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  • Kelsey-lee Walker
    Kelsey-lee Walker 2 days ago +2

    Why does Mel.B always have something against old people who perform...

  • Adale123 Brown
    Adale123 Brown 3 days ago

    Is it me alone but that accent thou😍😌

  • Dani dollaz
    Dani dollaz 5 days ago

    I see why Eddie Murphy and Mel B didn't work out...

  • Jeremy Pilot
    Jeremy Pilot 5 days ago

    The one at 1050 wasn't that funny.

  • Bruce Peters
    Bruce Peters 6 days ago

    I love my naps.

  • Lyla Pingel
    Lyla Pingel 6 days ago

    How did samuel not get a golden buzzer??? ❤❤

  • Brian Gallacher
    Brian Gallacher 7 days ago

    2nd person wasnt funny at all

  • Sez Dahmer
    Sez Dahmer 9 days ago

    Don't cry Oliver, I sense special of you 😊

    • Sez Dahmer
      Sez Dahmer 9 days ago

      You are my kind of "Norm" 🧡

  • Vickie Cook
    Vickie Cook 10 days ago

    The 2nd guy..Simon again you saved a life

  • Vickie Cook
    Vickie Cook 10 days ago

    Orgrasm who is the foot cramp I lost it

  • Arie D
    Arie D 11 days ago

    If they gonna put the words at least put the correct words

  • lucinda gaskill
    lucinda gaskill 11 days ago

    Miss red dress is always so anti-american.

  • Fernanda AAA
    Fernanda AAA 12 days ago +6

    I don’t understand how Mel was confused in the old guy’s audition, Im not even an adult yet, and I understood everything 😂😂😂

  • Only from a distance
    Only from a distance 12 days ago

    32 year old Emo? ... Just end it.

  • tigeramer 9666
    tigeramer 9666 13 days ago

    lol lol what is loling lolipop

  • Goose Lord
    Goose Lord 15 days ago


  • Nathaniel Gray
    Nathaniel Gray 15 days ago

    That last guy was a straight up professional.

  • niki014
    niki014 16 days ago

    Am I the only one who hates female comedians?

  • faizal khan
    faizal khan 20 days ago

    7.58 the moment which broke my heart apart nd I was crying

  • faizal khan
    faizal khan 20 days ago

    I loved Oliver nd he was the best

  • Mark Midkiff
    Mark Midkiff 20 days ago

    So.. Oliver just dressed in goth and copied Steven Wright. Nothing original, nothing funny

  • The Gamelings
    The Gamelings 21 day ago

    The last guy is my favorite!!

  • godzilla virus
    godzilla virus 21 day ago

    Laughing out louding

  • Can We Get 1,000,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Mel B has a case of the stoopid

  • katelyn damico
    katelyn damico 22 days ago +3

    “ *I love my damn naps!* “ 😂😂😂 i love the first guy ahahah

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A 23 days ago +1


    ARIANA 24 days ago +1

    The second guy I can’t tell if he is dressing like that as a joke or really dresses like that 😂

  • Around The World حول العالم

    Shade of grey? Food cramp????

    SOFI AYOB 26 days ago

    I miss Mel B & Heidi 😣

  • XDFalmer
    XDFalmer 27 days ago


  • Ferelcapo
    Ferelcapo 27 days ago

    you could crack a knockknock joke and mel b would ask what does that mean

  • EverShine Sumer
    EverShine Sumer 27 days ago

    is oliver graves tape face ??

  • Rocky DJ
    Rocky DJ 28 days ago

    I thought I had a good sense of humour but I thought they were at best mediocre, except the last guy, he was pretty cool lol

  • Alison EvaMari
    Alison EvaMari 28 days ago +1

    I run these streets 😂

  • Alison EvaMari
    Alison EvaMari 28 days ago

    I could live without hearing dirty jokes from a octogenarian.....

  • Jachary
    Jachary 28 days ago

    Only the last one made me laugh..

  • DJ Klapoog
    DJ Klapoog 28 days ago

    Americas worst talent is does LOL' ing mean?

  • Fran White
    Fran White 29 days ago

    I love Samuel LMAO all his performances leave me lol fab guy

  • Fran White
    Fran White 29 days ago

    Yey Oliver lol

  • Jonah Innuksuk
    Jonah Innuksuk 29 days ago

    Sad stories are only good to watch once... You don't wanna play them again

  • JK Wagstaff
    JK Wagstaff 29 days ago

    At 0:22 why does she look like she doesn’t give a fizzle nugget

  • yassine ben salha
    yassine ben salha 29 days ago

    me : failing hard the play
    mom and dad : 8:49

  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith Month ago

    Sam is a faker,when he talks normally he does not Twich at all,?????????????????????????????????

  • David Stiles
    David Stiles Month ago +1

    Well, that's new, a dirty old man. Not funny 1st old fart.

  • ღ ღ ImAxel ღ ღ


  • Mark Greenway
    Mark Greenway Month ago

    Mediocre (yes all of them). Stop being pulled in by the background music and crowd enjoyment mentality.

  • Ummm What??!
    Ummm What??! Month ago

    Mel B is literally soooo slowwwww.

  • Papi chulo
    Papi chulo Month ago

    Laughing out louding???

  • David Worden
    David Worden Month ago

    LOL ing...have you ever thought of how dumb that sounds...your saying laugh out louding

  • Tossed Burrito90
    Tossed Burrito90 Month ago +1

    I dont think that Mel B. has a very developed sense of humor.

  • Blaine Mauer
    Blaine Mauer Month ago


  • Siikao Lee
    Siikao Lee Month ago

    I want somebody to stole my identity but that's OK they give it right back. Oh is that meh? Nobody's seems to want me for free😞

  • iamzesty
    iamzesty Month ago

    I love Oliver!!!!!! He’s so cute!!!!

  • Rosemary Rogers
    Rosemary Rogers Month ago

    OMG I absolutely love Samuel! I hope he goes far with his comedy career. AMAZING!!

  • Meet Luminous
    Meet Luminous Month ago

    How is Dalitso not in this...dude was funny

  • Arizona Camper man
    Arizona Camper man Month ago

    I’m shocked by Mel’s appearance. Wtf.

  • biggreenleaf
    biggreenleaf Month ago

    The title is cringy

  • Trinity Laughlin
    Trinity Laughlin Month ago

    Oliver will always be my favorite

  • Noch
    Noch Month ago

    9:45 she looks like rowan atkinson (mr bean)

  • Cami TheWolfiex
    Cami TheWolfiex Month ago +4

    second one, don't judge a book by its cover.

  • Baby T Baby
    Baby T Baby Month ago

    When that guy from National Treasure gets old. He will look like this for sure

  • Akshat Singh
    Akshat Singh Month ago

    These comedians will have me laugh out louding?

  • Katie Cavin
    Katie Cavin Month ago

    I’m so glad Mel B isn’t on the show anymore

  • SandiandBodiandI Bodi

    Worst ever this show is making pussies he sucked id creme this crap

  • Byron Lauritzen
    Byron Lauritzen Month ago +3

    It will have you LOL’ing?


  • EH Ismail
    EH Ismail Month ago


  • Sophia Brown
    Sophia Brown Month ago

    No matter how much time I watch Samuel I always laugh
    HE is just so funny

  • scriti `
    scriti ` Month ago

    I love Robert Smith of "The Cure."

  • Frost Wolf
    Frost Wolf Month ago

    Mel B “ Is that why you’re crying”?

  • Serpico Gamer
    Serpico Gamer Month ago