Dropping Samsung Galaxy Fold vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Nokia 3310 Down Spiral Staircase - 20 Stories

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • I dropped the most iconic smartphones of 2019 to see which one holds up the best in this durability drop test!
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  • katerina krmp
    katerina krmp 34 minutes ago

    do it with xiaomi redmi note 5, 6,7

  • EMMA 1234
    EMMA 1234 Hour ago

    I hope I could catch that phones he dropped. At least the money go into my pocket rather than throwing it away ;)

  • Abiskar Karki
    Abiskar Karki Hour ago

    Imigine he never opened camera 😹😹

  • Bayane El
    Bayane El 2 hours ago

    Après on dit les iPhone c’est pas solide

  • Beefenne !
    Beefenne ! 3 hours ago

    You are so fucking stupid

  • mrpro 6000
    mrpro 6000 5 hours ago


  • GTR Production
    GTR Production 6 hours ago

    You idiot the Samsung small screen only working. That’s not a good sign of a phone

  • GTR Production
    GTR Production 6 hours ago

    Fucking idiot you think you are smart to fool the audience. When you try to drop the iPhone on the left side there is a white door Infront of you. Then on the other drop of Samsung fold phone there is no white door on the left side. The audience don’t know on which floor you were dropping.

  • Kittengirl6000
    Kittengirl6000 6 hours ago


  • Lit巨 Axel flips 巨
    Lit巨 Axel flips 巨 8 hours ago

    this dude just brags about having money because he drops expensive stuff off buildings and high places

  • Jake Taylor
    Jake Taylor 8 hours ago

    Why not give it away instead of waseing money

  • Manga •-•
    Manga •-• 8 hours ago

    But Nokia fell all the way, while the others ended up in the stairs.

    • Manga •-•
      Manga •-• 8 hours ago

      And I am sure Nokia may still working.

  • zayd channel
    zayd channel 9 hours ago

    Giv me iphon 11 😑😑

  • Leanne Evans
    Leanne Evans 11 hours ago

    I GIVE 9999999999999999 YAERS OF CLAPS CUZ WOW U BROKE A NOKIA!?!?!?!?!

  • the musical universe
    the musical universe 12 hours ago

    Give them to me: 'U

  • Анюта Iolipop
    Анюта Iolipop 12 hours ago

    Вы где?! Это первое.
    Почему Нокиа не безсмертный?

  • sean studio
    sean studio 12 hours ago

    It hurts so Much To watch it

  • Megan Cantrell
    Megan Cantrell 13 hours ago

    Never dropping my tablet down there

  • Edris Azizi
    Edris Azizi 13 hours ago

    Rip i phone

    TOP CHANNEL 15 hours ago

    please give me this iphone 11 pro max JA SAM IZ SRBIJE I IMAM 12 GODINA MOLIM TEEEEEE SAMO ZA USPOMENU

  • Srijana Joshi
    Srijana Joshi 15 hours ago

    Give it to me if you don't wanna use those phone

  • Frøzz x gød
    Frøzz x gød 16 hours ago

    Почему это в рекомендациях если я русский?

  • Yassmine Daadoucha
    Yassmine Daadoucha 16 hours ago

    Tell me why???

  • Alan
    Alan 17 hours ago

    Look at that in detail
    Camera blurs out
    That was probably the funniest part

    SEVEN SINS 17 hours ago

    I from indonesia
    Gift me iphone 11 pro max..i need

  • とーじん
    とーじん 18 hours ago

    Where is here?

  • Ianmarc aban
    Ianmarc aban 19 hours ago

    can you give me one

  • fan Reven
    fan Reven 20 hours ago

    Please gift me please Iphon 11 pro

  • 임찬승
    임찬승 20 hours ago

    If youwant to do that again just give me

  • cathrine muturi
    cathrine muturi 20 hours ago

    You seriously drop iPhone 11 and sumsung galaxy fold that's crazy and a wast of money

  • shivani rawat
    shivani rawat 20 hours ago

    Give me a Samsung Galaxy

    SABEEL Ib 21 hour ago

    You should drop from tallest building and I will give 10000000 likes

    SABEEL Ib 21 hour ago

    Are you a mad

  • Abdullohjon2008 Abduvaliyev

    Fold yoqdi manga

  • Ralph Abrasaldo
    Ralph Abrasaldo 22 hours ago

    This is horrible

  • BeefShow Meme
    BeefShow Meme 23 hours ago


  • GBS22
    GBS22 Day ago

    The iphone did better than I thought

  • Seth Metcalf
    Seth Metcalf Day ago

    Right when I saw the Nokia I was like oof I know who’s gonna win

  • Pinki B
    Pinki B Day ago

    I got a stomach ache on the galaxy fold.

  • Hex
    Hex Day ago

    nokia: breaks
    everyone: *wait thats illegal*

  • Brandon Dandrade

    Dude there are people who want those two phones and u have them. And that's what u do with them . Disliked.

  • Sunny Cia Flower

    Better give it to me :(,i use this phone for over 4 Years...

  • LGBTQ Clash royale fan

    well the only one that survived was the nokia for sure!

  • Vicente Vega
    Vicente Vega Day ago

    Poor Phones

  • Adela Illichova
    Adela Illichova Day ago

    Why you didnt give me that iPhone 11 Pro ? 😢

  • V A
    V A Day ago

    This should be labeled not any other drop test this shit's legit

  • WildGrapik
    WildGrapik Day ago

    Me: I'm happy that I have 3 years old Huawei.
    TechRax : Lemme just drop about 2000$ of my stairs just to see what happens.

    • WildGrapik
      WildGrapik Day ago

      Spoiler alert.....


  • Malaika Maftah-Aidoo

    You dumbass!!!!!!

  • Matt Flixs234
    Matt Flixs234 Day ago

    12 million views?

  • البارون السوري

    عربي صف جنبي

  • Tim Steuerwald
    Tim Steuerwald Day ago

    Why did you open the Galaxy Fold up?
    Closed it is extremely durable

    • Martin Rusnák
      Martin Rusnák Day ago

      ... This test doesn't telling anything anyway BCS. It's just about luck, if phone hit the stair in middle, there is much bigger chance to broke him. But if he hit the corner for example, it break him and there is smaller change to brake it.

  • Noel
    Noel Day ago +1

    him: drops iphone 11
    me: *cries in iphone 6s*

  • Sleepyhead Studio

    Why is no one talking about how he had to walk up and down 20 flights of stairs multiple times?

  • my name is death
    my name is death Day ago +1

    Nokia 3310 is crashed stories 😂😂😂

  • Fran06gamer
    Fran06gamer Day ago

    Pobre movil

  • ale7501
    ale7501 Day ago

    He needs a larger staircase

  • Dionte Cotton
    Dionte Cotton Day ago

    if you got that much money to be trowing i phones and Samsung they shoot send me a phone

  • Delta001
    Delta001 Day ago +1

    What the fuck? You have four hands?

  • Zayb Toofanee
    Zayb Toofanee Day ago

    Why why why do you do that to phones😲😲😲😭😭😭😭😖😖tell me someone please!!!it is expensive for us to buy not for you thought😐😐

    • AHappyLittlePotato
      AHappyLittlePotato Day ago

      Martin Rusnák Fair, however it useful to see what will happen to your phone if something similar were to happen

    • Martin Rusnák
      Martin Rusnák Day ago

      @AHappyLittlePotato no, it's not useful information BCS there is playing random factor, like if phone fall on middle or top, or if he fall to the floor or stair. There is 0% of information in this video. Just to make money while

    • AHappyLittlePotato
      AHappyLittlePotato Day ago

      Zayb Toofanee actually the video was very informative and showed us which phone is most durable and what happens when it breaks. Very useful information to have on me. Also stop spamming emojis

    • Martin Rusnák
      Martin Rusnák Day ago

      BCS he made more money from views of the video :)
      P R O F I T 😎

  • italac gamer
    italac gamer Day ago +1

    Dont drop It ,give It to me