Transforming Ordinary Things into Something AMAZING !

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • Transforming Ordinary Things into Something AMAZING !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Transforming Ordinary Things into Something AMAZING !

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  • Eltayeb Hamad
    Eltayeb Hamad Day ago

    0:32 is like smile dog init

  • Green Lover
    Green Lover 3 days ago

    Keep this grey if you love azzy!

  • Eva Matthews
    Eva Matthews 6 days ago

    I have a sun room it's a room with glass walls and when the sun comes out the sun is shinning in the room

  • Jasmine Santos
    Jasmine Santos 7 days ago

    A sunroom is a room with a bunch of windows so you can hang out in the sun

  • Wolf Lover
    Wolf Lover 7 days ago

    I know what a sun room is

  • Michelle Bowser
    Michelle Bowser 7 days ago

    I like the smell of smoke, : Ciggaretes = smoke
    I like the smell of ciggaretes '-' | | I don't smoke and I can't

  • Aliera Bibb
    Aliera Bibb 9 days ago

    i looked at the forks and i saw that it looks like it spells love but the e is not a e

  • Dope Gaming
    Dope Gaming 9 days ago

    I had a sun room it’s a play room

  • Brookie Cookie
    Brookie Cookie 10 days ago

    Lol the thumbnail is Mr beast

  • david losee
    david losee 11 days ago

    That wrench key was a screwdriver

  • Nivaldo Henry
    Nivaldo Henry 11 days ago +1

    That's a screwdriver

  • The_ Reaper
    The_ Reaper 13 days ago

    Azzy: there is nothing worse than the smell of old eggs.

    There is nothing I hate more than the smell of old cigarettes
    Which one azzy?

  • Sydney Dose Everything

    She called a screwdriver a wrench

  • Kelley Hernandez
    Kelley Hernandez 15 days ago

    Azzy:stop me somebody stop me!!
    Me:ok if u don't stop, I'll be a hater.
    Btw that's actually not gonna happen💙I love u azzy

  • Destiny123 Mateika
    Destiny123 Mateika 15 days ago

    OH SHUT UP your Life is beautiful people are broke and homeless i only have one daller

  • margaret eady
    margaret eady 16 days ago

    Little little little little

  • GoddessofDevils -_-
    GoddessofDevils -_- 16 days ago


  • aubadob and two friends
    aubadob and two friends 17 days ago +2

    Yo azzy that dad joke was from undertale

  • Moyra Jones
    Moyra Jones 17 days ago +3

    Dad jokes? Oh, I know dad jokes…
    A drum set fell off a cliff
    Badum Ching
    What do you call a fish with no I’s?
    A fsh
    Knock Knock, who’s there, idno, Idno who?
    Idno why are you asking me?
    Knock, knock, who’s there, ino, ino who
    Ino dad jokes.

  • xxgacha Callumxx
    xxgacha Callumxx 20 days ago


  • Mary Owen
    Mary Owen 21 day ago

    A sunroom is a room with a bunch of windows in the light Shines through it in order for your indoor plants to grow Because the light shines through

  • Mister Mibster
    Mister Mibster Month ago


    Sorry I get angry easely.

  • Amanda Winters
    Amanda Winters Month ago

    Azzy: whats a sun room
    Me: its a room what the sun shines in more

  • Maribel Gonzalez
    Maribel Gonzalez Month ago

    We are making a botel cap wall in my shcool

  • Ella Gomes
    Ella Gomes Month ago


  • Hayhay Naim
    Hayhay Naim Month ago

    Azzy, that's a screwdriver, not a wrench. 😂😂😂

  • jame2990 jame2990
    jame2990 jame2990 Month ago

    Bet she's got back pain for another reason as well 😉😉

  • CaysonZ Galaxy
    CaysonZ Galaxy Month ago +1

    Azzy A sunroom is a room with many many windows

  • Sophia Defendi
    Sophia Defendi Month ago +1

    Azzy what's your job

  • שלומי\ת ברכה


  • fortnite stuff
    fortnite stuff Month ago

    U mostly sad a little bit a million times

  • Silas Elswick
    Silas Elswick Month ago

    I'm a basketball player or at least I play basketball alot and basketballs never fall out of my hand 🤔🤔🤔🏀🏀🏀🏀

  • Kylee Rigsby
    Kylee Rigsby Month ago

    I wanna do this but na i tooo lazy

  • Duchess Shimmer
    Duchess Shimmer Month ago

    Did you seriously say. They turned a key into a wrench when it's clearly a screwdriver LOL😂🤣😁😀😆😄😃😉😊😋

  • Zoe Hachiita
    Zoe Hachiita Month ago

    Guess what I am trying to say
    Level 1:🙋❤❤💃🏾
    Level 2:🙋💇🙋💁
    Level 3:🙋👨❤🏃
    If you have any question or answers 👍➡💬

  • Cain Cervantez
    Cain Cervantez Month ago


  • Hannah Bananah
    Hannah Bananah Month ago +1

    The piano was probably in EXTREME disrepair. Nobody wants to waste money on a piano that sounds tingy and weird.

  • Hannah Bananah
    Hannah Bananah Month ago +1

    Most bikes look like that, idiot.

  • Mpho Masia
    Mpho Masia Month ago


  • Mpho Masia
    Mpho Masia Month ago

    Azzy you do have a talent eating chocolate 🍫😋😂

  • Mpho Masia
    Mpho Masia Month ago

    Azzy you do have a talent eating chocolate 🍫😋😂

  • Annette Ramos
    Annette Ramos Month ago

    My mom made a penny wall then penny table

  • Addison Smith
    Addison Smith Month ago +3

    She called a screwdriver a wrench 😂😂 Love you Azzy! ❤️❤️

  • Megan Davis
    Megan Davis Month ago

    How many times Azzy said little

  • yeet Nguyen
    yeet Nguyen Month ago

    Thats a battle bus

  • Leanne Cartledge
    Leanne Cartledge Month ago

    Erm... Azzy that’s not a wrench that’s a screwdriver.

  • Miyah Clark
    Miyah Clark Month ago


  • gamer Boy
    gamer Boy Month ago

    you sad little 4 times

  • Chris B
    Chris B Month ago

    Azzy my school in the Whitehall Coplay school district has a very interesting interesting design our design is the light goes down and goes against the wall and make the projection like a cool design well when the room was designed hahaha the room with the giant off meaning where were the projectors were little like to fuss the light was meeting the projector boards were making like a flashlight and blinding every other kid that was there South Bay Area hilarious hilarious and a few years later the border between the Middle School has a border like Zephyr that separates two sides of the gym one day the chain broke and the door fell and this was during during two. Luckily there are no kids in the room and my gym teacher told me this and I asked him how much will it cost to replace this door........................... 12 billion dollars

  • Mom Joslin
    Mom Joslin Month ago

    Me and Liam love your videos

  • Mark DeGraw
    Mark DeGraw Month ago +1

    It's not a reach

  • Mimi the art girl
    Mimi the art girl Month ago +1

    Dad joke:
    A man buys alot of ladders..
    He just uses them to get high

  • Kaleigh Kat
    Kaleigh Kat Month ago +1

    love you

  • Kaleigh Kat
    Kaleigh Kat Month ago +2

    i love your videos azzy right wen i get notified i watch your videos

    MINECRAFT KRÓL Month ago +2

    My freind has that azzy stole toy late my freind has the same and the same shape and toy with it

  • Metro Pcs
    Metro Pcs Month ago


  • Panda_express gaming

    Yeet yeey yeey yeey

  • Panda_express gaming

    Are u on the peace?

  • Panda_express gaming


  • Generic
    Generic Month ago

    My grandparents have a sun room! It’s a room with a lot of windows and has a door to your back yard and if you want to grow plants were there not outside you can grow the plants there

  • Saundra Searcy
    Saundra Searcy Month ago


  • Chidera Agomoh
    Chidera Agomoh Month ago

    Times Azzy said "a little"

  • The Usual Art
    The Usual Art 2 months ago

    The thumbnail, the magic school bus

  • Gloria Salas
    Gloria Salas 2 months ago


  • anderson Flores
    anderson Flores 2 months ago +1

    I love all of your video and your pretty azzt

  • Shirnet P
    Shirnet P 2 months ago

    I have a sunroom it is we're you put your shoes

  • Brony 1 72
    Brony 1 72 2 months ago

    A screwdriver was referred to as a wrench.

  • Daime Garcia
    Daime Garcia 2 months ago +1

    I love azzys laugh it makes my day😊😁💜💞💕

  • Emily Weisend
    Emily Weisend 2 months ago

    The plate is a lion

  • Macham Ziunamai
    Macham Ziunamai 2 months ago

    I love you 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tom Robinson
    Tom Robinson 2 months ago

    A sunroom is a room to get sun

  • Ifeanyi Nnebe
    Ifeanyi Nnebe 2 months ago

    Whats with this face 😜 8:04

  • dave 369
    dave 369 2 months ago

    You said 10 cool

  • becky reitz
    becky reitz 2 months ago

    Azzy you are so beautiful and hilarious

  • Debra pedicord
    Debra pedicord 2 months ago

    That's good for me because I have a lot !!!😠