• Published on Jan 17, 2018
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    GIRRRRL... Today I'm sitting down to test out ALL foreign makeup that I bought while I traveled to Helsinki, Finland a few months ago! I was curious if it would be the same quality I'm used to when I shop in America! This is a first impressions video so you get to see me try it all out for the first time! What did you like on me and what did you hate?? Sound off below!
    PS. I'm really excited to announce that my brand is now in the retail stores SOKOS which are located in the country of FINLAND!! Thank you guys for making the launch massive and sowing so much love!!! Can't wait to be back there in the spring... ;)
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  • Emila Aleksandra
    Emila Aleksandra 16 hours ago

    The natural look is very popular in finland that’s why the makeup is like that too

  • Moona Ryynänen
    Moona Ryynänen 3 days ago +2

    It's so funny how you say Lumene 😂 in Finland we don't say it like that 😄

  • Moona Ryynänen
    Moona Ryynänen 3 days ago

    I am from Finland!!!❤️

  • nea sairanen
    nea sairanen 3 days ago

    From Finland😅😅

  • Krayfrei !
    Krayfrei ! 5 days ago

    Suomiperkele torilla tavataan

  • B
    B 7 days ago

    Is there a concealer or foundation that's suitable to wear only on the nose and a part of the forehead? I don't want to wear foundation all over because I break out easily.

  • Baked Lemone
    Baked Lemone 10 days ago

    Such a beautiful Easter egg of your festival!!

  • lazy snow
    lazy snow 10 days ago

    Im from finland :D

  • Amy B
    Amy B 11 days ago

    Kuinka moni klikkas koska suomen lippu pikkukuvas?

  • Beautiful Bobby
    Beautiful Bobby 12 days ago

    when is your brand launching in india ?

  • beckteenspirit
    beckteenspirit 15 days ago

    Lumene is so amazing.

  • eevi ilona
    eevi ilona 24 days ago

    torilla tavataan

  • Ihminen 135
    Ihminen 135 25 days ago

    I live in Finland

  • Kitty Feathers
    Kitty Feathers 27 days ago

    22:00 Jeffree Star Dear, no spray on brush to try & deepen slate color under eye.. I'm "shook".. 💋💖 love the look

  • Pinkmellow
    Pinkmellow 28 days ago


  • BingBing BongBong
    BingBing BongBong 28 days ago

    Lumene getting dragged to filth for over 20 mins straight LMAO

  • Keira Music girl
    Keira Music girl 28 days ago

    I just noticed his jacket looks like the jacket Jimin wore in the DNA MV

  • John Vidler
    John Vidler 28 days ago

    Jeffree I fucking adore you!!

  • Roy Doroy
    Roy Doroy 29 days ago

    I think ive seen Emma (winner of the face) taking a pic with Jeffree

  • Alana Imboden
    Alana Imboden 29 days ago

    Nice to her that you went to my country Argentina women and boys over there are stunning and love makeup, I hope you liked it

  • Alana Imboden
    Alana Imboden 29 days ago

    Wooooo amazing trip love Finland I’ll be there a few times thanks for shared your experience Jeff and Nathan

  • Mary Rivinius
    Mary Rivinius 29 days ago +1

    I love the colors on your eyes. The blue gray looks good.

  • Millie Wagner
    Millie Wagner 29 days ago

    and I'm full of shit. Love him

  • Mayazee Wonder
    Mayazee Wonder Month ago

    Kusi 😁

  • Mental with makeup!!

    31 years old and can't afford expensive Foundation but every Foundation I have tried so far which is about 20 or 30 has shown every fine line and wrinkle I have on my face I can't stand it it almost makes me hate doing my makeup now when I don't put foundation on when you can barely see them please help anyone please please please

  • Lauren K
    Lauren K Month ago

    I wish I was as pretty as Jeffree. 😋💜 This is gorgeous, so ice prince(ss). Love it!

  • Rebecca Miskovic
    Rebecca Miskovic Month ago

    She got problems 🤣😂🤣 hilarious! 💋

    LEAD BELLY Month ago

    It’s wierd but there was very young girll fans obviously loving him yet on a lot of his vids he is down right crude and sometimes filthy!

  • Lori Wagner
    Lori Wagner Month ago

    I too woild love a kiko review. Been thinking about trying it. Jeffree u are amazing as always💗💗💗💗 love ya much💗

  • Simran Bhungu
    Simran Bhungu Month ago

    15 mf million yessss

  • Aküma
    Aküma Month ago

    You have to take into consideration that in Europe we use different make-up styles and have different beauty standards than in the United States. In general, we tend to correct mistakes, look naturally beauty and enhance a few things but putting dramatic lines on is not mainstream which is why the supplied make-up isn't the same as American.

  • Xuan
    Xuan Month ago

    Yaaaassss Huney. Wear that Crown. It suits you!

  • Jose Juanjo
    Jose Juanjo Month ago

    Put a bullet in your head and stop your missery dudette.....or dude.....or monster......or what ever da fuck you are.....alien maybe?.........et?........phone ass............hahahahahahaha........just pull the trigger

  • Margaretha Jesslyn
    Margaretha Jesslyn Month ago

    Please review Korean brand makeup

  • Margaretha Jesslyn
    Margaretha Jesslyn Month ago

    Please do Korean makeup trend

  • Emily parman alred
    Emily parman alred Month ago

    Why do i like cry when I see all the people cheering for Jeffrey... Wish you would come to Nashville

  • Madeleine Fredriksson

    Im half finish❤️❤️

  • Evelyn Nyrén
    Evelyn Nyrén Month ago +1

    Omg suomi4ever!!

  • Peppiina Jansson
    Peppiina Jansson Month ago

    I am from Finland 🇫🇮 🇫🇮 🇫🇮


    Come back to SIngapore plsssssssssss

  • liai. lulu
    liai. lulu Month ago

    I Hape that any A.R.M.A’s saw that Jimin wore the same jacket in DNA ❤️

  • a sawyer
    a sawyer Month ago

    Can you do Korean skin care/makeup

  • icecream moci
    icecream moci Month ago

    10:48 is a whole episode of catfish for ya

  • siobhain lavin
    siobhain lavin Month ago

    That young girl crying is so precious bless her

  • Erin Österman
    Erin Österman Month ago

    I liv in finland

  • Tiffany Daniels
    Tiffany Daniels Month ago

    You're the only famous person that will ALWAYS stop what you're doing to take pictures with your fans. You get recognized in your car... so you get out to say hi... who does that besides Jeffree Star!

  • Helmi Kordnejad
    Helmi Kordnejad 2 months ago

    HEEEYYY im finnish lets go

  • Mine Kosar
    Mine Kosar 2 months ago

    Suomi perkele. (Sori oli pakko)

  • Oleilei the random gamer

    I'm from finland, omg this is so cool!

  • Jean Lance
    Jean Lance 2 months ago

    Huge ears.

  • Gabriela Amado San Juan
    Gabriela Amado San Juan 2 months ago +1

    The crown-💀 IM DECEASED!😂 love you jefree💕

  • Jennifer Grove
    Jennifer Grove 2 months ago

    Can you test out Kiko products?

  • Ada peruna
    Ada peruna 2 months ago

    I'm from finland and "hi,how r ya" Jeffree

  • dudu peruna
    dudu peruna 2 months ago


  • Niharika Gogoi
    Niharika Gogoi 2 months ago

    U should do full coverage makeup with lakme product please😘🙇🙇🙇

  • Renee Brattain
    Renee Brattain 2 months ago

    Jeffree I am seriously in ♥️ ever since I watched your videos for the first time I’ve watched your videos almost every day. You are a blessing! A beautiful human being and I am truly so happy to have watched you! HUGE FAN! Thank you for all you do 😘

  • MrsJSchroeder
    MrsJSchroeder 2 months ago

    Hi the pigment can't come to the phone right now 🤣

  • Auri Emilia
    Auri Emilia 2 months ago

    Suomimainittu torillatavataan!!!

  • Ji min
    Ji min 2 months ago

    i'm Swedish :)))

  • Lotta :D
    Lotta :D 2 months ago

    Omg henny ja elia oli täs suomi koostees🥰🥰