Scary Werewolf Prank On My Huskies!

  • Published on Oct 16, 2018
  • Today we pranked Kakoa & Sky with this Scary Werewolf mask we got from the Halloween store. We decided to see if they would react to it at and well… Watch and see what happens…
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  • My Mountain Husky
    My Mountain Husky  Year ago +2359

    Thanks for watching! (: Who's reaction was better Kakoa or Sky?
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    • Isabel Martinez
      Isabel Martinez 2 days ago


    • Kaleb Brownson
      Kaleb Brownson 14 days ago

      Great job. I'll try to scare my dog like that, but different.

    • Silent Walker
      Silent Walker 16 days ago

      they were just playing

    • John
      John 17 days ago

      @Mike Cunningham at last. There's too many dog loving people posting boring sweet comments here. I've been searching for a genuine lunatic who posts abusive aggressive comments for little or no reason. Nice to make your acquaintance Mike.

    • super videos
      super videos 17 days ago

      @I Am Chosen Please support me friend and please join me friends support me

  • Olgica Willener
    Olgica Willener 14 hours ago

    Poor dogs! :(

  • thug guy
    thug guy 15 hours ago +1

    When the robber comes to your house with a wolf mask.
    Dogs be like : don't worry this my man trying to prank me😏😏.

  • Sophia Marks
    Sophia Marks Day ago +1

    Stop pranking them its teasing them all for youtube wow ( pls make this blue)

  • Shiba inu
    Shiba inu Day ago

    if there was my german sherpenad poor guy would die

  • asad zaman
    asad zaman Day ago +1

    2:36 woof

  • Alexis Diaz
    Alexis Diaz Day ago

    How to get mauled by your own dogs. Can't believe he didn't see it coming. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Олег Морозов

    Прикольные и красивые собачки)))

  • Ryaint
    Ryaint Day ago

    I would be scared af too

  • Christopher J Theus

    I think he started getting Scared...because they were going too jump on him.....push come Shove.

  • Игорь Лавринец

    Повезло тебе что не 2 добермана ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ. Те б жопу на немецкий крест порвали за такую шутку.

  • Julian holthoff
    Julian holthoff 2 days ago

    Jajajajak que gracioso esta traumando y llenando de estres a sus queridos perritos

  • James Poff
    James Poff 2 days ago

    Those dogs are going to need therapy

  • てけ
    てけ 2 days ago

    Sky's eyes are so clearly(?)
    i can't find any good words to express his eyes

    conclusion; i looooooove his eyes

  • Tribal Laws
    Tribal Laws 3 days ago

    I can't do that with my Alaskan malamute. He would tear me apart. 😄

  • Sloppy Pancakes
    Sloppy Pancakes 3 days ago

    Scary to know ur dogs wouldnt rly do anything about someone breaking into ur house...

  • Yukta Nagle
    Yukta Nagle 3 days ago +1

    u are the best daddy that i ever seen😀😀

  • RedneckWOP8673 Best
    RedneckWOP8673 Best 3 days ago

    That's just mean u don't prank Huskies

  • Dushyant Singh
    Dushyant Singh 3 days ago

    What if they attack you ????

  • Tyler Buford
    Tyler Buford 3 days ago

    My dog would be trippin trippin

  • miguel savage
    miguel savage 4 days ago

    Sees real burglar reacts the same 😂

  • Kenneth Stauffer
    Kenneth Stauffer 4 days ago

    congratulations! you've trained them to ignore psychopathic demonic intruders

  • Demetria Smith Miller

    Your Babies are most BEAUTIFUL !!
    This is a funny video !!

  • Testiclops
    Testiclops 5 days ago +1

    These are not guard dogs. LOL. Very sweet, though.

  • GainTrainWompa 1
    GainTrainWompa 1 5 days ago +2

    We found our new pack leader. Okay, let’s case this joint

  • GainTrainWompa 1
    GainTrainWompa 1 5 days ago

    Worst ... guard dog ... ever

  • Светлана Блак

    Грабителям в помощь, зря они так шутят, собака будет думать что хозяин опять прикалываеться

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar 6 days ago


  • 867 5309
    867 5309 6 days ago +1

    I love Huskies but they aren’t the best watch dogs.

  • mejores videos
    mejores videos 6 days ago

    Si 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gavilan Arizona
    Gavilan Arizona 6 days ago

    Y el piso todo rayado. Con las uñutas

  • 1234 Ninguno
    1234 Ninguno 6 days ago


  • John Lo
    John Lo 6 days ago +3

    If a thief entered your house they would be Lost really bro

    ROSEMARY RIVERA 7 days ago

    Omg that was so funny but sad at the same time. I almost cry to see them act that way. Thank you for sharing👍

  • Maximus Khan
    Maximus Khan 7 days ago


  • Fabian Mark D'Souza
    Fabian Mark D'Souza 7 days ago

    Best prank I've seen in a long time...

  • Unknown Beauty
    Unknown Beauty 8 days ago

    Seems like you cant fool dogs. Anyway it was nice to see they accepted you. Dogs are smart. Just a moment they were wondering who was that stranger but ended up recognizing you. Cool 😄

  • Tim Liley
    Tim Liley 8 days ago

    I loved kakoa action when she first seen him and sky when she sees him her first reaction was to protect then she decided it would be better to run.

  • t h
    t h 8 days ago

    Useless eaters get rid of them.

  • Ian
    Ian 8 days ago

    There will be a time when the prank is not a prank and the dogs don't do anything.

  • Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog

    Am starting to think you're one of those FURRYS that uses his pups as an excuse to buy those costumes!!!.

  • Aashir Muhammad
    Aashir Muhammad 8 days ago

    My dog died rest and peace it was a male and a female😭😭😭😭

  • Sinek Mach 3
    Sinek Mach 3 8 days ago +1

    Kurt cemilllll 😂😂

  • Insomnia for games
    Insomnia for games 8 days ago

    Подобной хуйней 13 миллионов просмотров, что блядь люди смотрят. Все сабаководы?

  • steve brand
    steve brand 8 days ago

    Boo u gave it away

  • Taze Khing
    Taze Khing 8 days ago

    Love your dogs

  • Michele H
    Michele H 8 days ago

    It’s sooo funny. I laughed so hard. It genuinely frightened him lol

  • victoria nicoletta
    victoria nicoletta 8 days ago

    I think that kokoa alrwady recognise that you were someone familiar to it ..because the dog waves it's tail seeing you under he mask ...... .and don't bark .......
    All Dogs are clever man and use there natural common sense believe me🤔🤔🤔🤗

  • Lynn Boehm
    Lynn Boehm 8 days ago

    Sorry, but that was completely ridiculous! What was the point of the spray if you were just going to speak to them within 60 seconds? I guess you gotta get views to keep your sponsors. Right??? Doesn't matter how much you fuck with your dogs' emotional well-being as long as you're getting paid. Total fail! These dogs are too sweet to be the test subjects for your continued views and paychecks. Not cool!

  • frenly Neybur
    frenly Neybur 8 days ago +39

    But actually imagine you're chilling in your home and then you see this giant human-like wolf at your door..just standing there... That's really scary

    • Bald Eagle
      Bald Eagle 5 days ago +1

      frenly Neybur I have a 12 gauge for that lol. And your profile picture is hilarious. Lol

  • konsoltom
    konsoltom 8 days ago

    Could you try the same trick with dogs from "DarkdynastyK9"? Please.

  • zÜRi Land
    zÜRi Land 9 days ago +1

    so bad

  • Love Life & Triumph
    Love Life & Triumph 9 days ago +1


  • A Dream 2.0
    A Dream 2.0 9 days ago +1

    A**hole. You scared ur babys

  • AratrikD
    AratrikD 9 days ago +6

    Problem is now they probably won't run away when they encounter a real werewolf.

  • Terry Karousos
    Terry Karousos 9 days ago

    Love it !!!!!

  • Дмитрий Федоров

    УЖЕ СТО РАЗ ДОКАЗАНО, ЧТО НИКАКОЙ ОДЕКОЛОН, СПРЕЙ И ПРОЧЕЕ НЕ ОТОБЬЕТ ВАШ ЗАПАХ. Они испугались маски, но при этом чувствуют запах вашего ануса и тела.

  • takk Odin
    takk Odin 9 days ago

    от таких собак толку нет, а если на самом деле вор зайдет, они так же по углам щимится будут?

  • Леха Север
    Леха Север 9 days ago

    Собаки всё равно чувствуют родную душу

  • Crash_ Cris
    Crash_ Cris 9 days ago +7

    *Fake.The dogs are paid actors.*