More Love, More Power Vineyard Music (full album)

  • Published on Mar 19, 2017
  • More Love, More Power
    Album Track Listing
    1 More Love, More Power
    2 How Priceless
    3 You Are God
    4 We Will Dance
    5 Greater Grace
    6 My Redeemer Lives / We Exalt Your Name
    7 Hallelujah Glory
    8 Light the Fire Again
    9 Sing Alleluia
    11 Song For The Bride
    12 The Lord Almighty Reigns
    13 I Delight In You
    14 Take My Life
    15 Your Beloved
    16 I Want to Be Like You
    17 I Would Do Anything
    18 Receive Our Praise
    19 Holy Is The Lord
    20 Jesus Is Coming Again
    21 Every Move I Make
    22 Breathe
    23 Take Me Away

Comments • 43

    CESAR J. ORDAZ PEREZ 20 days ago

    I like this álbum,i fell the God present.
    God bless and vineyard praise band

  • Blessed Hope
    Blessed Hope 3 months ago

    Coming back to my first love 🙌🙌🙌🙌JESUS

  • Bobby Dale
    Bobby Dale 3 months ago +1

    Really Nice ! )))

  • Achim Wollmersh
    Achim Wollmersh 5 months ago

    Dear worship ballader, thank you so much for uploading this wonderful worship album. While listening to and engaging with the worship, I've realized that two songs are missing in your Album Track Listing, numbers 10 (Sweet Wind) and 24 (Break Dividing Walls). I don't know, but maybe it's possible for you to insert them in the track listing. Thanks for your devotion to make true worship accessible to all who desire to be in the presence of God

  • Bruno Ostertag
    Bruno Ostertag 6 months ago +2

    Father God we Glorify your Holy Name. Hallelujah

  • Janet Friesen
    Janet Friesen 6 months ago +1

    Miss these

  • Jose Abel Hernandez Carballo

    muy buena estate alabanzas los felicito que Dios los bendiga amén los saludo de Nicaragua

  • Joseph Vattakunnel
    Joseph Vattakunnel 7 months ago +1

    Thank you Jesus. Lord bless you dear

  • Michael Quintana
    Michael Quintana 11 months ago +2

    i would love it if we could do these songs in church! would lame hillsong touch thisss?

  • Michael Quintana
    Michael Quintana 11 months ago

    Vineyard should replace Hillsong.. Hill song seems so far away and remote in a vast dark void of emptyness.. who cares if its newer... they might support a one world church.

    • Michael Quintana
      Michael Quintana 10 months ago

      @Erin A.D. they dont compare

    • Erin A.D.
      Erin A.D. 10 months ago

      @Michael Quintana same lyrics is what I meant

    • Michael Quintana
      Michael Quintana 10 months ago

      @Erin A.D. i dont think so becuase they dont sound the same at all...

    • Erin A.D.
      Erin A.D. 10 months ago +1

      Fun fact: most of the songs they sing ARE vineyard songs lol

  • Erin A.D.
    Erin A.D. Year ago +3

    Does anyone know who did the artwork thats showing on this video?

  • Sally Shaw
    Sally Shaw Year ago +10

    Father give me your Power and strength to get through this Sunday with my dear husband. Heal him from stage four esophagus cancer. You are His God and his healer. If you want him to come home now I know he will be given a new body with no pain! I worship and love only you Lord!

  • Kwang Woo Lee
    Kwang Woo Lee Year ago +2

    I really love this. Great is my God.

  • Sara Aufieri
    Sara Aufieri Year ago +1

    I like how this made me feel...

  • ruth hays
    ruth hays Year ago +1

    i dont get this song can someone tell me what it means

    • austin sisemore
      austin sisemore 11 months ago +2

      Ruth -this song is a song of adoration . From the heart expressing your love to Jesus if you are asking about More Love / More Power . It’s a good question ! It’s like wanting more of something so good and comforting . Just wanting the Lord to help you feel more of HIS Love .
      Hope this helps ! Jesus Really Loves You Ruth !

    • Michael Quintana
      Michael Quintana 11 months ago

      how can u not understand this song??? are u a lost soul? Do u know JEsus Christ as your Lord and savior?

    • John Demers
      John Demers Year ago

      ruth hays what song?

  • Roberto Beruffi
    Roberto Beruffi Year ago

    Song number 10: Sweet Wind - lyrics:

  • thestaroutofjacob
    thestaroutofjacob Year ago +6


    She’s a place of consecration
    Engraved upon her Lover’s Hands
    An inclination of the heart
    That burns for Him alone
    Her desire is His Presence
    For Whom her heart and mind doth
    To dwell with Him within the Fire
    In which all wood hay and stubble is
    She leans upon her Lover
    And comes up from the wilderness
    She’s a terrible army with banners
    Led by none but the One she loves
    She’s Mercy triumphing over judgement
    Walking in a Glory that is yet to be
    She was born to bring in the harvest
    And be the eternal Fire bride of the

  • Maclean Awuku
    Maclean Awuku Year ago +5

    anointed worship songs

    • Christine Race
      Christine Race Year ago +1

      wondering if we gave a shout out cross the web for ALL BELIEVERS who are "VINEYARDITE at HEART in WORSHIP" and I mean the GOOD Vineyard and not this performance based stuff - the REAL PRAISERS would they want to try to bless YHWH and gather together and praise him again?? HES MOMENTS AWAY...

  • FeatherWalker
    FeatherWalker Year ago +3

  • Ashley Rosh
    Ashley Rosh Year ago +6

    Thanks for the upload. God bless

  • jennifer lehr
    jennifer lehr Year ago +24

    I grew up in the Vineyard of Anaheim, the BEST worship music ever!

    • Michael Menezes
      Michael Menezes Month ago

      Is this CD available?

    • Henry Milette
      Henry Milette 6 months ago

      Black Forest Sports Academy; Great is the Lord! And mightily to be praised! God loves this worship and I have a vision of a wonderful outdoor worship service where some of the main intimate worship leaders coming to perform, therefore there will be massive healings and deliverance for those who come seeking. 7 acres in Colorado is a great jumping off point!

    • Erin A.D.
      Erin A.D. Year ago +1

      I miss those times

    • Raphael The Messenger of Fire
      Raphael The Messenger of Fire Year ago +1

      Me too, I love Vineyard worship and attended their worship services whenever I can, I remember Andy Park, Brian Doerksen, Cindy Reithmier, Craig Massau. Carl Tutle, if I didn't spell it correctly pls forgive me

    • Pauline Sereni
      Pauline Sereni Year ago +1

      Hi, Jennifer lehr, I attended the vineyard Anaheim several times, I worshiped at the vineyard in Huntington Beach for years and attended the week of prophecy meetings at Anaheim. It was both a blessed time and also a difficult time several members of our church in HB left for Kansas City Vineyard. But I will forever be blessed by my Kinship group and Pastor Dale at Vineyard HB and going once a month to Anaheim to hear Pastor Wimber. It paved a path for me that I will always praise the Lord for as I went on to attend Koinina House and taught by Dr. Chuck Missler and buy the hand of the Lord received my Doctorate in Theology and M.Div. it was through the ministry of the vineyard my salvation race/walk began and I always long to hear the worship songs that blessed me. May Christ Jesus bless you sister in Agape.

  • Arthur Radtke
    Arthur Radtke 2 years ago +9

    WOW. This is a WOW album. Glory to God!!! I just want to dance, shout, and clap my hands in praise to our victorious King! Jesus!