Brooke Wells: Open 20.1 Full Workout [CompTrain]

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • Watch Brooke Wells's first attempt of CrossFit Games Open workout 20.1
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  • Patrick .R
    Patrick .R 12 days ago

    Thank you for exercising

  • Peter Parahuz
    Peter Parahuz 19 days ago

    1. the camera operator is working just as hard as brooke wells
    2. 10:22 were those shoes too tight, like sprinting cleats?

  • Betrayed Ronin
    Betrayed Ronin 22 days ago

    Good Job !!! Strong....

  • Kelley Lewis
    Kelley Lewis 25 days ago

    Why does she get so much hate?! I don't know what is worse on here. All the haters, or the pervy comments from dudes sexualizing her. You'd never read such comments on Sager's or Fraser's workout videos. Show her some respect. Met her at WOD on the Waves, and she is such a sweet, kind of shy, girl. If you don't have anything nice or appropriate, don't leave a comment. Great work, Brooke. Look forward to seeing you crush this season.

  • Jackie Gammon
    Jackie Gammon 27 days ago

    Great effort, but the person with the camera should give her a couple of minutes after she finished. Imagine doing that in the NBA, or NFL... camera person would not have received such a nice response.

  • Ray
    Ray Month ago

    FUCKING trash 😂
    Cross fit...meeeehhh

  • patricia alejandra Moreno

    ABURRIDÍSIMAAAAAAAAAAAA siempre hace lo mismo!!!!!!!

  • Barry Phillips
    Barry Phillips Month ago +1

    She's a sweet 1 with sexy thick mature body and a gorgeous face Brooke Wells 👀😍❤️💋💯

  • maryyElee
    maryyElee Month ago +4

    I like Brooke a lot! I think she is an amazing athlete, but I think that the way she's doing the burpees are not the properly... Her chest is not fully on the floor, her stomach and her hips are indeed touching the floor but not her chest...
    Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I don't know the proper way to do burpees, I'm not a full athlete like Brooke, but the technique is very important... and the judges should be more strict... even this man, Froning, on the Rogue event, some burpees didn't count cause the chest wasn't fully on the floor...
    It's not hate for Brooke, again, I believe she's an amazing athlete, and good luck on the Open 2020!

    • Ruth Cano Ollé
      Ruth Cano Ollé Month ago

      I totally agree. She's a great athlete and no one is saying otherwise but these athletes at this level, they kind of set an example and the judging must be more strict.

  • Steph S
    Steph S Month ago +9

    Shouldn't the camera be 70' away and out of focus? 10:30 finish.

    • Steph S
      Steph S Month ago

      Ed S Then we see every pore... amazing how that works.

    • Ed S
      Ed S Month ago

      Not when the movements are in her wheelhouse.

  • Michael C
    Michael C Month ago +1

    Gosh all the negative comments, please give it a rest. I wish I were this young and fit. Great job B Wells.

  • Jack Twomey
    Jack Twomey Month ago

    Didn’t have her first (1 second) break until 7 minutes in to the workout, impressive

  • Jason Crump
    Jason Crump Month ago

    Who else paused it at certain camera angles

  • Primo Fxdls
    Primo Fxdls Month ago +4

    This workout is definitely in her wheel house. Way to crush it.

  • Marcus Hamner
    Marcus Hamner Month ago +2

    I would marry Brooke Wells! She is so hot! #WifeGoals

  • Fruit Cake
    Fruit Cake Month ago

    she has no tits or boobs !!

  • French Bulldog 1
    French Bulldog 1 Month ago +1


  • Jon Lebron
    Jon Lebron Month ago

    I've said it many times and I will keep saying it, they need to make a new standard for the burpee for Crossfit in competition, the burpee they preform are intermediate level burpees

    • youngbuck0911
      youngbuck0911 Month ago

      @Jon Lebron what's wrong with it? Their stomach hits the ground. It's fine. Relax. They're fucken burpees.

    • Jon Lebron
      Jon Lebron Month ago

      @Haylee Ferguson that's the thing the way they perform the burpee is not a full burpee.

    • Haylee Ferguson
      Haylee Ferguson Month ago

      There is a scale for every movement in CrossFit. Just scale down if you can't do the full burpee.

    • Russell Gilder
      Russell Gilder Month ago

      Different comps have different standards. This one is chest to the floor and two feet off the ground and down. Some have rings that you have to jump and hit after hitting the floor. All up to the programmer. Simple standard is much easier to judge as well.

  • yousuf saleh
    yousuf saleh Month ago +1

    She is just famous for her ass. Her crossfit is crap

    • clint iacuone
      clint iacuone Month ago

      yousuf saleh she’s made the games every year since 2015, how is she crap at CrossFit you dumbass

  • yousuf saleh
    yousuf saleh Month ago +1

    Fat women is slow thats why never won games. #overrated

  • roney1234ddd
    roney1234ddd Month ago +2

    Aren’t you meant to land on 2 feet?

  • JRR Santos
    JRR Santos Month ago

    Big piece of chalk.

  • Marianne Hualla
    Marianne Hualla Month ago +2

    Maravillosa brooke wells

  • Rossouw Botha
    Rossouw Botha Month ago +9

    Her technique is so weird. Even on the top she kinda has a 2nd push press movement before locking out the elbows

    • yousuf saleh
      yousuf saleh Month ago +1

      She is just famous for her ass. Her crossfit is crap

    • yousuf saleh
      yousuf saleh Month ago

      Steriods made her fat and stiff

  • Aman khan
    Aman khan Month ago +3

    am soo inspired my Brooke wells

  • Kelvin Torres
    Kelvin Torres Month ago +2

    Brooke 😍

  • Ruth Cano Ollé
    Ruth Cano Ollé Month ago +5

    And not a single burpee counted. That chest should touch the ground. It's amazing to see the amount of fitness she's got but the way to make us all equal during the Open is through the movement standards. Honestly, this is taking way too long to fix.

  • Sdicdcsxz
    Sdicdcsxz Month ago +2

    So perfect.

    GIANLUCA Sica Month ago

    Sound like an orgasm after her workout

  • Тонни Монтана

    8.30 ?

  • Bama Gixxer
    Bama Gixxer Month ago +3

    she is so awesome!!!

  • SmokeyJoe024
    SmokeyJoe024 Month ago +6

    Brooke, you are amazing. 😍 So dreamy and athletic! I wish you the best in the 2020 workouts. Good luck and kick some ass! 💖😙

  • Lorena Nicoli
    Lorena Nicoli Month ago +2

    Great job!!!! :)

  • Mick H
    Mick H Month ago +3

    Beauty and the beast in 1 girl amazing great work 👍🇳🇿🏋️‍♂️

    • Fruit Cake
      Fruit Cake Month ago

      @clint iacuone nope. tits sit on top of boobs.

    • clint iacuone
      clint iacuone Month ago

      Fruit Cake you know they’re both the same thing right?

    • Fruit Cake
      Fruit Cake Month ago

      she has no tits or boobs !!

  • Defeat Sensorship
    Defeat Sensorship Month ago +1

    She needs to alternate her lead leg on the hop overs. If not, she will have lower back issues. That happened to me after years of unbalanced drumming.

  • Ea Estrella
    Ea Estrella Month ago +13

    Gotta love this girl ᵔ.ᵔ
    Much Respect.

  • Dirty Mike
    Dirty Mike Month ago +42

    Great job by her, but I cant believe Ben hasn't fixed her mechanics yet.

    • Russell Gilder
      Russell Gilder Month ago

      Yeah the contact is low. It's not a full snatch grip. Do yall really want to see someone do 80 full pull snatches just for the fun of it?

    • Chuck Rog
      Chuck Rog Month ago

      Wow, my man @ShatterTheSkiesAbove got real hostile real quick lmao. Agreed, her form isn't olympic-perfect. At the same time, she isn't moving olympic weight. A form optimized for speed will look different than one designed for power. But I do agree with Zach, criticizing someone that can do a hell of a lot more than you seems...a bit off

    • morimo11
      morimo11 Month ago +5

      When snatching I think her hip contact is solid. These don’t look like her normal snatches. Kind of like she adjusted her barbell movements for this wod to still move fast but not have to go as low as she would with a normal snatch grip. Almost a hybrid of C&J and snatch hand placement.

    • Britanny B
      Britanny B Month ago +1

      Good point!

    • Clownish-Gambino
      Clownish-Gambino Month ago +1

      You're right.

  • Jared
    Jared Month ago +3

    Brooke the Cheater Wells!

    • Mark Losoya
      Mark Losoya 29 days ago

      Actually if you know anything about burpees. If you barely touch your chest is way harder than slamming Down on your chest. She did great!

    • French Bulldog 1
      French Bulldog 1 Month ago


    • French Bulldog 1
      French Bulldog 1 Month ago


    • Ash Lewis
      Ash Lewis Month ago +9

      This is the internet, where keyboard warriors come out to shit over great achievers. It’s massive in the powerlifting community as well as CrossFit. People who have achieved nothing in their lives, hide behind their phones. If the judges and whoever verified this workout says it’s good then it’s good. Stop the hate, seriously, if you have nothing positive to say then don’t say anything. Evolve, be better.

    • streitkrafte
      streitkrafte Month ago +3

      Jared is probably referring to one of the previous opens, when Ms. Wells went from high def to blurry video filmed from the opposite corner of the gym so that it was impossible to judge her HSPUs and Crossfit HQ give her a pass. But hey, she‘s pretty ...

  • Anders Hunniche
    Anders Hunniche Month ago +6

    Nice! Is there a specific reason for bouncing the snatchs just above the kneecap rather than a full pull?

    • Juan Alan Medina Campos
      Juan Alan Medina Campos Month ago

      @Sfsh yes, different but that is bad form

    • Dave S
      Dave S Month ago +3

      The bar is hitting just above her knees because she isn't starting in a normal snatch set up. This is a fraction of her one rep max that she is trying to move fast. She is bending at the waist instead of lowering her body into her snatch starting position. This changes where the bar makes contact. Instead of bringing the bar into the pocket, she is just executing the hip extension where it makes contact. It's more efficient with such a lite weight.

    • milhouse4588
      milhouse4588 Month ago +2

      @Sam Davies the hitch at her thigh slows her down every rep, it is not faster. In a full pull she would have one fluid motion to the lockout, the way she does it involves a slight pause above her knee. If speed was her goal she wouldn't hitch.

    • Sam Davies
      Sam Davies Month ago +1

      Anders Hunniche because the weight is very light and is quicker to cycle than a full pull snatch.
      Not the most efficient way to move a lot of weight but in this case speed is needed.

    • Sfsh
      Sfsh Month ago +2

      @Juan Alan Medina Campos different form.

  • Daniel Winters
    Daniel Winters Month ago +3

    such a beast! amazing.

  • Bonnie B
    Bonnie B Month ago +3

    Nice work!

  • Rob Sycamore
    Rob Sycamore Month ago +1

    A work of art. Well performed, skilled, athletic artistry that continues to evolve in its magnificence.

  • Lora Wayman
    Lora Wayman Month ago +2

    What was her time?

  • John Kilman
    John Kilman Month ago +4

    Thanks Brooke for being so athletic

    • French Bulldog 1
      French Bulldog 1 Month ago

      John Kilman KINDA LIKE A GUY . LOL .

    • Andrew Graham
      Andrew Graham Month ago +1

      Awesome job Brooke! Loved watching you kill 20.1 Plus you made me feel better about myself after the sprawl on the floor at the end of it.