Memphis BBQ Ribs Taste Test

  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
  • It's time to get saucy and find the best BBQ ribs Memphis has to offer! GMM #1425
    We're still finding sauces and spices in our nooks and crannies and we are not complaining one bit. Thanks to Charlie Vergos Rendezvous, Central BBQ -, and Leonard's Pit Barbecue - for making this our reality!
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Comments • 3 909

  • MaddVentures
    MaddVentures 25 days ago

    Was in Memphis and ate there at Central and IT WAS THE FRICKING BEST

  • Lucy Bancroft
    Lucy Bancroft Month ago

    Weird seeing them outside of the studio. You guys are great

  • Casey Rowe
    Casey Rowe Month ago

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Jarrod Bergeron
    Jarrod Bergeron Month ago

    A butt is the back piece of a pig

  • Demon Jake
    Demon Jake Month ago

    Ima be honest I'd eat all the ribs. Lol

  • Jackkey Brown
    Jackkey Brown Month ago

    Kansas City bbq best ever n home of blues my grandma the queen of blues Myra Taylor we r pride kcmo

  • Jackkey Brown
    Jackkey Brown Month ago +1

    I'll take you to the best bbq you ever had KCMO kcks

  • Jackkey Brown
    Jackkey Brown Month ago +1

    Nooooooooooo kc MO bbq capital period!!!!!!!!! 🐳🐋🐳🐋🐳💀🌋💀🌋💀😮

  • WhenEarthSavesTheDay


  • Shelby Witt
    Shelby Witt 2 months ago

    I loved 20 minutes from Memphis for 13 years and nowhere will ever beat Memphis barbecue to me

  • Mr Movies
    Mr Movies 2 months ago

    Hawaiian barbecue is better. That’s my opinion anyway.

  • Brian Morrissey
    Brian Morrissey 2 months ago

    i just accidentally wiped my pants. lol

  • Kathy Havelka
    Kathy Havelka 2 months ago

    0:41 Anyone else see that dude drive past with an open trunk?

  • Bleach
    Bleach 2 months ago

    They didnt dink it and sink it :c

  • Crystal Lizard
    Crystal Lizard 2 months ago

    " hey, you want to get wet with me?"
    Sure, let's get wet

  • SmallBlackGuns
    SmallBlackGuns 2 months ago

    If you ever go to Houston try Tin Roof BBQ! The owners are always there and very welcoming, and the food is amazing people travel from all over.

  • XD_ tsukuyomi
    XD_ tsukuyomi 2 months ago

    MY CHAIR!!

  • OleMiss_Chr15
    OleMiss_Chr15 2 months ago

    I live 45mins South of Memphis. Glad y'all didn't get mugged! lol

  • Mearlyn Ambrosius
    Mearlyn Ambrosius 2 months ago

    Rhett is like 7 feet tall

  • psdeely
    psdeely 2 months ago +1

    4:24 what is that song, I've been trying to find it forever

  • Memeoglobin
    Memeoglobin 3 months ago

    Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives starring only Rhett and Link

  • Dalton Craddock
    Dalton Craddock 3 months ago

    Good ribs but not like mom makes 'em

    CNS REAPER143 3 months ago

    No best CHICKEN!!!
    Who agrees with me

  • Angel Smith
    Angel Smith 3 months ago

    I live in Tennessee

  • Jayden Mathews
    Jayden Mathews 4 months ago

    New Orleans is the Home of the Blues

  • Sarah Wolcott
    Sarah Wolcott 4 months ago

    Central BBQ is the best in Memphis, hands down! Everytime! I have even had a lunch interview there.

  • john sampoy
    john sampoy 4 months ago +2

    Please do more " The Backup Plan" videos

  • A7mad Abdulla
    A7mad Abdulla 4 months ago


  • Zach Skull
    Zach Skull 4 months ago

    Central? You're smoking crack. #rendzvous

  • Cirielle Rodrigez
    Cirielle Rodrigez 4 months ago

    You missed the best ones.. at The Commissary

  • Banks Drinnen
    Banks Drinnen 4 months ago +1

    I’m literally watching this in rendezvous

  • Jaxson Murphy
    Jaxson Murphy 5 months ago

    Please do more videos with traveling!

  • Christine Wilson
    Christine Wilson 5 months ago

    I’m getting guy fieri vibes

  • Leviathan Lamothe
    Leviathan Lamothe 5 months ago


  • Rich F
    Rich F 5 months ago

    KC BBQ > All

  • Tyronius Maximus
    Tyronius Maximus 5 months ago +2

    Not a single mention of international mens day, yet every year they make an international womens day episode.

  • Kanga Ryuk
    Kanga Ryuk 5 months ago

    4:34 watching Rhett in the real world tackle things like walking under a doorway is so weird.

  • ThingsForYourScreen
    ThingsForYourScreen 5 months ago +1

    I love yall, but did you really each need your own set of ribs (unless you did eat them all in which case I hope they were delicious)

  • Whoiscierra
    Whoiscierra 5 months ago

    The ol’ pull and fall technique

  • Sara glittermepink
    Sara glittermepink 5 months ago

    The best way to determine which rib is best? Punch your bff in the face

  • Kristopher Bries
    Kristopher Bries 5 months ago

    Some of the best ribs I've had is a place near where I live is called QDogs BBQ. They're very tender and the glace and rub doesn't overpower the flavor of the rib. Not sure what the rub is but the glaze is like a red raspberry glaze that sticks to the meat and isn't dumped onto the meat

  • Mitchell LaBarge
    Mitchell LaBarge 5 months ago

    I'm not gonna say it
    What? that I'm a master baster?
    -Rhett & Link 2018

  • Erick V
    Erick V 5 months ago

    Those kitchens are filthy 🤮

  • bob bib
    bob bib 6 months ago

    not calling anyone out but you notice the ones who clean their smokers vs who dont

  • Hebhid
    Hebhid 6 months ago

    Gotta respect that T-shirt in the background.

  • Kristen Coleman
    Kristen Coleman 6 months ago

    About to eat at Central! Gettin’ the ribs!!

  • chris stath
    chris stath 6 months ago

    was i the only one gordon ramsey'ing all those kitchen they were all quite filthy : \ i didnt wanna say it but yeah !

  • Derek Mitchell
    Derek Mitchell 6 months ago

    You should visit us in Kansas City and try some of the best barbecue in the nation. With over 50 different bbq joints in town, you'll have plenty to choose from. Highly recommend Joe's or Q39.

  • CurryKingWurst
    CurryKingWurst 6 months ago

    Now I want ribs.

  • Katelin Johnson
    Katelin Johnson 6 months ago

    You have a dirty mind 😂😂 its ok so do i

  • Katelin Johnson
    Katelin Johnson 6 months ago

    You guys need your own food show!!!

  • zaumipha kitsune
    zaumipha kitsune 6 months ago

    "lets get wet together"

  • Sarah Ingham
    Sarah Ingham 6 months ago

    Got some Triple D Guy Fieri music up in this episode

  • Dennis Hillberg
    Dennis Hillberg 6 months ago

    12:25 Rhett and Link starting to punch each other

  • SpikyTuber
    SpikyTuber 6 months ago

    I wish I could have kissed Elvis 😙😭

  • Alex Rayne
    Alex Rayne 6 months ago

    The first place was in worth it I love when that happens

  • Slyro
    Slyro 6 months ago

    Do more videos like this!!!!!

  • Rayditz
    Rayditz 6 months ago

    Rhett is so tall he barely fits in some of these kitchens

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 6 months ago

    I have eaten at rendezvous before and it is amazing!!!

  • emma3400 emma3400
    emma3400 emma3400 6 months ago

    Hey! This was posted on my birthday!

  • Dalyn Riemann
    Dalyn Riemann 7 months ago

    I just tried Central's ribs yesterday, and I can agree they are indeed the best

  • The Challenger
    The Challenger 7 months ago

    Doesn’t this remind you guys of the good old days of man vs food?

  • Starbeyond
    Starbeyond 7 months ago

    Rhett trying to sneak in a inappropriate joke, Link being like "no you dont"

  • EmieLope
    EmieLope 7 months ago

    Oh snap worth it has competition

  • Lauren Blackley
    Lauren Blackley 7 months ago

    Okay listen central bbq is the best

  • the invisible me
    the invisible me 7 months ago

    I love they way they dress

  • James Terry
    James Terry 7 months ago

    My brother used to work for Central BBQ!

  • Yeet Yoink
    Yeet Yoink 7 months ago

    Vegans have left the chat

  • Jill J
    Jill J 7 months ago

    I'm starting to think I need a career change

  • XUnicornz_SquadX Gaming

    I'm now drooling for ribs 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖

  • Burnett BBQ
    Burnett BBQ 7 months ago

    Payne's, Germantown Commissary, Cozy Corner, Interstate, etc.

  • Jack Clarkez
    Jack Clarkez 7 months ago

    I live in Memphis and I approve of this video 😂

  • Just Piddling Around
    Just Piddling Around 7 months ago

    If you guys wanted worlds best bbq ribs, you should have came to Kansas City.

  • Miranda
    Miranda 8 months ago

    Rhett and Link need their own show on the travel channel or Netflix. A mix of Bizarre Foods and Man vs. Food would be perfect.

  • Dustin Hunt
    Dustin Hunt 8 months ago

    nice raw meat right under
    the cooking meat