The Evolution of Need For Speed (1994-2017)

  • Published on Jun 15, 2017
  • The Evolution of Need For Speed video games from 1994 to 2017.
    Write In Comment below which one is your favorite Let us know :)
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    The Videos That I Used Aren't Mine.
    ■ The Need For Speed 1994 Gameplay By @igcompany
    ■ Need for Speed II Gameplay By @HGCentral
    ■ Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit Gameplay By @Alex Kiri
    ■ Need For Speed 4 High Stakes Gameplay By @MattJ155
    ■ Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed Gameplay By @Lucian PC
    ■ Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Gameplay By @Bomber
    ■ Need For Speed Underground Gameplay By @AddictionToGaming
    ■ Need For Speed Underground 2 Gameplay By @MirMo
    ■ Need For Speed Underground RIVALS Gameplay By @The EastMan
    ■ Need for Speed Most Wanted Gameplay By @MasterShakeTV
    ■ Need for Speed Carbon Gameplay By @Sergey P.
    ■ Need for Speed ProStreet Gameplay By @trogers
    ■ Need For Speed Undercover Gameplay By @AddictionToGaming
    ■ Need for Speed Shift Gameplay By @PlayscopeTrailers
    ■ Need For Speed Nitro Gameplay By @Nakamura King
    ■ Need For Speed World Gameplay By @capturedbytee
    ■ Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Gameplay By @Kowa4ui_korm
    ■ Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed Gameplay By @PS360HD
    ■ Need For Speed The Run Gameplay By @THEDUTCHBADGER
    ■ Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 Gameplay By @MihaelGames
    ■ Need for Speed Rivals Gameplay By @MotoGamesTV
    ■ Need for Speed: No Limits Gameplay By @adibsal
    ■ Need for Speed Gameplay By @Need for Speed
    ■ Need for Speed Payback Gameplay By @Need for Speed

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Comments • 3 742

  • Speedy Gee
    Speedy Gee Year ago +657

    The Need For Speed 1994 0:16
    Need For Speed II 1997 0:48
    NFS III Hot Pursuit 1998 1:23
    Need For Speed Highstakes 1999 2:00
    NFS Porsche Unrealeased 2000 2:35
    NFS Hot Pursuit II 2002 3:08
    NFS Underground 2003 3:45
    NFS Underground II 2004 4:20
    NFS Underground Rivals 2005 4:55
    NFS Most Wanted 2005 5:30
    Need For Speed Carbon 2006 6:05
    Need For Speed Prostreet 2007 6:40
    Need For Speed Undercover 2008 7:15
    Need For Speed Shift 2009 7:50
    Need For Speed Nitro 2009 8:25
    Need For Speed World 2010 9:00
    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 9:35
    NFS Shift 2 Unleashed 2011 10:10
    Need For Speed The Run 2011 10:45
    NFS Most Wanted 2012 11:20
    Need For Speed Rivals 2013 11:54
    Need For Speed No Limits 2015 12:30
    Need For Speed 2015 13:00
    Need For Speed Payback 2017 13:40

    MACHO PELUDO 2 days ago

    need for speed tem mais jogos q o forza

  • Flareon FX
    Flareon FX 3 days ago

    Can anyone share their email and password of their psn account that has need for speed payback in their library. I want to play it plz anyone

  • Destiny
    Destiny 4 days ago


  • TheGoldenMinecraft //JohnTGM

    0:14 that drift is better than roblox physics car games

  • Olkowski 1
    Olkowski 1 9 days ago

    Need For Speed PAYBACK

  • Anjankumar Anjankumar
    Anjankumar Anjankumar 10 days ago

    I want 2 download nfs undergrond 1 on my android

  • Don yang
    Don yang 10 days ago

    warning!!! 13:50 you are about to start a war...

  • Marcos Cecatto
    Marcos Cecatto 10 days ago

    eu amo todo jogo de carro

  • Lerpyplayz21 Lerp
    Lerpyplayz21 Lerp 11 days ago

    Inta zbala

  • Jonn Mostovoy
    Jonn Mostovoy 11 days ago

    The story of a failure to find a niche.

  • FRs qBlackp
    FRs qBlackp 13 days ago +1

    Need for speed World i miss you so hard

  • boat
    boat 14 days ago

    With no rubber-banding back then, a simple bump, or PIT maneuver made each race a breeze.

  • Random Smiler
    Random Smiler 15 days ago

    Well ima show y’all what a new evolution is.

  • Skyrious Gamer
    Skyrious Gamer 16 days ago +2

    Most wanted or underground 2 what is the best game.

  • 김슝슝
    김슝슝 16 days ago

    내 컴터로 할땐 분명 그래픽 좋았던 게임들인데... 영상으로 보니까 구려보이는건.. 기분탓인가;

  • Estrada Palma
    Estrada Palma 16 days ago

    Did anyone still play nfs hot pursuit from the ps3

    • Estrada Palma
      Estrada Palma 16 days ago

      A lot of people didnt have the ps3 to cause it was to expensive it was 600$

  • Syn Instinctt
    Syn Instinctt 16 days ago

    My favorite is undercover it was the game I used to always play on ps3

  • Karnage Gaming
    Karnage Gaming 19 days ago

    its a real shame... you can see where the decline was. the moment they introduced health bars to hide there poorly made cop ai. the games just were bad.
    i was so sad when they announced heat was gonna have healthbars. cause its real clear ea gave a tight deadline, they focused on customizing cars and did there usual bs with cops

  • MC Playing Buddy
    MC Playing Buddy 19 days ago +1

    Need For Speed Most Wanted is always in my heart

  • Hᴀxᴢᴏɪᴅ
    Hᴀxᴢᴏɪᴅ 19 days ago

    NFS Carbon own the city ! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Ag Z
    Ag Z 20 days ago

    Nice Myvi 4:20

  • tude wirya
    tude wirya 21 day ago

    My Favorit Game Need For Speed Underground 2 And Need For Speed Most Wanted

  • Youtuberbikers Skullgamingy


  • Ranem El.Afifi
    Ranem El.Afifi 23 days ago

    Undergraund 2
    Most wanted 2005

  • Erik Saldias
    Erik Saldias 24 days ago

    Anual saga mostly assasin,s or Call OF Duty...!

  • Vrathaaset, Reaper of Lordran

    Hype for nfs heat.

  • Putu Sumbawa
    Putu Sumbawa 25 days ago +1

    NFS U2 & NFS MW

  • freddy2nt
    freddy2nt 26 days ago

    How come NFS Hot Pursuit from 2002 looks better than most of the games that came after it? Damn, it still looks decent and playable!

  • CALi G
    CALi G 27 days ago +2

    1. Hot Pursuit 2
    2. High Stakes
    3. Hot Pursuit 2010
    4. Carbon
    5. NFS III

  • CALi G
    CALi G 27 days ago

    Wasn’t a better cop mode than the one in High Stakes. Was you and 3-4 other units that were posted up or patrolling the road that you could jump to and take control of.

  • Kevin Gutierrez
    Kevin Gutierrez 27 days ago

    I have need for SPEED RIVAL'S

  • Pedro Paramo
    Pedro Paramo 28 days ago


  • Aznizan Official
    Aznizan Official Month ago +1

    I see myvi wkwk

  • Umair Faiz
    Umair Faiz Month ago

    Ug2 mw carbon

  • Юля Стеценко

    Люблю NFS Rivals

  • Xanavi
    Xanavi Month ago


  • Владислав Губенко

    Where is NFS Motor City Online?

  • Reds_Turtle_Emissary

    I have a question for all watching this later than I. Did Shift 1 and 2 not have the most life like steering system?? like those actually felt like driving to me

  • Fire Flower
    Fire Flower Month ago

    4:29 SERIUSSS LAA MYVIIIIII?????!!!!

  • lion plays
    lion plays Month ago +1

    My favourite need for speed rivals eyyy

  • Ryan Cookie
    Ryan Cookie Month ago +1

    My fav:
    1.NFS Underground 1/2/rivals
    2.NFS Carbon
    3.NFS 2015

  • Alexander Agung Wirabumi

    Favorite NFS :
    1.Most Wanted 2005
    2.Underground 2
    Dari Indonesia🇮🇩 ada yang suka main NFS??👍👍👍

  • H. B
    H. B Month ago +1

    Most wanted and underground 2 were the best

    BİO GAMİNG Month ago

    hey thi is a false??

  • Mattis N
    Mattis N Month ago

    Why do you show Underground 2 with this ugly car mod and music? :(

  • Mattis N
    Mattis N Month ago +2

    NFS Underground 2
    NFS Most Wanted
    NFS Underground
    NFS III Hot Pursuit

  • Naxer
    Naxer Month ago +1

    Any NFS game after MW2005 with arena racing and damage system is garbage in my subjective opinion. If I wanted to play those, I'd choose some F1 or Colin McRae. But then it's an EA series so literary any NFS game is not worth buying.



  • Hairul Hafizi
    Hairul Hafizi Month ago

    Perodua myvi 😂

  • Syahmi Sidek
    Syahmi Sidek Month ago

    Myvi?? Wtf

  • Berserk Monster
    Berserk Monster Month ago

    I like The Run most

  • Hyper Hour
    Hyper Hour Month ago

    Watch videos and if you are a car gaming fan you can get a chance to win a cash price.
    Read the video description to know more.

  • SyedMHarith
    SyedMHarith Month ago


  • airyoshi
    airyoshi Month ago +1

    NSF 3 hot pursuit was such a fun game for its time, no tuning or flashy stuff just race and avoid the cops.

  • Marhaba Abdul Razak
    Marhaba Abdul Razak Month ago +3

    my fav nfs is Underground u agree

  • Tarisa Rahayu
    Tarisa Rahayu Month ago +3

    NFS carborn and NFS MW

  • Herman Herman
    Herman Herman Month ago


  • Captain Quyết
    Captain Quyết Month ago

    Fun game, decent strategy. No way to restart a level and you have to start the ENTIRE game over if you get stuck? Must be an oversight, but it's a pretty bad one, please fix Shift 2 at hudgames.

  • DU30
    DU30 Month ago

    Nfs heat 2019