

    the Maloik is the Italian evil eye, in case anyone was wondering

  • Gracelyn Marie
    Gracelyn Marie Day ago

    That button thing actually works my grandfather has one

  • Sohal A
    Sohal A Day ago

    The thing is...I know I've watched this...but I don't know when where and how...just as a kid I know I've seen this lol.

  • Lilly’s Avacados
    Lilly’s Avacados 2 days ago

    I was way to bored and went to a standing ovation music video and everyone was either yelling Greg or making fun of it

  • Noemi Rodriguez
    Noemi Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Im not gonna lie...when I was 10 this shit was amazing

  • yeet yeet i am the bi agenda

    Oh god I’ve done a dance thing based on that movie

  • Beautiful potatoe
    Beautiful potatoe 2 days ago +3

    90K thousand dollars stolen and was so stressed:every college student.

  • Cotton Candy Skies
    Cotton Candy Skies 2 days ago

    Ok but like how did they learn how to do amazing makeup even I can't do makeup like that

  • melanie fucking martinez

    This used to be my favorite movie😂😂

  • Little Princess
    Little Princess 2 days ago +1

    You forgot to say don’t look that up

  • Florida Man
    Florida Man 2 days ago

    I've seen this like 3 times XD

  • Jann Campbell
    Jann Campbell 2 days ago

    Just remember... this is a director and screenwriters take on jersey

  • Osana Najime
    Osana Najime 2 days ago

    Oh oh oh oh oh oh yeAAAAGH

  • Lydia Snay
    Lydia Snay 2 days ago

    Can you please react to the movie Love on the Leash. It is the stupidest movie ever.

  • RDDworld 1
    RDDworld 1 2 days ago

    One of the wiggys is adopted guess which one

  • Blaze Zavage
    Blaze Zavage 2 days ago

    What year was this made? 2010? I’m guessing based on the music.

  • BonBon Con
    BonBon Con 3 days ago

    I hate that little girl so much

  • Sammy
    Sammy 3 days ago

    Damn the Standing Ovation was my movie when I was younger 😂

  • Mason MacDonald
    Mason MacDonald 3 days ago

    I don't know if it's really low budget, but, and this is gonna make me really embarrassed to say it......


  • Theres no such thing as a bad dance-

    Obviously Danny doesnt understand what broadway is...

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 3 days ago

    😂 I totally remember this movie, it was so bad

    HORROR QUEEN 3 days ago

    16:12 it sounds like billion surprise toys 😂😂

  • MadiJoelle
    MadiJoelle 3 days ago

    before i watched this video
    i always watched this on netflix😂

  • Chridle 1014
    Chridle 1014 3 days ago

    I actually had a light switch like that and you do press on it then it works as a dimmer

  • 현진Hyunjin
    현진Hyunjin 3 days ago +1

    Is it just me or does danny sounds like theodd1sout?

  • Jordan Calo
    Jordan Calo 3 days ago

    3:21 LOL

  • Kennedy Schlenker
    Kennedy Schlenker 3 days ago


  • Lil Poopoo
    Lil Poopoo 3 days ago

    i deadass when the uncultured swine of a 10 year old avo used to actually like this film

  • xqpwzx
    xqpwzx 3 days ago +1

    so I searched for receptions of the movie and I found this:
    "Standing Ovation is an innovative film in the sense that every minute or so it comes up with a different way of being annoying." ~ Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle
    that's one of the funniest things I've read... this week lmao

  • just killed a man.
    just killed a man. 3 days ago +1

    Brittanys dad went to go get milk. Duh

  • Nephalem amvs
    Nephalem amvs 3 days ago

    Hello can annyone helpme find a video of danny yelling "f*ck" don't ask y I need it

  • Catsushi:3
    Catsushi:3 4 days ago

    T: the music is really bad.

    JARED MOYNIHAN 4 days ago


  • Alexandra Lu
    Alexandra Lu 4 days ago

    10:34 i have that in my house, it works as a dimmer and as a switch

  • Nyvee Sankadota
    Nyvee Sankadota 4 days ago

    Well the second finals is to pick the winners and they didn't write the song, brittany's brother did, and Alana is related to that women with silver hair and they wanted to use her for their show but alana wouldn't let it happen unless she could be in the group

    • Nyvee Sankadota
      Nyvee Sankadota 4 days ago

      And that "canned poison" is actually perfume that dogs hate and the "melokies" means nothing about ghost it's just a threat

  • PortiaPans
    PortiaPans 4 days ago

    Oh my god I was in this movie. This is so funny omg

  • Ali
    Ali 4 days ago

    The manager girl: you scratch my back and ill scratch yours
    me: 😨wtf

  • One Weirdo
    One Weirdo 4 days ago

    You see Danny, that little space dance is what happens when someone's mom does the project for them.
    *a classic science fair posterboard skidoo*

  • Ellie B
    Ellie B 4 days ago

    When he held up his finger I got a notification which made me basically fly across my room

  • Mjw Blue
    Mjw Blue 4 days ago

    I think I’ve seen it

  • Anna Pak
    Anna Pak 4 days ago +2

    can i just say that the costumes that the five ovations wore at the beginning are the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen

  • candyman101
    candyman101 4 days ago

    you know wjat this movie reminds me of alvin and the chipmunks the squekual (idk how to spell oof)

  • Jk Tolosa
    Jk Tolosa 4 days ago

    Is that Nicki Minaj