[Eng Sub] B-Free Disrespecting BTS Rap Monster & Suga? | 방탄소년단 디스 비프리

  • Published on Nov 24, 2013
  • BTS and B-Free at a hip-hop event in Seoul where a lot of shots were fire. Eng sub version was requested. So here it is.
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Comments • 23 833

  • Monika Senpai
    Monika Senpai Hour ago

    Now this is the real tea 🍵 I'm just new in this fandom so I was hardly looking for some sauce before BTS got famous. I do personally love kpop with rap/hiphop touch. In my early 15 I used to listen BigBang but I didn't have interest in their personal stories, or about writting songs. But this BTS caught my attention starting from scratch, their stories/hardships. Now, the BTS rapline is my favorite. (Same as BigBang, and yes! I watched their stories earlier because I am really curious.) BTS deserves the support and love from the ARMYs around the world. 💜

  • SS
    SS 3 hours ago

    Those rude rappers is too stiff to themusic genre. Why do you stuck to one kind of genre since you can put two or more kind of genre in one song?

  • SS
    SS 4 hours ago

    I love our Leader Nam joon has that great of attitude towards that question and judgement from the rude sunbaenim. This kind of attitude bring him go worldwide then. Proud of RM, Suga and all Bts’ member!

  • Hobi Hobi
    Hobi Hobi 20 hours ago +1

    I'll tell you what you can do B-*GONE* you can get on your knees and kiss BTS's feet. Oh wait, are they too high up in Billboard Hot 100 for you to reach?

  • reiny siregar
    reiny siregar Day ago +1


  • 방탄하트
    방탄하트 Day ago

    Picking on a junior is not manly. Calling the junior a girls’ icon is not only not manly but also very misogynistic. Picking a fight kinda attitude is manly and macho to you? Then that will be all you’ll ever be known for. Your name is gone down the drain that day you insulted and disrespected BTSat the event. No wonder you’re still an unknown today save for ppl who dig up this pc of news.

  • 방탄하트
    방탄하트 Day ago

    These so called rappers/hip hoppers thought they were staying true to their music genre and feeling superior by thinking of BTS the way they did in that interview, but to me, they were just plain narrow minded and inflexible. And pls don’t judge Rm & Suga for not enduring their music beliefs. Everyone has their own unique set of circumstances and considerations in life and ppl make the best out of that and sometimes that’s where magic happens. Put it simply, you Bfree idiots and the other nobodies at the event just nvr had the good fortune of Lady Luck smiling on you to walk the blessed path BTS did. The mind and attitude of a person determine the actions and outcome. With those amoeba brain cells of yours, ofc you couldn’t hv walked the same path as BTS. That said, u really need to do some soul searching bc even BPA Free plastics are more well known and beneficial to mankind than u.

  • Hope Lee
    Hope Lee Day ago

    Watch 10:18 😂

  • havicngo11
    havicngo11 Day ago

    Everytime I watch this. I have to watch Cypher 1, 2, 3, 4 and Mic drop to make me feel better.

  • Houry Jamgotchian

    Shut the fuck up

  • Bebita Ashangbam
    Bebita Ashangbam 2 days ago +1

    Don't ever talk down to bts you losers😒😒😒😒😒. You peoples do not even deserve to be compare to bts😒😒😒😒😒

  • juxta position
    juxta position 2 days ago

    I think the video gain viewer just because of BTS😂

  • Kim Namjoon my love
    Kim Namjoon my love 2 days ago

    This mf..
    I'm burning

  • WutDaFreakNutz
    WutDaFreakNutz 2 days ago

    Those dudes went there looking for a fight. They said some very insulting things. I would've lost my cool if I was Suga/RM. But look who has the last laugh.

    JEAN VIVIAN 2 days ago

    bts: ya player haters you should love your self
    b free :apologize
    Agust d enter: ...

    JEAN VIVIAN 2 days ago

    what the f*ck is that b free if rmon speak english and they all nose bleed

  • Grace Horne
    Grace Horne 3 days ago

    When that man said then what is it you wanna rap if you undertand both sides......suga was already pickin up a mic to talk before RM even decided fuck it you handle this bitch lol

  • Sita Kshiar
    Sita Kshiar 3 days ago

    If you can't respect BTS just shut up your mouth B-free, you are a burdens of innocent BTS, you dirty mind and mouth you don't know how to respect or speak to BTS. Where is your manner or your good behavior. Instead you have to give them more courage but you let them down. Let all that words which you had spoken to BTS Rap monster and Suga returned to yourselves B-free.
    BTS always be and stay strong don't never ever listen to their dirty words and kill them with your success.
    Fighting BTS

  • Ms. V
    Ms. V 4 days ago

    I'm shook that RM is calm meanwhile I want to shut the mouth of B-F.

  • Cali Luv
    Cali Luv 4 days ago

    4:55 i threw my CHAIR

  • Jash Shay Juarez
    Jash Shay Juarez 4 days ago

    Mix emotions.... Everytime I watch this video it breaks my heart but very proud of the way RM and Suga answered...... Army Forever....

  • Cella Creed
    Cella Creed 4 days ago +1

    I find it funny they gave them Suga and RM such a hard time about what real hip hop is when they appropriated the culture from black people but that’s just tea. I think anyone can do hip hop. Bts devoted a month to learning about the music and its origins and they do a great job of creating rap that’s not degrading and mysoginistic but also not super religious and preachy. They’re just having fun and being doing an awesome job as hip hop artists and these clowns who think hip hop is all about smoking weed and calling women the b word have some nerve.
    Also I know this is hella old but my point still stands they were great then and have only gone up

  • Anna Barmar
    Anna Barmar 4 days ago

    5:23 im getting mad at how polite and respectful rm is being like ugh he could say so much but he doesnt

  • Hime Shiratori
    Hime Shiratori 5 days ago +1


  • TaeTae Boxy smile
    TaeTae Boxy smile 5 days ago

    If i am the sun your the moon
    Because when i rise you go down

  • Kitten Lover
    Kitten Lover 5 days ago +2

    *how many stupid things can you say in some minutes….*

  • Mariel Apaza
    Mariel Apaza 5 days ago

    Me: who’s B-free?
    I seriously have never even heard his name, I watched this clip somewhere else some years ago, but it was without subtitles so I didn’t understand
    Thank you for the subtitles
    ( I have to thank him because Cypher exists, also he apologized ARMY KARMA wins at the end )

  • Mira Mira
    Mira Mira 5 days ago +2

    B free are you alive?? Thats happens when u mess with bts u get destroyed

  • Rooina Ronson
    Rooina Ronson 6 days ago

    Bfree...so bad. I hate him now

  • Binibining Ashley
    Binibining Ashley 6 days ago +2

    He doesn't even exist in my world he is just a nobody to me hehe

  • Niña lovesyou
    Niña lovesyou 6 days ago

    Bfree? Macho culture?
    hahaha but you're not looks like a macho, you look like a pig. 😂

  • Shweta Mase
    Shweta Mase 6 days ago

    5:13 it's just too extra to handle for our boys ohh god
    I think that's why you made bts to get this success to put like this people in gutter🤪😠😠😠l truly hate l want to kill those people sitting and saying fucking things like that
    Sale madarchod

  • Bella Jiminie Kamsa
    Bella Jiminie Kamsa 7 days ago +2

    B-free where are you now????. Now, I know.. RM and Suga's lyrics meaning. I'm here 2019. Karma is at your front...

  • SS Hani
    SS Hani 7 days ago

    5 years later he apologized...

  • Abigail Sarah
    Abigail Sarah 7 days ago

    This guy has pride
    Forget the fact he saying hip hop bullshit
    Why was saying they wanted to wear make up and alll
    That's low the least he could do was give them an advice not insult them on radio
    Bts's income now should be able buy him😠
    Atleast we now know that his comment kept bts going without his hate bts wouldn't be where they are now
    Heck I didn't even know this b-free guy
    But BTS is known worldwide

  • BTS Jungkook💕BLACKPINK Lisa

    bts is more manly , your age is to old but the attitude is like a kid grow up man, are blind or something can't you see BTS is in the top but you in the low.... ahh so 😔 go home and cry like a baby😉👎

  • Ankita Sridhar
    Ankita Sridhar 7 days ago

    Look where they've got now motherfckers

  • Rachel Kim Taehyung
    Rachel Kim Taehyung 7 days ago +1

    Kim Yeontan is popular than Bfree. sad right? but that's the reality..

  • 陳香
    陳香 7 days ago

    Mmmmmm.......So after all these years, WHO IS B-FREE^^

  • _Little Bunny_
    _Little Bunny_ 7 days ago

    Im gonna be a 100% honest with yall, when my friend mentioned b-free, i was like "The bread??" I didnt even know this bitch existed 😂 we found him out by BTS, bro his clout is from bts and armys, even YEONTAN is more famous than that dumbass

  • KiMinSeoKook I
    KiMinSeoKook I 7 days ago

    B Free you got no jams

  • artificialchen
    artificialchen 8 days ago

    honetsly fuck Koreans who looks down on idols like you fucking ugly ass i know its hard to take some handsome and kind men' success with that face of yours but dont be mad just because you dont have any good side to brag about it.

  • Mashmilowgirl Gaming

    B free needs to burn

  • Tavullia Bella
    Tavullia Bella 9 days ago

    What is this all about? Why those guys in black sun glasses act like that towards RM and Suga? They care too much about hiphop or jealous too much at Bangtan?
    Why they care about naming the group? Like... it should be BTSD not BTS? What tje heck ia going on with those so called hiphop hyungs? 🤔

  • Michelle Yen Ton
    Michelle Yen Ton 9 days ago +2

    RM was mad so Suga took over and handled things like a champ... Ugh this makes me so mad ... 😠

  • MaeMarlene Monroe
    MaeMarlene Monroe 10 days ago

    Who/what is Bfree.... is it an object ??? ......

  • havicngo11
    havicngo11 10 days ago

    Did you see my bag? What you think bout that? Don't even apologize. Mic Drop..

  • kiwi 57
    kiwi 57 11 days ago

    Honey I typed your name into Google and the first things that came up were BTS related so sit tf down cos they're the only reason anyone acknowledges you

  • Bunny Tiger
    Bunny Tiger 11 days ago

    그래서 하고싶은 말이 ㅋㅋ 슈가랑 알엠이 구질구질하게 지들처럼 살아야했어야된단거여? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이 인터뷰 보기싫어서 미루다 봤는데 기가차넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Sharon
    Sharon 12 days ago

    I saw a reference to this video in another video and looked this one up. These so-called rap artists should just stay in their lane. They're doing what they want and BTS is doing what it wants. There are rappers and singers in BTS and if these guys took the time to listen to them, they'd know that. The fact that they wear make-up on stage (duh) is irrelevant. People who perform on stage wear make-up. Get over it and get over your homophobia while you're at it. There's room for all kinds of music in the world.

  • geraldine
    geraldine 12 days ago

    i honestly like their makeup in their 1st album,, specifically in no more dream... i find it cool swag and beautiful at the same time,,... i think it also gives a different unique style and concept in Hiphop... they didn't stay with norms,, they succeed because they innovate... from music,, lyrics,, mvs,, dance moves... mixing rnbs,, pop,, hiphop,, rapping,, swag style,, cute style,, different voice range in each member but blended so beautifully,,, all in one gift box ,,, like an abstract art with variety of colors ... iconic and legend

  • Itsayjah_
    Itsayjah_ 12 days ago

    They talked their shit but look at BTS now they’re so famous we don’t even know is who these idiots are😂

  • Lejindary Bangtan
    Lejindary Bangtan 13 days ago

    Honestly..... I almost send my own diss track to Bighit 💆 but then realise that Yeontan ,Mickey and Holly including Jungkook's Banana Milk are more important than them 💅
    Edit : By them it's mean this B-free aka undiscover human.

  • feRnandHa gremOry
    feRnandHa gremOry 14 days ago

    Lets be honest this piece of shit, wanted to ask those PERSONAL QUESTIONS CAUSE HE JUST WANT TO BOTHER BTS.... this is the kind of people shit, whos want to fuck the world.... besides.. no one knews who was, this shit B FREE ... cause of bts

  • Thangminngam Hangsing
    Thangminngam Hangsing 14 days ago

    Who is Bfree ??
    Is the one who put Hat????
    Hahaha that's shows I don't even know who Bfree is even i watch the video

  • army bts
    army bts 14 days ago +1

    구질구질하게살아야하고 불합리한 일들을 견뎌가며 하고픈 말을 때와 장소 상황 안가리고 내뱉는게 힙합이라고 생각했나보네요 쯧...

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 15 days ago

    Bfree can suck my ass.

  • eye see
    eye see 15 days ago

    stupid korea rapper i mean B WHAT??? BFREE BFLY BASS! i dun thing in other country will thing same way he did!!! stupid question u ask hahhahaha.. i mean this guy! that asking question to rm n suga... are u jelous or what????? hhahahhahaha.............. RM N SUGA jus had their fortune of luck.. so why u need to ask that freaking stupid question like u are freaking jealous.. let them be what they like... u jus make yourself worst u idiot!!!! u jus became famous of this stupid video taken ... plz do thanks to suga n rm ya..!!! idioT!

  • heyhey hey
    heyhey hey 15 days ago +1

    How many pictures do they need they are only sitting down

  • I throw rocks at blind kids

    ...who the fuck is B-free? Like, am I just an uncultured swine or are they just extremely irrelevant?