The Most Anticipated Movies Of 2020

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
  • Just because it’s a year away, don’t sleep on the most anticipated movies of 2020 - there’s some outstanding films coming in 2020 that you’ll want to add to your calendar right now. You know about the biggies - Wonder Woman 2 - which is titled Wonder Woman 1984 - is slated for a June 2020 release. Gal Gadot returns as Diana Prince, and Kristen Wiig is set to star as her nemesis Cheetah. Given the success of Wonder Woman and the surprising success of Aquaman, it seems like the DCEU is on the upswing and Wonder Woman 1984 will continue that trend.
    A Ghostbusters 2020 release isn’t anything people expected. After the horrific Ghostbusters 2016 reboot, fans needed something to cleanse their palate, and Jason Reitman, son of original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman, is set to make the latest Ghostbusters, which will be a direct sequel to the original franchise, skipping the 2016 Ghostbusters completely - much to the chagrin of Leslie Jones and Paul Fegg - but to the delight of fans.
    Godzilla vs Kong will have King Kong and Godzilla duke it out - and according to director Adam Wingard there will be a winner, unlike the original King Kong vs Godzilla (1964). Godzilla first must face off - or get help from - Rodan,and Mothra, in Godzilla King of the Monsters (2019) as he faces King Ghidorah. Who will win in Godzilla v Kong, the follow up to Godzilla: King Of The Monsters? There’s no telling which way they’ll go with the story - both have been heroic in the latest incarnations of films, so one of these good guy monsters is going down.
    #BadBoysForLive #GodzillaVsKong #WonderWoman1984
    Bad Boys For Life | 0:13
    Bond 25 | 1:00
    Bloodshot | 2:05
    Fast & Furious 9 | 2:56
    Godzilla vs. Kong | 3:38
    Maleficent 2 | 4:47
    Wonder Woman 1984 | 5:40
    Ghostbusters | 6:40
    Top Gun: Maverick | 7:48
    In the Heights | 8:41
    Fantastic Beasts 3 | 9:32
    Avatar 2 | 10:15
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  • Looper
    Looper  6 months ago +508

    Everyone still all in on Wonder Woman 1984? We think it's going to be a winner.

    • Kobi Aranez
      Kobi Aranez 6 days ago

      Yeah... But that won't beat doctor strange into The multiverse of madness and black widow and thor love and thunder :)

    • Kobi Aranez
      Kobi Aranez 6 days ago

      @George Beard no it's marvel's year :)

    • service
      service 16 days ago

      No, I won't see it. I'm not interested in that or watching a black feminist pretend to be James Bond. No interest in that, none. 1917 (2019 film) is more my style.

    • Aman Eman
      Aman Eman 22 days ago


    • Tao of Soul
      Tao of Soul 25 days ago

      Definitely! One of my families favorite movies.

  • KaregoAt
    KaregoAt 7 hours ago

    Yes, I'm also here for Riddick and yes, I'm also bitterly disappointed.

  • Crunchy P
    Crunchy P 14 hours ago

    re -boot after re-boot come up with something original for once....

  • Persian Prince
    Persian Prince 23 hours ago

    Is Gal GodZZZKKK going to show her murdering Palestinians as she was a former member of the state terrorist organization the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) state terrorist apparatus funded by American taxpayers?

  • Persian Prince
    Persian Prince 23 hours ago

    One thing has not changed for 2020; Europeans continue to dominate the 21st Century films as if these elements are the "only" humans on our planet? Disgusting in the 21st Century when we can't see enough color in Hollywood and some may say what about Will Smith and others; well what about them? They're been there long enough but what about others? Just remember when Hollywood started it was ALL EUROPEAN AMERICANS or EUROPEANS and people of color were PAYING TO SEE THESE films! How about the 21st Century with some more color so that the human race can be fairly represented finally in ALL ITS COLORS and BEAUTY!

  • john molina
    john molina Day ago

    Vin Diesel as Vin Diesel

  • Tremaine McKinney
    Tremaine McKinney 2 days ago

    Looks like avatar is retaliating after endgame dethroned it

  • Celluloid Therapy
    Celluloid Therapy 2 days ago


  • [GD] GGlel
    [GD] GGlel 3 days ago

    Wtf is avatar

  • marr izzy
    marr izzy 4 days ago

    King Kong vs Godzilla only good movie coming

  • Summer A.
    Summer A. 4 days ago

    Why the hell does anyone hires that Jerk.. "Miles Tell her" lol for any role.. ???


    Venom 2
    Bad boys for life
    Birds of prey
    Sonic the hedgehog
    Godzilla vs Kong
    Bond 25
    Wonder Woman 1984
    Fast & So furious 9
    Maleficent 2
    Top gun maverick
    In the heights
    Fantastic beasts 3
    Avatar 3
    a Quiet place 2
    Bob’s Burgers film
    Jungle cruise

  • 90nadz
    90nadz 7 days ago

    Forget trailers, we're only 4 months away from 2020..Let that sink in!

  • elbowbiter1
    elbowbiter1 7 days ago

    Can't say I will see, or that I am excited about, any of this garbage. I miss the days where the titles weren't all known properties. Give me something fresh god damn it.

  • armagedon515
    armagedon515 7 days ago

    More sequels, prequels, afterquels and sometimequels. Hollywood is now officially brain dead.

  • ladyevenstar22
    ladyevenstar22 8 days ago

    Any news about robopocalypse film

  • Son Of Man
    Son Of Man 8 days ago

    Fast & furious passed away with Paul 💯

  • Red Agent
    Red Agent 9 days ago

    LOL @ “Har-bing-ers”.

  • John Paterson
    John Paterson 9 days ago

    Anyone else watching this in 2023?

    GILMOUR KEIRS 10 days ago

    wheres the trailers i wanted to see riddick

  • Charango123quena
    Charango123quena 10 days ago

    The title says " ..Most Anticipated" .. the majority of movies you have shown are pure soiled excrement.. if this is the most we can expect then 2020 will be a black hole for movie goers. It's no wonder why so many people are turning to streaming services . AND shame on you Looper for click baiting !! I never thought you would hit such a low point.

  • mr. rygiel
    mr. rygiel 10 days ago

    Feb is my birthday the same with number. 2 movie

  • Joeseph Nicholls
    Joeseph Nicholls 12 days ago

    This franchise officially is not going past the second movie due to the ridiculous budget of 1 billion dollars. Even if the sequel reaches a billion which I seriously doubt because most sequels Almost Never you better then their first movies. On top of that there's no way that they're going to make enough of a profit after breaking a billion dollars to want to attempt to go ahead with the other movies. And that's a damn shame. Because I was really looking forward to a huge franchise of Avatar movies

  • lucie řihova
    lucie řihova 12 days ago

    Less talk please

  • MrDTM666
    MrDTM666 12 days ago

    +"Gal - dut" .... really ! ... hahaha

  • Lea Seberg Fladstad
    Lea Seberg Fladstad 13 days ago

    My Top Movies I Look Forward To In 2020
    1. Sonic the Hedgehog
    2. Onward
    3. Scoob
    4. Mulan
    5. Soul
    6. Cruella
    7. The SpongeBob Movie: It's a Wonderful Sponge
    9. Trolls World Tour

  • Judith A. Yates
    Judith A. Yates 14 days ago

    I just like watching Daniel Craig walk...

  • Dylan J
    Dylan J 15 days ago

    Bad Boys 3 is going to be directed by two muslims?What a shocker🙄

  • Aaron Ferguson
    Aaron Ferguson 15 days ago

    The Nut Job 3 as well. I will stop after anyone gives me a major word about it gladly and inoffensively.

  • Terrill Goodwine Jr
    Terrill Goodwine Jr 16 days ago

    It's called Maleficent mistress of evil coming out October 18 this year
    Avatar 2 coming out December 17 2021
    Fantasic beasts 3 coming out Nov. 12 2021

  • michael wolles
    michael wolles 16 days ago

    Avatar is gonna suck..

  • AWDproductions
    AWDproductions 17 days ago

    I was excited for Bond know

  • Liam Harte
    Liam Harte 17 days ago

    Wonder Woman 1984
    Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984

  • Helgard Werner
    Helgard Werner 18 days ago

    1 movie not based on existing IP. JFC.

  • The86Ripper
    The86Ripper 18 days ago

    Daniel, you are great and all but you are no bond as you have stated multiple times yourself. So glad this will be his last film so that this poor franchise can find someone iconic for this role again.

  • Guro _18
    Guro _18 19 days ago

    Love bloodshot. So happy he is getting some more attention

  • Siddhartth
    Siddhartth 19 days ago

    Kristen Wiig needs to build up muscle if she wants to go against Gal Gadot.

  • Wendy Matney
    Wendy Matney 20 days ago

    Its Har-bin-ger.Not har binger

  • P Money
    P Money 23 days ago

    Now Bond is in the hands of feminists so that’s the end of that franchise

  • John Connor
    John Connor 23 days ago

    Bad boys will fail

  • Brandon Baty
    Brandon Baty 24 days ago

    "Harbinger". Pronounced like "binge" (er) NOT like "finger". Ffs. It's not even a made up word that can be debated. It has a clear definition and thus a clear pronunciation. Please Looper "journalists", get your shit together. My "God-ut".

  • Bruce Gillett
    Bruce Gillett 24 days ago

    Fast and furious is getting old

  • Bruce Gillett
    Bruce Gillett 24 days ago

    Not a fan of Daniel Craig James Bond good actor just doesn’t fit in as bond he is more of a cowboy type he looks like he has been road hard and put away wet

  • Tao of Soul
    Tao of Soul 25 days ago

    No Riddick! WTF! smh I fell for it.

  • The Villain
    The Villain 25 days ago +2

    I must be the only one excited for Dune.

  • Razihel
    Razihel 25 days ago

    I came because of riddick 😂 but aye at least Avatar 2 is coming out

  • Blake Bosschaart
    Blake Bosschaart 25 days ago

    Chantelle lockwick love you too much blake bosschaart earth Australia perth city
    The final battle v

    • Blake Bosschaart
      Blake Bosschaart 25 days ago

      Chantelle lockwick love you too much blake bosschaart dark crystal screen big ace Midland movies

    • Blake Bosschaart
      Blake Bosschaart 25 days ago +1

      Chantelle lockwick love you too much blake bosschaart v film festival chantelle lockwick blake bosschaart love you too much chantelle lockwick

  • Willy D
    Willy D 25 days ago

    Hollywood is out of original ideas....

  • Night Godd
    Night Godd 25 days ago

    pitch black 2 in 2020?

  • Supernaut
    Supernaut 25 days ago

    This is a bullshit channel.

  • c t
    c t 25 days ago


  • Marty M
    Marty M 26 days ago

    Stop remaking. Grow a brain

  • Fragminion
    Fragminion 26 days ago

    God Looper Sucks.

  • Mar Celo
    Mar Celo 28 days ago

    07:39 Bill Murray told many time already he would appear at a direct sequence of Ghostbusters ( 2016 isn't Ghostbusters ) only if his character is a ghost. Venkman as a life character at GB3 won't happen, no matter how much fans (me included) wanting him at it.

  • Hovire Kennao
    Hovire Kennao 28 days ago

    What about the best movie of all time "Riddick" by Vin Diesel.

  • Karen DeRonda
    Karen DeRonda 28 days ago


  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 29 days ago

    What no love for The Many Saints Of Newark the Sopranos prequel film?

  • Darren Vath
    Darren Vath 29 days ago

    Godzilla vs. Kong= dumb how the hell would Kong even have a chance!? Kong ain't on that level. Is he?

    • sung sung
      sung sung 28 days ago

      We haven't seen a fully grown Kong,have we? We don't know what Kong is capable of,wo he may have a few trick

  • ArmageddonBC XBOX / ArmageddonBC29 PS4

    You show Riddick, I click
    you don't show next Pitch Black Installment, I downvote

  • Ry Visla
    Ry Visla 29 days ago

    No Riddick??? Ya’ll got me.

  • thomas o hara
    thomas o hara 29 days ago

    Riddick .........................?

  • Donnie
    Donnie Month ago

    You need to get correct footage for some of the parts that you're talking about at the time.

  • Michael McAnally
    Michael McAnally Month ago

    Nothing from the MCU?

  • Jesse Labo
    Jesse Labo Month ago

    You vlick baited me with Riddick. Lol

  • West Wind
    West Wind Month ago

    Where’s Riddick!? 😏

  • Vito Kiliano
    Vito Kiliano Month ago +4

    Oh man, Im not alone who was waiting for Riddick... dissapointed :/

  • FuLLeFFekT1
    FuLLeFFekT1 Month ago +1

    Looks we all got pitch blacked! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Jeshua Wade
    Jeshua Wade Month ago

    I feel like I got Riddick Catfished 😭

  • ekim andersom
    ekim andersom Month ago

    The only thing i am waiting for is Top Gun Maverick.

  • J Tynes
    J Tynes Month ago

    No Riddick?! WTF!

  • Masood Voon
    Masood Voon Month ago

    Is the rock playing high school games trying to take all of Vin Diesel's co-stars away from him?

  • Eric Germano
    Eric Germano Month ago

    I dont give a shit about any of these movies. Waste of time.

  • MrMacGee
    MrMacGee Month ago +2

    Someone please help this "reporter" pronounce things. Har-bing-er and Gal Gaduht made me cringe. It is Har-bin-ger and Ga-doe

    • MrMacGee
      MrMacGee Month ago

      @Dragline lol yeah, people should read more these days.

    • Dragline
      Dragline Month ago +1

      omg, i was worried i was the only one who noticed that. At first I thought I was hearing things. ^_^

  • Y E
    Y E Month ago

    You're annoying

  • Kissfan44
    Kissfan44 Month ago

    The woman needs to learn how to say the peoples names and movie names correctly!