• Published on Sep 12, 2015
  • Watching some more of my old, embarrassing videos...
    The Sidemen:
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  • Thomas Müller
    Thomas Müller 12 hours ago

    1:31 you know Harry was the type of kid who was bullied because he laughed at his own jokes!!! 😂😂

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones 22 hours ago

    Are we all gonna forget that JJ had the same teeth as Harry 😂😂

  • Krisjuke2
    Krisjuke2 23 hours ago

    Ethin was fat my god

  • Chopper anator
    Chopper anator Day ago

    Is that KSI

  • Ultrabeasthole24

    Is that when Tobi and Josh comes in? At 4:32

    MPQ4CHRIST Day ago

    How long ago were these videos, Harry?

  • Hero Plays!!!
    Hero Plays!!! 2 days ago

    Ethan was fat!

  • Raymond kirkpatrick
    Raymond kirkpatrick 2 days ago

    His 2 front teeth are divorced buck teeth of wonder

  • Louis doe
    Louis doe 2 days ago

    He definitely needs braces

  • T M B Y
    T M B Y 2 days ago +4

    No way this is four years ago I’m watching in 2019

  • KuBBz
    KuBBz 3 days ago

    These are better than all of vikks videos ever

  • Real Life
    Real Life 3 days ago

    Ethan looks so different it’s mad

  • Wayne Kerr
    Wayne Kerr 3 days ago +1

    Ahaha Ethan’s so fat

  • Jarred Seals
    Jarred Seals 3 days ago

    Harry is the I love Pokémon go kid

  • Charlotte Pledger
    Charlotte Pledger 5 days ago +1


  • Lil Pewds
    Lil Pewds 6 days ago +1

    Ksi: doesn't want to be here.

  • lil carlow
    lil carlow 6 days ago +4

    Ethan looks like the biggest fat nonce back then

  • jeikay
    jeikay 6 days ago

    Ethan is so fat. So proud of him losing weight

  • Patrick Lovett
    Patrick Lovett 6 days ago

    Fucking hell ethan was fat

  • Alfie Sheard
    Alfie Sheard 7 days ago

    Back then Harry looked like that kid who sang that I play Pokemon go song. LMAO.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jason Peralta
    Jason Peralta 7 days ago +1

    I’m currently watching an old video of the sideman watching old videos of Harry. Ima come back later to find this comment

  • Christopher Young
    Christopher Young 7 days ago +1

    JJ at 7:55 was 😆

  • Manawa Davidson
    Manawa Davidson 7 days ago +1

    this is how irrelevant vick was in the video


  • Pros Over Bros
    Pros Over Bros 7 days ago

    Fuck fortnite and it’s black hole

  • Fresh Fortnite MONTAGES

    Why does vik look like he will get KO’d by A.J if he moves

  • mimiss
    mimiss 8 days ago +15

    2019 and vik still looks like a victim

  • wachtelaer alvaro
    wachtelaer alvaro 8 days ago

    jesus ethan is thick

  • Charlotte Mai
    Charlotte Mai 8 days ago

    I was Harry when I was young😂😭😂

  • Ellie-jay Slater
    Ellie-jay Slater 8 days ago

    Zephaniah so fat

  • roman bouzid
    roman bouzid 8 days ago


  • Akram Naji
    Akram Naji 8 days ago

    So funy

  • Khurram k
    Khurram k 9 days ago

    Vik still takes kids to his basement.

  • Ruqayyah Begum
    Ruqayyah Begum 9 days ago

    okay watching this in 2019... THEY ARE SO TINYYY

  • CrAz SN
    CrAz SN 9 days ago


  • OneBIGpanda 33
    OneBIGpanda 33 9 days ago

    Damn I’m sorry but earthen was truly fat

    PLAYPRO 10 days ago

    Look at Ethan and vik😂😂

  • iliketurtles 1
    iliketurtles 1 10 days ago

    Harry has porn saved on his computer ...

  • Hitesh Parmar
    Hitesh Parmar 10 days ago +1

    Wanna know something??

    *this is an old video*

  • AdnanISJ
    AdnanISJ 11 days ago

    I swear this video came out sooner than 2015

  • Cody Lynch
    Cody Lynch 11 days ago

    Best video ever

  • Dynamite Plays
    Dynamite Plays 12 days ago +1

    anybody else like this vid is old not these

  • Chloe Drury
    Chloe Drury 12 days ago +4

    Anyone in 2019??
    And watching like:OMG EATHAN HAS LOST WEIGHT!!......or is it just me

    • Uziel Castelan
      Uziel Castelan 9 days ago

      Its ETHAN you stupid hoe and he did lose weight so its not you unless you need to lose weight too

  • bananaisgood
    bananaisgood 12 days ago +3

    He was a creative kid and had some great editing for his age.

  • Mahmud Rautzenberg-EL-Harrazin

    Ksi looks so terrified all the time

  • Maria Quartullo
    Maria Quartullo 13 days ago

    Owen cook,... me too

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 13 days ago

    the other sidemen appear to be afriad of fun.....harry is chaotic gOODNESS.

  • Aadam Hussain
    Aadam Hussain 14 days ago

    ksi made you

  • Pain's World
    Pain's World 14 days ago

    I only just recently discovered the sidemen..... who the hell is the big lad?!

  • jAmEs hEtFiElD
    jAmEs hEtFiElD 15 days ago +1

    harry is the pokemon go kid

  • ThatRandomGuy
    ThatRandomGuy 15 days ago +1


    I AM UR GOD TRUST ME ! 16 days ago +1


  • Rizn
    Rizn 16 days ago

    Im so glad this game back to my recommended I remember when this first came out and i was dying laughing

  • MrTw4aK
    MrTw4aK 17 days ago

    Ethan was fricking HUGE, and he lost fantastic amount of weight.. Good job mate! 👌

  • Hayley Herrick
    Hayley Herrick 17 days ago

    Honestly KSI was so boring in this

  • Tupuna Peilua
    Tupuna Peilua 17 days ago

    8:34 is really cool

  • Billy Gyde
    Billy Gyde 17 days ago

    Yo who’s watching In 4201

  • Elizabeth Kennedy
    Elizabeth Kennedy 18 days ago

    Who's watching in October 2019

  • Santoshi Ranchod
    Santoshi Ranchod 18 days ago

    Gtgrrtr fedf

  • Talking Gorilla
    Talking Gorilla 18 days ago

    This is now an old video.....